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PEGASI 2 – Smart Light Therapy Glasses

Improve Your Sleep in 7 Days, Feather-Light, Research-Backed Blue-Green Light, Boost Energy, Beat Jet Lag.  PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II can help your body manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality and enhance your mood in less than 7 days.

  • SPECIAL BLUE-GREEN LIGHT – PEGASI II features the wavelengths of light between green and blue proven by NASA as effective as blue light or 10,000 lux white light in solving sleep problems, while ensuring greater comfort going through changes in energy levels and sleep cycle.
  • SOLVE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS – Help your body manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality and enhance your mood in less than 7 days. PEGASI is also suitable for those who are suffering from insomnia,low enery level during the day, or other sleep issues.
  • EASY TO USE – Drug-free. You only need to wear PEGASI glasses II 30 min/day between 7am-9am. It will take 7 days to show the differences. The brand-new collapsible frame makes it easier to enjoy PEGASI treatment anywhere. PEGASI glasses are portable and lightweight (just 1.7 oz.), you can use them while running, exercising, brushing teeth, eating, even when you wear prescription glasses. Also, you can switch different modes on PEGASI Sleep App via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR EYES – PEGASI is a member of the US National Sleep Foundation and obtaining 10 patents. The glasses have been certified by FCC, RoHS & CE. PEGASI Glasses emit a specific wavelength which is 100% UV-free, safe for your eyes.
  • Traveling Case Included – Upgraded 2.0 Version with new Carrying Case In The Box. Plus, PEGASI products come with 1-Year hassle-free service, If you have any dissatisfaction, please send message to us, we will support our customers in any way we can. Just purchase it NOW and improve your sleep quality.


Pegasi 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses-White
Pegasi 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses. Condition is Used. *Bought it at Amazon a few months ago *Only used one time*99% new and it works well. *Everything is included except the "Using Steps" paper and some cardboard*Original price: 200 dollars. No return/exchange/refund unless the item itself has...
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses - White - New/Open Box
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses - New/Open Box. Condition is "New/Open Box". Item was never used. Only taken out of box to accurately show product and included accessories. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Manufacturer Description:【SPECIAL BLUE-GREEN LIGHT】PEGASI II features the...
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Sleep, Boost Energy OPEN BOX
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Sleep, Boost Energy Color: Black Condition: New - Open Box (for photos) Includes Case & USB Charging Cable Note: Does Not Include Instruction Manual The technology behind PEGASI Light Therapy System is based upon research conducted with Johns...
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Sleep, Boost Energy
Brand new sealed in retail box black color only,thank you.
PEGASI 2 - Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Sleep, Boost Energy
brand new, sealed in original retailed box. PEGASI Smart Light Therapy Glasses 2: Sleep Better, Beat Jet Lag, Get More Energy!As Effective as 10,000 lux White Light, Wearing the portable and lightweight PEGASI Glasses (just 1.7 oz.) 25 mins/day at 7-9 am helps you regulate and improve sleep...


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Product Dimensions 7 x 6 x 1 inches ; 1.76 ounces
Shipping Weight 11.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
UPC 609301732070
Item model number PG18K02
PEGASI 2 Light Glasses
released on July 27, 2018

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6 Reviews for PEGASI 2 Light Glasses

  1. James Muncy

    I have periodic insomnia. Tried several light therapy devices (including white light glasses, blue light box and now the Pegasi). None of these is perfect, but Pegasi comes very close.Effectiveness – I have noticed steady improvements in my sleep quality and mood after 8-9 days of using the Pegasi. The idea of adjusting circadian rhythm and sleep cycle through light therapy is valid so I believe these three all work.Comfort – The Pegasi glasses with their gentle blue-green light are way more comfortable than the other pair’s dazzling white light that I had to adjust their nose bridge to keep a distance to the eyes.Portability – Pegasi is the lightest of them all, I wear them when I go about my activities and morning routines. They don’t fall off or slip down my nose easily as the other light glasses did. The stationary light box has zero portability, sitting in front of it for 30 mins every morning is time consuming.Final verdictThe blue Light box: broke after 11-12 months. Satisfied with the results but not being able to use it on the go is its biggest downside.White light glasses (or other products that simulate the sun): the light is too dazzling to bear. I stopped using them after just a couple of days.Pegasi: works like a charm and prevails in terms of comfort and portability (also cost-competitive compared to other light therapy glasses at amazon). Totally happy with the purchase.

