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N58 Smart Watch

1.3″ Touchscreen Smart Watch with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Sleep Tracking, Pedometer, Calories Counter for Women and Men.

  • Heart rate detection, ECG measurement, time display, step counting, calories, distance, heart rate, sleep time.
  • On/off display, standard motor function (step, distance, calories), sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality).
  • Incoming call Notification, message reminder, multi-language push, alarm reminder, task reminder (seize reminder,), sync data to APK/APP.
  • System requirements: for Android 4.4 and above, for IOS 8.0 or above, support for Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Practical, durable and well received by the public.


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6 Reviews for N58 ECG Sports Watch

  1. Patrick H

     I like the look and function of this. It has the appearance of a real watch with all the fun stuff of a tracker. The screen is large and vivid, which is a help since my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I also like the remote camera function that allows me to take shots with my phone by using the watch. Good buy.

  2. Sathya R.

    I have a Samsung Gear and wanted something basic for my wife. Compared to how much money that costs I think this would get the job done just as well. The main functions on this watch that my wife uses are:- heart rate (it is accurate)- activity (treadmill = running)- tracking sleep- getting sms alerts so she doesn’t have to look at her phoneIt has all those functions and they all work well. There is only one button on the watch. There is no rotating dial like in a gear. It is touch screen and you can scroll up and down. The charging is pretty easy. It is a magnetic prong that attaches automatically to the back of the watch. I am not sure if the blood pressure function is accurate, but it is pretty cool because even my gear does NOT have that function.

  3. Mark Randolph

    I have had this watch for several weeks. I found the scrolling windows somewhat confusing at first, but after playing around with them, they are straight forward. Two BIG pluses: 1.) I have compared both the heart rate and blood pressure readings several times with my Omron Series 10 and Evolve blood pressure monitors and the watch is usually within 5-10 mm of both systolic and diastolic readings. Heart rate numbers have also been close. For a low cost device, in my opinion, this is phenomenal 2.) the battery life is turning out to be much greater than expected.One caveat and recommendation: I was asked by the manufacturer to report this: charging the battery until the battery icon stops its animation and is solid (around 2 hours) is NOT sufficient to fully charge the battery. I only charged it for the 2 hours or so a couple of times and found the watch only held a charge for between 24-36 hours. After a discussion with the manufacturer, I charged the watch 2+ hours beyond the 2 hours to get a solid battery icon and am amazed at the results. The watch has now gone almost a week since this last 4+ hour charge and it still shows 80% or so charge remaining. This is also consistent with the readout of the battery status in the phone app.I am 65 and retired. I have an exercise program going at home with several items: a treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine and free weights. Recently I started experiencing extended heavy breathing after these routines. I saw my PCP whom did a resting ECG. The results were good, however, I am now scheduled for a more ECG’s with a cardiologist. Using the watch now to check both my heart rate and blood pressure during these sessions has proved invaluable: I check both several times during workouts and if higher than recommended for someone my age, I stop and take breaks as necessary.I HIGHLY recommend this watch to help you keep tabs on these important readings, especially if you are older and have potential health issues.

  4. Maria G.

    This watch works, and it’s affordable, and comfortable too!I needed a watch to track my steps etc., as well – New Years resolutions …. we all know how that goes right?Packaging is nice and neat; setup could not possibly be easier – download the app, create your account, it walks you through and then just like that, you’re done! And as for charging – you can’t mess up – the magnetic system ensures that there’s a secure connection, and it charges within a few hours. Battery life runs about 4-5 days (without completely depleting).Steps are pretty accurate (within 10-15 of what my iPhone is recording). It connects and syncs with the myHealth app as well, which is convenient, because, well, I’m lazy (New Years resolution remember?!). Additional favorites of mine are sleep tracking, heart rate, bp monitor, and are all bonuses, seeing that I was really just looking for a fun way to track steps. Display is nice and bright (yes, I’m “visually-challenged” at times too, and sometimes I run without my prescription shades!).The one thing I don’t like though (you know everything can’t be perfect right?!), is the watch size for my hand. It looks better on my husband’s (bigger) wrist. On mine it looks a bit too big. But it’s **so** comfortable. Butttt, the multitude of features make up for a lot… … even though I wish there was a smaller size available too.So, with all that being said, this watch fits the bill for most of us. And if you’re on the fence, you should try it. The seller is professional, answers questions, and responds in a timely manner, and that says a lot . … anyways, ….see y’all on the other side of my New Years Resolution!

  5. Sandra

    I am a dialysis patient and as such my blood pressure goes both high and low. I was hoping this watch would be a quick way to let me check throughout the day. I am very disappointed to find it is very inaccurate and cannot pick up readings that seem to be plus or minus 10 points out from where the calibration is set. The metal band is very flimsy and the watch falls off with no warning. I would definitely not recommend if the blood pressure feature is something you value.

  6. Phill

    First day using the watch and so far very pleased with its functions! BP AND HEAR RATE seem to work as well as notifying me when I get a text or Snapchat. Would recommend.Few hours in and the wrist turn function stoped working double checked to make sure it was on and it was active. I realize I can always press the side button to turn it on but I like to be able to look down and see the time, a lot of times my other hand isn’t available to press the button so when the writs function doesn’t work it’s a bit frustrating.

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N58 ECG Sports Watch

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