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Bluetooth LED Glasses for Raves, Festivals, Fun, Parties, Sports, Birthday, Costumes, EDM, Flashing – Display Messages, Animation, Drawings! CHEMION is the customizable LED glasses. Through the free CHEMION app, you can connect your glasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In the app, you can make use of the TEXT, CREATOR, EQUALIZER and EXPLORER functions to express yourself in dazzling light. You can also access other CHEMION users’ creations as well as share your own creations through the CHEMION app. Perfect for people who want to express themselves at parties, concerts and sporting events!

  • Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Show off your creativity!
  • Bluetooth enabled to connect to the CHEMION App (iOS 7 or later&Android 4.4 or later / Not available except for iOS&Android) to and instantly customize your messages!
  • Light up your message and make it stand out simply with the tip of your finger!
  • Functions include: Text, Drawing, Animation, and Equalizer display
  • Lightweight, fold-able, illuminative LED, built-in memory, 2 AAA batteries (included)


Chemion customizable led glasses for parties, clubs, festivals -FOR PARTS- AS-IS
ITE MNAME : Chemion customizable led glasses for parties, clubs, festivals - FOR PARTS ONLYThe Condition of this item is : New (Other) OpenedRetail Price : $69.99Retail Packaging Included? : YesItem is Complete? : No, missing batteries. the ones it comes with are dead.This Item comes with...
Chemion CHON100A Bluetooth LED Glasses
This is a Chemion CHON100A Bluetooth LED Glasses. Shipped with USPS First Class. In really good condition only used a couple times. No scratches or anything! Feel free to message me with any questions or offers you have about this item.
FEB SALE ! Chemion customizable led glasses for parties, clubs, NYE, festivals
Chemion customizable led glasses for parties, music festivals, and more. Shipped with USPS First Class. Check out the video!!! Fun & unique way to show your brightcreativity and stand out in any crowd! Customize all your messages and animations throughBluetooth...
CHEMION - Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses for Raves, Festivals, Parties
Open box item in excellent condition! 2x AAA BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED! Comes in original box with carrying case. Please see photos to see exact condition.  Ships FAST & FREE! Manufacturer Description:•Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Show off your creativity! •Bluetooth enabled to connect to...
CHEMION 2 Smart Bluetooth LED Sunglasses Club Party Sports Glasses (1pair)
CHEMION 2 Smart Bluetooth LED Sunglasses Club Party Sports Glasses (1 pair) *Notice* 1. Please check your smartphone first Check the smart phone's Bluetooth version and the compatiblity (ANDROID KIKAT 4.4 IOS7 or higher) 2. Keep the CHEMION away from the water as it's weak in water 3. Be carefull...


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EYEFLASHES LED Glasses for Parties - LED Bluetooth Glasses for Festivals & Raves - Cool Glasses to Display Customized Flashing Messages & Animations via Bluetooth on Our App - Light up The Party!
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Yomisga LED Bluetooth Smart Glasses with APP Connected Control Display Flashing Messages Including DIY,Text Entry, Animation, Drawings,Rhythm for Your Raves, Festivals, Fun, Parties,Birthday (4Color)
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CHEMION - Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses
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4 new from $64.99
2 used from $52.24
as of March 3, 2021 2:13 pm
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CHEMION – LED Message Glasses
released on February 10, 2016

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13 Reviews for CHEMION – LED Message Glasses

  1. Michael Matusiak

    Editing this review after a few months. These glasses are downright awesome. I originally bought them for a cosplay but continued using them after that for parties and other social events. They sure attract a bunch a lot of attention cause I was getting approached constantly with compliments and questions.The only downside is that I wish they were sturdier, especially for the price I paid. They feel a little flimsy and 2 LED’s stopped working after a while. A loose connection also seems to have developed and they no longer switch on but, to be fair, I did use them and travel a lot with them so they got a lot of abuse. I will attempt to fix the loose connection.

  2. M.

    Received the product just in time for a birthday celebration. It was a big hit.UNBOXINGPackage contained the glasses, a drawstring glasses pouch, two AAA batteries, multilingual safety guide, a quick-start card, and what I believe is an adjustable rubber band for keeping the glasses secured to your face when you’re dancing or partying.PROS-Crisp display, very clear messages and animations-Visibility great-Easy to use and set up-App easy to useCONS-Just a little snug, but only because I have a large head. Otherwise, it’s perfect.OVERALLIt was a big hit at the party I went to. It was comfortable to wear, easy to see out of, and the battery lasts 8 hours, plenty for a long night of partying. If you’re looking for something to spice up a party, or simply a way to break the ice, I highly recommend it.

  3. Diego J

    My problems are that one of the LEDs broke after two days, it makes a really annoying creaking sound when I move my head, and it’s making a really high-pitched beeping noise other then that it’s good. (Also for the creaking imagine door creaking but more high pitch, and yes the photo from the glasses is from the same animation)

  4. Ken

    The Glasses:I wore these out to host my live show and they were a huge hit with the crowd. The AAA battery compartments on the ends are a bit large, but not too bad. The glasses stayed put on my head all throughout the show. I cannot wait to wear them out to a club next week. Your vision will be compromised, but sacrifices must be made for the sake of fashion.The App:The iOS version of the app is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. I downloaded version 1.2.1 and was making custom animations in seconds. Grabbing custom animations from other users is a great feature too.The Creator is simple to use and figure out. My only gripe is that when you want to make longer compilation animations (like with over 100 frames), the tapping becomes a bit tedious. There should be some way to scroll quickly to the end. Sometimes the app crashes too, so your best bet is to make several small single animations and save. Then combine them into the compilation.Copying animation frames from one to the other is also inconsistent, but not a deal breaker.Hopefully an app update can solve this.

