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Vuzix Blade Upgraded Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix’ proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine – The field of view (FOV) on the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is equivalent to a 32” TV at 8 feet away! It’s like having your smartphone screen information with you wherever you go. The Vuzix Blade is a stand-alone Android device that doubles as the ultimate smartphone accessory with the ability to overlay information onto the real world including mapping directions, restaurant menus, alerts and more all while your phone stays in your pocket.

  • Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 3.36 ounces / Feature a built in HD Camera w/ voice controls
  • With the Vuzix Blade you can enjoy popular streaming video platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or make a video phone call through Facebook Lite Messenger.
  • Vuzix Blade runs BladeOS, an Android based operating system (OS). The Blade will automatically update its OS over-the-air when the device is connected to WiFi. Compatible Vuzix Blade applications can be downloaded directly on the Blade from the Vuzix App Store (Google Play Store apps are not supported on this device).
  • With Alexa Built-in, Vuzix Blade users can request an Uber, set timers, create lists, hear and display the news or weather, control smart home devices, and more.
  • The DJI Drone app on Vuzix Blade enables the communication between the glasses and any DJI remote controller through a USB cable or via WIFI, enabling the drone pilot to not only keep their eyes on the drone but simultaneously receive navigational feedback and a live video feed directly through the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.
  • Battery Life can range from 2 hours when watching a movie on Netflix or using applications and approximately 35 minutes when using the camera continuously to record video. Using an external battery is recommended for long-term usage.
  • Recommended: A compatible iOS or Android device with the Vuzix Blade Companion app for configuration and management of the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Includes 1 BT headphone, 1 pair of analog earbuds, 1 analog Micro USB converter and 1 Micro USB to USB power cord.

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Vuzix Blade 2 Smart Glasses BRAND NEW FREE SHIPPING
Vuzix Blade 2 Smart Glasses BRAND NEW FREE SHIPPING
Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Upgraded Version Model 494 In Box (D12)
Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Upgraded Version Model 494 In Box (D12)


With Vuzix Blade AR Glasses, you can experience augmented reality like never before. These glasses offer a sleek and stylish design, along with a range of benefits that will transform the way you view the world around you. First and foremost, the glasses offer hands-free access to information, allowing you to stay connected without ever having to pull out your phone. With the built-in voice control, you can make calls, access apps, and search the web, all without ever lifting a finger. But the benefits don't stop there. These glasses also offer a range of safety features, including real-time GPS navigation and road hazard alerts, ensuring that you stay safe and informed no matter where you go. Whether you're an avid traveler, a busy professional, or simply someone who loves the latest technology, Vuzix Blade AR Glasses are the perfect tool for enhancing your life in countless ways.



Vuzix Blade AR Glasses are a cutting-edge piece of wearable technology that allow users to experience augmented reality (AR) in a convenient and intuitive manner. The glasses are equipped with a transparent display that sits seamlessly in the wearer's line of sight, providing a high-resolution viewing experience that blends the real world with digital graphics and information. With built-in voice and gesture recognition, users can interact with the glasses hands-free, accessing a wide range of features and applications without the need for a separate device. From checking emails and making phone calls to browsing the web and playing immersive AR games, the Vuzix Blade AR Glasses offer unprecedented convenience and versatility. The glasses also come with a companion app that allows users to customize their experience and access additional features, such as GPS navigation and fitness tracking. Whether for personal use or in a professional setting, the Vuzix Blade AR Glasses offer a unique and powerful way to experience the world around us.



ModelBlade AR
SizeOne Size: Regular
Size TypeRegular
Vuzix Blade Upgraded AR Glasses
released on June 26, 2019
Can you watch YouTube on these glasses. What is the battery life?

NewPipe app (from Vuzix app store) lets you watch Youtube video.

Does this mirror display? will i be able to use to tap strap 2 and work on a word or excel file?

It's android based, so there might be a way to get excel onto it, but given the size and quality of the display that sounds like a nightmare.

Is the Kindle app available?


Can you use prescription lenses?

Prescription lenses can be purchased through Vuzix only at the same time of purchase with a Vuzix Blade.

What is the resolution of the screen in these glasses?

The Vuzix Blade has an 853 x 480 display that is in portrait mode. There is a 480 x 480 active window that the user can move up and down to place the heads up information where they wish in the field of view.


Vuzix Blade® Upgraded Version

Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses are complete with personal protective eyewear support out of the box. They deliver a hands-free connection of the digital world to the real world, providing unprecedented access to location-aware information, data collection, remote support communications with both audio and video, and more.

Vuzix Blade® | Augment Reality (AR) Smart Glasses for the ...

Vuzix Blade® AR smart glasses provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing and augmented reality (AR) experience utilizing Vuzix's proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine.

Vuzix | View The Future

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses come with a removable nose bridge. Carefully remove the small Philips head screw and remove the nose bridge, for details see below. The new frame assembly with the prescription lens is installed where the nose bridge was removed. The prescription lens assembly is screwed in place.


