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VOCALSKULL Alien 5 Bone Conduction Glasses + Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Alien 5 glasses by VOCALSKULL are the Lightest Bone Conduction Glasses available today. This is the upgraded version which features a new bone conduction speaker, with an exclusive soundproof cavity design, which reduces sound leakage by 87%.

  • The Lightest Bone Conduction Glasses – Lighter and more professional. The Frame is made of TR90 plastic,smooth and hidden structure design of bone conduction speaker helps it keeps the original appearance of traditional glasses, people around you will not notice the difference of your glasses between traditional glasses. No pain and no sens of pressure even wearing for a long time.
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION 4.1 WITH MIC & CVC Noise Reduction – Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 with wide compatibility. 2 in 1 wireless connection allows 2 mobile device pairings into the headset simultaneously.The smart sunglasses has built-in noise-cancelling microphone that lets you make and answer phone calls. You can easily have phone calls with quality sound when riding, running, driving, boxing, fishing, playing the basketball, shopping and other outdoor activities.
  • OPEN EAR SOLUTION – Open Ear Solution allows you to listen to music, answer calls, and hear notifications all from your glasses while still being able to hear the world around you.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Charging time: 2hours, Standby time: 300hours, playing music about 3-4 hours (depending on the volume and sound source varies), continuous call about 4-5 hours. Compatible with SmartPhones Iphone LG HTC Android Windows.
  • WATERPROOF & QUALITY GUARANTEE – Weatherproof and perfect for sports/working out. 100% Quality Guarantee. *Attention: From a professional point of view, it is not a sound leak, it is the second air sound wave transmission. Compared with other bone conduction eyewear, this bone conduction technology’s been reduced by 85% sound leakage.


Replacement Cable1 METER IN LENGTH Brand new Item will be posted Securely in Bubble WrapPlease Note: This is a replacement cable Thanks for Watching <img src=""...
[VOCALSKULL General Store] Alien 5 Bone Conductive Glasses Polarized Len [New!!]
-- -- Description -- [Equipped with bone conduction technology and comfortable to wear] With bone conduction technology, you can enjoy music with plenty of openness without blocking your ears. Since it does not block the ear canal, you can hear the surrounding environmental sounds (car sounds,...


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VOCALSKULL Alien 5 - (Transparent)
in stock
2 new from $89.95
1 used from $79.04
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VOCALSKULL Alien 5 - (Gray)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VOCALSKULL Alien 5 - (Blue)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VOCALSKULL Alien 5 - (Green)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VOCALSKULL Alien 5 - (Anti Blue Ray)
in stock
2 used from $92.26
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
VocalSkull Alien 5 Bone Conduction Glasses Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Myopia Waterproof Wireless Headset Hearing Aid for iOS Android Brilliant Black (Blue)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VocalSkull Alien 5 Bone Conduction Glasses Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Myopia Waterproof Wireless Headset Hearing Aid for iOS Android Brilliant Black (Green)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VocalSkull Alien 5 Bone Conduction Glasses Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Myopia Waterproof Wireless Headset Hearing Aid for iOS Android Brilliant Black (Anti Blue Ray)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
VocalSkull Alien 5 Bone Conduction Glasses Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Myopia Waterproof Wireless Headset Hearing Aid for iOS Android Brilliant Black (Gray)
in stock
2 new from $105.00
as of January 20, 2021 7:15 pm
Free shipping
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  • The lowest price of [VOCALSKULL General Store] Alien 5 Bone Conductive Glasses Polarized Len [New!!] was obtained on January 21, 2021 1:10 pm.

// Specifications

  • Connections: Bluetooth
  • Color: Transparent
  • Headphones Jack: Micro USB
  • Item Weight: 0.07 Pounds
Bone Conduction Glasses Headphones
released on July 6, 2017

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24 Reviews for Bone Conduction Glasses Headphones

  1. Eagle, J

    The parcel arrives 7 days earlier than I expected.I was very happy, so I decided to write something and took a picture of this item.The reason why it looks a bit green at this angle which is because of their polarized lenses.This product quality is very good and the design is quite classic. This photo was taken when I was walking in the park. I am a salesman and I have to make sure that I can pick up customer’s phone the first time, even while exercising. Just one click, this classic Bone conduction sunglasses allow me to listen to the music or radios or answering the phone, free from the outdoors surroundings. Moreover, I think its shape and polarized lenses are also highlights.In addition, a little sound leakage could be accepted since this technology is not yet mature. To sum up: such an inexpensive handy product is good enough for me using it in a lot of scenes.

