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When you have your mind set on a certain goal or adventure, you want to make sure your watch can also go the distance. With up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking Suunto 9 is built to last – just like you! Suunto 9 is a multisport GPS watch designed for athletes who demand the best from their sports watch. Intelligent battery life management system with smart reminders ensures your watch will last just as long as you need it to. The robust Suunto 9 is made for long, arduous training and racing and extreme adventures.

  • Waterproof (up to 100m) multisport GPS watch for ultra runners and endurance athletes with baronetric altitude information (FusedAltiTM)
  • Up to 120 hour long battery life through intelligent battery modes (Performance, Endurance, Ultra) with charge reminders and regular software updates;
  • 3 button color display and touchscreen
  • Over 80 built-in sport modes include running, cycling, swimming, gym and more
  • Accurate GPS tracking and navigation with Suunto FusedTrack, real-time bread crumb display, points of interest, sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm
    24/7 activity tracking with instant heart rate, calorie and step counter (last 7 days) and sleep tracking
  • Connect to sport services like Strava, Endomondo and Training Peaks and enjoy benefits offered by our partners through Suunto Value Pack
  • Route planning and activity-specific heatmaps of most popular routes around the world with Suunto app


Suunto 9 Baro Custom Color GPS Watch Running Cycling Triathlon
Suunto 9 Baro Custom Color GPS Watch Running Cycling Triathlon. This was a custom made watch that is white with a black bezel and black buttons. Very eye catching! This is brand new- never worn or used. Includes extra band for sizing and charging cable. All original paperwork and boxes included....
Used Suunto 9 Baro GPS Sports Watch Black with Brand New Unopened Charging Cable
Used Suunto 9 Baro GPS Sports Watch Black with Brand New Unopened Charging Cable. Condition is "Used". Comes in Original Box with Manuel. Has been moderately used, minimal signs of wear. Has no scratches on face, wear is only on band.
Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Multisport GPS Watch with Barometric Altitude
ALL OUTDOOR SPORTS Free Same Day Shipping! ReviewsContact UsDESCRIPTION Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Multisport GPS Watch with Barometric Altitude Our BrandSuunto was born in 1936 when Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass....


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Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch - White
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Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch - Titanium
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Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch - Gold Leather
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SUUNTO 9 GPS Sports Watch - Titanium Leather
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Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch - Copper
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// Specifications

SizeOne Size
FeaturesAlarm, Average Speed, Calorie Monitor, Clock, Data Review, Distance Traveled, GPS, Pedometer, Rechargeable Battery
ModelSuunto 9
Modified ItemNo
ActivityCrossfit, Running & Jogging, Walking
Custom BundleNo
Suunto 9 GPS Watch
released on November 17, 2009

// Company Profile – Suunto

Founded in 1936, Suunto is a Finnish company that is at the forefront of innovation for sports watches and devices. Suunto is best known for their watches. – View Profile


9 Reviews for Suunto 9 GPS Watch

  1. Chris Restiano

    Very Disapointed after using this watch for 3-4 runs. I previously had a Suunto Ambit 1 and Ambit 3 Peak was very happy with both. I upgraded to the Suunto 9 for the longer battery life and some other nice improvements. Unfortunately there seems to be some major issues with this watch.1. On my first long run, which was actually a 100 mile race, the Suunto 9 registered 121 miles – more than 20% off in distance. This is wildly inaccurate and it seems the GPS function was not active for some reason although I definitely did not turn it off. I called Suunto and they promised to look into it, sent them the file etc and I haven’t heard anything in over a week. I called again 2 days ago and was on hold forever, the automated system said it would call me back and never did. Completely unacceptable. Strava thought I was on a treadmill for some reason although I had used the “trail running” activity setting. The battery did last more than 24 hours though.2. On my run today, the watch seemed to work fine, and uploaded to Movescount accurately. I did about 90 minutes, 9 miles, or about a 10 min/mile pace with some hills and a couple stops to stretch for a minute or two. However when I uploaded the file to strava, it shows my moving time was 27 minutes and my pace was 3:06 per mile. I’ve never had this level of discrepancy with strava/movescount before.did I get a bad unit, or am I just a beta tester? hard to know.

  2. R. Pendery

    The 9 G1 Baro is Titanium is lite weight. I use the watch primarily for cycling and hiking. The battery life has been excellent lasting for over a week depending upon what I am doing. If you decide to buy this watch I would recommend only down loading the Suunto app to your phone and not downloading the Movescount app to your phone. I have issues with syncing the watch to Movescount on my iPhone particularly after i have synced with the Suunto App… If you link your watch via the USB connection to your computer, the Movescount page does come up and does summarize your activities. Suunto has made it known that the Movescount app will be retired by 2020… I have not tried planning a route on the Suunto app yet, but it does look easy to use….i like the Suunto app on my iPhone and have had no issues with it. You get what you pay for… This is a high quality activity tracker…This is a great activity watch…

  3. Karen

    Well, I’m deeply disappointed with this watch. First you’ll ended up shifting between Suunto Movescount and Suunto App, not knowing wich to choose, I sticked to Movescount, but Suunto have plans on removing it.I bought the Non Baro version and the GPS is inaccurate when obtaining the elevation gain or loss (around 25-35% innacuracy). I wrote to the Customer support and the answer they gave me was ” buy the baro version with a 30% of discount”, so, it means that they know the product is uncapable of giving good results, so why include this characteristic. For me it’s very important to have reliable measuring for the elevation gain and loss, but this watch can’t do so. What I did was to send the information to strava and have it corrected by them.It’s an expensive watch and it seems Suunto doesn’t care much about bringing good service.I’ll get rid of it and buy Garmin Fenix.

