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Amazfit T-Rex Military Grade Smart Watch

The T-Rex from Amazfit is a rugged smartwatch with 12 military grade certifications. It’s a robust and reliable watch that makes the perfect companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. Look good and feel good with 5 different military themed color styles. For when the going gets tough, choose the Amazfit T-Rex military certified smartwatch.

  • Military Standard: Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch passed 12 military grade certifications, ensuring its robustness and resistance to harsh environments. Thanks to its rugged exteriors, this smartwatch can withstand tough environments like extreme cold (-40 F) to extreme hot weather (+150 F) to 240 hours in damp heat, etc.
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life: A deep power optimization give the Amazfit T-Rex a longer battery life of up to 20 hours on a single charge with continuous GPS & 20 days with daily use. Stays with the user over the long haul.
  • Powerful Always-On Display: The Amazfit T-Rex uses a 1.3” AMOLED color screen which supports always-on display, making important information available simply by raising your wrist.
  • High-Precision GPS: T-Rex uses a high-end Sony GPS chip and built-in highly precise dual-satellite positioning system. Signal efficiency has been significantly increased, making satellite search faster and positioning more accurate.
  • All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring: T-Rex is equipped with Huami’s self-developed BioTracker PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor, which perform high-precision heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day.
  • Water Resistant: The Amazfit T-Rex has 14 built-in professional sports modes and is rated waterproof to 5ATM (50 Meters). You can wear it while swimming in pools and open water to meet the diverse needs of athletes.
  • Compatibility: Apple iOS / Google Android


AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Rock Black #W1919US5N

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Rock Black #W1919US5N. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Rock Black #W1919US5N

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Rock BlackSKU: AFW1919US5NMfr. Part: W1919US5N Item IncludesT-Rex Smartwatch with AMOLED Display (Rock Black) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionUnleash Your Instinct 12 Military...

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Khaki #W1919US2N

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, KhakiSKU: AFW1919US2NMfr. Part: W1919US2N Item IncludesT-Rex Smartwatch with AMOLED Display (Khaki) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionUnleash Your Instinct 12 Military Certifications | Rugged...

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Camo Green #W1919US4N

AmazFit T-Rex Smartwatch, Camo GreenSKU: AFW1919US4NMfr. Part: W1919US4N Item IncludesT-Rex Smartwatch (Camo Green) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionOutdo yourself at every step with the all-new Amazfit T-Rex...

Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch (Global Version) - Black

Delay of order dispatching on 26th October, 2020 PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO BELOW MESSAGE BEFORE YOUR ORDER IS PLACED Dear Customers, As there will be stock take in our office building and warehouse on 26th October, 2020, our customer service and warehouse team will be...


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// Specifications

  • Supported Applications: Fitness Tracker, Email, Social Media, Calendar, Distance Tracking, GPS, Weather, Time Display, Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Phone, Alarm, Elevation Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Brand: Amazfit
  • Size: Black
  • Supports Bluetooth: Bluetooth
  • Color: Rock Black

// Company Profile – Huami-Amazfit

Huami is a Chinese electronics manufacturer. Their primary consumer brand is Amazfit and they make a variety of affordable smart watches. Amazfit believes everyone should be able to take advantage of technology to live their lives to the fullest – to achieve amazing results every day, in everything they do. – View Profile


25 Reviews for Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

  1. Ken Zesotarski

    I have been anticipating the release ever since it’s introduction at CES. The watch itself is great. I normally wear Casio G-Shocks and this watch is just about the same size (maybe slightly smaller as you can see in the picture).The Amafit App is not the best. It’s not easy to navigate and just feels clunky. Maybe if they smooth the app and make it look cleaner, I’d be more excited about that side of it.I’ll have to edit this review after I use the watch a little longer. But so far so good.