  2. sabrina_m

    Much better than expectedBest bone conduction glasses I’ve ever used. There are other stores selling the “same” items, my friend ( bought the one which is 99.99 dollars) and I bought and compared. This one is exceedingly awesome, the sound quality is totally different than other stores, though still have the sound leak problems as all bone conduction devices while it is acceptable. I can use it when working at a lower volume without been noticed.

  3. Kelli Alfieri

    These sunglasses were a perfect purchase for the beach. I didn’t want something too expensive that I would be upset if they got lost/damaged on vacation so I gave these a try. They are super light weight so they don’t hurt behind your ears, but the sound quality is still great. I had it at about half volume near the pool with people talking and I could still hear well. I did notice if I didn’t have my phone super close to me the music would cut out, but since I was just lounging it wasn’t a big deal. This is a great product for the price!

  4. Sherberts

    Can’t recommend these enough to people!! Absolutely love them. Accidentally came across these and it’s one of the best purchases ever made. Use them while working, running, and biking and they’re great. Hands free and way better than wireless/Bluetooth head phones/ear buds that can pop out your ear, get too sweaty, hang on the back of your neck/body bouncing around,and have short battery life. Also reduced number of items brought with you. Just phone & sunglasses. They are bone condensing not noise cancelling. Which is perfect for me. Meaning they will not be as loud as in ear headphones. They have great reach though.Favorite part is being alert to everything around me,being able to hold a conversation with others in my company, and while being active meanwhile I’m rocking out. You can answer phone calls on it. Speaker is crazy good. Actually I was told I should always talk through the glasses cuz my phone sucks (6s) so there’s that. Side note: love this phone. The glasses reserve battery for days when not in use so you’re not constantly recharging them. Lenses are polarized so you get actual sun protection!!! Very discreet design for the buttons. Built into the arms and easy to change music when active. Have no regrets with these. Definitely recommend them. Well worth the price. Will be getting a second pair for myself. Funny I’m actually wearing them as I typed this.

  5. Jay Z.

    Item either defective or bad quality. The sound is super faint that I can barely hear anything even at max volume. Returned

  6. Dr.Devi Reddy

    Everything ok as described but I wonder whether it is really bone conduction or just small speakers when placed near to the ear is audible. Because the external sound is so disturbing to the one who sits by our side. And naturally we hesitate to use in public places where it is supposed to be used. I think we can’t have a private talk while answering call. Hope they will look into it.

  7. B Cook

    I have enjoyed many different Bluetooth sunglasses but these are first with no earbuds but bone transduction instead.The quality & optics are very good. The sound quality is good for music. However listening to audio books on an airplane I can’t get enough volume so listening to music works much better. In quite environment both music & audio books work fine with no pesky earbuds. I wish I could get more volume in noisy environments.

  8. Stan A.

    Single best purchase of 2018! Pros: Let’s you be completely hands free for phone calls, sound quality on both ends is better than iPhone 7 mic/speaker, half functional when sitting on top of head or around neck, all day battery with light use… most people will have to charge mid-day or have 2 pair, charges quickly, good for prescriptions (note most places want to charge extra for bringing your own frames… I ended up just walking around store with the sample lens at sam’s and found cheap pair with same lens size) Cons: kinda big… probably look a silly on little people, not super loud and sound quality strained at max volume… I use at one click less than max volume for phone calls and 2/3rd volume for music, have to use front pocket for phone as body blocks signal when in back pocket. Over all great for phone conversations or short term podcast/music listening

