Muse S Brain Headband

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MUSE S Brain Sensing Headband

Muse S is the Brain Sensing Headband, its a plush, breathable multi-sensor headset that will transform your bedtime routine. Designed to help users create healthy pre-sleep habits through guided meditations and relaxation techniques. Curated Go-To-Sleep Journeys through the Muse App combine powerful feedback, and soothing voice guidance with responsive sleep inducing soundscapes that react to your brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns and body movement in real time for a restful and restorative sleep, faster.

  • YOUR PERSONAL MEDITATION ASSISTANT: Muse makes meditation easy. Take the guesswork out of your practice with real-time feedback on your brain & body. Muse S monitors your Mind, Heart, Body & Breath just like Muse 2, and features Go-To-Sleep Journeys.
  • MINDFUL MORNINGS & RESTFUL NIGHTS: Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending it with blissful, restorative sleep. Extended 10-hour battery life allows users to seamlessly go from daytime use into bedtime prep with Go-to-Sleep Journeys.
  • SOUNDSCAPE MEDITATION EXPERIENCES: Immersive soundscapes respond in real-time to your brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns and body movements to cue you to stay focused and relaxed.
  • GO-TO-SLEEP JOURNEYS: Relax and move your mind away from busy thoughts. Prepare for a restful sleep with soothing voice guidance of a meditation teacher and responsive nature soundscapes. (*Does not include overnight sleep stage tracking)
  • EASY TO USE: Fit your headband, pair to the free Muse app, put in your favorite headphones (not included), select your meditation, and close your eyes. With post-session reporting, track your progress and stay motivated with points and rewards.
  • SOFT COMFORT-FIT HEADBAND: Made of a soft, breathable stretch fabric comfortable enough for use anytime, anywhere; but specially crafted for bedtime use. Also features enhanced signal quality and an adjustable fit on a wider variety of head sizes.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Lightweight, compact for easy travel and portability. Folds up and packs away nicely in your purse, backpack, overnight bag or carry-on luggage so you can minimize sleep disruptions while traveling and away from home.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH iOS & ANDROID: Download the free Muse app to explore a variety of meditation experiences and learn from your post-session reports (Compatible with iOS 11 and higher and Android 5 and higher – NOTE: Huawei devices are NOT supported)
  • AVAILABLE EXPERIENCES: Mind, Heart, Body, Breath, and Go-to-Sleep meditation experiences included in Muse app with your Muse S purchase. Additional library of teacher-led guided meditations available separately with Premium Guided Meditation Subscription.

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Estuche de viaje r�gido para Muse / Muse 2 The Brain Sensing Headband
Thank you for visiting our ebay store! Aproca Hard Carrying Travel Case for Muse / Muse 2 The Brain Sensing Headband - Eco-friendly Material: Made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium Hard EVA to provide durability and a...
Muse S The Brain Sensing Headband Meditation Neurofeedback Band Excellent USED
Excellent used condition. Like new! All boxes and cables included. Please see photos! Muse S The Brain Sensing Headband Meditation Neurofeedback Band Excellent USED.
Muse S: The Brain Sensing Headband | for Meditation, Neurofeedback | Gently Used
GenuineMuse S: The Brain Sensing Headband | for Meditation, Neurofeedback training. Gently Used What's included in this listing: ========= - ONE fully functional Muse S Brain-Sensing Headband =========================================...
MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband - Meditation & Pre Sleep Tracker Multi Sensor
MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband - Meditation & Pre Sleep Tracker Multi Sensor. Condition is "Used". Tested and works great The band has an essential oil fragrance and I am not sure if it can be washed because of the magnets and...
MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband - Overnight Sleep Tracker & Meditation Headse
Store New Arrivals Add to Favorite View Feedback ContactMUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband - Overnight Sleep Tracker & Meditation Headset Device - Multi Sensor Monitor with Responsive Sound Feedback Guidance from Brain Wave, Heart,...



MaterialNylon, Rayon
ColorHeadband (Black)
Compatible DevicesApple iOS 11 and higher, Android 5 or higher, Huawei devices NOT supported
Muse S Brain Headband
released on January 5, 2020


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7 Reviews for Muse S Brain Headband

  1. Honey Bunz

    This is an over priced health monitor, the Left and Right sensors are hard to get working unless you are pretty much bald. I wear a normal hat size 7 3/4 and this is very tight and almost does not even fit. Maybe that is why I am having issues with the sensors. This seems to be the same type of health sensor I have in my 35$ watch. The hole around the light sensor was already fraying when I unboxed this item. The next complaint I have is the terrible choices these “experts” have made for relaxation. For example, I am trying the one that sounds like rain and I am starting to relax, what do they decide to do? They start ringing a BELL. Really? Bells go great with rain???? So many different experiences they present in their app have flaws like this. I tried for over 3 hours to find one mode that could help me to relax and fall asleep, also the phone has to be unlocked with the screen on in order to make any sound. HOW DOES THIS BRIGHT SCREEN HELP ME SLEEP??? I think this product has a lot of potential but they just seem to focus on the wrong details. I bet they spent more money on the boxes this came in than the headband itself. That’s another thing, this came in two fancy expensive separate boxes for storage. So now I have two boxes for one product? I am very disappointed overall with this product and probably will not get much use out of it because the head band being so tight and the audio not being very well orchestrated. I will give them some credit because the breath modes do work great and I do enjoy those modes. But none of the “relaxing” modes do it for me. I dont think this is worth $250 to also have to use my bluetooth head phones with this. This is just not a relaxing experience, there is no way I can fall asleep with earbuds in or headphones on. Maybe for this ludicrous price they could put on some cheap ear speakers to go with their undersized cheap headband.