  2. Casey Brown

    The amazfit trex is lightweight but so far durable. The size and feel are great as well, but out of any of the positives I can list, the top would be battery. I’m on day 17 without charging and my battery is at 63%. And it’s not little to no use. I run different notifications through it, constantly checking time throughout the day, use it to track excersize and sports, have the all day heartbeat going which tracks sleep as well, and use it to control my music. Theres so much more and yet the battery is going strong. I attached a screenshot of the app showing the battery life and last charge. So I would say if you’re on the fence, jump… and buy this watch

  3. Ian

    Feb 18, 2020Got my T-REX via Amazon (pre-order) yesterday. I’ve had a G shock for daily wear and looking forward to testing the durability of the T-REX. It’s not as heavy as the G shock.Instructions kind of rely on your previous technical experience. No other instructions than some basic phone-to-watch pairing. My experience was:unboxedtried on my wrist (very much like the strap is soft silicone with a tab inside the band holder to keep the extra from coming out)connected charger (magnet is good, but not very strong)9:55amBT pairingGPS updateresource library updatefirmware updatesyncing10:01amCharged to 100% before wearing it.So far I have turned on auto heart rate and sleep detection, alerts for all apps I use, turned off always on display. I have been changing the watch faces and playing with the settings. I am at 89% battery since yesterday morning. Not sure if the battery life will improve as I get used to and aren’t playing with it constantly. I want to take it on a hike soon to test out the ‘workout’ functions. I didn’t get it as an apple watch alternative. So, I’m not expecting it to be as smooth as an IOS device. For what I want, I think the T-REX with work.Feb 28, 2020 UPDATE: 10 days of heavy use, max brightness during the day, continuous heart and sleep tracking, notifications for most apps, use of alarms… this morning my battery was down to 10%.SO, I got 10 days without a recharge. The cool thing I like was that the watch was fully charged in about 40 minutes.

  4. Jim

    I bought the T-Rex to use as an everyday watch, instead of using my Garmin 945, which requires charging daily at my current activity level and when using it as a music player. Obviously, I did not expect the $140 T-Rex to measure up to the $600 Garmin, but I could not resist seeing how it would stack up. I used the indoor cycling for my spinning class, outdoor running for my running group runs, and walking for my fitness walks with my wife. For spinning neither the Garmin or the T-Rex integrate with the bike, so about all you get is duration and estimated calories. For running the Garmin offers fully customizable screens, but with the T-Rex you get what the app is set to display, but with distance, pace (min/mi), heart rate, and most important, auto-pause, I think it would fit the needs of most runners. The walking app on the T-Rex Compares to the Garmin, much as the running app, with one oddity, which make no sense to me, as the T-Rex shows the walking pace in MPH. As far as, GPS comparison, on 12-mile runs and 7-mile walks, the variation, in the Garmin and the T-Rex, was within .03 miles, so not too shabby. The T-Rex does offer an always on display, but you must choose between a pointer screen or a digital (See Photos). Then you can elect to enable the raise your arm feature to show you actual screen choice. I understand the power save feature, but I would like the option to use my screen choice for my always-on display. With SMS messages you get a notification and tapping the notification shows the sender but doesn’t allow you to preview the message. For phone calls you get a notification, as well, so don’t expect iPhone functionality. The AOD (Always On Display) and AB (Auto Brightness) are separate features, but the T-Rex lacks the important always enabled AB, during activities. When the activity occurs in non-daylight hours the always enabled AB feature is not that noticeable, but in daylight the screen is not readable until the AB kicks in, which is very annoying. Your AB and screen choice can be set to activate when you raise your arm, but there an irritating delay, even when set to the arm raise’s sensitive setting. The soft rubber band is comfortable, but I did notice while grilling, that it picked up the smoke smell from the wood chips, which was removed with a good bit of scrubbing with a scented detergent, odd but worth mentioning. With 2 hours of activity, requiring AOD and GPS, I can easily get 4 days between charges and when using it without activities, I would expect well over a week. Amazfit has obviously focused on battery life, but in my opinion, as an activity tracker, athletes will prefer to have screen feature choices for the AOD and AB, knowing that they sacrifice battery life. The internal storage will notify you when you need to sync the activity history to your phone with the Amazfit App, so there is limited storage. The music app will control the music player on your phone, but you must restart the music controller app on the watch after each change, so I find it virtually useless. Remember to install the Amazfit App on your phone before attempting to setup the watch, the app is required for the initial setup. In summary, the Amazfit T-Rex is an excellent value and a decent activity tracker, with the potential to become great activity tracker, with a few software modifications. I have received no products or compensation for my review. I am simply trying to answer the questions that I had when considering the Amazfit T-Rex and hope it proves helpful. Also, hope to see it back in stock soon.

