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Reading Light Glasses

The SKYWAY Reading Glasses has a built-in bright led reading light, which act as mini torch to improve nightime reading in the dark, and allows you to work in bed without disturbing your sleeping partner.

  • Easy access, concealed switch.
  • Great gifts for parents, friends, relatives, they don’t have to worry about not seeing clearly, and let your love be with them.
  • Made of high quality material, easy to carry or store.
  • In case of any broken issues, please contact us without hesitation. We will provide the best service until our customers are satisfied. You have no risk to try!


reading glasses With LED Light 1.00-4.00

Reading Glasses With LED Light neck hanging adjustable

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// Specifications

  • Lens Height:41mm/ 1.61" (approx.)
  • Lens Width :50mm/1.96" (approx.)
  • Leg Length :145mm/ 5.70" (approx.)
  • Bridge :17mm/ 0.55" (approx.)
  • Weight:39g
Instruction Table - The following table shows how the power of lens changes with age, and it's for reference only:
  • 45 - 49 years old: +1.00
  • 50 - 54 years old: +1.50
  • 55 - 59 years old: +2.00
  • 60 - 64 years old: +2.50
  • 65 - 69 years old: +3.00
  • 70 - 74 years old: +3.50
  • 75+ years old: +4.00

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7 Reviews for Skyway Bright LED Readers

  1. Virginia Allain

    I’ve tried several reading lights that clip onto your book or hang around your neck. None really suited me. Then I found these lighted glasses. The light shines out from each side of the glasses and there’s a small plastic lever to turn them on and off.To charge these up, you use the USB cord provided.I’ve posted 6 photos with this review. The 3rd photo shows overhead light on a page I was reading and the 4th photo shows the brighter light from the reading glasses. In addition to seeing better with the light directed onto the page, the glasses are 1.50 power so you get some magnification too. The 5th photo is a selfie with the lighted glasses on. The final photo shows the glasses plugged in for recharging.I used these while writing my Christmas cards and found the glasses’ light and the magnification were indeed helpful and an improvement over just using overhead lighting. You do have to tilt your head down a bit more than normal towards the page to get the best benefit.I plan to use these for craft work and also for filing bills since the file cabinet is in a dim area.I’ve deducted one star from the rating because one of the on/off switches is a bit wishy-washy so I have to wiggle it to get it turned on and to stay on.

  2. Tom Steele

    The SKYWAY Bright LED Readers with Lights 1.5X do exactly what they are supposed to do – magnify your subject matter and light it up. They do NOT make you more attractive or stylish! LOL.So I got LASIK eye surgery a little over a year ago and one of the compromises is that now, although I have 20/15 vision for things like driving a car or playing sports – I traded some of my CLOSE VISION so that I now need READERS for up-close vision. A fair trade-off in my opinion. I no longer NEED glasses, but I do benefit from them when reading.And the less light there is, the more help I can use. That’s where the SKYWAY Bright LED Readers come into play. They magnify the object by 1.5 AND they light the object up with bright dual LED lights.The LED lights are rechargeable and the glasses come with a dual USB charger that works exceptionally well. It’s very easy to recharge the batteries. I didn’t time out how long the batteries lasted before needing recharging, but I never felt like it was too short or that I needed more time. The lights are absurdly bright, and annoy the heck out of anyone near you – but they aren’t annoying to YOU when you are using them – which is both funny and also useful.Ultimately, these are not super high quality glasses. The lenses are plastic. The lights are simple bright LED’s powered by small Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries located right next to your eyeballs, which begs the question of whether this is a great idea or not – given the Li-Ion battery’s reputation for, well – you know, blowing up and stuff.Realistically, I wasn’t worried while I wore them and we saw no evidence that there was a problem. I would wear them without concern.These aren’t the glasses you are going to reach for when you need readers. But there are many times when it would be useful to have the extra light and they do work well. They are also comfortable, although my wife did not find them attractive on me. We decided that I looked like Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls when I was wearing them, so you could also use them if you wanted to dress as Grunkle Stan for Halloween.In closing, and in all seriousness – these are decent readers that do a fairly good job of lighting up what you want to see. There are many instance where they could be useful and I would have no trouble recommending them. They are not glass lenses or super high quality, but the pricing reflects that. They aren’t overly expensive.The biggest problem would be making sure you keep up with the charger. If you lose it, you can easily use ANY micro USB cable, although you would have to use TWO of them, whereas the glasses come with a dual charger that is handy.As long as your expectations are realistic, you will find these to be useful glasses for up close magnification and illumination.

  3. Bob Dean

    I have had these for just a few weeks, and like them very much. I would buy them again.

  4. Jeanette Kelley

    My dad loves them and said they are real stylish.

  5. Alan Gurley

    Good product. I am always in dim light trying to read things.

  6. erin shantal

    They are comfortable, clear and very useful for close up work.These are good quality glasses and are the best magnifying glasses I’ve found.enjoying reading much more.

  7. Dilan

    Excellent product. Finally, I can see properly when working on things that need magnified, illuminated, hands free viewing. Four lens pairs are stored in a plastic box with appropriate support and separation to avoid damage. Lenses are easily interchanged. LEDs give illumination at two levels. Assembly is lightweight and fits well. With proper care I expect long life from this item.

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