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Bone Conduction Hat


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Bone Conduction Hat by Cynaps

Cynaps (derived from ‘synapse’) is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled, bone conduction hat, discreetly installed into an easy to wear hat. No earphones are required. Just wear your hat, and the sound from your phone or PC is conducted directly into your inner ear through vibration. Say goodbye to headphones with the Cynaps Bone Conduction Hat.

  • Ears-Free listening: sound is transmitted via vibration
  • Connect to any mobile phone or PC with Bluetooth
  • 6-10 hours battery life
  • 30 days standby time
  • Sweat absorbing material to keep you cool and dry all day

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The Cynaps Assist Bone Conduction Hat is a revolutionary device that enhances your audio experience without the need for traditional headphones. The hat uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves directly to your inner ear, leaving your outer ear free to hear ambient noise. This feature allows you to enjoy music, take phone calls, or listen to GPS directions without compromising your situational awareness. With the Cynaps Assist, you can stay connected and focus on the task at hand without the hassles and discomfort associated with traditional headphones. The hat is lightweight, comfortable, and designed to fit any head size. It is perfect for athletes, professionals, or anyone who is constantly on the move. With the Cynaps Assist Bone Conduction Hat, you can stay safe, comfortable, and connected, no matter where life takes you.



The Cynaps Assist Bone Conduction Hat is a revolutionary headwear device that allows users to listen to music or take a call without blocking out the sounds of their environment. It uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves that are then converted into vibrations, which are directly sent to the inner ear. This innovative technology eliminates the need for bulky earphones, providing users with the ultimate immersive experience. In addition to enhancing the user's listening experience, the Cynaps Assist also serves as a hearing aid, making it an ideal device for those with hearing impairments. The hat is adjustable and fits securely on the head, making it perfect for use during physical activities or outdoor adventures. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Cynaps Assist Bone Conduction Hat provides users with a comfortable and safe way to listen to music, stay connected, and enhance their auditory awareness.


Bone Conduction Hat
released on November 12, 2019


Review: Cynaps bone conduction hat - New Atlas

Apart from the wires and bulgy control box, it looks like an ordinary hat To the casual observer, Cynaps might look like an ordinary baseball cap. But flip it over, and you'll see bone conduction...

Cynaps by maxvirtual Bone conduction hat with headlights ...

Hi everyone hope everyone is staying safe... Today i being you the Cynaps Bone Conduction bluethooth hat/with optional headlight under the bill. Short Descri...

The ZEROi Connected Hat with Bone Conduction Technology ...

Equipped with four built-in bone conduction speakers, the ZEROi is the “hat of the future” giving its wearers an incredible hands-free listening experience. Normally housed in a hard shell, ZEROi’s bone conduction technology is woven right into the hat’s soft cloth material – allowing the sound to freely vibrate the bones of the inner ear without eliminating the outside world.



3 Reviews for Bone Conduction Hat

  1. Tempest V

    This product is a joke. I’ve used real bone conduction headsets, and they aren’t anything like this hat. The speakers on the hat are just that- regular old speakers. Whereas the real bone conduction headsets don’t make noise when they aren’t on your head, and can be turned to decent volume without being heard by others, the speakers on the hat can be heard quite clearly sitting in your lap, and if you turn up the music loud enough to be heard, everyone else in the room is hearing it too. They are no different than headphones, except that they aren’t directly over your ears, so you need considerable volume to be able to hear anything out of them.Build quality is abysmal. The speakers are attached to the sweatband of the hat via a magnet that sticks to the back of the speaker. One of the speakers slipped off the sweatband, and while trying to peel the magnet off to reattach it, I thought the speaker was going to split in half before the two magnets separated. It is clearly not built to last. The wires running from the brain box under the brim of the hat to the speakers are kept in place via double sided scotch tape. The hat is of very light duty manufacture. That’s not a big deal if it’s a cheap hat that you replace often. It doesn’t work when it’s a host to the electronics. Even if the electronic bits last a decent amount of time, if the hat rips, you can’t just buy a hat to replace it. The hat is also very ugly to boot.After seeing how horrible this hat was, I quickly went to my Amazon account to return it, and found that it could not be returned because the seller had marketed it as “flammable or explosive”, which makes the item unreturnable. Thankfully, I contacted Amazon customer service, they contacted the third party seller, and I got my money back.

  2. Mike

    Ok. I have bought multiple units over the last 8 years. The best application is if you work at a factory and use earplugs. It’s this case this is the greatest investment you will ever make! It is discrete (get the black hat or put it in a hat of your own. (with no brim stitching) with earplugs in and proper contact with your head (not too much hair blocking) and proper hat fitting (good tightness/tension in your hat) and you will enjoy Siri/Google assist/music/podcasts/audiobooks/ phone calls….at work! This isn’t beats audio! But try wearing those suckers into your workplace. Had been truly life changing.

  3. Kenny

    Mike Postle wears this hat during poker games to cheat. Seems it works well!!!

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