  5. M&C

    I like this watch, very much. Should you need a replacement band, Amazfit does not sell them! The band is a proprietary form factor and if you need to replace your band, you can’t. No point in buying a rugged sport watch when it is rendered useless when the band breaks.

  6. Chris A.

    I honestly don’t ever due these reviews for a product but I was very skeptic with this watch I’ve owned multiple apple watches and love them don’t get me wrong but I work in the ac trade and was always worried on breaking the watch or scratching it. So I did some research to find a competitor that could match or exceed the apple products and what I found was a dinosaur that was not extinct and still wondering around waiting to be discovered this watch has simply blown me away from the easy to use interface to the rigid design holds charge better then any Apple Watch I’ve ever owned and just as quick one down fall I’ll be honest is no speaker or ability to exchange texts so that’s a bummer but other then that I’ve took showers with it and got it soaked rinsing coils on air conditioning systems and no issues the gps is amazing simply if you want a watch that’s budget friendly and something that even if it breaks won’t break the bank to replace it hands down best out there for value

  7. Johnny Boss

    I have this watch now for 10 days now. It does so much more than I ever plan to do with it at least for now. I have not used it heavily but I do use it every day so after this time I am charging for the 1st time. GPS is great, watch faces have a wide selection to choose from. Extremely happy.

  8. Matheus Oliveira de Castro

    Entrega rápida, vendedor confiável!.O relógio nem se fala, ótimo custo benefício em comparação a polar, aple e Garmin.Produto original e bem lacrado!.

  9. Daniel Chelmagan

    First of all, great watch overall. easy to use, great battery that lasted 20 days on a single charge, at first and connected easy to my iPhone XR. My biggest problem now is the battery. It drains so fast. I’ll charge to 100% and the second I unplug the charger, battery drops to 96%. by noon, battery is at 80% ish. The main 2 reasons I bought this watch was because it had a great battery and connected to my phone. Have had this watch just over a month. I can’t return it.

  10. Zac B

    Band feels stretchy, but makes it more comfortable than any watch I ever wore. This is more like a fitness tracker than a full blown smartwatch. I get a week battery life with everything turned on.

  11. Erikttransportation

    wear every day neen great for fitness tracking

  12. Christopher Solis

    Product works well. The battery life is great. The app needs some work, but works well for the most part. The only issue I have with the watch is the edges of the band and watch face get dirty easily and color transfers onto the watch easily. It’s been less than a week and the white parts of the watch are turning brown.

  13. Ken A

    I was excited to get this T Rex for all the positive reviews I read. In reality, this watch is an overhyped lemon, especially in exercise tracking. Every time I started a walk, I would begin the exercise tracking for walking. About .4 miles later, the watch would buzz and display the reboot Amazfit logo. All exercise data would then be lost as if it never even begin. Absolutely disappointed in this Chinese-mass-produced fitness watch. Buyer beware!

  14. DVaz

    Product is okay for the Money, But to be charged twice for it ! Still waiting for my credit !

  15. Grumpy Dad

    I have some really nice watches but I end up wearing this one most of the time. It so lite, wears small despite it’s size, battery life is great (20+ days), the functions work as designed. Its a simple watch don’t get me wrong, it isn’t what I’d consider a smartwatch but after owning a few of them this one gets the job done for what I actually use.My only complaint is how complicated it is to get new watch faces. They could work out some of the clunkieness of that process.

  16. Caio Santiago

    Antes de falar do produto, preciso começar agradecendo a Amazon e o vendedor. Recebi em menos de 24 horas, não deu nem tempo de ficar ansioso hahah.O relógio é maravilhoso, É um pouquinho grande, e pode desagradar algumas pessoas, mas achei bem bacana! Os sensores são bem precisos, comparei os batimentos dele com um oximetro e tive pouquíssimas variações. O gps sincroniza bem rápido (porém o do celular ainda é mais rápido nesse quesito) e os dados dele são bem próximos aos do Strava, sendo ainda mais fiel em algums momentos, pois quem usa o Strava, sabe que ele dá umas velocidades máximas absurdas haha. Existe uma boa gama de exercícios monitorados, inclusive uma para os treinos ‘funcionais’ na sacada durante a pandemia. A bateria é bem satisfatória, mas isso é relativo ao uso. Deixo a tela desligada, e não tenho muitas notificações ativas. A durabilidade e resistência são o ‘fator principal’ nesse relógio, uma vez que em termos de software é basicamente a mesma coisa que o GTS/GTR, porém isso só posso avaliar com o tempo. Estou extremamente satisfeito com essa compra. Só não gostei muito das watchfaces disponíveis, mas é só fuçar um pouco que vc acha algo do seu agrado na internet.

