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Polar M430 Watch for Runners

The Polar M430 combines best-in-class GPS with advanced running metrics, but now with the freedom of optical heart rate technology, the Polar M430 stands out as Polar’s flagship running product. With a personalized running program to support your goals for the season and enhanced activity analysis to keep track of your day, the Polar M430 is with you every step of the way. State-of-the-art running metrics, advanced GPS and the freedom of optical heart rate technology. Proprietary heart rate algorithm and 6 LED optical sensors built into the watch.

  • Optical heart rate monitor – continuous, accurate heart rate without a chest strap via a 6 LED optical sensor
  • Integrated GPS – running watch tracks speed, distance, pace and routes. Display resolution: 128 x 128
  • 24/7 activity tracking – Track your daily activity, including steps, calories and sleep with the guidance to help you reach your activity goal
  • Vibration alerts – be alerted with vibrating notifications of incoming calls, messages or during training and periods of inactivity
  • Rechargeable Battery – three different GPS watch recording options to choose from allow for 8 hours to nearly 30 hours of training time. Rechargeable 240 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Combining a best-in-class GPS watch – with advanced running metrics and the freedom of optical heart rate technology, the Polar M430 stands as our flagship running product. With a personalized running program to support your goals for the season and enhance
  • Resolution – 128 X 128; Water Resistance: WR30. Connectivity-Custom USB cable for data sync with PC or Mac. Bluetooth Low Energy with mobile and sensors


POLAR M430 Wrist-based Heart Rate GPS Running Watch Black
POLAR M430 Wrist-based Heart Rate GPS Running Watch Black. Works perfectly!!! Awesome condition as shown in the pics. Must sell as I got a Samsung watch as a gift. However, the Polar watch is much more durable than the more expensive Samsung or Apple watches. I need to have a watch face protector...
Polar M430 One Size GPS Running Watch - Black
Polar M430 One Size GPS Running Watch - Black. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. Excellent condition, comes with charging cable. It is factory reset ready for use.
Polar M430 Wrist-based Heart Rate GPS Running Watch
Polar M430 Wrist-based Heart Rate GPS Running Watch. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class. Watch band broke and I replaced it with this navy blue one. Great running watch, with decent battery life. Only ever died during long 120-mile bike rides. Syncs up with the Polar app on your...
POLAR M430 GPS watch almost NEW
It's the watch that I used sometimes to Run, Walk or Trail. It's an excelent watch.I am selling because received an GARMIN FENIX 5s Plus this Xmas.
Polar M430 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate (Various Colors)
Combining best-in-class GPS with advanced running metrics, but now with the freedom of optical heart rate technology, the Polar M430 stands as our flagship running product. With a personalized running program to support your goals for the season and enhanced activity analysis to keep track of...


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POLAR M430 GPS watch almost NEW
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POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch - BLACK
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POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch - WHITE
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POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch - ORANGE
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POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch - GREEN
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Polar M430 GPS Running Watch
released on June 14, 2017

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Polar is best known for creating heart rate monitoring devices. Their wide variety of shapes and sizes makes Polar a top player in Wearable HR Monitoring. Polar played a pioneering role in developing the entire wearable HR monitoring market segment. – View Profile


10 Reviews for Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

  1. Vissai

    Pros: lots. It’s an M400 that is lighter, has wrist based heart rate monitor, fast GPS acquire, and vibrating alerts.Cons: the initial setup, poor customer support, and frequent sync errors. (More on this below.)Delivery was extremely fast, but setting up the watch was a real pain. I tried it twice via phone (Android), failed both times at firmware update, having lost the Bluetooth signal (why does a product that’s being sold for two days need a new firmware is another question). Finally I connected it to a computer where the setup, update and sync completed in a reasonable amount of time, and I only had to resync once because of some error.The watch itself looks nice; similar to the M400 but different enough with its smoother touch and new wristband. If you had an M400 before, there won’t be surprises, the menu is practically the same.I’m yet to try it in action, when the pain of setup will have dwindled.Update #1: now that I have used it in action, one more star. The M430 is just great, the fifth star is missing due to it taking three attempts to sync.It is lighter than the M400, and while a couple of extra holes in the band don’t seem to achieve much, it does help with the sweating.The heart rate is more accurate than it was on the M200 (smooth raises and drops on the graph as I pedaled up slope and downhill, instead of noticing halfway that “hey, looks like we’re doing something, let’s crank it up from 90 to 155” ), even with indoor training where the wrist isn’t in a predictable position like it is when running.The buttons are quick to react, the menu is easy to use.Finally, the silent (buzzing) alarm is here. Being an early raiser married to a late sleeper, a quiet way to wake up is cherished.And now to the GPS.Is it accurate? Probably is. It measures the same distance my other watches measured, give or take a few meters. But… It finds a GPS signal instantly. Right away. No waiting.Remember when on cold, dark late autumn mornings you had to wait for a minute or two in the icy rain and wind for the GPS signal? Or when you wanted to measure the distance from the supermarket to your doorstep to prove it is *exactly* one mile*, and your husband and sister politely laughed at you while you waited for your watch to find that signal? Never again!To summarize: set it up using a computer, be patient with the phone sync, enjoy the watch.*It is.Update#2: Attached is how a 6k run looks with the good old H7 sensor, vs the M430. There are differences, but they are minor, and the two graphs are practically the same.Update#3: as expected, the HR accuracy is somewhat worse during weightlifting-type activities. (attached a second picture) Here I did some front- and back squats, followed by four minutes of deadlifts alternating with burpees (during which I placed the phone recording the H7 on a nearby shelf that was too far for this Bluetooth protocol, hence the gaps). The proportions are more or less there, but the numbers differ significantly. This is something I was expecting following my adventures with the M200; the accuracy improves with the band being tightened just the right way, and if one manages to sweat moderately, but (a) few are lucky enough to remain fresh and dry after 30 deadlifts and burpees (b) even then it is far from accurate.If you want accuracy, go with the chest sensor.I’ll try biking next.Update #4:The watch stopped syncing. It connects, then claims that sync is completed after 1-2 seconds. I have to plug it into a computer. Disappointing.After reinstalling the Polar Flow client, it syncs again, who knows for how long.Update #5:I think I figured out the sync issue. For whatever reason, the phone app switches the device off after every couple of syncs. Switching it on again (Settings – Devices) usually helps; if it doesn’t, connect the watch to a computer or reinstall the app.I’d like to mention how poor support from Polar was. I reported the sync issue to them, detailing all the troubleshooting steps I took; they responded after several days with a canned response suggesting some troubleshooting steps – some I wrote them to have tried already (wasn’t even the full list), and nothing since.The final verdict is 3 stars.