  5. Evan

    Works absolutely fantastic! Every time I go to concerts or conventions, I always get at least 10 compliments and “Nice shades, where did you get them?!”, and every time I recommend Chemion to everybody!Only downside I’ve encountered is sometimes the Bluetooth connection between my Nexus 6P gets cut while sitting idle in my pocket for some reason but I believe that is the glasses/app’s intention to save power, since you can save any animation from the App to your glasses and switch to them with the physical button without the need for the App.I recently encountered an issue with my Chemion Glasses where when I turned them on, the usual “Chemi-On” animation would freeze at “Chemi” and the only way to fix it was to change the batteries. This means the batteries are low and must be changed, evidently!Fantastic! Only improvements I could recommend are thinner arms on the glasses (perhaps switching to button-cell batteries, though I can understand the limitation on that if not possible), and adding more LED pixels to the front panel!

  6. Margaret Brunsdon

    15 year old grandson absolutely delighted with these. The technology is way beyond me but his pleasure is worth every penny.The product was well packaged and arrived quickly. Grandson found instructions easy to follow (incomprehensible to me!)

  7. Derek

    I’ve only had the glasses for a week, and the frame broke. This caused the button to come out, so I have to use a small object to turn them on. I do like these glasses, but it has only been one week!

  8. Stuart

    Absolutely fantastic!So easy to use and a great hit while on holiday and camping recently.My only gripe is that you need a facebook account to get other custom designs that folk have made and uploaded – other than that, they are great fun!Hope they make a coloured led version at some point :o)

  9. V-67

    I loved these when they arrived, and then they broke. The plastic is CRAP. There’s NO flexibility to the frame, which means the they used cheap plastic. The pair I bought broke around the thinnest section were the Power button is located and I was no longer able to turn them on. I would not buy these for the simple fact that the material is not sturdy if you plan on wearing these at a rave, club, party, or anywhere were all it takes is a accidental bump to snap these fragile glasses into being useless.

  10. J O H N

     Super cool glasses. I had a blast in new year and other parties. A little hard to see for sure but it is fun glasses plus the app on point. Easy to use, well made and fun!

  11. SGYT_Games

    Ever feel like normal glasses are not enough for you? Do you like to impress your friends? These led glasses are the best choice for you! They have a long battery life, I can connect to the app quickly, the app is really easy to navigate through. These things are just really cool. The only problem I have with these is that after a few months it fell apart. The leds came out, the plastic came off, but the only good thing about that is it still works but it’s ugly looking. But hey, you might be thinking that it’s not worth paying seventy dollars for this. It’s made out of plastic, eight hour battery life might not be long enough, or the options for customizing the leds might be low, or maybe even it’s because the leds only produce the color white and no other color. I understand that but the cost is mostly because of the tech inside of it. Bluetooth 4.0, over 200 leds, and compressing it down to not be too bulky. If I had another seventy dollars to spend I’d probably buy a new pair because I think it’s my fault it broke and not the quality of the glasses themselves. These things are good and you probably couldn’t get something as good as these at the cost of ten dollars so seventy is a pretty good price for the quality!

  12. Simon

    Ich habe mir die Brille vor Karneval mit gemischten erwartungen bestellt, weil die Bewertungen ja recht verschieden sind.Die Brille hat schon ein stolzes Gewicht und die Sicht ist natürlich auch gewöhnungsbedürftig. Meiner Meinung nach ist beides aber zu verkraften, da man die Brille ja nicht stundenlang auf hat und es mag auch nicht jeder ein extra Akkupack mitschleppen.Nun zum wichtigsten, die Bedienung und Software.Wenn man sich etwas Zeit nimmt kann man die wildesten Dinge programmieren über die dazugehörige App, alternativ kann man die vorgespeicherten Designs auf der Brille nutzen oder man stöbert im Explorer, was andere User schon programmiert haben und veröffentlicht haben.Anzumerken ist, das der Explorer sich bei mir schonmal gerne aufhängt! Hoffe das es da bald mal ein Update gibt.DIe Brille ist aufjedenfall der Hingucker schlecht hin, auch weil man in der App Live auf der Brille Designs erstellen kann.Ob einem selber das Geld Wert ist, muss jeder selbst entscheiden. Aber zum rumspielen schon eine nette Sache!Hoffe diese unbezahlte Rezension hilft dem ein oder anderen weiter.

  13. Family Gray

    They’re ok, they’re definitely overpriced but my son wanted to spend his pocket money on them! They don’t fit his head, they don’t fit mine they’re very big so to use them you have to hold them on. Other than the size of them they work perfectly fine, we watched YouTube videos before purchasing so we knew what to expect, I would strongly recommend this. Not being able to wear them without holding them is the reason I’ve given this product a low review.

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