  17. Robert Alexander

    Great watch, lots of widgets , easy to read what is on the screen.

  18. Daniel R.

    Muy feliz con el producto, Tiene muy buena duración de batería, cuando obtuve el reloj tenía 52 % de batería y me duró dos semanas usándolo de vez en cuando para entrenar entre semana.

  19. greg lamay

    Very nice watch for the price. Battery lasts me about 8 days. I use it on max brightness. Needed a watch to track my sleep since I was not recovering from my rides and found out I needed 8 hours of sleep a night. Was only getting about 6 hours till I bought this watch. The app is great but the additional apps for watch faces have proven impossible for me to load with an iPhone. The gps with cycling tracking I would say is 90% accurate against my Wahoo Bolt computer. Would recommend to a friend for sure. My girlfriend thinks is very sharp

  20. Joshua

    the 1st one kept stopping during my exercises. I sent it back for replacement and this one is great. Battery with continuous heart rate monitoring is around 10 days, exercises every day for and hour cuts that in half. I really like it

  21. ROB

    I’ve always loved G-shock watches – had several over the years. After G-shock I moved to Fitbit. Loved my fitbit for the first few years… With that said, going from fitbit to T-Rex is like going from DOS to Windows, atari to Xbox, flip phone to iphone. I have no idea how a company like fitbit went from the industry leader to so far behind the other tech watch companies. Long story short, love the new watch! I don’t have time to discuss all the features – all features work great. One thing I don’t recall from the other reviews is how light weight it is – it’s kind of bulky but ultra light.

  22. Gregory Betlach

    Amazing battery life. It seems to run forever without needing a recharge. Only negative that I’ve found is the display only activates when you push a button, not when you raise your arm to look at the watch. Appears to be accurate in counting steps, too.

  23. Tim King

    I love the T-Rex. The battery life is extraordinary, heart rate tracking is on point with my Fitbit Versa, and sleep tracking seems to be accurate as well. The step counter is really close, within 20 steps over a measured mile. (Whether or not my Fitbit is dead on, I’m not sure..and I sure am not gonna mentally count steps over a mile to find out, LOL)The watch is easy to use, but the app leaves a bit to be desired..its busy, and the menus are layers deep, which can be frustrating. Luckily there are alternatives out there that interface wonderfully and are better executed. Still, for the price, its a great package, and I much prefer the look of the T-Rex to other devices.There are tons of 3rd party watch faces available, and I was able to quickly find 3 that I prefer. You can choose faces that display as much or as little information as you want, depending on what your preferences are.I also like the ability to custom the in-watch app list to display the items you actually want to use, so you don’t have to scroll through everything available.All in all, I think the T-Rex is a great purchase


    Pros: The product shipped quick and came inside a nice box. I must admit that I’m a late bloomer and was reluctant to give in to the “darkside” in regards to going completely digital. This is my first time purchasing a smart watch and I think that it is a great timepiece for those that are considering a smart watch and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I actually purchased mine (khaki version) when it was on sale when they first started selling them here on Newegg, so it was about 20% cheaper. The little booklet that came with the watch didn’t really contain instructions or explain how to use it, but it was fairly easy to figure out on my own. I’ve used it several times now for workouts such as running and rucking. The battery life is exceptional. I have only owned my watch for a little over a month and I have only charged it once when I first received it. I don’t wear it everyday though, so that might be a reason that it’s still got a battery life. Cons: I honestly don’t have any cons for this smart watch. Overall Review: Overall this smart watch was a great purchase and I am very pleased with it. I would highly recommend getting one. I am probably going to get myself another one soon!

  25. Sandra Fouch

    Use as a fitness tracker and Android phone notifications

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