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LED Party Glasses

Stand out and show off your creativity at parties.

HECLX LED Smart Glasses: Upgrade your party with customizable LED displays and messaging.

- Fun and unique
- Eye-catching
- Adjustable


- May be uncomfortable
- Battery life

LED Party Glasses – Control via App

2020 upgraded full glass LED party glasses with 4 display modes. Text Editing, DIY Graffiti Design, Pattern Animation, and Music Rhythm. These glasses can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and using the companion phone app you can fully customize the LED animations. These glasses are sure to make you stand out at the next party or festival.

  • Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Show off your creativity! Great for fun parties, raves, night clubs, Halloween, Christmas, new years
  • Bluetooth enabled to connect to the App (iOS 7 or later&Android 4.4 or later / Not available except for iOS&Android) to and instantly customize your messages!
  • Light up your message and make it stand out simply with the tip of your finger! It will makes you stand out at any party
  • Functions include: Text, Drawing, Animation, and Equalizer display
  • Lightweight, fold-able, illuminating LED, built-in memory, rechargeable LED glasses


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Led Party Glasses Bluetooth App Control Led Light Up Glasses Flashing Glowing SA
Led Party Glasses Bluetooth App Control Led Light Up Glasses...
Led Party Glasses Bluetooth App Control Led Light Up Glasses Flashing Glowing og
Led Party Glasses Bluetooth App Control Led Light Up Glasses...


Get the party started with LED wrap around Party Glasses! These glasses will make you the center of attention with their eye-catching design and bright colors. These glasses have an adjustable frame to fit comfortably on any head size. The LED lights flash brilliantly in different colors, adding a fun and daring touch to your party outfit. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments and are perfect for any occasion, from a night out to a concert or festival. Make a bold statement with these glasses and show off your party spirit. With LED wrap around Party Glasses, you will shine brightly and create unforgettable memories while enjoying the festivities with friends and family.

  • 2020 upgraded LED party glasses
  • 4 display modes - Text, DIY Graffiti, Pattern Animation, Music Rhythm
  • Customizable via Bluetooth and companion phone app
  • Unique accessory for parties, Halloween, etc.
  • Functions include messaging, drawing, animation, and equalizer display
  • Lightweight, foldable, and built-in memory
  • Great conversation starter
  • Sleek black frame with multiple LED lights
  • Adjustable brightness levels and 7 different color combinations
  • Battery-powered and durable
  • Creates fun atmosphere in party setting


    Supported ApplicationMessages, Phone
    BrandHX HECLX
    Supports BluetoothBluetooth
    ConnectionsBluetooth, USB
    Voice commandMicrophone
    LED Party Glasses
    released on July 17, 2020



    The LED wrap around party glasses are the perfect accessory for any party setting. These glasses consist of a sleek black frame with multiple LED lights that wrap around the lenses, creating a stunning and unique visual effect. The glasses come with adjustable brightness levels to allow you to customize the level of illumination as per your requirement. These glasses are battery powered and come equipped with long-lasting batteries that will last the entire night. With seven different color combinations to choose from, you can pick one that matches your outfit or party theme. The glasses are lightweight and durable, making it easy to wear them for extended periods. These glasses also make a great conversation starter and help to create a fun atmosphere in a party setting. Whether you are throwing a rave, attending a music festival, or simply looking to add some flair to your outfit, the LED wrap around party glasses are an excellent investment that is sure to turn heads.


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    15 Reviews for LED Party Glasses

    1. Wanpaku

      These are the glasses are fun to use because they are able to be customized what shows on the LED part to the people looking at the weather of the glasses. Once you’ve installed the app on your tablet or smart phone, it is able to recognize the glasses through Bluetooth and then you are able to go through and work your customization whether it is text or images or animation. Simple to use and fun to watch especially in low light or no light situations. Recharging a simple using the included micro USB cable.