  2. Howell L. James

    I had the M400 for two years before upgrading to the M430. I love that not much has changed. I think the heart rate is great and it seems to track reliably. The biggest regression is that Polar switched from a standard USB to a proprietary cable for charging. Why?!? Wireless syncing seems to be hit or miss. I was a nightmare to get going the first time. Then it seemed to sync great for a couple weeks. Now it doesn’t sync wirelessly anymore.I’m hopeful that the syncing can get sured up with updates, but the proprietary charging cable is a big disappointment.

  3. Me, Myself & I

    After trying to use my Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch as a running watch I ultimately determined that it wasn’t cut out for the task. I landed on the Polar M430 after comparing all the competition from Garmin, TomTom, etc. The Polar won me over because of its price and ease of use AND their software suite. Feature for feature this watch has everything most runners will need. It locks in to GPS SUPER fast which is great on cold dark mornings. The interface is easy and straightforward and provides a great deal of information on the oblong screen. It took me a while to figure out how to get the backlight to stay lit, and that’s probably the one complaint that I have about the watch. Really take some time to read through the features offered vs. the competition and I think most people will find that the Polar is the best choice.I was pleasantly surprised that it does cadence measurements without needing a foot pod! After doing research on why cadence is important, I was really hoping to find this feature without needing to buy a separate foot pod, and I think that the Polar was the only one that offered it on the watch without needing a foot pod.

  4. rverret01

    My Polar FT-80 died after 8 years of continuous use. I bought this to replace it. I was not sure about the wrist-based heart rate monitor, but, I must say it works great for running and strength training. My only concern is the cable plug on the watch itself seems a little vulnerable to damage or, if you ae not careful, you can bend the pins on the connection itself. I use the polar flow app on my computer and phone (android based). It took me a while to get used to the software. It is not as friendly as the old polartrainer app that I used with my FT-80. All in all, I must say it is a great product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wishing to track, log and analyze their fitness journey.

  5. Kang

    I purchased this device in July 2017 and have worn it for 83 different run/bike sessions. It had all the features I needed (heart rate, water resistance, gps tracking); however, proved to be a poorly manufactured product. The buttons on the device became very mushy within the first two months. The two bottons in fact often get stuck in the down position.The other buttons dont get stuck; however, the button action is very unsatisfying and gives very poor feedback.I began the Polar warranty process online. Unfortunately, Polar does charge for shipping for repairs.Great initial value with great features; however, I can’t recommend this product due to its poor build quality. You can see in the photo that I uploaded that the button on the bottom right is flush to the watch surface.

  6. yogaski

    This is the second M430 I’ve purchased in the last 3 weeks. The first watch works perfectly and I’m very satisfied with it. I bought a second M430 as a gift. This watch is not the same product as the first purchase. Many of the functions in the first watch (which I use and are necessary for proper functioning) aren’t present in this watch. The packaging and instructions are of lesser quality than the first watch and raise my suspicions of a fake Polar.I’ve used their watches, heart rate monitors and Polar flow for at least 10 years. I’ve never had a problem with their products so my concerns do have some basis.This is a very good product but I suggest you look elsewhere for an M430.

  7. jbls1

    Easy to use and accurate.

  8. gianninas_creat…

    No frills, lots of useful data, battery lasts for weeks if you don’t have 24/7 heart rate monitoring on or notifications (you have to have your phone on you basically, so I never use notifications).

  9. bargainbuyer

    Purchased to replace husbands much loved but lost m400Wrist strap too small on the M 430 so replaced strap (it was cheaper than getting the bigger sized one . )Got lots more features than the 400Heart rate . Without the need for a bandAnd loads of stats . Gives a breakdown of each run .He’s really thrilled with it .

  10. Veneta

    I had A300 and this M430 model is very similar to it. It has few advantages but overall both are very good. The hearth rate sensos is very accurate. I compared to the H7 sensor and the results are almost identical.

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