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Boot Laces by Lock Laces

Never waste time lacing up your boots again. With LOCK LACES Boot Laces, you can turn all of your boots into adjustable slip-ons. LOCK LACES are made from heavy duty elastic and conform to your feet for better comfort and support than traditional round boot laces.

  • NO TIE LACING SYSTEM: LOCK LACES Boot Laces are the original PATENTED (US Patent # 6026548) no tie shoelaces for boots that were developed 02/22/2000 and can turn your boots OR shoes into a slip-on.
  • STRETCH FIT COMFORT: LOCK LACES Boot Laces conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to traditional round boot laces. LOCK LACES Boot Laces also reduce pressure points throughout your foot, which means your feet will feel better when you’re out hunting, hiking, or working.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Quick installation and easy to use. One-size fits all; LOCK LACES Boot Laces 7-strand fibers are .25 cm in diameter, 72 inches in length and can stretch up to 108 inches. Their trim-to-fit design also allows them to fit boots that require 48 or 54 inch laces. We recommend installing the laces while the foot is inserted in the boot or shoe to allow for a more custom fit and secure feel. (Also work on boots and shoes with metal hooks).
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Whether you’re looking for heavy duty, waterproof, durable replacement laces for your work boots or more comfortable no tie boot laces for your trail hiking boots, LOCK LACES Boot Laces make an ideal utility product for everyone.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: LOCK LACES Boot Laces are guaranteed for the life of a single pair of lace up boots or shoes. We know that once you try LOCK LACES Boot Laces, you’ll never go back to your old laces.


4 pairs lazy No Tie Elastic lock laces Shoe laces strings for boots kids adults
Product detail:Items: 4 pairs of no tie lock shoelaces Condition: All New BrandColor: Blue, F Yellow, Black, Black white dot, Orange, Red, Gray, White.Length: 100cm Material: PolyesterStyle: 1, Our no tie shoe laces are great for runners, walkers, kids, men, women, and everyone in-between! 2,...
Camo Lock Laces for Boots (1 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces
Camo Lock Laces for Boots (1 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces With LOCK LACES, you can turn any pair of lace-up boots into slip-ons. The elastic laces stretch when you slide your foot into the boot and the lock secures your laces at the perfect tension. If you suffer from...
LOCK LACES for Boots (1 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for
TITLE LOCK LACES for Boots (1 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for ITEM DESCRIPTION Camo LOCK LACES are 72" in length and can stretch up to 108" (.25 cm in diameter, 7-strand fibers). The laces are a one size fits all for both children and adults. It is recommend that the user's...
LOCK LACES for Boots 1 Pair Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for and
LOCK LACES for Boots 1 Pair Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for and Features NO TIE LACING SYSTEM: Never waste time lacing up your boots again. With our Black Boot Laces LOCK LACES, you can turn all of your boots into adjustable slip-ons. LOCK LACES Black Boot Laces are the original...
Brown LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Boot Laces) with 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE
Brown LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Boot Laces) with 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE NO TIE LACING SYSTEM: Never waste time lacing up your boots again. With our LOCK LACES Camo Boot Laces, you can turn all of your boots into adjustable slip-ons. LOCK LACES Camo Boot Laces are the original no tie...


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LOCK LACES for Boots
released on June 4, 2018

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13 Reviews for LOCK LACES for Boots

  1. MustLoveDogs

    I just tied knots inside the eyelets to have a cleaner finish. Happy to have found them in a color I can use on my military boots. Also love that they are stretchy, bungee like, to give my boots a little wiggle room even after leaving them tightly.

  2. Blake T

    these are a great idea but there are some issues with them.1. i am unsure how fray proof these laces are and how they will hold up over time when pulling them through the lock2. i have boots where the top three holes are replaced with metal clips to wrap the lace through so this often comes out of those and i have to fix it.3 after cutting these laces there is a plastic bit that seals off the end of the laces. after my first hiking trip this plastic bit came off one end of the laces and i almost lost it. it doesn’t seem secure enough for going on hiking trips.other then these issues them seem like an amazing idea, they just need some small improvements. i bought them especially because i have a bad back and bending over to tie and untie my shoes is a real pain. this minimizes the time i spend bent over and hope to see a better design in the future.

  3. Bob

    Put these laces on my boat shoes and love them. They give me the snug fit I like and never come untied – which is a problem with boat shoe laces. Just waterproofed my boots and will put them on the boots as well. Not sure how they’ll stay on the “hooks” at the top but we’ll see. Can’t wait.A few days later… Still love them on my boat shoes. The boots? They seem to work OK on the lower portions of the boots, which have real eyes for the laces. The upper portion is another story in dealing with the hooks or “speed lacing.” It seems that as soon as I loosen the clasps, the laces come off the hooks, which needs to be done anyway just to get my feet out. Relacing the speed lacing or hooks as I put the boots on is something I’m used to.Overall, love the Lock Laces for my boat shoes; I like them so much that I’m about to get another pair for the shoes I wear frequently. On the boots, time will tell. The feel of the boots with them on is fantastic but getting them off and on is a chore – if its more of a chore than it is with regular laces, the regular laces will go back on.Okay, an update. Have really gotten used to them on the boots with the speedlace hooks at top. They stay on well and honestly, wouldn’t think of using any other kind of lace. Have never had them come off the hooks at top – unlike other reviewers. These are a home run.

