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Therapeutic Glasses

AtEase Glasses promote relaxation, focus, and stress reduction.

AtEase Glasses enhance focus, block distractions, and protect eyes from harmful blue light. Ideal for work, study, gaming, and meditation.

- Reduces eye strain
- Improves sleep quality

- May not fit all face shapes
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AtEase Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety, Focus, Gaming, Relaxation, Sleep, Mental Performance & Wellness

When you feel stress, anxiety, restlessness, distraction, or simply want to focus, put on your AtEase Glasses. Sit still, read, listen to music, watch a movie, etc. for one to fifteen minutes. By blocking out visual noise, the glasses help your brain relax and acts as a natural de-stressor. AtEase Glasses are easy to use and zero-risk.

  • The double injection lens with a 6mm amber viewing window blocks peripheral distractions and creates visual occlusion.
  • By utilizing blue light blocking and visual occlusion technology, AtEase Glasses enhance focus and limit distractions as therapy for neurological function and performance.
  • Common use-cases have been but are not limited to: reading, working on computer, gaming, studying (education), meditation, prayer, solitude and silence tool, morning/evening ritual, and pre-game relaxation/focus for physical/mental activity.
  • Every pair comes packaged in a microfiber pouch and semi-hard case.


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AtEase Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety, Focus, Gaming, Relaxation, Sleep & More.
AtEase Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety, Focus, Gaming, Relaxation,...


Experience ultimate relaxation with Atease Therapeutic Glasses. These specially designed glasses are crafted to provide maximum benefits for both body and mind. Enjoy a calm and serene experience with their blue light-blocking technology, which helps alleviate stress levels and minimize eye strain. With their sleek and modern design, Atease Therapeutic Glasses are perfect for everyday use, especially during long work hours or while using electronic devices. These glasses work wonders for improving sleep quality by regulating melatonin levels and reducing exposure to disruptive blue light. Say goodbye to tension headaches and sleepless nights, and say hello to Atease Therapeutic Glasses. Make them your go-to solution for a stress-free and relaxing lifestyle.

  • Double injection lens with amber viewing window
  • Blocks peripheral distractions and creates visual occlusion
  • Enhances focus and limits distractions
  • Use-cases include reading, working, gaming, studying, meditation, and more
  • Comes with microfiber pouch and semi-hard case
  • Regulates light and color entering the eyes
  • Filters out specific wavelengths of light
  • Protects eyes from harmful blue light
  • Reduces stress levels and anxiety
  • Improves mental and emotional wellbeing


    Therapeutic Glasses
    released on April 17, 2019
    Will insurance help pay for these?

    Thanks for your question! AtEase Glasses are reimbursable through your HSA (Health Savings Account) but not through your normal insurance. The way that is handled is by having your doctor, optometrist, or MD recommend AtEase Glasses through a signed prescription form and/or any other documentation required through your HSA. You would have to pay for the glasses, and then submit your invoice for reimbursement with the doctor's signature to your HSA.

    Where are etease glasses make in what country?

    They are made in the United States. Minnesota, specifically.

    What do you mean blocks out visual noise? How do these work?

    Visual 'noise' is all of the light and images that impact your eyes and then your brain. The noise describes the light and images that you are not focused on or that are not needed to do whatever it is that you are doing. In other words, it is the things that you do not want or need to see. AtEase Glasses enhance and refine your area of focus. Your peripheral vision which might and often does cause distractions is limited for your benefit. For example, you might be at a coffee shop trying to focus on your computer but can't stay locked in because you keep noticing activity going on around the shop. Similar to the concept of horse blinders, AtEase Glasses block out visual distractions by using patented lens technology to help you stay focused. By blocking out this visual noise, AtEase Glasses can help you focus, concentrate, as well as enhance optical and neurological function and performance. Hopefully, this helps to clear up any confusion you might have had!

    Is the Standard size option a Medium or Large?

    Thank you so much for your question! As for the sizing, the standard-fit is exactly that, just a standard adult fit. In it's relation to the 'tortoise' style of the glasses, the black pair is a little bigger, but still fits most normal adults. We have heard positive feedback on the sizes of the glasses from our customers in their ability to fit. AtEase Glasses have some flexibility built into the design so that they'll just fit more snug to your head if you are someone who has a head that is larger than most. If you have any other questions about the sizing of the glasses, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Thanks

    The description mentions helping with sleep and anxiety. How does it help with these tasks?

