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Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggles

The Boogie Regulator Goggle is the little brother to the LOPRO Regulator Goggle. If your day includes a quick mission, a long road ride or a jump our of a perfectly good helicopter, the Boogie Regulator Goggle has the qualities you need in your eye protection.

  • Lenses provide 100-Percent protection from harmful UVA/UVB/UVC rays-Anti-fog and scratch resistant on all lenses
  • Lenses meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level
  • Smith patented Regulator ventilates lenses combat fogging
  • Fits like an eyesheild with protection of a goggle
  • Smith Optic’s uncompromising optical quality


Smith Optics Elite Boogie Regulator Goggle Lens Gray

Smith Optics Elite Boogie Regulator Goggle Lens, Gray Outside The Wire Goggles "Protection Where and When you Need it. Smith Optics Elite Division has taken Smith's years of experience developing the world's most innovative eyewear to design and engineer its...

Smith Optics Boogie SOEP Elite Goggle 

Smith Elite Boogie SOEP Goggles: 35mm Black Strap/Gray Lens is "New with tags".Product DetailsSpecial operations eyewear package authorizedSlotted ventilation technologyLenses meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level clause 3.5.1Smith's uncompromising optical...


Smith Elite Optics' Boogie Sport builds on the success of the Boogie Regulator model. Smith Elite Optics added a traditional strap to the goggle with a quick release option. You choose the activity and if it requires a low profile piece of eye protection, the Boogie...

Smith Optics Boogie SOEP Elite Goggle - Tan 499 Frame/Clear Mil-Spec Lens -

These are new with all accessories. Thank you for visiting our eBay store. Some of our listings are eligible for "Buy It Now” and/or “Make Offer”. Please only use “Make Offer” selection when buying multiple items from our store. We are often unable to accept offers...

New Smith Optics Elite Boogie Bungee Goggle Strap Kit & More, 8 Items altogether

Selling a whole treasure chest here worth much twice what its listed for:1 - S&S Precision Pocket Shiv - Tan2 - Smith Optics Elite Goggle Bungee Quick Strap - Black2 - Smith Optics Elite Outside The Wire Goggle Sleeve - Multicam1 - Smith Optics Elite Boogie Sport...


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12 Reviews for Smith Optics Elite Boogie Tactical Goggle

  1. tylerhirata

    I’m not judging the authenticity of the other reviews because everyone does receive a lemon once and a while, but my foam is still fine. I used it for two games already and the foam is still there. One thing to note is yes these do fog, but that happens to any goggles. I have yet to see a goggle that doesn’t fog. My friends $250 Oakleys still fog, so it just goes to show that no matter what goggles you have they will still for unless you never sweat. The awesome things about these are that if they do fog just run a little bit and they will clear up A LOT. As long as you keep on moving they won’t fog, but if you’re a sniper (AIRSOFT) I wouldn’t recommend these for you. They will fog up super fast. The build quality on mind was great and I’d recommend these to any airsofter that wants low profile goggles.

  2. Psycareyo

    These fit AMAZING. They are crystal clear. By far the best visibility and profile of any goggle system I’ve ever used. The problem with these, and it’s a big one, is fog. These fog within seconds of putting them on. You have to constantly be moving at a decent speed to avoid fog. If you skydive or drive a motorcycle, these would be perfect. But if you airsoft or if you are wearing them as protection for your job, they are exceptionally inept.

  3. Kevin Frigo

    I was super excited about getting these cause a few team mates use them and they love, however I wasn’t impressed. They fog constantly and the roam around the edges came unglued after my first full game of using them.

  4. Steve

    Frikin things fog up like crazy! Added extra holes and they still fog up. Look good though but aren’t good for any mission.

  5. Chris Ayden

    Do fog up a.bit as I am out and in a machine but did not get any eye wear that did not apart from this a good pair of eyewear

  6. Daniel

    These googles are rubbish. They are uncomfortable as hell and the strap is too small to fit over an adults head. I cant give you any alternative to because I don’t use a lot of goggles but stay away from these. In fact the ones that the seller sent to me appear to be returns so be prepared for that as well.

  7. Conrad Casem Jr

    i am filipino which is the reason why i bought these…use them strictly for airsoft. regardless of what reviews say, these goggles are solid just as the description states. hours of running indoor CQB with full-on sweat wearing a balaclava, the foam stays spungee and comfortable. i’m using the goggles with the bungee kit and attached it to my bravo pj2 helmet. THESE GOGGLES FOG when you post up/prone or just kneel waiting for enemies. so basically with the vent holes open and running or walking around they won’t fog. properly applying Spit Antifog spray to the lenses significantly reduces the fog but nothing will stop sweat from pouring in from the top of the goggle, unless you wear a Lebron James head band underneath your helmet.

  8. LTdaz

    Works great and provides a good seal around my face. The only down side is the padding is too much, the goggles tend to fog up even if you sweat a little. Perfect solution is cutting bits out of the padding and presto, no more fogging.

  9. The Pink Pelican

    Foam around lens came off after 2 uses

  10. benjamin booher

    these fit great and visibility is very good. but that does not excuse the fact that they fog instantly. if you are buying these with the intent on playing airsoft, please reconsider. one star because even with great visibility you cant see through the fog.

  11. de Armas

    I got these for aerial platform work, and they’re awesome for that. Even with the vents open, they need plenty of air flowing around them in order to not fog up. Almost everyone I work with has bought a pair, and it seems like 1/2 of them end up liking them.Long story short:They work awesome in/out of a helicopter.They don’t work so well in the turret of a vehicle.They definitely don’t work as a general use goggle.

  12. A

    A typical Asian with a flatter nose and therefore also lower puts on this goggle and finds an air gap of 1/8″ along the center portion of the lower edge of the goggle, basically all around the nose and more. Manufacturer can do an even more Asian fit or a replaceable silcone lower lip that is larger to take up that airgap. With much impact protection, this is still the best value goggle you can buy but unfortunately can be further improved.

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Smith Optics Elite Boogie Tactical Goggle

$42.85 $39.09