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Spectacles 3 – Snapchat 3D Camera Glasses

The Spectacles 3 are 3D 60fps HD Action Camera Sunglasses made by Snapchat. Press a button to start recording a 10-second 3D video. Press it again to keep recording for 10 more seconds, up to 60 seconds total. Hold to take a 3D photo.

  • 3D VIDEO & PHOTO: Meet Spectacles 3 – camera glasses that capture your world in 3D. Two HD cameras record 3D videos and photos at 60 fps, and four built-in microphones capture immersive, high-fidelity audio.
  • CHARGING CASE: Recharge Spectacles 3 on the go in their included leather Charging Case, which can store up to four charges at a time — featuring a collapsible design that can fold flat when not in use.
  • 3D EFFECTS & 3D VIEWING: Re-imagine the moment with a suite of 3D Effects on Snapchat, or relive it using the included 3D Viewer. You can even invite a friend to experience it on YouTube VR.
  • SHARE ANYWHERE: Send your favorite moments on Snapchat, or export and share them anywhere you’d like. You can even create 3D Prints with Pops to have a memory you can hold onto.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Spectacles 3, Charging Case, Charging Cable, 3D Viewer, Cleaning Cloth.




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Spectacles 3 – Snapchat Sunglasses
released on October 23, 2019

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4 Reviews for Spectacles 3 – Snapchat Sunglasses

  1. Sheldine Jeanbaptiste

    it was too small for my face had to return it

  2. Jake

    I’ve had them almost a month now and am used to the way they work. Tricky but the outcome is worth the learning curve. My snaps look and sound AMAZING! I’ve had both the Spectacles and Spectacles 2 and these are by far more reliable and again, I can’t stress the great quality of the video and audio. Thanks Snapchat! Great job this time!!!

  3. funbear

    you will prob. like this… whether you love it or not… depends on how creative you are and how much you love the depth sensation component.First, this is nothing more than a dual lens camera, mounted on sunglasses. Its uniqueness is the ability to shoot with two cameras and sync the two images to create a 2d and or a 3d video. For 3d, you need a left and right capture, just like our natural vision. Here, the two cameras are on the sides of your two eyes…its not obvious u are wearing a camera…U would think there is some unique reason why the cameras are mounted on glasses, vs. handheld camera…. but I cant think of any, other than cool factor, I guess. AT first, I thought, it was to be deceptive, i.e. to record someone, whereas they are not aware they are being recorded… but that is not the case, as there is circular LEDs that spin around during record period, tipping off their is camera recording, similar to a red LED when recording. I guess one benefit is, u dont have to carry a camera, which is kinda cool, assuming you like the shades. Of course at night, the sunglasses become a burden, but this camera prefers daylight anyways, as do most tiny cameras, this is due to the laws of optics.Also, this will only record 10 seconds videos, obviously, its a snap camera, so that makes sense, as its made for snapchat, vs. a stand alone camera. However, the images and videos can be emailed via the snap app.What is unique?the carry case is the charging pack…you charge the case, and then bring it along, then place glasses in the pack for recharge and to keep them from damage…. VERY clever!! Kudos to the design team on this one!The 3d aspect is very unique, unfortunately, viewing 3 images is not universal as of yet… so unless someone has a 3d viewer or VR, its hard for just anyone, such as Grandma to view in 3d. Fortunately, snap has a novel solution for this…. while shooting a 10 second 3d video, you can work with the video in snap… view the 10 seconds, find your perfect “moment” of the 3d scene and it will create a endless loop movie of the still image shifting between the left and right camera view… giving the brain all the clues it needs to sense depth in the image. the software does a very good job at this, filling in the voids created between the left and right view. I was very surprised how well it did this…This concept has been around for a long time, but Snap has made it simple, by allowing you too shoot a video and finding that perfect moment to create the still 3d image. How good is the depth? It depends… the more subjects you have from near to far, the better the depth sensation. It is this feature IMO that makes the product worth its price point, as there is no simple way to accomplish this task. As of today, there is NO other way to share 3d images to anyone and everyone with a digital screen of any kind.The resolution is very good for its intended use, but not great, which is to be expected, as these images are made to be uploaded to snapchat or emailed, and there is significant file size limitations to both. Snap maximized this to the fullest, a job well done by the designers. Considering nearly all images are viewed on the phone, resolution is just fine…if you want to blow up the image on a 4k display, of course, it will fall short, but that was not the design intent of the product. Remember, these are sunglasses with tiny cameras!The captured video can be enhanced in the snap app, adding all types of cute words, or other creative inserts, all in 3d! If you have a good imagination, u will love to express yourself with some super cool personalized 3d videos to share. This once again is a feature I have never seen in any similar 3d products to date… Kudos to the design team on these features.So who would buy this? If you love the feeling of depth in your images, VR or even enjoy using a Cardbaord viewer, which is included, this is for you. 3d capture / viewing has not become mainstream yet, and I am really excited snapchat is bring the technology forward with a very unique products that are user friendly, backed by a company that stands behind the product. I had a few questions, and Snap Chat “tech chat” help was very responsive in helping me. Nice to see a company actually support the products they make. Documentation is OK, could be better, but there is web support as well as some support on the app.So overall, for the price point at launch, just under $400, I would say its a VERY GOOD value considering the amount of technology they packed into such a small package. Specially considering the clever recharging case making the product very practical to bring along with you. I cant speak for the longevity of the product as its to new, but I can see using this for a long time, as now I finally have a way to create 3d still images which I can share not just on Snapchat, but also via email to anyone in the world, via the snap app. Prior to this, there was no simple way to create still 3d images and share them with anyone (2d and 3d users) with the simplicity offered in these spectacles / snap app. Also the ability to shoot the video, and then selectively capture the still 3d moment within the 3d video is very clever, as u dont have to rely on capturing that perfect split second of a moving subject (not easy). Instead, just capture it within the 10 second video recording window, and clip out the ideal still section within the video. Simple and very effective! I think snap could have given better examples of this to show how good these images can be.I have seen a lot of poorly designed 3d products through the years whereas the designers simply do not understand the premise of the end use well enough, or possibly the 3d technical execution. That is NOT the case here, the design team really optimized this product for its intended user. Its irrelevant if you are a big SnapChat user, as the app is nothing more than the gateway from the camera to the rest of the world. So while it is a SnapChat product, primarily intended for sharing within the snapchat community, it can just as easily be used to create your own unique 3d imagery.Considering how complex it is to design a unique product like this, and being in front of the technology curve for easy to use 3d consumer products, I have to give these spectacles 5 stars. Sure there is a few things I would like to see different for future versions, but the product performs flawlessly as advertised and delivers very cool 3d videos, 3d still images (continuous loop movie) as well as 2d videos.

