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Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

Features All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, Sleep Monitoring, GPS, Ultra-Long Battery Life, Bluetooth, US Service and Warranty

  • The Amazfit Bip smartwatch comes with 30-day long battery life on a single charge of 2.5-hours.
  • Optical heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS to track daily step count, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.
  • 4-sport modes – outdoor running, treadmill, cycling and walking with detailed insights into most frequent activities.
  • Get notifications for emails, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls as well as alerts for Facebook, Twitter, weather forecasts, etc.
  • This smartwatch comes in 4 colors and a bright always-on 1.28” display and is compatible with both Google Android and Apple iOS.


Amazfit A1608 Bip Fit Black Buckle Smart Watch
Amazfit A1608 Bip Fit Black Buckle Smart Watch. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.
AmazFit Bip Smartwatch with Onyx Black Case and Black Silicone Band - SKU1374069
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AmazFit Bip S Smartwatch, Carbon Black #W1821US1N
AmazFit Bip S Smartwatch, Carbon BlackSKU: AFW1821US1NMfr. Part: W1821US1N Item IncludesBip S 31mm Polycarbonate Smartwatch with Built-in GPS (Carbon Black) - Charger - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty Description31g Feather-Light Body. Sometimes Less Is More. The Amazfit Bip S is...
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AmazFit Bip U Pro Smartwatch, BlackSKU: AFW2008OV1NMfr. Part: W2008OV1N Item IncludesBip U Pro Smartwatch (Black) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionStep into Smart Fitness 1.43" Large HD Color Screen Blood-oxygen Level Measurement 60+ Sports Modes...


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// Specifications

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch
released on April 30, 2018

// Company Profile – Huami-Amazfit

Huami is a Chinese electronics manufacturer. Their primary consumer brand is Amazfit and they make a variety of affordable smart watches. Amazfit believes everyone should be able to take advantage of technology to live their lives to the fullest – to achieve amazing results every day, in everything they do. – View Profile