    Thanks so much for your question! AtEase Glasses utilize a patented light blocking and visual occlusion technology designed specifically to enhance focus and limit distractions. Similar to the concept of horse blinders, AtEase Glasses block out visual noise and sensory overstimulation which in turn helps your brain relax. The parasympathetic nervous system is the part of our nervous system that helps us calm down and relax. It slows the heart, dilates blood vessels, relaxes the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, increases digestive juices and decreases pupil size. There is a treatment named EMDR that has shown that horizontal eye movements elicit an orienting response which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers arousal. This calmer neurological environment has been able to mitigate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, migraines, concussions, and insomnia. All of these principles apply to the science behind AtEase Glasses. We're excited to have created a drug-free and zero-risk option for users who suffer from these afflictions. I hope this answered your question!



    Atease Therapeutic Glasses is a unique and innovative product designed to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and sensory overload by regulating the amount of light and color that enters the eyes. The glasses are equipped with specially designed lenses that filter out specific wavelengths of light, which have been scientifically proven to affect brain activity and emotional states. These glasses are useful for anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or those who find it hard to deal with sensory overload. As light can have a significant impact on the human body, regulating it can help lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and improve relaxation. The lenses are also designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by screens, ensuring eye health and comfort. The Atease glasses come in different styles with varying lens options and offer a comfortable and non-invasive solution to stress and anxiety relief. Overall, Atease Therapeutic Glasses provide users with a safe and effective way to lower stress levels and improve mental and emotional wellbeing.


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    8 Reviews for Therapeutic Glasses

    1. Mr. Smith

      I can’t peak enough about my AtEase glasses… I was shocked to see the results in my attentiveness and focus while using them. I have only mild use for them, only using them to help out with scarce times of distraction and stress. I highly reccommend to anybody with anxiety, irritability, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, etc. that need additional tools/help to calm and focus! Additionally, got a couple pairs for my wife to use in her elementrary special educaiton classrooms, and she loves them! Her young students get to wear them to help their emotional behavior disorders. Easy to use and effective!

    2. Frank Jacobson

      My wife and I have been using these glasses for a little over a week, and I can say they really make a difference on my focus and overall mindset. These glasses do a great job of breaking up any “background noise” in your vision, allowing you to focus on only what is right in front of you. While wearing these glasses I have noticed I am more calm and relaxed.My wife has anxiety, and gets occasional panic attacks. She has been using the glasses whenever she feels stressed out or overwhelmed, and both of us have noticed that when wearing the glasses she is able to refocus herself to a calm state within 10 minutes. We have been very impressed so far. Both of us agree that the amber colored viewing lens makes a big difference, as it effectively dims your environment and makes everything seem a bit softer.My wife has not had a panic attack since we have received these glasses, but I am confident that they will help her when that time comes. For me, this will be very beneficial as typically during these panic attacks I have a hard time getting her to focus and relax. I think wearing these, while performing breathing exercises and staying in a still position, will be able to halt panic attacks before they become all-encompassing.Overall I would give this product a 5 star review and I think it can become a household brand for people prone to anxiety and panic attacks. Also, one unexpected benefit is that they actually look great while you are wearing them! No one would be able to tell they are anything but a fashionable pair of sunglasses!

    3. Shelly Fessler

      These things are great! I use them on the golf course and they help me focus. They’re also great for stress relief.

    4. sandy stribbling

      I LOVE these glasses. My ptsd anxiety is so debilitating that sleeping at night was almost nonexistent constantly tossing and turning. But when I put them on for the first time I was amazed.My shoulders starting to relax and I slept with them all night. Tossing and turning decreased tremendously. Thank you so much. I am so glad that God gave you an idea and you obeyed.

    5. George

      Reviews were encouraging; but, these glasses do cut down glare and gave me a minimal improvement in contrast.They work well for others; but, I am disappointed.

    6. Venom

      Broken easily due to cheap material. I have just picked it up from the distant part of the right sided plastic arm and literally just snapped out of its place !!!

    7. Doramaria Garcia

      I am returning the glasses didn’t work for me at this time

    8. Barry C

      As a post concussion sufferer, we were advised (suggested) to try these new glasses to see if they would help in reducing headaches, strained vision for pc and tv use. Although they are difficult to adjust to initially for a computer screen due to the small vision area, they did have a positive impact. They were hugely beneficial when watching TV as they completely reduced the strain and glare off the TV screen. Absolutely recommend this product.

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    AtEase Therapeutic Glasses for Anxiety, Focus, Gaming, Relaxation, Sleep & More.
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