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EYEFLASHES – LED Message Glasses

Stand out at parties with customizable LED glasses.

Bluetooth-controlled LED glasses for parties and festivals. Customize flashing messages and animations.

- Unique messaging feature
- Eye-catching design
- Adjustable brightness


- Limited message length
- Short battery life

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Display Customized Flashing Messages & Animations via Bluetooth on Our App – Light up The Party!

  • Light up glasses that will make you stand out at any party!
  • Connecting with the easy to use app (Magic Glasses) via Bluetooth, you can choose from a wide range of displays or get creative and customize one yourself!
  • Light, sturdy and great looking, the LED glasses will be a joy to wear for hours!
  • To make them last longer and less bulky, the glasses charge through USB cord (included). NO Batteries required!
  • Great for parties, raves, night clubs, Halloween, new years… You name it!


At amazon.com you can purchase a EYEFLASHES Bluetooth LED Glasses for only $32.97., which is 67% less than the cost in eBay ($99.99). The cheapest price was found on May 29, 2023 11:21 am. – View Buying Options


EYEFLASHES LED Glasses for Parties - LED Bluetooth Glasses for Festivals - Co...
EYEFLASHES LED Glasses for Parties - LED Bluetooth Glasses for...
LED Glasses for Parties LED Bluetooth our App Glasses for Festivals Cool Party
LED Glasses for Parties LED Bluetooth our App Glasses for Festivals...


Introducing EyeFlashes – LED Message Glasses, the ultimate accessory for the modern-day partygoer. These glasses let you broadcast your message loud and clear by flashing up to 6 different pre-set messages on the lenses. Whether you're at a nightclub, a festival or just hosting a house party, EyeFlashes will turn you into the life of the party. With its rechargeable battery and comfortable frame, the EyeFlashes glasses are perfect for a long night of dancing and celebration. Not only will EyeFlashes make your presence known, but they'll also keep you entertained with their various modes and animations. The glasses are a guaranteed conversation starter and will undoubtedly create a unique and unforgettable experience for you and those around you. So go ahead, grab a pair of EyeFlashes and light up the party!


  • Customizable flashing messages & animations via Bluetooth
  • App-controlled for easy customization
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and stylish design
  • Rechargeable via USB, no batteries required
  • Perfect for parties, raves, nightclubs, and more


    EYEFLASHES – LED Message Glasses
    released on September 8, 2019



    The EYEFLASHES LED Message Glasses are an innovative and stylish wearable technology that enables users to display custom messages and designs on their glasses. The glasses feature a built-in LED light display and a variety of different fonts and animation styles, allowing for endless customization options. The glasses are controlled via a smartphone app, which provides a user-friendly interface for programming and displaying messages. The glasses are rechargeable and offer up to 8 hours of use per charge, making them perfect for parties, festivals, concerts, or any other event where you want to make a statement. In addition to their entertainment value, the EYEFLASHES glasses also have practical applications, such as serving as a safety indicator for joggers or bikers by displaying a flashing warning message. With their fun and functional design, the EYEFLASHES LED Message Glasses provide a unique and exciting way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.


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    8 Reviews for EYEFLASHES – LED Message Glasses

    1. Martin Wong

      These glasses are so much fun and I got a lot of compliments for it. The best part is that you can program it with different text or images, the customization functions make it extra special at parties and events.

    2. Shmuel Zalmanov

      These led glasses are way better than I expected. They are light and comfortable to wear. I took them to a party and everybody was asking me if they could try them on. The app is very simple and easy to use. It connects through bluetooth. I didn’t try to see how long the battery lasted but I used them throughout the whole party and I haven’t had to recharge them yet. Overall, great product at the the right price point.

    3. Eileen M. Hanigan

      The seller contacted me regarding the app not working a few hours after I issued my initial review. They told me that a new app update would be issued the next day and, sure enough, it was.- Five stars for the Seller for communicating with me quickly and for seeing to it that the app got fixed.- One star for the developer for not making sure that the previous version of the app worked before issuing it.Four stars total.Magic Glasses app does NOT work. It constantly crashes so you cannot customize the LED glasses (the reason I paid a premium for these LED glasses). No app developer support available. Waste of money. Will be returning.

    4. Ashley S

      Super cool fun gift! Comes with an app that is easy to use. Good for raves or little kids 😂

    5. LVMichael

      Great Product! Exactly as described! Super fast reply to a question I had! Very informative and professional. Highly recommend this cool, inexpensive, fun item! A++++

    6. leivi

      The LED eyeflashes (love the name!) are a great gimmick for any party or event.The app (surprisingly smooth) lets you draw or write whatever you want.My personal favorite is the ‘Rhythm’ feature that displays DJ bars according to the music.The LED lights are white.Battery lasted more or less 6 hours.

    7. Crimson Cuttlefish

      Le cyberpunk glasses have arrived.You can put custom images (Graffiti) scrolling text, or just stock effects if you’re lazy. The lights are nice and bright, and the messages are easy to see, even in a bright room! I would recommend these glasses to everyone (but not IRL because otherwise im not special anymore)Get these glasses!

    8. Kanoelani

      I bought these for my son’s 9th birthday and he absolutely loves! The first pair we received the word defective but Amazon quickly replace them with a pair of that worked. These are definitely worth the price my son can’t put them down he’s so excited to have them.

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