8 Reviews for Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

  1. Scott in Green Bay

    I got my device yesterday. I was pumped–a GPS watch that monitors heart rate for under $100? Score. I’ve been biking more recently, and I wanted something that allowed me to leave my phone home, but Garmin and TomTom watches are way too much for my beginner self. Plus, I don’t care about phone notifications, or onboard apps, or whatever, I just wanted a tracker that tells time. I trust “off-brand” products typically, and this watch had what I wanted at a price point I can swallow.For the record, inside the box was the watch, a (useless) manual, and a usb charging cradle. It did not come with a wall outlet adapter, but it’s the same 5 volt charger that any cell phone uses, so if you have this watch, you probably also have a cell phone, which means you will have a sufficient charging option.I attempted to set it up before I had to leave yesterday afternoon, but it didn’t work immediately so I put it aside until I got back home last night. Then frustration ensued. I wasn’t annoyed the first ten minutes. Sometimes devices take a bit longer to connect, whatever. The Bluetooth connection went off without a hitch. Then I started noticing a theme: I tried syncing so that I could “un-brick” the watch, the sync failed, the app attempted to auto-update the firmware, the update failed, the app crashed, I re-opened the app, the Bluetooth connected instantly, it tried syncing, the sync failed…you get it.I tried that for a solid twenty minutes (not because I’m insane; the firmware update said “hold the device closer to the phone” as if the failure were on my end, so I trusted that it was right and assumed I could just angle it slightly better–I was wrong). I power-cycled the phone. I would’ve done the same for the watch, but there’s actually no power option while it’s in “screw you” mode.Finally I gave up and looked online. There were some suggestions to download third-party apps that would aid in watch-phone communication. I watched videos in Chinese (I live in Wisconsin, about the farthest place from China in the country–I can count to ten and say thank you, but that’s about it). Amazfit FAQ instructed me to go through 4 or 5 troubleshooting steps. I tried it all, to no avail.At that point, I was an hour into messing with this thing, and all I had to show for it was an error message (shown in the attached image). I was pissed, tired, and completely bewildered. I emailed tech support. To this point, about 10 hours later, they haven’t responded. Until I hear back, this watch is unusable. I don’t care what the cost was, or what the product feels like–if I can’t use it, it gets a whopping 1-star rating.If they get back to me and fix it, I will update with the steps to fix and a new rating. If I don’t update, it’s because my issue was never resolved and I returned it.**UPDATE** They emailed back after a week and many apologies for the delay. After that, there was daily communication, I never felt neglected or forgotten. After I tried a couple more suggestions they gave, I asked about replacing the unit if this one is faulty. They had one final Hail Mary–could I try updating it on someone else’s phone? I have an LG G4 from early 2016. My fiance has a Samsung Galaxy S8, so I tried updating it on hers and was successful. If you find a similar problem, give that a shot.I’ve been using it for a few days now that it works, so now I’ll get into performance review:BATTERYWhen I got the watch two weeks ago, the battery level was 86%. I’ve been using it for 4 days, and it sat idle previously. The battery is at 57% presently. That’s constant heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, two GPS-tracked sessions of soccer kick-around (as “Outdoor Running”), and a rather intense bar-league volleyball game (tracked as “Treadmill” because it was indoors). I haven’t yet tried it for cycling, which I initially purchased it for, but I’m certain it won’t burn any more battery than outdoor running.Full disclosure, I have every notification turned off and I only sync to my phone daily, so I’m not killing the device with constant Bluetooth. That also means that I can’t speak to the ability to send receive phone calls, texts, Facebooks, etc. I don’t care, sorry.GPSIt works. It does take about 90 seconds for the watch to find GPS signal, but it never seemed to lose it. I pulled up the map of one of my soccer runs and it was a jumble of lefts and rights. I’m going to take it on a bike ride later along with my phone (tracking with Strava) to see if it tracks well enough to keep long-term.THINGS I DIDN’T THINK I’D CARE ABOUT, BUT ARE NOTICEABLE-Multitasking — I don’t mean Pandora and Google at the same time. I mean a timer and literally anything else. Or tracking and anything else. If you’re in one mode, you aren’t able to leave the first mode without canceling it. E.g., I set the timer for 20 minutes, ran a bit, and wanted to see what my heart rate was. I had to cancel the timer to get out of it. Even a $10 Timex Ironman can switch screens like that. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is a bit annoying.-Alarms — You have to set up an alarm on your phone and sync it to the watch, you can’t just go into the alarm section on the watch and make a new alarm. Paired with the inability to multitask a timer, that could get frustrating down the road.- Compatibility — Other Amazfit products are able to sync to Strava, but that’s not yet in the cards for the Bip. I expect it will happen eventually, but currently there are two workaround options. They both involve 3rd party apps and a decent time commitment. One is a $2 “Pro” feature in a free app that syncs directly to Strava or Google Fit, etc (didn’t try it); the other is absolutely free and8times more convoluted, requiring a second 3rd party app, exporting, and a manual upload on the Strava website (not a function on the app).-Mi Fit app — In short, the app is below average. It’s about as basic and stripped down as you can imagine. It’s serviceable for sleep info and setting alarms and even looking at your run/ride, but some settings are in different areas than other settings, and it doesn’t even offer as many settings as one of the 3rd party apps. It’s not awful, just not intuitive.-Watch settings — There really aren’t many options for settings on the watch. It has some onboard watch faces and a brightness setting, and the long button press can strictly be used to as a shortcut to begin an activity. No double press, no other long press option.I’ll post after a couple bike rides if I notice anything knocking about it.**UPDATE 11/27/18**I still enjoy the watch, though I would still give it 4/5 stars. With the HR and monitor turned on, the battery lasts about 3 weeks with a bike ride or two per week. When I biked to work for a full week (5 miles each way), the battery was around 50% drained by Saturday. Not bad. Turning off the sleep monitor and HR sensor, I get approximately 6 weeks of battery life with a ride. That’s amazing, and still such a win for me.The app has grown on me. It’s still not totally intuitive, but when you get the hang of which settings are in which menu, it’s not awful. The ride screen is actually nice, offering more details than Strava. It also seems to have a more consistent speed read (fewer peaks and valleys)–unsure if that makes it more or less accurate overall, but it’s certainly smoother.Because I’m comfortable with the app, and there still is no link to Strava at last check, I have all but nixed Strava and strictly use the watch app. It’s fine for me because I don’t have any “friends” on Strava socially anyway, I only used it as a ride-tracking platform. For those of you who need to stay connected, the workaround mentioned previously still works, it just isn’t worth it to me.Other than wishing for Strava compatibility and the aforementioned multitasking, this watch is an absolute steal. It does everything in its power well. Would definitely buy again.Unrelated: I don’t remember if I mentioned it previously or not, but the watch band width is 20mm, the standard size of Samsung Gear and other smart watches, so customizing watch bands is super easy. I hate the rubber type that came with it, so I got a $5 nylon band for biking and a couple nicer metal bands to wear to work. It’s not a bulky “sports” watch by nature, so you can totally pull it off for semi-formal occasions.

