Limina Mind Machine Meditation System

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limina mind machine
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Mindplace Limina Light & Sound Meditation System for your Mind

The Mindplace Limina Mind Machine is a Light & Sound Meditation System that leads your mind from normal waking consciousness to a variety of desirable states of consciousness. You simply select a session, put on headphones and light stimulation glasses, then sit back and allow your mind to follow the frequency. Most people enjoy the resulting experience from using the Limina Meditation System, which is great for relaxation, stimulation, meditation or just plain fun depending on the session you have chosen.

  • Relax deeply. Meditation aid – learn to access tranquil mind-states. Manage stress and quiet the “Monkey Mind”!
  • Train your focus and sharpen your attention. Break undesirable states, like anger.
  • Facilitate accelerated learning. Access altered states of consciousness.
  • Light & Sound Meditation Systems lead the user’s mind from normal waking consciousness to a variety of desirable states of consciousness. Utilizing light and sound pulses at a specified frequencies: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta.
  • Take a power nap at work, school or home!
  • Over 100 Light & Sound sessions are included, with plenty of memory available for you to add more. Our free session creation software is always available should you wish to create your own sessions.


Mindplace Kasina and Limina Deepvision Ganzfeld Display
Eyes open or closed. We include a soft cloth carry case for ease of storage. Lips at top and bottom to block out ambient light These only work if you have a Kasina or Limina system. Expand your Kasina or Limina experience—and your mind--with our new DeepVision eyes-open (Ganzfeld) glasses.
Limina Light & Sound Meditation System
MindPlace Limina Light & Sound Meditation System Benefits Meditation aid – learn to access deeply tranquil mind-statesTrain your focus and sharpen your attentionBreak undesirable states, like angerFacilitate accelerated learningAccess altered states of consciousnessTake a power nap at work,...
Mindplace Limina AVS Light and Sound Meditation System - Makes Meditation Easier
The best of our systems for those on a budget, offering all of the programs from the original light and sound machines such as the sirius and the procyon, and so much more ....... MindPlace Limina AVS Light & Sound Meditation System is a complex and brilliant device used to meditate the mind....


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Limina Mind Machine Meditation System
released on November 13, 2019

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6 Reviews for Limina Mind Machine Meditation System

  1. C. Eon

    I bought the Limina as a Procyon replacement, which I’ve used to de-stress during some difficult periods in my life. I must say I love this little device already–cool design, clear LCD display (the Procyon had a retro 3 digit LED), very colorful. And it includes all of the Procyon sessions, too! The addition of a manual frequency control mode is most welcome (the Procyon didn’t have this), and I’ve just chilled with a 7.8 Hz session. Great product!

  2. JHW

    There went my day plan! Received my Limina this morning and have been exploring all afternoon. This system is light years ahead of the Proteus from years back. Very easy to use, just insert batteries and away you go with a huge variety of preprogrammed sessions. Colors and sound are brilliant (though I prefer my own headphones to the provided earbuds). Looking forward to many more hours of exploring this system.

  3. jennifer childress

    Light therapy is becoming more mainstream but slowly. I and so happy that I was able to find Mindplace. Was going to purchase the Kasina but the new Limina was better for my budget with most all of the benifits of the Kasina. Kasina has more internal memory but the Limina can be connected to your computer to do what you need. I purchased the deep vision googles and they work with the Limina as well. Great color spectrum with six lights per lense I do believe. Light therapy is amazing!

  4. msjackie1

    will order again thank you

  5. Éric Duval

    Product arrived on time, even 2 days ahead. Packaging intact. Used it a few times so far and it’s easy to operate. Manuals are simple and can be understood at the first time reading. So far, I’m pleased and amazed by the quality of the product. I look forward to train my brain so the Limina can be utilized everyday!

  6. Miles F.

    Just as described, would buy again!

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Limina Light & Sound Meditation device by Mindplace ...

NEW From MindPlace! The Limina Light and Sound Meditation Device. Similar to Mindplace’s popular Procyon and Kasina Systems, The Limina offers a full- breadth of sessions to help target your specific needs. Whether you are looking for sessions focused on Meditation, Attention/Focus, or Relaxation the Limina has over 100 customized sessions ...

MindPlace - Light & Sound Meditation Systems

Finally! Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Kasina DeepVision Bundle comes the incredible MindPlace Limina now too bundled with the DeepVision Ganzframes! Save money by getting both together! The Kasina DeepVision Bundle is our best-seller, and the Limina DV Bundle is well on it's way to becoming runner-up!

Limina Ganzframes – MindPlace

These 12 LED Limina GanzFrames™ are identical to the ones included with our Kasina Mind Media System. They can be used to either replace them or use them s part of a ‘two user’ system (you’ll also need a 4 conductor ‘Y’ splitter to use them in this manner).

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Limina Mind Machine Meditation System