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Amazfit Pace Multisport Smartwatch by Huami

With stunning looks and unparalleled craftsmanship, the Amazfit Pace is a perfect blend of comfort, technology, and style. The Pace features a durable ceramic bezel and attractive always-on display that makes the watch easy to read, even in bright sunlight, and is IP67 certified to be dust and water resistant. It features All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, GPS, and a whopping 5-Day Battery Life.

  • Don’t Miss a Beat: A host of advanced features and sensors give you clear, actionable insights into your health and fitness goals – GPS+GLONASS, optical heart rate sensor, 9-axis IMU sensors, and sport tracking for running and 8 other activities.
  • Rock Out While You Work Out: Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds and enjoy music and media on the go with internal storage (2G available for music) for unencumbered phone-free workouts.
  • Be in the Know: The Pace is the perfect companion to keep you organized and productive all day long. Receive notifications for emails, SMS messages, call reminders, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, weather forecasts, and other apps from your mobile phone.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy with confidence. Amazfit offers a 30-day refund policy, and 12-month new replacement warranty.



AMAZFIT PACE GPS RUNNING WATCH. Condition is "New". Run tracking Heart rate Built in GPS music Notifications

Amazfit Pace, nicht nur Sport Smartwatch, sondern Uhr für Alle / 1,3" HD, Puls

Zum ShopAngebote/SALE XXXXX Amazfit Pace Rot ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1051 Sternebewertungen 59,90€ Black Friday/CyberMonday Preis (siehe oben), und mit unserem Aktionscode auf Instagram/Facebook 5% extra Rabatt!20,00€79,90€ Größe: Rot Lieferung GLS versichert, 1-2 Tage / DHL...

Amazfit Pace Smartwatch fitness watch - Black

Greetings! I've owned this for a few years and have never had any issues. It has always been well maintained with constant updates and was never abused and I always removed it before going near water, despite its IP67 rating. The battery life is awesome, the best...

AMAZFIT Pace 1.34" Smartwatch Smart Watch Bluetooth Notification GPS Global

AMAZFIT Pace 1.34" Smartwatch Smart Watch Bluetooth Notification GPS Global AMAZING Xiaomi Huami Amazfit PACE Watch Review Video will open in a new window Using the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window: [isdntekvideo] Hands-Free Working Out ! Classic...

Original Xiaomi Amazfit Pace GPS Running Sports Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

GuideThe AMAZFIT Running Smart Watch is a great choice for those looking to get fit. AMAZFIT features built-in GPS, so it provides accurate pace and distance for your runs, as well as a IP67 waterproof design that you can take swimming. It sports an unbelievable...


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// Company Profile – Huami-Amazfit

Huami is a Chinese electronics manufacturer. Their primary consumer brand is Amazfit and they make a variety of affordable smart watches. Amazfit believes everyone should be able to take advantage of technology to live their lives to the fullest – to achieve amazing results every day, in everything they do. – View Profile


7 Reviews for Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

  1. Valinda Frost

    So far, I like the Amafit watch. I have an Apple Watch that I paid $650.00+ for about 18 months ago. The saphire face popped off and Apple refused to fix the problem without charging me $250.00. My husband found Amazfit, bought one for himself, and a couple months later, really likes his watch. I decided that I would also try Amazfit rather than give Apple another dime. I’m very glad I did. The Amazfit Pace is a nice watch that easily interacts with both my cell phone. I bike a lot and the Amazfit not only keeps track of my heart rate it breaks down the BPM by zones such as fat-burning, aerobic, anaerobic and maximum. It does not track my work in the gym, but I am confident that Amazfit will update their software to include this important feature. (I did use their “elliptical” setting which seemed to do a good job of tracking my heart rate while I was working out with my physical therapist on gym equipment) With the built in GPS, I can keep track of everywhere I go. Amazfit creates an easy to see map of every ride I take. The Amazfit gives me way more information about my rides than Apple has ever given. The battery does last longer than Apple which had to be charged every day. I use the heart rate functions almost everyday, so I am charging Amazfit about every three days. When I first got the Amazfit, I was concerned about the clarity of the screen. It seemed washed out and hard to read. I found a function on the watch that increases the backlight on the watch face which made a very big difference and I also found out that the screen without the back light reacts to the light wherever you are… the brighter the light, the brighter the screen. This feature makes sense to me and it helps preserve battery life. The gorilla glass watch face seems tough and is every bit a pretty as Apple’s sapphire face. The Amazfit also takes a standard watch band so if you wanted to change the look of the watch, it is very easy to do. I will NEVER buy another Apple watch. I would buy another Amazfit and I would recommend Amazfit to my friends and family as a reasonable, functional, attractive and MUCH better priced alternative.

