Safety Magnification Glasses with LED Light

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Safety Magnification Glasses with LED Light 1
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Tide Magnifying Glasses with Light

These safety glasses magnify what your looking at and have a built-in LED Light that’s rechargeable via USB.

  • 1.6X Magnification: Please note this is not only normal safety glasses, but also combine with magnify function.The portable magnifying glasses is up to 1.6x magnification, ensuring your clarity and detail, perfect for reading books/ documents/ newspapers /instructions.Finding the focal length:adjust until object is in focus.
  • Powerful LED lighting: Magnified lenses allow you to see clearly, powerful led lights on each side of the frame can help you see something better.Reading in bed or working on tedious diy projects just got easier,increases visual precision during close work tasks.
  • Free your Hands: Hands-free magnification glasses helps to increase productivity and aids in visual precision during everyday close work tasks. You can wear as ordinary glasses and your hands can do anything.
  • Recycle:Universal Android type USB connector,we supply a Micro-USB,find a computer or USB power adapter (not included),you can recharged everywhere.
  • Friendly Tips: If you could not turn on the lights, please charge it first.Please remove the protective plastic layer before using it.Any question or problem, do feel free to contact us ,we will reply you within 24 hours.Customer satisfaction is our priority.

At you can purchase a Tide Magnifying Glasses with Light Led USB Rechargeable Magnifier Eyeglasses LED Big Zoom Vision (Black, 1.6X) for only $20.99., which is 40% less than the cost in eBay ($34.81). The cheapest price was found on July 27, 2021 1:09 pm. – View Buying Options





  • Frame material:pc
  • Rechargeable way:USB rechargeable
  • Battery style:50mA(3v)
  • Width of the forehead frame :148mm/ 5.82" (approx.)
  • Lens Height:44mm/ 1.73" (approx.)
  • Lens Width : 66mm/ 2.59" (approx.)
  • Leg Length :145mm/ 5.70" (approx.)
  • Bridge :17mm/ 0.66" (approx.)
  • Weight:40.0g
Safety Magnification Glasses with LED Light
released on September 14, 2019


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8 Reviews for Safety Magnification Glasses with LED Light

  1. Carol

    The lights make things so much easier to see. You can order only one level of magnification. It is adequate, but not as much as some people may need. I like the way the glasses fit alone or over other glasses.

  2. Kari Klinefelter

    These glasses Are perfect for my grandparents! They can now see and read their mail with no issues thanks to the lighting and the magnification of the glasses! Best part is they fit right over their glasses!

  3. LK

    Very pleased. They fit over prescription reading glassses and are perfect for added magnification when needed. Only downside is I wish they came in other magnifications too. The light is strong enough to add lighting to a situation but for it’s not an intensely bright light for precision work. Wouldn’t wear for long periods of time.

  4. Delafuente

    When I first bought this product I was skeptical but after trying it I am absolutely happy with it!!I realized that I had to move the items I am trying to see to be able to find the correct focus, once I figured it out I have been able to use them a lot more than I anticipated.They are sturdy and lightweight and I have used them for a couple of hours at a time and have had no problems with the battery it must last for many hours.I highly recommend this product

  5. Michael S.

    Sat down with the Grandson to assemble his plastic model Tank and my regular glasses just were not cutting it. Strained to see the fine parts and apply the glue properly.Found the Tide Magnifying Glasses with Light Led USB Rechargeable Magnifier Eyeglasses LED Big Zoom Vision on Amazon with high reviews and ordered them. They took a few days to get here, but wow what a difference. I keep them close by now for those close in small projects. The rechargeable lights in the temples are good to use as well. Fit over my regular glasses and eases the eye strain greatly.Would highly recommend. If you need them quickly, pay the overnite shipping or plan ahead.

  6. Porsh

    Purchased along with rival Mighty Sight and found that the nose bridge on this item was very uncomfortable. The plastic bridge is hard. It has individual light switches on the arms but the arms are made of a course squared hard plastic.

  7. Janis Ross

    These glasses are a life changer for my husband. He reads the newspaper on his iPad and really has to squint while doing so. He is able to put theses glasses on over his own glasses and sees very well! They charge easily. He dropped them and they didn’t break.

  8. Mary

    I have dry eye syndrome. I love to read. Even with new glasses and lots of eye drops I was struggling to see the printed word. I bought these on a whim and am so glad I did. They work great. The lights are bright and the magnification is just the thing I needed. If you struggle to read small print as I do give these a try. They work.

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