Hyde Wingman Life Jacket

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The Hyde Wingman Life Jacket is an Inflatable Life Jacket

The Hyde Wingman is the first high performance inflatable life jacket designed for kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, fishing, sailing, swimming and other watersports. The Hyde Wingman Life Jacket has been featured on Shark Tank.

  • Safety: US Coast Guard Approved – Type V with Type III Performance – Optional features including internal sleeve for hydration bladders, zippered pocket, and connection points on chest
  • Design: Low profile, streamlined, and ergonomic fit
  • Zipper: The Hyde Life Vest Wingman features a Triple Bursting Zipper designed to peel open at 3 points, each end and the center of the back. When zipping you will note that the pin does not lock into the box like on traditional zippers, this is by design and creates the first of three burst points to access the bladder
  • NOTE: If purchasing the Wingman for surfing or other impact activities (ie. kiteboarding etc.), the Wingman is designed be used in conjunction with the Hyde Surf Top Layer (accessory purchased separately) to keep zipper closed during routine wipeouts

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ONYX Impulse A/33 Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket - Black - Adult Universal NEW
ONYX Impulse A/33 Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket Black Adult Universal BRAND NEW w/ CO2 Cartridge Take a look at the pictures for exactly what you will receive. From a non-smoking home. Pickup is always free in Bellingham, WA *CHECK...
A-33 In-Sight Deluxe TOURNAMENT Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket Vest PFD - Red
A-33 In-Sight Deluxe "Tournament" Automatic Inflatable Life Vest - Black/Red Features:U.S. Coast Guard approved Type II life jacket In-Sight - shows GREEN if the product is properly armed and ready to use; shows RED if not ready to use...
WEST MARINE Offshore Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket with Harness
DescriptionDesigned for sailors, our Offshore Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket offers 35lbs. of positive buoyancy to keep you face up in rough water.Comfort and convenience define this life jacket; with the features you need for offshore...



  • Unisex
  • One-Size-Fits-Most: USCG Type V with Type III performance for adults with chest size 30"- 50" weighing greater than 90 lbs
  • 23 Gram 1/2" threaded CO2 cylinder
Hyde Wingman Life Jacket
released on April 2, 2017


Hyde Sportswear

Field & Stream. "The Wingman is a life jacket for people who don't wear life jackets, but should, it's that comfortable!" Sailing Magazine. "This new life jacket is absolutely genius!" The Inertia. "A standout product for the stand-up paddlers, big wave surfers, and open water swimmers!" ISPO Munich Judges.

Hyde Wingman Features – Hyde Sportswear

Years worth of research, development, and testing culminated in the Wingman, the world’s thinnest and most versatile inflation vest and the first inflatable life jacket designed for high performance in water activities like surfing and swimming. The Wingman utilizes Hyde’s patented innovations to usher in a new era of water safety, where life jackets no longer inhibit performance and range of motion but rather enhance it.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hyde Sportswear

The Wingman is the only US Coast Guard approved inflatable life jacket with a built in hydration sleeve allowing you to insert a hydration bladder into the vest. The Wingman also has channels on the shoulders to keep your hydration hose locked in place and easily accessible. What makes the Wingman better than inflatable belt packs?


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10 Reviews for Hyde Wingman Life Jacket

  1. Sari C.

    Awesome product! I kayak and free dive with this on and it’s a great fit! The wingman vest is super comfortable and also allows me to have my GoPro vest over as well! Thanks to all the people at HYDE! -Layne Riley

  2. Casian

    First of all, this jacket is amazing!I recived it in a week and as you can see in the picture that’s everything that come with it…I was in constant contact with HYDE and everything arrived as asked (they even gave me the 3 ambasadors stickers because I asked for it).The only problem I had is with the shipping, because when UPS arrived at my door, I had the surprise to pay some 113$ additional border taxes because it came from USA to Canada. To conclude, it was kind of expensive for me because I am from Canada (~450$ CAD). Nevertheless, I can’t wait to wear it in the waters of Canada.Have fun all with this amazing vest!

  3. faisal al-ghalib

    My honest review is coming from a spearfishing .. free-diving standpointThe vest works very goodthe waist buckles it’s restricting my breathingI wish if they used rubber waist beltsRemoving air completely to use it properly while i dive without being floty is extremely hard … having a zero air in the vest is necessary is to avoid adding weights which could be extremely dangerous in deep dives under 10m …The vest is too close to my neck i have really small neck btw … and its really annoying when i dive only… if i raised my hand while i dive its like it cut my neck blood circulation …I wish if they added 2 zippers instead of 1 … it will make packing the vest easierThe hole vest need to be redesigned To be free-diving life vest friendlyI know its not advertised for that but still …____________The last thing they dont ship it outside the us which is really bad i had to use shop and ship to get it to Saudi Arabia

  4. Stone Shipes

    Only issue is the pull cord is stuck cause it was stitched to the vest seem. Easy to undo but idk how the process goes, Dont stitch with loose material lol

  5. Zachary

    Comfortable to wear

  6. clifford budelman

    , one size does not fit all , it is small size , took about 8 days for seller to contact me , miss communications , I spoke to seller who stood behind their product and promtly returned purchase price, Hyde Wingman was made very well, just didn’t fit my size 6 ft 2 in

  7. William johnson

    Fits good

  8. marvin edwards

    Great life jacket and very low profile. What you see is what you get.

  9. Madfire Ink

    Dealt with seller with issue but love the product. The first one came in with wrong size co2 cylinder that would not fit the jacket the thread on the rig was smaller than needed and the co2 cylinder was the right size but the rigs guts were made wrong but sent back to seller and got a new one that has no issue.

  10. NetMagi

    First one I received had the wrong size threads on it for a the CO2 cylinder. They sent another vest immediately.I wear this while river snorkeling. I haven’t ‘needed’ it yet, but I forget I’m even wearing it, and like knowing if I get a cramp or get pulled too far in a current I can pull the cord and float without effort.

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