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TomTom Multisport Watch with GPS

Whether you’re running, cycling or swimming, TomTom has a range of GPS watches and accessories to help you achieve your goals. With the TomTom Multisport watch, see your detailed running, cycling, and swimming metrics at-a-glance to stay motivated and reach your running goals.

  • Extra Large Display so you can see your key running, cycling and swimming stats at a glance
  • Graphical training partner helps you train more effectively with full screen graphics and three unique training modes
  • One button control allows you to easily navigate through menus.
  • Multi-sport watch tracks running, swimming and cycling metrics at a glance
  • Includes heart rate monitor

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TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch
TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch
TomTom Multisport Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music Fitness Laufuhr Musik GPS Sportuhr
TomTom Multisport Runner 2 Spark Cardio Music Fitness Laufuhr Musik...
TomTom Runner 2 blau Multisport + Music Laufuhr L GPS-Tracking blue
TomTom Runner 2 blau Multisport + Music Laufuhr L GPS-Tracking blue


The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is the ultimate workout companion, providing real-time information on your distance, pace, and calories burned. With its built-in GPS, you can easily track your outdoor activities without the need for an additional phone or tablet. This watch is also water-resistant up to 50m, making it ideal for swimming workouts. Its customizable features allow you to choose from over 50 different display options and set specific goals based on distance, time, or calories burned. The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is not just a device, it's the perfect tool for helping you reach your fitness goals. By providing you with accurate, real-time performance data, this watch helps you train smarter and perform better. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch will help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.



The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is an advanced wearable technology device that provides accurate tracking of various sports-related activities. It comes with a built-in GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope, ensuring precise measurement of distance, speed, and pace. This watch is designed for multiple sports, including running, cycling, swimming, and indoor activities. It also features a waterproof design that is perfect for open-water swimming. The watch has a large, easy-to-read display that shows real-time progress, and it provides audio cues and vibration alerts for goals and target zones for heart rate, speed, and distance. The device has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to sync with smartphones and other devices. This watch also syncs with popular tracking apps such as Nike+, Runkeeper, and Strava. It has a long battery life of up to 10 hours, and a customizable strap ready for easy replacement. The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is the perfect tool for individuals who want to accurately monitor their fitness activities, track progress, and achieve their goals.


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TomTom Multisport Watch
released on June 14, 2013


TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watches

Discover the new TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watches — see your running, cycling and swimming metrics at a glance.

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watches

TomTom Multi-Sport. GPS Training Watch with Heart Rate Monitor strap. Train in your optimal heart rate zone; See real-time training information; Race your past performances *This heart rate monitor is not a medical device. Always consult a physician before starting an exercise program. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic ...

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TomTom is a well known dutch GPS company that was founded in 1991 and is perhaps most well known for their in-car GPS systems. TomTom is also known in wearable technology for their GPS watches for sports. – View Profile

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11 Reviews for TomTom Multisport Watch

