Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses

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Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses
Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses
Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses
Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses


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  • At you can purchase Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses Cosplay Festivals Cybergoth for only £16.99
  • The lowest price of Fursuit Furry Costume LED Visor Glasses Cyberpunk Tron CyberGoth Goggles Cosplay was obtained on May 20, 2020 2:38 pm.

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6 reviews for Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses

  1. Amazon Customer

    I first found this product on Etsy while searching for cool accessories to make a cyberpunk outfit for a convention. I didn’t know what quality these would be, and I ended up making the last-second decision to purchase them.When I saw the order was due to arrive after the dates of my con, I was disappointed and contacted the seller to refund it. They told me I could make the purchase on Amazon if I wanted to, and promptly refunded my order. I changed to Amazon, and I am SO thrilled that I decided to get these.These are phenomenal quality. I was expecting something made of thin plastic, and even bought back-up goggles in case these visors didn’t work. Straight out of the package you can tell they are well-crafted and sturdy: the material is much thicker than I expected, not flimsy whatsoever, and they rest on my face securely and comfortably.The LED battery slots are easy to access on the sides, while also being fairly discreet. I popped in Panasonic CR2016 3V batteries and they were ready to go. The LEDs are bright and light up the clear part of the glasses, bringing out the fine details of the designs.I was seriously not expecting anything near as well-made as these; I would call it true craftsmanship, and I’m pleased to support a small family-operated business that makes products of such fine quality.Plus, they are SO SUPER COOL. I’m so excited to wear them to the con this weekend!

  2. Stevan

    Ok so it looks great. No doubt about it. Especially for being so simple a design it produces more than it should. Problem is the design is SO simple that the battery ports are just open holes. No cover or anything and once they go in, they are difficult to get out. So difficult I had to borrow neighbors players just to get them out. You wouldn’t think is so much of a problem because you only need to take the batteries out when they die right? Wrong. They don’t even have an on/off button. It just stays on until they batteries die or are removed (with said plyers). Only reason it still gets 3 stars is because in the dark they really look good. (Although it does also make it significantly harder to see at night)

  3. A.L.F.

    Pretty awesome for costume parties. Fit is universal, not the most comfortable but who cares when you’re going for style points! Right?Sometimes you just have to give into a few hours of pain if you want to hook up with that nerdy chick in the corner that looks like Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Loves these glasses they look great at nightand goes well with my costume the on and off switch really makes a difference

  5. customer

    Just opened this box and returning immediately. No instructions on how to place batteries inside it. The battery containers have cracks all over them. They also look like they were glued on by a child. If the batteries were included I still would have returned it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as described, I ordered these for my teenager and she loves them, I even want a pair. They look even better in person, will definitely be ordering the other colors. The batteries (sold separately but not expensive) were easy to get in, and I like they have a switch to turn the glasses on and off.

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Cyberpunk LED Tron Visor Glasses