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PlayBetter Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggles Bundle

The extra-large spherical lens of the I/OX Turbo Fan allows unparalleled peripheral vision, while 5X anti-fog technology creates 5 times the fog absorption compared to anything else on the market. This technology combined with the interchangeable lens and our military-derived Turbo Fan makes these the ultimate in snow goggles.

  • BUNDLE INCLUDES – Smith Optics I/O Mag Snow Goggles, Bright Light and Low Light ChromaPop Performance Lenses, PlayBetter Retractable Microfiber Towel, Universal Helmet Helper, Goggle Bag & Lens Sleeve
  • BIRDSEYE VISION – State of the art lens technology has a 25% increase of overall field of view.
  • CHROMAPOP TECHNOLOGY – Ability to see detail and color beyond normal capabilities by delivering greater definition, more natural color and unmatched clarity.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES – Includes bright light and low light lenses for optimal performance in different weather conditions
  • ULTIMATE ACCESSORIES BUNDLE – Keep your I/O Mag lenses clean with the PlayBetter Microfiber Towel while the Universal Helmet Helper keeps your goggles secure!


Smith Optics 4D Mag Snow Goggles - Red Rock/Sun Red Mirror (OPEN BOX)

All of our RePlay Warehouse Certified Products include Original Packaging (with all accessories and documentation) and are 100% Eligible for our Free 60-Day Return Policy. We guarantee you'll love your product or you can send it back for FREE! Here are the...

Smith Optics 4D Mag Snow Goggles | ChromaPop, BirdsEye Vision | BRAND NEW

**All orders include BRAND NEW Smith Optics 4D Mag Snow Goggles in addition to the following (PlayBetter is an Authorized Smith Optics Retailer and all purchases are protected by Smith Optics 1-Year Warranty in addition to our 60-Day Returns)**SMITH OPTICS 4D MAG...

Smith Optics 4D Mag Snow Goggle Lava Chromapop Sun Red Mirror & Extra Lens

Smith Optics 4D Mag Snow Goggle Lava Chromapop Sun Red Mirror & Extra Lens Smith 4D MAG GogglesYou can now see more than ever. The all new 4D MAG raises the bar for lens innovation with the introduction of BirdsEye Vision. This state of the art lens technology...

Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggles (Black, ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror)

VISIT OUR EBAY STORE Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggles (Black, ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror) New with tags SKU: M007322QJ99MP Features Smith MAG lens change system uses magnetsChromaPop lenses enhance contrast and natural colorBirdsEye Vision clarifies your...

Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggle Chromapop Photochromic Red Mirror + Lens 2021

Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggle Chromapop Photochromic Red Mirror + Lens 2021 Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggle Chromapop Photochromic Red Mirror + Extra Lens Color:Black '21 Lens Color:Chromapop Photochromic Red Mirror + Extra Lens You can now see more than ever...


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6 Reviews for Smith I/OX Turbo Fan Goggles

  1. M.R.

    I received the Smith Optics Adult I/OX Turbo Fan over the glasses goggles today. The turbo fan did not work right out of the box. Thinking that the Duracell batteries might be the problem, I switched them out with brand new batteries. The fan still didn’t work, so I unplugged and reconnected the connection that resembles an earphone jack arrangement and was able to get the fan to come on, but it continually stopped working after running for approximately one second.The battery pack is connected to the fan by a wire that has two earphone connections. The wire is not concealed or protected, it can be snagged and is vulnerable to damage and there is a poor connection at the earphone style jacks. The battery pack, wiring and connections are poorly designed especially given the $300 retail price. I called Smith Optics customer service and finally got to speak with a live representative and arranged to return the I/OX Goggles returned for replacement. I am not confident that the turbo fan on the replacement will last, and provide an acceptable level of reliability. This is a poorly designed, engineered and executed method of powering the fan in a high end ski goggle, and should be replaced with a new design by Smith Optical at no cost to the customer.I have had the Knowledge OTC Goggle with fan by Smith Optics and have had zero issues in 3 years of use, but the lens is not as good in the Knowledge goggle as it is in the I/OX goggle. My recommendation to anyone considering the Smith Optics I/OX Turbo Fan Ski Goggles would be to avoid this model until they replace the current flawed fan connection with one that is reliable.

  2. Osnat Grady Schwartz

    Same here, turbi fan stopped working after two days!

  3. Mark

    The photo-chromatic lens for the I/OX is my favorite lens. It is the only reason I haven’t bashed my I/OX Turbo Fan Goggles into tiny bits because of the horrible, horrible design of the power system. The battery pack connection to the goggles will NOT stay plugged in. When it is plugged in, power to the fan is a random occurrence. I even opened a repair ticket with Smith when I could not get the fan to turn on after replacing the batteries, cleaning contacts, et cetera, then the darn fan turned on while I was packing it to ship for repair! As another reviewer already said, Smith should, but won’t, replace these at no cost under warranty with a new solution since the problem is the faulty design.

  4. Edward A. Morris

    As a skier who wears glasses, goggles with a fan are an absolute essential for me, as it is impossible to keep my glasses from fogging up any other way. In fact, even with a fan they still fog up sometimes (just not as bad as with ordinary goggles). So after using an older model of Smith TurboFan goggles (Knowledge OTG) for about 10 years, I finally decided to upgrade to this one to see if they’ve improved the technology since that model. That was late spring of 2018. The fan quit working altogether a few hours into the first day. Very disappointing, but hopefully that was just a glitch. After shipping it back to the factory to get it fixed, which took a few weeks, I didn’t have a chance to use it again last season, but now I have and so I’m finally ready to write my review:I do like these goggles and the replaceable lenses better than the earlier model. The fan is noticeably quieter, which is nice. More importantly, I would also say it’s slightly more effective at keeping my glasses from fogging up. But ONLY slightly, unfortunately. On a cold day the fan still just doesn’t always keep up. (Sometimes I have to lift the goggles off my face for a while to let my glasses clear.)I really wish Smith would put a more powerful fan in these things. I can’t understand why they keep using such a wimpy thing that hardly moves any air at all. Or maybe they need to do something else to improve the airflow design, because the way their goggles work now, sometimes it seems like if the fan is actually sucks up the steam coming from your breath right into the goggles more than it’s doing anything to clear them. (Perhaps sucking air in from the top instead of the bottom would work better??)Anyway, I’m giving them 4 stars because they do help, so I’d definitely buy them again, but I’m still kind of disappointed they don’t work better.

  5. Ramitch

    The fan works well and keeps my goggles from fogging.Only drawback is the connection to the battery pack is a plug that comes unplugged at times. The motor is so quiet you can’t tell the fan is off when it comes unplugged.

  6. Bette

    Product shipped with batteries installed; the batteries having been installed for a long time corroded and messed up the electronics. After cleaning and fiddling around with the electrical a stuff I got the goggle fan running. I have low confidence this fix will be permanent but am willing to risk it as I love the turbo fan google. FYI smith doesn’t make these anymore and warranty claims just get you a credit for new goggles. Good luck

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