  4. Smurphette

    I wish these fit better. With all the electronics inside, I’m not sure how much I can bend the arms without breaking something. They’re TIGHT. In the box; they come with a fancy charging/storage case. a charging cable, a cleaning cloth and directions. And of course, the glasses. They look really steampunk on. Very cool.The app interface isn’t great. It’s kind of laggy. If you are having trouble pairing, try charging them for a couple hours first. It only took about 15 minutes to get it to pair after they were charged. Not that 15 minutes is great, but it worked. While it was trying to pair, it kept showing up over and over again in the device list. At one point, I had 17 copies of it.I wish I could use these with other programs, or as a stand alone. It’s tedious to have to let your photo download to it’s program, then export it to somewhere else. But the convenience of having a decent quality camera right there all the time is pretty nice.It’s slower than I expected to be able to see a photo I took show up in the mobile app. Once there, it’s really different to see a ‘phone sized’ photo that has more to it when you move the phone to the side instead of showing the entire photo at once. The quality of the photos is a lot better than I expected, and while I can’t control the focus, it seems pretty intuitive so far. I took a distance photo of the sun behind a tree, and the focus and white balance is really good. I took a photo of a toy against a leopard print blanket in a dark room and the lighting was still good. I took a photo of a toy car at about a foot away, and it was still in focus. I cropped the photos a little and it didn’t seem to lose any quality – at least not that’s going to be noticeable on a monitor.The button placement is less than ideal. Taking them off, I constantly find that I’ve got upside down photos or videos of wherever I set them. Audio quality is nice for conversations, voices were clear and sounded normal. Don’t think that you’ll be taking sneaky pictures of people with these. A white circle light (like a spinning loading circle) shows in the front of the camera when you use it.The 3D viewer is typical for the type (kind of meh). It adds a lot of grainy texture to a photo; like looking through mesh. As to being actually 3D, it gives everything a look sort of like those toys you put the disc of slides into. But that’s every viewer of that type.I can’t wait to take these on a day trip and see what sort of photos I can get. Who says toys are for kids?

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