  4. Smash

    these are okay, but not what I expected. I was looking for a quick lace boot strap for my combat boots, but these are more like bungy cords, so it makes it a bit challenging to tighten to correct fit. Additionally, you need to cut the straps and put a tab on the two ends to keep it from fraying, but after the second use one of the ends popped out and I couldn’t reopen the tab that clamped down on it, so I had to burn it to keep from fraying and just have it dangling there. Also, because of the bungy effect, you have to keep the laces a bit longer than you want, so that you can get your foot out of the boot, so you have to pull apart the top of the boot to get in and out of it, but then when you go to tighten it, you have about ten inches of laces hanging there, so I had to tuck it under the laces twice to keep them from tripping me, strange design. I love the concept, but just not the execution.

  5. sb

    I bought these mainly because it seems to be an unwritten rule somewhere that hiking boot laces MUST come untied. They’re usually that slippery stiff material. I’m a dog walker and hike with my dogs off-leash for 3 hours a day. My hiking boot laces are always coming untied, so I wanted clips that won’t come undone. Getting Lock Laces are probably overkill; I could have just gone with clips and used my existing laces. But I do like the stretchiness of the Lock Laces.As other reviews have said, they do not stay in the metal brackets at the top of the boot. I expected this. I undo the laces from the brackets to take my shoes off, then lace up just the brackets and tighten, leaving the bottom part of the laces which go through the grommets in place.I took 1 star off because even though the short version of this product for sneakers might make them slip-on, they should never advertise the boot version as slip-on. There is no way you’ll ever be able to slip a hiking boot on and off without loosening the laces, even with this product.

  6. Jason

    3 weeks ago the alarm goes off… “Structure fire… occupants trapped” Kick your boots off and get your gear on. Until… the side zipper on your boot breaks and you can’t get it off. Luckily I was able to get it taken care of in the back of the truck after almost breaking my foot. SO, decided to give these a try. They are plenty long enough for tall boots. I was worried that they wouldn’t give enough support OR they would give too much making these the opposite of a time saver.For 8″ boots, I get plenty of support. Can’t tell the difference between these and laces when they’re on. When it’s time to kick them off, they come off with effort, but not enough to cause pain or extra time. I can also pull a fully laced 8″ boot back on w/o having to loosen them.If you reading reviews wondering if you should get these or not. Stop now and buy them. I’ll update this in the future to see how they hold up against some rigorous use.

  7. Hamstertoes

    I have a hip condition which means I cant tie my laces easily. I got these laces for my walking boots. So I can now do them up without having to rely on my husband to tie my laces for me.I brought the boots version of the laces to make sure they were long enough. But they were so long most of the lace was unnessary. I will by the normal lace in future.My husband works with disabled people and is going to start buying these for them.

  8. mike b.

    Fantastic product! I have almost mid shin high boots and these fit perfect with room to spare! So easy to use whether undoing or doing up! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  9. Chrismonymusk

    Wish that I had bought these years ago for my walking boots. Easy to fit and one benefit is that as you get older tying up boots can be a bit of a challenge! Going to buy three or four more pairs.

  10. Bridgette Barns

    Bought similar type laces before, just like normal laces the only difference you don’t have to tie them every time, just loosen the laces to take your footwear off by pulling and releasing the locking tab and the opposite to tightening your footwear, this gives your laces a much longer usage before wearing out than normal laces.

  11. Cat64UK

    Fabulous boot laces, makes my life so much easier. I have problems bending and unable to kneel so have the laces stretch without my having to tie or untie is ideal. Quality laces and the company was very helpful when I asked questions about the laces, excellent customer service.

  12. Glenn Shepherd

    Broke a lace and was looking for some replacements. I read that these laces would turn my boots into slip-ons. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but thought I would give them a go. Long story short, they work. Boots are secure and snug when on and the laces stretch enough to let your foot slide in and out. As I don’t do anything where my boots may get caught and come off, these laces really work for me.

  13. CorbiBizu

    This product has been great, as a dog walker I am constantly taking my walking boots on and off to drive and these have made it a lot easier and quicker to do so. The only dissatisfaction would be that after a week or two of using them the toggle clips on the ends that kept them neat have come off which is a shame as they looked nice and were easy to grab on to. I’d also like to see more colours as I have blue boots and these only come in black currently. Overall a really useful time saving product!

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