  9. Bento

    I’ve been an owner and wearing these glasses for about 2 years now. I owned the predecessor to the Alien 5 as well as the Alien 5’s now. So let me break down the glasses and their functionality.Predecessor pair – Was more bone conductive than this pair. They even sent earplugs to help you acknowledge that fact. That glasses just weren’t quite tight enough to get the sound through your head. You could plug your ears and push them to your head and hear the vocals and bass really well. They definitely played music and you could definitely listen to music without people even realizing it. I made a lot of people jealous at work that I could listen to music, hands free, and still hear everything around me. However, they upgraded the speakers in the Alien 5 (check down below). My bosses to this day think I wear real glasses.Alien 5 – The speakers are not as bass heavy anymore. I honestly feel like this is an upgrade because you couldn’t really tell anyways unless the old pair was pushed above your ears. The speakers are louder and more crisp than the old pair. Makes for hearing vocals in music and chat and talking on the phone much easier to understand.The pro’s of this device are as followed.- Discreet sounds once you adjust the volume to your surroundings. Play with it a bit.- Microphone with decent understandable mic- The buttons all have unique features on them. 3 buttons which all double as 2 features each. 6 in total. You can pause/play/power, volume up/skip, volume down and google assist.-there is no LED light unless it is charging.These glasses are a bit pricey, but if you take care of them they will last you a good 2 years at the least. My hinges started giving out after everyday use.

  10. Ty

    The glasses themselves are really nice. They are polished to perfection, no rough edges, and pleasing to the touch. As much ad I love the craftsmanship, the sound quality leaves a little to desire. It isn’t at all silent to others around you. They can definitely hear your music. I love the idea and reccomend these for anyone with an active life.

  11. Curtis

    Purchased a few days ago to listen to books and audio on the job. First day wearing em… Busted. People heard the music at least 5ft away in a quite area. Turn it down so you can hear it more then 2 ft from the glasses and it’s too quite. Fantastic idea. I will be trying other out, but not to my standards for what I want them for. Also, they say they are polorized however, they are not polorized just UV 400 rated. How I know? My actual polorized glasses make my phone screen all rainbowy and these do not.

  12. Sophie D.

    I work at a very quiet office and we can’t wear earbuds. I bought these glasses to not fall asleep at my desk while crunching an insane amount of numbers. They are easy and quick to connect with your phone. There is some sound leakage, the louder the music is. Duh. I did need to use the provided nose pads because of my small nose. The frames are on the thicker/geekier-looking side, which doesn’t bother me in this millenial age. Overall, I enjoy them and the blue screen lenses are appreciated by my tired eyes at the end of the day.

  13. Jem

    There is ZERO bone conducting involved in these glasses. It is literally just speakers on the sides of your head. At 1/3 of max volume, someone standing six feet away could hear it nearly as well as I could. Turning it low enough that they couldn’t hear it at all (the POINT of bone conducting) meant turning down so much I could barely hear it. DO NOT waste your money.

  14. gigi

    I was so excited to get and try these glass but what I wanted was an aide in hearing conversations and this is for syncing to a device so was unable to make use of them. Think they would do a good job if listening to a device so that is the reason for the 3 stars. Wish it would have worked for my needs.

  15. DIRTY

    Wether you use these for a specific purpose or not, these are amazing. I got these for the office to go headphones free; which works great at half or less volume. Any higher volume and people around you will hear. Put prescription lenses in my pair and look a little bit like a hipster, but their not bad. These are even better for doing chores around the house and watching your own show on a phone or tablet, when someone else has claimed the tv. Definitely a win and worth it even if just using the sunglasses.

  16. Edward Is

    I love the concept the glass are a nice pair of 25 dollar sunglasses nice weight but the sound is a joke if your in bed and listening to pod cast they are ok but working out driving or anything else you can barely hear them i thought they would be bone conductive like after shock but no where close I had them send ne a 2nd pair just to make sure they was not defective but got the same results horrible and I hate it wanted then to work.

  17. Geri J.

    After seeing the reviews I decided to give it a try. The sound quality is about the same as if you were playing the music out loud on a 7 year old iPhone speaker, and it’s about as discreet. There is no volume level where it’s discreet. Everyone will hear it, and probably at about the same quality. I thought it might be useable for podcasts, but it’s downright awful.Basically they sound like a $2 vending machine pair of earbuds, except there’s no seal so you can’t hear it well, and also everyone else hears an annoying high pitched chatter.I bought them for running and they’re downright useless. Even running through the woods I can barely hear it over the sounds of the birds. I’d hate to try using them in any public space with more than 0 noise.Tl;dr Don’t waste your money. You’re better off going to an Apple store dumpster and finding a broken pair of earbuds. I will be attempting to return these glasses.