  4. Kerry JJ

    The watch is great, probably the best sports watch i ever had. Battery lasts very long, gps is super accurate and the menu is super accurate.Why just three stars?There is no proper way to analyse and track your data at all. The mobile app is a nice toy, but it doesnt offer any useful analytics or whatsoever.Suuntos web based platform is going to shut down and they will only support their mobile app in future.However, they offer/push you to use Strave. That means you buy an expensive high end watch and the maker asks you pay a monthly subscription for a third party platform to analyse your data.Thats a big fail in my opinion.Since i like to track all my workouts, not only running, swimming and cycling, Strava is not perfect for me.As I said, the watch is great, SW is a joke.I would not by the watch anymore for this fact. The point of having such a watch is to track and analyse your workouts.If i were fine with tracking my steps and having them analysed on a daily basis on an app i could buy a cheap 50$ fitness tracker.Suunto (app/web platform) -> Big fail!UPDATE 21/8/2019:After several weeks of hands-on experience with the watch and the heart rate sensor, I have to update my review, particularly regarding the sensor.During the initial workouts, I realized that the heart rate data/readings are quite “interesting”. Running on a very low pace the sensor gave me a reading of 200 – 230 beats per minute for 20-30 seconds. After that period it went down to a normal rate of 130 within seconds. This happened at almost every run. Therefore I studied the manual, tried all suggested methods to make sure that I wear the strap in the correct way. However, the problem remained the same. So I decided to contact the SUUNTO support and asked them if they can replace the strap + sensor since it was obvious that the product is faulty. They asked me to replace the battery to make sure that this isn’t the root cause. I did so and gave the new battery a try for another 3 weeks. Result? -> Exactly the same.I contacted the support again and asked them to finally replace the strap and sensor.And here we go: They asked to send back the sensor and strap for them to analyze it, only then they will decide if they replace the sensor, strap or both. Due to the fact that this is a process that would take several weeks I decided not to do so.Buying a watch for 500 USD+ and not getting parts of it replaced if there is an obvious malfunction is not what I expect from a proper company.I bought the watch to use it on a daily basis for my workouts and I don’t see any reason to wait and not use it for several weeks because of waiting for SUUNTOS analysis.Instead, I will sell my SUUNTO 9 and by a Garmin device to replace it to come to an end with this story.It’s a pity, I was looking forward to using my first Suunto product and happy with the watch itself. But the customer support, as well as the app, forced me to change my mind. It was an expensive exercise for me but all I want is a working product for the money that I spend. It’s ok for me that you have faulty parts in a batch once in a while, that’s normal, but at least you should do your best to replace them ASAP if you sell products in that price range.Conclusion:x Watch and features are greatx App/Data support is ok for those who are married to their smartphone. For those who like to analyze and track their data in detail, it’s useless.x Support is responsive if you contact them, its just that they don’t replace faulty parts and ask you to return them while you can wait or just don’t use your device during your workouts till Suunto is in the mood to replace itI will not buy a Suunto product anymore.

  5. Z. Falborn

    I used this watch for five weeks. It was great. From indoor swimming to weight lifting and uphill running. It was there for all my training needs. Then the firmware update came out in June 2019. Crashed the watch so I sent it to be fixed. It’s been a month and a half and I still don’t have the watch fixed.I called customer service and they are stating that I have another two to four weeks of waiting because there has been a spike in watch returns. Two months later I was finally mailed a new watch.Save yourself the time and by a different watch or simply don’t do any firmware updates until they fix their mess up.

  6. jsiranshahi

    It’s great for any type of outdoor and indoor workout. Looks great so far.

  7. Arthur Hoffman

    Have had the watch for three weeks and so far I really like it. The look, feel, and functions are great and battery life is awesome. Jury is still out on the value of the watch but I can’t imagine wearing another watch since putting it on.

  8. Rick O

    Like: comfortable, tracks all my physical activities, syncs everything to the app in order to monitor progress; excellent customer service. Dislike: crashed twice and had to reinstall the software; it caught a bug over NYE, which affected the date for several days.

  9. Thom Tills

    Bought this watch during the Amazon Prime Sale. Absolute beater. Lots of functions, I use it for running, weights, mountain biking, swimming, and hiking. Good functionality to review text messages. Great battery life. After 1 year only the wrist band loop broke. Otherwise a tank of a watch.

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Suunto 9 GPS Watch

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