    2. C. Grice

       These are VERY cool, I love the scrolling messages and pictures! These would be fantastic at a party or whatever. At least for a bit, as it’s kind of difficult to see through them and you can’t wear regular glasses under them. But that’s a minor issue…the biggest problem is them staying on your head. I explain in the video…they just don’t want to stay on your head because of the design. If you put them up on your nose, the earpieces are just too far away from your ears to go over them and basically there’s no way for them to stay on. However, if you would just use something to hold onto the earpieces behind your head, I’m sure they would stay on. I think this is just a design flaw that they will need to work on…they are fun to look at and use, and even wear for a little bit as long as you make sure they are secured behind your head! So since they ARE great, and fun, and the only thing was that they wouldn’t stay on…well and you can’t see (but that’s kind of to be expected), I give four stars. Fix the earpiece problem and it would be five!

    3. Mickey

      These glasses are a great party starter and definitely a lot of fun for picking up the vibe at group of events. The colorful dancing lights are easy to cycle through for different effects. It fits securely and is easy to wipe clean! A lot of fun for musical gatherings and evening events!

    4. Safia Salim

      These are probably the coolest glasses you will ever purchase. You can customize the messages. The app on your device will quickly link to the glasses and allow you to control the display. Very user friendly app as well. As soon as you take them out of the box, you will be hooked up and using them with your device. I plan to buy more of these for gifts. Would be great for parades, raves, cookouts, and any other large gathering. If you like attention, you will love these glasses.

    5. Wanpaku

       Classes are fun to play with the different settings to create different messages that can scroll or be displayed on the glasses you wear them. The glass is provide the opportunity to be able to see well out of them so you do not have to worry about having limited vision while wearing them. They were simple to connect to my smart phone using the free app that I can download and then from there, the customization was fun to play with.

    6. Alice Ceballos

       The Glasses Are Really . They light up, have different patterns and are great for a party and such. They someway connect with an ap to your phone and become interactive. I haven’t figured out how as the directions are not written in English so needs someone who is not as technical challaged as myself. They are big on me but tight on my son who is 300 pounds. My son who is 200 thought they fit great. They are not really adjustable, more of a one size fits all type of thing.

    7. Larry

      This bluetooth glasses can not only block the sun but also listen to songs and answer the phone, killing two birds with one stone. The glasses are very attractive and look cool. My husband likes them very much.

    8. Akili

      Lightweight and easy to carry, the head can be shaken up, and the glasses are shiny and bright. Children like it. These glasses are really good, they look cool and dazzling, with colorful colors

    9. Corey

      This glasses is too cool, I like it too much, it is very simple to practice with a mobile phone, and the light will not stimulate the eyes, I like it very much, the pattern of display is also very good, I have recommended friends to buy

    10. Will-Review4U

      I love programable led clothing. I started with a name tag two years ago and recently a led ball cap.The app for these glasses is simple and updated to operate with the current iOS. The darkness of the glasses still allows me to wear these indoors but place scrolling designs or use the installed programmings for fun. I have come up with so many fun quotes to place on these like “eyes up here” and “not today Karen”

    11. jacquelyn r guinter

      At the beginning, I had been thinking about low price glasses, but I didn’t think I made the right choice until I received this product!These glasses are cool and I love the information and images that scroll over them. The glasses are of moderate size, comfortable to wear and convenient to carry.If you wear these glasses, you will definitely be the focus of the party, because they are so cool!

    12. Blade Relic

      update: the battery in these glasses started to swell and broke the glasses. only some of the leds turn on, and when they do, they just flicker! these glasses are officially broken after a few uses.original review: these glasses were cheap so i wasn’t expecting much. but wow! i didn’t think the leds would actually be bright enough to be useful! it is fun using the app to write custom messages and have them instantly appear onto the glasses!

    13. Reinaldo Rodriguez

      These were everything I hoped they’d be and more. The app was a little hard to find at first but I got it installed and am able to make my own designs on the glasses, which I love! They are rechargeable which is super convenient. I use them to make funny videos and have had no issues. I would recommend this product!

    14. Zeb

      Decent item at a reasonable price comparatively to other displays on amazon. It was way better than the pictures. Excellent high-beam bright lights! Well fitted on my face & gave a great party look. The delivery timing was on point as well.

    15. Bernadette

      Really cool glasses. They fit a little loose but they look great!

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