GoTags Shoe ID Tags

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GoTags Shoe ID Tags

These Secure Stainless Steel ID Tags from GoTags threads onto any shoelace and is custom engraved with up to 4 lines of text. The simple shoe ID tag could save your life and is an important ID for runners, cyclists, athletes, travelers and children.

  • Light weight sports ID tags for runners, cyclists, triathletes, or just about any person needing emergency contact identification. In the event of an emergency, our Shoe ID Tags provide important information to First Responders such as contact information and medical conditions. Made of Stainless Steel for strength but lightweight and easy to strap onto any shoe!
  • Fits 3/8 wide shoelaces. Personalization includes up to 4 lines of text with a max of 20 characters per line including spaces.Follow the easy purchasing instructions below. An example of how to customize your ID TAG can be seen in the ORDERING INSTRUCTION image on the product page.
  • TO ORDER, click the Buy Now button, then go to CUSTOMIZE NOW to add your personalization details to the tag. When finished customizing click ADD TO CART.

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GoTags Shoe ID Tags
released on May 1, 2015


Running Shoe Tags | Great ID for the Road – GoTags

Running Shoe Tags | Great ID for the Road – GoTags. The best place for pet ID tags, personalized dog collars and custom cat collars. Durable stainless steel and lightweight aluminum pet tags. Many unique, custom engraved dog tags for dogs and cats, small and large. Fast, Free Shipping.

Shoe ID Tags for Runners, Cyclists | Engraved – GoTags

Personalized shoe identification ideal for runners, cyclists, athletes, travelers, or your child. Lightweight, convenient shoe ID tags provide safety identification and important details to First Responders such as emergency contacts and medical conditions. Durable and strong stainless steel ID easily threads onto any shoelace. Features and Benefits:



8 Reviews for GoTags Shoe ID Tags

  1. Jenn

    ID itself came out perfectly. But for those of you that are thinking of it for a runner you may forget this seller specializes in tags for animals. So when an envelope with photos of digs and cats comes in the mail don’t throw it away assuming it is a solicitation for an animal charity.

  2. Carly D

    Love it. Perfect size to wear on my shoe for running/walking. I needed a road ID and didn’t want a braclet or necklace type that I’d have to remember each time I went out. This is great because it’s already on my shoe, so I can’t forget it! Print is clearly etched and easy to read. Silver is bright enough that it would be noticed on your shoe, but isn’t tacky. Shipping was fast (about a week, including printing). Have recommended to all my runner friends!

  3. Wendy

    I ordered this as a safety device in case I ever passed out or got knocked out while exercising away from home.I think this showed up in an envelope that was not well marked and got thrown out as “junk mail” by a family member, but I’m not sure. I didn’t contact the manufacturer about not receiving the product, because the fault is likely my own and they should not be asked to replace a product that got accidentally disposed.The only recommendation I have for the manufacturer is to put “NOT JUNK MAIL” in big red letters on the packaging envelope, for people like me. I’ll probably reorder this.

  4. CROME23

    If you value your life and run by yourself normally this is a super good thing to have. I usually run by myself and carry nothing but a key on me so having this tag on my shoe really gives me some hope that if I ever pass out somebody has a number to call. I knew by reading precious reviews that my tag would be coming in a weird way. So I didn’t throw it out and boy am I glad I didn’t:) overall this was a good purchase and would highly recommend it to everyone who is debating on buying this. It arrived at a decent time as well so I have no complaints!

  5. Liz B.

    Came faster than I expected. It is beautiful. All lines are clear to read. I put 3 inspirational quote for when I am running my dogs. I look down to line up my dog and see those reminders. The only problem I have is with my round shoes laces. the tag slides to the top of the hole, then wants to flip over. I am going to try different laces to fix that. I am sure I will be buying some more.

  6. Timothy S. Rohman

    Just received my first GoTag runner ID shoe tag. Tag came quickly, packaged simply, but for the product worked well, no damage in shipping. Content appears to be printed well on the tag, tag feels sturdy and after my first use on a run, didn’t move or cause any discomfort with my shoe. So far I am very happy with this ID tag and can’t wait to see how durable it is over time. I like the comfort of having emergency data available during my run with out any bulkiness. Reminds me of when I had a dog tag laced in my boot while flying on active duty. If the print holds up on the tag, I can see myself ordering more, great value so far.

  7. Mary

    I do not often write reviews but this small, inexpensive item truly pleased me. The turn around time was fast, the engraving is deep and easy to read. I use it not as a medical id , but an emergency contact id on my running/walking sneakers. Beats carrying my drivers license and worrying about moving it from my wallet to my belt pack. This little metal plate is always on my sneaker laces. The price is more than fair. What more can I ask for?!

  8. William C.

    Bought this for my 84 year old mother. Walking is her form of exercise. As she is getting older, she tends to forget things. She was afraid that while walking she may forget where she is or how to get back home. She did not want a heavy necklace/chain or bracelet. This shoe ID tag was perfect. She loves it. Now, she walks without being worried about what to do is she gets lost (or forgets where she is). I love it too as my mom is a person who likes to be independent and having this shoe ID tag make me feel less worry when she goes out for a walk.

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