  2. Jose Luis Gambino

    The idea of ??this new band is very good and the application to go to sleep is very interesting and I liked it. The problem is that the band is very tight and I can not loosen it to feel comfortable. My wife who has long hair can’t use it. This band has a hard time finding a signal. I have bought all versions of Muse from the beginning.The original muse is great. With the muse 2 I had some problems but finally it worked well after an update but the Muse S should make improvements.

  3. D. J.

    I had hoped this device would take my meditation practice to the next level, but it literally proved that I’m better off without it. I’m returning it after just two days.I have always struggled with meditation, wondering if I was doing it correctly because I have such a busy mind. Upon using the device, I immediately started noticing that I was getting inaccurate, random results. When I was calm and focused, I’d hear stormy weather. When I was anxious or thinking too much, I’d hear birds chirping. Totally the opposite of what is supposed to happen!I also found the weather and bird sounds intrusive and distracting. In fact, every time I’d hear a bird chirp, it would throw my attention off, making me wonder how I earned that “calm point”. Other times, I’d just let myself relax and focus on my breath while a raging storm continued on with no calm points whatsoever.The Muse S started making me feel like I was worse than I thought at meditating until I decided to test it against itself.The test I performed and repeated is as follows…1. Turn the Muse app sounds off. Mediate to relaxing music of my choice while recording my brain waves through the Muse App for 10 minutes.2. Immediately after, start another 10-minute session using the Muse App as intended with the biofeedback sounds on.3. Repeat test again later in reverse order.For every single test, the Muse app would show me that my traditional way of meditating was far superior in terms of earning “calm points” (bird chirps) and spending more time in a relaxed state. I was actually doubling my calm points by listening to my own music. The app literally showed me that its own soundscapes were messing my focus up and making my meditation worse!I also feel like the soundscapes are of poor, unrealistic quality. The level of weather severity does not have smooth, natural transitions. You can hear a raging storm one second and then the next second it’s almost silent with birds chirping, over and over, back and forth. That’s not how natural weather sounds and it’s jarring to the mind.There is one good thing that came from trying this device and that’s learning that the old way of meditating is far superior. I have more confidence in my own natural meditation now.I think I’ll spend my refund money on a meditation retreat to Tibet.

  4. J.

    This is a really great product for inducing a state of calmness by connecting your body with your mind. I own a previous version of the Muse which I always loved, but I got this one because I wanted to try the new sleep function since I have problems with insomnia. With the Muse-S I can report that after a few days it’s been effective in calming me down and sending me to sleepy-town. there’s been one night in particular when it was a godsend, the day before an extremely stressful day. in the past it would have been impossible to fall asleep thinking of everything I had to do the next day. But the Muse did the trick for me. i feel its really an excellent deal with all the functions it has, considering that one session of biofeedback can run a couple of hundred dollars, and this device i can use everyday.UPDATE:I have continued to use it for sleep everyday and my sleeping is much more consistent and I seem to be developing a better habit of falling asleep.also I noticed another review mentioned the band was too tight- I have a big head and it was comfortable. There’s just a band at the back that you can loosen. Maybe they should have made that more obvious. It fits even bigger heads than mine just fine.

  5. Grazziano The Champ

    This was a complete miss for me. The one major problem is NO support. Absently none.The band would connect but be recognized as the original muse band and calibrating won’t work. I had to uninstall the app each time I wanted to use it. Then it would recognize it as the Muse-s.I contacted support via Facebook, website and app. No response and it’s been three days. Too long for it not to work.When it did work it it was ok. Not $300 worth.You cannot use this with headsets I guess for obvious reasons. Sleeping with AirPods in was not comfortable. You also cannot turn off the app while meditating. Meaning the app has to stay open. You cannot use your phone while using the muse s. Not a big deal but sometimes I read emails while meditating. Don’t judgeFor the price tag I just found this to be too buggy to even use. Returned it after four days of bugs.Plus – the meditations on the app are great and worth the $45 a year plan. The app has a discount code. The band is also very comfortable you won’t even know it’s on. The AirPods in your ear will remind you its on.Big pass for me. Checking out other meditation devices.

  6. Michael H.

    As a long time user of Muse I was eager to try the Muse S. I love the soft texture and fit around the head. For me it is not only about the device but what comes with the Muse, a wonderful meditation interface with many different possibilities to experience a meditation session. I love the Go to sleep sessions now possible with the Muse S. Keep innovating, Muse!

  7. Paul D. Horwood

    Very good device. Have used many Mind machines, but like this alot…

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