// Vuzix Company Profile

Vuzix is an American technology firm based in Rochester, New York, and founded in 1997. Vuzix is known for a number of augmented reality devices. – View Profile

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5 Reviews for Vuzix Blade Upgraded AR Glasses

  1. Crekook

    Awesome! The controls are really intuitive and you can get used to them easily. And you can use voice control too! I used voice control to take some pictures and they sync right to my Blade app. I also love how I can see notification without taking my phone out of my pocket. Can’t wait to try out all the apps!

  2. Doug

    These were fantastic! Nice comfortable fit on face, decent battery life, booted up quickly and the image was really clear. Tons of options available in settings and several good apps and growing in their app store (I think all are free). I bought them to use with my DJI quad copter to assist while we do Search & Rescue missions for hurt, sick or lost people. The image is only in the right eye and it is a smaller screen size than the full lens. It wasn’t made to do what I was trying to do with it. However if I wore them I can fly without a 2nd person while I use the glasses. That part is great for when your flying for picture or video taking. The company was amazing when I explained my issue and they exceeded my return with full refund. The product is well made and pending what your needs are it’s a great piece of technology

  3. Chris

    While the concept was well executed, I feel this product was not ready for every day wear for the average consumer. The glasses are pretty bulky. They are heavy on the face and caused pain across the bridge of my nose while wearing them for long periods of time (+/- 30 minutes). The stems were tight on my head causing discomfort. Vuzix tried hard to make these look and feel like Oakley glasses. They were not stylish enough in my opinion to go out in public without being laughed at. They concept was great though. The picture and clarity were great, though a little distracting and hard to see while driving. Video playback from Netflix was not great even connected over WiFi. The unit I received had a hard time staying connected to my phone even if it was right next to me via bluetooth. It also lost connection with the included bluetooth earphones. Apps ran slow and some messages did not appear on the glasses until much later after receiving them on my phone or watch. I was using a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and have a Galaxy watch both newer technology and no reason why these glasses lost signal regularly. I really like the concept, would like to test their newer products for the average consumer in the near future. Ultimate I decided to return these to Amazon only after 2 days because they were not comfortable, I could not see wearing these publicly and the connection issues. They are a good product, something I could get behind once some of the aforementioned issues were addressed.

  4. Christian Angeles

    I received a used product. They didn’t even bother to do a factory reset so it had the previous owner’s WiFi access point. I tried it to see how the display would look like, but there was discoloration at the corner of the display. The touch input on the glasses were sometimes not responding, so navigating through the UI was a pain. Since I received a used product, I’m not sure if that’s how the display is suppose to look like or if the touch inputs were none responsive. Also, tried to access their online app store and was able to because it was registered to another account. I was thinking of developing on their Blade OS, but with my first impression I’m not so sure.

  5. Bubby

    This gadget is good not great. I ran a few tests within the first 24 hrs of receiving this unitHere are a few things you should know before purchasing1) I ran 3 tests of battery life for netflix. On average you will get about 90 minutes of playtime if you watch Netflix2) I ran 3 tests of battery life of the video camera. On average you will get 50 minutes of recording time3) internet is super slow when using wifi or tethering4) if you use the browsers to get into video streaming sites like cbsn or some other streaming website videos will not play. This is in part due to the slow internet connection or the processor in the unit not being able to handle this5) downloading the video that you captured from the unit to your phone is through wifi tethering it is extremely slow. Better to transfer it to the sd card and move it that way6) if you plan to use an SD card larger than 32gb you must first format the sd card to FAT327( The companion app is the only way to navigate easily on some apps on the blades8) the Vutube app doesnt allow you to sign in your account9) the GPS app took 10 minutes to finally work and when it worked it wasn’t very good response wise10) Alexa and google assistant work well not great when asking questions11) the Yelp app has issues. I turned it on several times to look at restaurants. It couldn’t find restaurants that I was standing in front of12) if you set the camera to 1080p and start to record you will feel sad because it just doesnt work well. If you set it to 720 it’s a little better but for 800$ it should be iphone 8 equivalent but it’s not. The FPS seems to be really low. If u look at the YouTube vuzix ad of the guy skiing down the slopes while using the GPS it isn’t done with the unit’ss camera. When walking there is so much shaking there obviously isn’t a stabilizer on the camera. Its 2019 right?13) you may get motion sick. I had it on for 8 hours and felt a bit nauseous14) if you connect the unit to a battery bank that will surely extend the use time. The drawback is that the area where the battery is stored gets extremely hot and is uncomfortable against the side of your headThis unit was tested with both a Samsung galaxy note 10 plus and an iphone 10I used my home wifi, public wifi, phone tethering and my super fast company wifi. It made no difference in performance.There are good things about this unit but I dont think the tech is where it should be. I will return these

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