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Comes with strap-on heart rate monitor



TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch


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3 reviews for TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

  1. Tubber

    Its one of the most comfortable multi sports watch ever worn. Its interface is great, easy to use and very close to the Nike+ GOS watch if you have one.The Pros:1) great accuracy for runs be it outside or on the treadmill. somewhat this is the watch I go for my runs.2) easy to export the FIT. files to be imported into the applications that I use.3) Great comfort4) Simple interface5) GPS locks on super fast6) Long battery life (10 hours) “IF” u are not paired with a HRM. If HRM is ON, you could get about 4hours of battery life only.The Cons:1) lousy, extremely bad beta software2) useless on the swim3) Open water swim needless to say the GPS just don’t work4) Not suitable if you are expecting open water capability5) Can actually transit between sports if you are in a Tri race.Subject-able to individual:1) Depending on which app are you using, apparently, with the same output of gpx & fit files from the same run, you do get different results. And TT response was some of the applications does re-calculate the gps coordinates, so they can’t some what be the same though it was from the same run.2) Altimeter wasn’t specifically indicated that it is only available in the performance bundle. For those people like us who bought without the performance bundle, the hardware received does not have that function at all. I actually felt cheated by TT.3) I really hated the swim function as it does not allow calibration at all even though these guys at tomtom already know they need a patch to take care of the issues.4) Stopwatch should be at least a standard function but its not available as yet.Hope this review works for you guys.

  2. Maverick

    Owned this device for a few weeks as I’m training for a triathlon. I was attracted to this watch as I liked the idea of tracking all three modes with one device.I found it easy to set up and updated to the latest firmware without fuss.My main gripe with this watch is that it does not accurately count swimming laps which was supposed to be the main advantage that the TomTom had over other watches (eg. Garmin). I’ve read other reviews and it seems that many are having the same problem. And yes I’ve tried pushing off strongly after each lap and the pool distance is set correctly, despite this the watch consistently adds an additional lap or two over 20 laps.So as a running watch it’s ok, but I can’t recommend it for swimming, I wish I had saved my money and just used my casio watch for swimming and iPhone app for running.The heart rate monitor seems to work ok and is comfortable to wear.

  3. Adrian A. Fernandez-Venegas

    I bought this watch last April and I really liked it (fast heart rate sensing, accurate GPS, multisport feature). Nevertheless, it only worked for seven months. I use it for running, at the gym and for swimming, which is one of the sports it’s designed for, but a couple of weeks ago it started behaving erratically in the pool. Then moisture appeared on the screen. Now the display is blank and I’ve been trying to take moisture out by leaving it hours in rice and letting sunlight to evaporate the water. I still don’t dare to connect it to my computer to find out whether or not it’s still working. I’ve read several posts in TomTom’s web site complaining about the same issue. Otherwise it would be a great multisport watch.UPDATE, 20160825:I’m adding a star (three now) because TomTom customer service has replaced my defective watch with a new one. They even sent it along with the complete set of accessories (wristband, heart rate monitor, etc.) even though they had asked me to return the watch module only. Now I have some useful spare parts. I guess I’ll have to wait more than seven months to confirm whether or not this new unit is free of the water leak issue. In regards to customer service and response times, I have no complaints at all, very good experience. And by reading many of the ¨not so good¨ reviews, you can confirm TomTom keeps watching them and they offer their assistance whenever needed.

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