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Solos Smart Cycling Glasses

These award-winning smart sunglasses from Solos have a heads up micro-display and connect to your sensors and access your performance data in real-time, with a combination of visual and audio prompts combined with smart communication tools to help you progress every time you put them on. Voice-controlled data access, audible coaching prompts, and two-way group communication come to you in the built-in microphone and microspeakers to help you train smart and safely, whether you’re riding with the team or on a solo mission. Solos also made sure safety wouldn’t be compromised by making the headphone a near-ear design for ambient awareness, allowing you to hear approaching cars, riders, or weather.

  • Technical Features: Vista Pupil display (widescreen WQVGA 16:9 microdisplay), microphone and microspeakers with 2-way communication
  • Wireless: Bluetooth Classic, Smart 2.4GHz, ANT+ sensors
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Life: 5+ hours
  • Mount Type: sunglasses


Solo Smart Glasses for Cycling and Running

Bluetooth Connection for Music, phone calls and metrics. Use for cycling and run (road, trail)Can see cadence, speed, pace, heart rate, power, etcSolos merges your preferred performance data and puts them all right in front of you. Keeping your eyes on the road and...

Solos smart glasses

No, your eyes do not deceive you. And no, you aren't trapped in an 80's sci-fi movie. The Solos Smart Glasses are very real, and they are here to help you train smarter and reach your full potential as an athlete. These award-winning smart sunglasses connect to your...


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4 Reviews for Solos Smart Glasses

  1. R. W.

    I Purchased this for my wife who is an avid runner. Delivered on time. Also purchased a Wahoo Ticker X for HR Monitor. Everything works like it says. She’s even used the yellow lens when it was early and overcast. The only reason I can’t give 5 Stars is the user friendly -less app. When you start your activity, you can’t change any settings or reconnect your devices to the app. Wish it would. Then it would truly deserve 5 Starts.

  2. D.L.Cross

    Pros: Clear “Heads Up Display”, customizable displaysCons: Turn-by-turn basically useless, some stats questionable.I’ve been using these for a couple weeks for cycling and I’ve really been enjoying them. Combined with my new power meter, they’ve added a new dimension to my rides. I recently took them on a century ride and it was good to be able to have my stats right there as I was riding to keep me from getting too carried away at the beginning. For the last 30 miles we had a nasty headwind and being able to monitor cadence and power helped keep me where I needed to be to finish.The problem with the turn-by-turn is that it only works for routes you’ve already ridden. There’s no way to load a route into the app or from Strava so that’s useless. I don’t need directions for routes I already know. I need them when I’m on a new ride or on a tour where they’ve published the routes.The other issue is that some of the stats are off or get bad data. It seems no one can agree on elevation gain, but the Solos app showed thousands more feet of climbing than Strava, RideWithGPS, and MapMyRide. It also sometimes gets bad readings from sensors. I’d like to think I can crank 2,300 watts, but I can’t and it would be nice to remove bad readings from my data.ReEdit – I had left a negative comment on the headphones that I’m changing. Apparently I didn’t have them plugged in all the way so what I was hearing was the speakers that are embedded in the glasses themselves. I tried them again and they’re fine. So for audio, there are two options: open ear with music playing from the speakers or the ear buds for higher quality but the downside of riding with earbuds.One of the nice discoveries was that you can charge them while in use. When I started getting battery warnings, I plugged them into a backup batery, ran the cord through my helmet, and down into a pocket and kept right on going. Soon it was back to 100% and I returned the battery to my saddle bag. A pleasant surprise.All and all I’ve very happy with them. Bear in mind that I’m a “numbers guy” and like to see stats and scores while I’m riding, whether I’m doing interval training or making sure I’m really recovering on my recovery rides. If you’re not someone who likes or uses the constant input, then these may not be for you. On the other hand, if you work well with constant feedback, these will change your ride.

  3. dr.xavier.reyes

    Excellent thanks

  4. Linn


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