  2. Desert Rat

    I’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced smart watch that works with my cell phone. I tried the Fitbit Versa but it wouldn’t work with my phone.I stumbled upon the Amazfit Pace and so far I really like it. It has a low profile and is light. It has a lot of watch faces with various amounts of information on them.I don’t know if the steps are accurate. It’s hard to tell. The sleep monitor seems to be good. I use an exercise bike this time of year and the heart rate monitor is good, giving me warnings when I’m working too hard.I did get the plastic protector for the outside of the watch. That has to be removed to charge which is annoying. I’ve ordered screen protectors, too.The band is sturdy but not clunky. The battery life seems good, but I’m still getting used to what features I need to keep running.Overall this is a good watch.

  3. Eliza Miranda

    I use mine Amazfit for run.Beautiful product. Very well built. Exceeded my expectations by far. GPS is far more precise than the Samsung mobile.I use it for running and it offers many, many, mny additional information besides the basics.I love being able to listen to music from it, and tuning without having to carry the cel phone.

  4. kongtxoua vang

    Had the watch for 2 months before it died. I contacted the manufacturer about their 1 year warranty on the product, but they were very slow to respond back and would constantly have me try and troubleshoot the watch. They would give me a single direction and have me post a video on YouTube showing that the watch was faulty. Even after all this they are still avoiding sending me a replacement. Customer service sucks. Don’t waste your money.Edit: shortly after this review was put up i received a message stating new watch has been dispatched. Today, 3/2/19, the new watch died again. Symptomatic of the first. Quick flash on and would turn off. Tried troubleshooting the issue with no resolve. Thought i was dealt a faulty watch the first time around, but it seems more like poor quality from xiaomi. 2 watches within a year. Will not bother trying for another replacement.

  5. Isabel A.

    Watch will not pair at all with devices with android 8.0 or newer so I was not able to set it up.I read online that you can get an older device to set it up and then update the watch so… where am I going to get an older device?.the company as always never responded to my email so I opted to return it.PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES THE AGGRAVATION AND DON’T BUY THIS WATCH!!!!!

  6. MDM

    I received the watch Dec 2018. I would have given a fair review in 1 year but it died after 3 months, March 4, 2019. After reading the reviews of others, I don’t expect to get any resolution from their customer service. Don’t be fooled by the low price of the watch compared to other more well known brand names. Functionality, ease of use, appearance, layout of screens, apps, keeping time, none of this matters if the watch only lasts 3 months. Very disappointed, won’t be buying another.Save your money and move along on your search.

  7. Tallino-Mariella

    HARDLY USED, IT WILL NOT COME ON, IT WILL NOT TAKE A CHARGE, one day just simply quit, it was hardly used. hopefully there is a warranty on it.*update* 10/28/19after contacting the warranty dpt they wanted us to clean the charging terminals in the watch with toothpicks and do various things such as send them videos and so forth. After few times trying to mess with the watch suddenly work and start charging. I dont know how, it suddenly started to work again, all I know that the watch was like new and very clean but we still do what the warranty dpt recommended. I cant say for sure what trigger the charge by it has been working so far. still not happy with the overall all experience with this watch

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