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RideOn Ski Goggles adds Augmented Reality to your Ski Goggles

The Augmented Reality Ski Goggles from RideOn are designed to enhance the ski experience and revolutionize the way you interact with your surroundings. Created from the finest materials, these goggles combine comfort and style with the most innovative and advanced technology to date, allowing you to rule the slopes completely hands-free. Currently in a beta pre-order period, you can join RideOn’s BetaTeam and purchase a pre-release version of the RideOn Ski Goggles, as a member of the BetaTeam you’ll be able to provide direct feedback to RideOn about your experience using the goggles, and your suggestions may go into the final product!

  • Personalized stats such as speed and altitude
  • HD camera and video recording
  • Virtual map and highlighted points of interest
  • Friend and family locator (later this season)
  • Hands-free phone control
  • 3 layers of foam for a comfortable, ergonomic fit
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic shell
  • Wide view-able area


At ebay.com you can purchase a RideOn Interactive Ski Goggles with Virtual Reality Mode No USB Charger (AP139S) for only $8.07., which is 99% less than the cost in Rideonvision ($1,200.00). The cheapest price was found on January 25, 2023 6:09 pm. – View Buying Options



RideOn Interactive Ski Goggles with Virtual Reality Mode No USB Charger (AP139S)
RideOn Interactive Ski Goggles with Virtual Reality Mode No USB...



  • CE and FCC certified
  • BATTERY: Full ski day
  • CONNECTIVITY: Micro-USB for charging and data transfer, audio connectors, Bluetooth and WiFi
RideOn Ski Goggles


RideOn Ski Goggles - RideOn - The AR Lifestyle

RideOn develops augmented reality technologies and infrastructure for markets related to the outdoors like action sports, motor vehicles and sports aviation. Its premier product is the world’s first AR goggles for skiing and snowboarding.

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RideOn Ski Goggles offer the world's first AR ski experience, and they're available to pre-order now. The operating system is based on Android 4.4 with virtual maps and highlighted points of...



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  1. RideOn Goggles Review

    I was an early tester of the RideOn Goggles and these are truly next-level AR goggles for skiing/snowboarding. If you are on the fence about this product I highly recommend you order these if you can afford them.

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RideOn Interactive Ski Goggles with Virtual Reality Mode No USB Charger (AP139S)
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