  18. Dixie Giddens

    I bought theses and when they arrived, they were a freaking joke!! It was made from cheep plastic. As in I’ve seen $3 toys made better than these things. THERE IS NO BONE CONDITION WHATSOEVER!!! It is basically a pair of $5 earbuds placed above your ear. They sounded like crap, have no bass whatsoever ever, and to top it off they even sounded better when they WERE OFF MY HEAD! It would be very very generous to pay $30 for these let alone $100. And the blue lens ( computer glasses type lens) is EXACTLY the same as the normal clear lenses. There is no difference whatsoever ever. DO NOT BUY THESE. EVER!!!!!!!

  19. G D’Ville

    I really wanted to like these. They seem to be well made. The bone conduction works ok, but gets confusing in noisier environments. It also is much more audible to other people than earbuds for instance.The glasses were the main sticking point for me though. Although the width was good for providing bone conducting contact, they just looked way too big on my face- my wife kept making fun of me. Also the polarization of the gray lenses really interfered with viewing computer screen.

  20. Kristin Andrus

    These are loud. I have tried the bose version and people around you cannot here the audio. these are very loud and everyone around you can hear everything.

  21. Royden Hayashi

    Works exactly like how I thought they would after going through all the reviews. If you are in a quiet environment and you have them turned up, of course there’s going to be sound leakage. I don’t sit in a quiet office, I use these when I’m working on the sales floor and NO ONE has any idea that I’m listening to music while talking to them. Customers and coworkers have no clue. I do not turn them up all the way because to me, that would be annoying. I like to still hear whats going on in my surroundings without being distracted. The glasses are on the bigger side, but I’m not the hugest person to begin with. That’s just the way it is when buying something that’s a “one size fits all”. I’ve never used them until the battery was fully used up, but at about 2/3 volume, I’ve gotten a good 4 and a half hours of listening to music nonstop. I saw in the questions section that they work with Siri. I have an Android phone and have yet to get them to work with my Google Assistant. Not a big deal, but it would have been convenient. Overall I’m glad with my purchase and have suggested it to friends.

  22. Acase 2nd generation

    I have a pair of high quality bone conduction headphones and love them. But is uncomfortable to wear the headphones with sunglasses so I decided on trying the combinations. I looked at the reviews and there were some negative ones but there people who loved it so I decided to give it a try. These glasses are not bone conduction. There are tiny speakers that anyone sitting next to me can also enjoy the music. I am returning them one day after receiving the glasses. Spend a bit more and get the Bose.

  23. Wes

    Decent sound, but terrible quality.This is the second pair of Alien 5 glasses I’ve ordered and I’m shipping them straight back. The first pair was actually pretty good, for about 2 weeks. Then the speaker on the right side went out. Decent quality glasses though. The company was understanding and open to returning my first pair though. I bought the bright black to replace the pair and immediately noticed a quality difference when I opened the box.The frames were weak and easily bendable. They felt cheap, like a pair of gas station sunglasses and squeaked opening the frames. I put them on and they once again felt like a cheap $5 pair of sunglasses. Didn’t sit well on the face and not very ergonomic overall, that does depend on each persons face though.The sound quality is good. Their claim that nobody else will hear is completely false. I’m a bit hard of hearing though and have to keep things a bit louder. People 5ft away could easily hear my glasses though.I really wanted to like these glasses, as they served as a good tool and much better than headphones overall. But I can’t risk purchasing products with inconsistent quality and potential for malfunction.

  24. Tabby Carrington

    The sound quality is pretty good but these are not bone conducting glasses as portrayed. The noise that others can hear, is ridiculous if you have the volume up slightly. They aren’t that stylish and kind of bulky. I was also under the impression that I would be receiving two pairs of lenses as the description listed “clear and tinted lenses included.”

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Bone Conduction Glasses Headphones