  2. JT

    I was using the Pegasi glasses consistently for less than a week when I noticed that I was getting tired around the same time each night, which rarely happens. I am terribly inconsistent when it comes to my sleep routine. I stopped using these for a few days and had reverted back to my old pattern and poor sleep. It’s been a little over a week and we’ll see how it goes from here. I’ll update this review in the future once I test these out more.

  3. Po-Ju Ke

    I have owned Pegasi 2 for a month now, and I think it works great. I have an irregular sleeping schedule: going to bed around 2 am and waking up, depending on my work schedule, between 8-10 am. What troubled me the most in the past is that I always wake up 2-3 times in the middle of my sleep.Although I was a bit skeptical of Pegasi’s effectiveness at the beginning, it indeed improved my sleeping quality a lot after using it for two weeks. Probably due to my weird sleeping schedule (and I accidentally forgot to use it for maybe 1 or 2 days), I didn’t feel significant improvement within the first week. However, after continually using it for two weeks, now I rarely wake up in the middle of the night and feel fully rested the next day.The product is easily portable as you can fold the glasses and slide it in your pocket or backpack. It’s not clumsy and very light, so I can wear them and do other activities without being interfered. The blue-green light is fairly comfortable and only took me around two days to get used to it. Given these features and its effectiveness, I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend others to give it a try.

  4. Sil

    …for me. Unbelievable but, yeah, definitive. It took almost two weeks of wearing the glasses for 30 min every morning shortly after waking up. Then I noticed an irresistible urge to go to bed at night around 10:30. I fell onto my pillow and slept like a baby. Charging every other week is easy. The thing looks a little weird, I have to say. I try not to be seen when I use it. Also, it’s quite expensive for a little green light. Other than that: worked great for me. Awesome.

  5. Sandy Duong

    I bought this to try but totally skeptical that it would work. Who would have thought light technology would improve my ability to sleep earlier and wake up earlier? After two weeks with the glasses, I am now a believer. These glasses have worked for me by putting me on a normal sleep routine, something I was never able to do for the past 25 years.

  6. Little Hail Storm

    I’ve waited several weeks to get a good feel about these glasses, and write a full review. I have had insomnia for about 40 years continuously. I control it, but not perfectly, through sleep hygiene. My insomnia is characterized by being unable to stay asleep; I fall asleep (usually) easily, but will awaken anywhere from 2-4 hours later, and then remain awake until dawn. I get up, read, etc., but I still don’t get good sleep. I took a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course on line called Shuti a few years ago that I found gave me some excellent tools to help with my problem, but it was still not 100%. I averaged taking sleeping meds once/week, even if I’m doing everything right. So I am always on the lookout for some new technology, suggestion, program, etc. I saw these on line, and waited until the folding ones were available – I thought I’d definitely break them if I got something I couldn’t put away easily. So I have been using these for about six weeks now, and I literally don’t leave home without them. Although I still need to take an occasional sleeping pill, the sleep I do enjoy now is deeper, more restful, and more consistent than I have had in many years. When I don’t get a full night’s sleep, I have usually screwed up my hygiene, been on the computer too late at night, or something is worrying me. So, it is more than just helping to fall asleep – because that’s not my issue. It is obtaining deep and restful sleep 9 nights out of 10.I bought a little glasses holder for them on my night stand so I always put them away. They charge quickly and easily, and hold the charge for more than on week. Two Cons: I wish there were some sort of a headband so I could move around, make the bed, ect. while I wear them in the morning. They don’t fall off, but you really can’t be moving around much, especially you can’t be looking down, or they’ll slide off your face. Secondly, I wish there were a travel case for them. I travel some, and I pack them in the box they came in to guard against breakage, but it is fairly bulky; a hard shell case would be easier to use.P.S. (added 8/3/19) Still really happy with this. Last night the party across the street got pretty noisy an woke me up. I went back to sleep! Amazing!!! I wanted to say that until more functionality is added, the App is nearly useless. I could use it to see if the unit needs charging, but I find it easier to just plug it in on Sunday night.PPS added 12/14/2019. Experience just gets better and better!Addition 1/11/2020 – LISTEN UP! After 40 years of insomnia, I have begun to sleep through the night. Not every night, but regularly. If I wake up, I fall back asleep 95% of the time. This is an amazing product! The next time I see my doctor, insomnia won’t be on the problem list. My advice: adhere rigorously to a schedule of use, and clean up your sleep hygiene habits. Kicking insomnia makes every morning fantastic!

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PEGASI 2 Light Glasses