  2. Paratech59

    Background: I have had the original Pebble, a LG, ASUS and Samsung smartwatch as well as a Fitbit HR Charge. Unfortunately the Pebble was put out of business. The Android Wear watches I liked…except for the daily worry about is the battery going to last. I wanted something to monitor my sleep but…the batteries always needed charging. I loved the Samsung S2 but the rotating dial froze up…so then I was on the fitbit which is a good little watch…but didn’t like how it looked on me and it was hard from me to read the watchface. So along comes the Amazfit Bip. On sale for $65.00. What the heck…I’ll give it a try but I’m not expecting much for $65.00. I have had this now for one week. I step out into the sun…I can read the watchface perfectly…I don’t have to do the hand shade thing or look for cover in order to see what is on my screen. This literally lights up out in the sun. I will admit that the watchfaces are not anywhere close to being refined as the Android Wear for Tizen smartwatches…but honestly…they are fine. I’ve picked a few different ones I rotate through and I find that I honestly don’t miss the more refined watchfaces. Here is what has me sold on this watch…I have had this for over 7 days now. I charged it up completely 8 days ago….my battery is currently at 74%. That is phenomenal. It has GPS on the watch. I will go for a walk and I start the activity and it maps the route that I went. It synchs up with Google Fit. I honestly don’t know the accuracy on my steps, sleep and so on…but for me….it’s close enough. The darn thing is so light and it is comfortable. It is “plasticy” in how it feels but I really am fine with it. I get my notifications…My phone rings…it vibrates, I get a text it vibrates and it displays the message. It’s very tiny but still…I wasn’t even expecting it to do that. I don’t need to do everything on my watch…that’s why I got the phone. Honestly…other than the watchfaces…This phone is more than perfect. I’ll take a couple of weeks between charges over a cool looking watchface that ends up burning up my battery anyways. Will this be the watch for everyone? No! But for me…I have the perfect watch now. My search is over for now. Most bang for the buck. I can only suggest giving it a try and seeing if it meets up with your needs. Hope this helps someone reviewing this watch and trying to make the decision to try it out or not. I was there too…and I almost passed…so glad I didn’t.

  3. M&D

    This watch is fantastic. I am moving from a Pebble and did not want to spend $200+ on the FitBit equivalent so I did my research and picked up this watch. It has some good and bad, but the good outweighs the bad by a lot.CONS:- No additional or 3rd party apps for the watch- Out of the hundreds of watch faces very few are setup for US date structure- Band is kinda small for a big fat guy like me (I have 3 holes left)PROS:- Battery life is amazing. After 4 days it is still at 85%- Display quality is insane- With hundreds of watch faces (additional free app needed) you will find something you like- GPS, HR, Stopwatch, Timer, Weather, Activity and Sleep tracker and more make this a great multi use watch- Extremely customizable notifications- Integration with Google Fit- Very thin and light- Charging cradle, not just a cable

  4. ahndiai

    8 days of use and the battery is only down to 82%. Great idle alert, sleep assistance and heart rate monitoring. Is is great value for such a price.

  5. A. L. Gray

    Have had this and used for about 10days, battery life excellent so far, came with 62% battery and still has 18% after 10days of daily use. Lots of watch faces to choose from (some on watch itself, some via Mi Fit app, or can download via 3rd party app)You do need to download MiFit app to begin using this watch, and there are no instructions in the box, but after initial setup is very easy to use, comfy on the wrist and app has plenty of different settings to use.After having a basic fitness tracker before, which got scratched up, was looking for a replacement, tried few other basic types but spent bit more and gave this a go, so glad I did. Didn’t want to spend hundreds on really fancy watch but this is a great in betweener. Not tried all fitness aspects yet so don’t know accuracy but all other aspects seem to work well so can’t wait to try out when weather improves!

  6. Imre E.

    After reading and watching reviews on the Internet I decided to give this watch a chance. The only thing I found impressive is the battery life. Heart rate and sleep monitor is totally inaccurate. These 2 things were the reason I bought the watch. It looks and feels like a cheap Chinese watch although It is comfortable. For £70 pound you can buy a lot better looking Chinese watch.

  7. H. Lockhart

    Looked like a nice watch but was a pain to set up. The instruction leaflet required a magnifying glass to read and the instructions were vague. When it was working it was excellent but unfortunately when it “froze” I was stuck. Absolutely nothing I tried could unfreeze the watch and that was a major problem because the battery life is fabulous. I fully charged it, set up my emails and messages and health apps and 3 weeks later, after 24 hour a day usage, I still had 56% charge remaining. Given that you only have a 30 day return policy I had no option but to request a refund. Amazon were excellent in arranging my refund but I would have preferred to be able to keep it.

  8. ender9492

    I used to have a Garmin Vivofit, and was looking to get something that gave me phone notifications as well as other features. The Amazfit Bip is a smartwatch I’d been eyeing for quite a while, mainly because it has similar features to the other major brands out there, but has way more amazing battery life. When I found a like-new/used one on eBay for $15 less than the MSRP, I sprang for it. So far, the watch has stood up well for my casual daily usage. The waterproofing works for showers/baths, and the battery life is amazing. The controls are fairly intuitive, and I like the always-on display that shows all the info I need in a glance. If all you need is a fitness watch with phone alerts and other basic features, I would definitely recommend getting this watch over any of the others out there especially for the price!

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