  1. K. Chua

    This review is last updated Nov 2014 (firmware 1.8.19)I have probably updated this review almost 10 times now… why? Thanks to improvements in the software since the watch was first launched. If you’re one who sees glass half full, you might feel used by TomTom to be a beta tester. But truthfully, there were many new features added and existing ones refined over the last year or so!TomTom has refined many existing features (e.g. Cycle) and introduced new ones (e.g. Interval, Stopwatch). I am rewriting this review as many of the issues has been addressed.==================Background:I’m training for Triathlon and have used the Garmin 910XT (borrowed), and Garmin Swim (owned). Few minutes after I placed my order for 910xt, I learned about this TomTom watch. I canceled the order and eagerly waited for the Tomtom. Garmin 910xt is currently the king of Tri watch, but at twice the price – 399! (It was offering at 299 in May’13. Watch only). While it’s unfair to expect this watch to be as capable, it has LOTS OF POTENTIAL though if the TomTom programmers can fix some stuff.EXCELLENT:======Watch itself – THE HARDWARE IS THE BEST THING. It is Slim and light. This is critical for a sports watch. 910xt is smaller than 310xt but its still bulky and heavy for my taste. You feel it when you’re swimming and running, not just the weight but the water and wind resistance. TomTomMS feels very comfortable and effortless when I swing my arms in water or running. I’ve used it on wetsuit and on bare wrist, and both are fine. Unlike the Garmin 910xt’s quick release, which many has complained it may drop into the sea, the TomTom watch is encased in the strap in a smart way that won’t dislodge.Setup: I have the Wahoo Bluetoothsmart Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) as well as the Speed/Cadence (C/S) monitor. Please note that this watch cannot pair with ANT+ devices. Connecting to the HRM and C/S was a breeze. Took less than a minute. Once set up, activating it for run and bike was also very fast (first time 15 sec, subsequent was 3-5sec). After the activity is recorded by the watch, you need to download to PC (via USB connector) and upload to website.GREAT:======Bike Latch (UPDATED)- Watch comes with a bike latch that allows you to snap the watch onto the bike’s handlebar. Once installed, the watch can hook on the handlebar quickly.8/28/2013 update: My bike latch BROKE after 1mth (I took it on/off about 5 times. DISAPPOINTED!) See picture. The idea is good but there are some potential stress points that weakens with repeated use.11/9/2014 update: I received NEWLY DESIGNED bike mount, this new design can accommodate both regular and carbon (thicker) handlebar.Quite good:=======Watch Display/interface – Simple interface and each sports (Swim, Bike, Run, Treadmill) allow you to choose what metric to see on top left and right fields (small but visible). The small screen is a trade off I’m willing to take to have a small slim watch. Garmin 910XT is too bug and bulky. At night, you tap the screen to activate backlight.BAD:====TomTom’s Website – to which the data is uploaded to is bad. You can’t edit and delete activities. In a specific review website, TomTom touted Training views that provide detailed analysis, but these features was never brought to fruition.Workaround: Perhaps thinking they shouldn’t waste time to on their own website, TomTom allow you to generate files of tcx, gpx, fit, that allows you to upload directly to MapYourRun/Ride/Fitness, RunKeeper, Training Peak and Strava. One thing missing though is THESE WEBSITES DO NOT HAVE STRONG SWIM analytics unlike Garmin.If I were to rate:Watch hardware 9/10 – the watch itself is superbly designed, and SLEEK. Kudos to the team! The designer/engineer even build the GPS chip inside the control pad, which reduces bulk on the actual watch. It’s light, slim and doesn’t drop out from the strap (unlike 910XT)Watch firmware 7/10 – this watch can really compete with 910XT if it does the following:a. fixes the accidental stop issue mentioned above (This is FIXED by firmware 1.5.1)b. add multi-sport mode (currently it only tracks swim, bike, ride as separate activitiesc. add interval training mode (This is ADDED in firmware 1.4.1)d. add OPEN WATER SWIM (I CAN actually track my ocean swim with this watch but under RUN mode!)PC software (for Mac) 7/10This is the software you download into your PC (I use it on Mac) and downloads data to your PC or upload to internet. This software was glitchy but stability is improved. Previously, this software doesn’t allow you to re-export files but now you can. It also allows you to export to different formats and websites. However, it appears the websites are not interpreting the data accurately and TomTom is finetuning this.Internet website ( 4/10TomTom’s site is really rudimentary. You can’t edit, and see your swim metrics. Fortunately, as mentioned above, it’s good desktop software allows upload to several websites. MapYourRun/Fitness or Strava and rebrand that site for TomTom users. (Pls note that on another website, DCRainmaker, there’s a mock up of what TomTom aspire their website to look like. But as of Sep 2013, after this watch is selling for more than 2 months, the actual website is NOTHING like what’s shown on DCRainmaker. It only has one tab instead of 3)SWIM 6.5/10- The watch is fairly accurate for 25 yard pools, but for longer 50m pool, it adds more lengths to it. I used both Garmin Swim and TomTom for my swim. TT watch is capable of several metrics – e.g. duration, lengths, strokes per lap, SWOLF, but these metrics while appearing on watch CANNOT be displayed on the website. It’s competitor, Garmin 910xt and Garmin Swim, capture these and when uploaded to Garmin website allows you to analyze how your stroke and efficiency vary with time. With TomTom, you can only see speed vs distance. If you try uploading to other sites, these metrics like SWOLF, stroke per lap cannot be interpreted by RunKeeper, MayMyFitness, nor Strava.RUN 8/10- this is the simplest, and fortunately, it didn’t disappoint much. I had my HRM connected and it recorded distance through GPS, and speed was calculated via GPS. (On 7/20 ocean swim, I actually tried using RUN mode for my ocean swim. What’s interesting is, I could track my swim path with this. The GPS is quite strong indeed, perhaps a saving grace for this watch.). What I love most is, you can add interval trainings, train within heart rate or certain pace, and if you are outside the set range, the watch will beep signaling you’re over or under.CYCLE 8/10- The cycle feature has been refined. It takes about 30 seconds to locate your position and you’re ready to go. Previous to Firmware 1.4.1, if you have bluetooth cadence/speed sensor on, the speed will be calculated based on the tire circumference, and when you lose connection (sometimes) with your watch, you lose speed info. This firmware appears to address that by taking advantage of BOTH GPS signal and speed sensor. Which is neat!TREADMILL 6/10- Initially, this feature was horrible, but it has improved… You an calibrate after the run, and make it more aligned to your running style. Don’t get too caught up with the pace it shows while you’re running. The final distance appears to be accurate.====================Below are my previous accounts to show the problems and things solved by TomTom over the past few months. I would give TomTom a lot of credit for resolving these… but again, shouldn’t these be fixed before launching the watch?7/21/2013 update:Managed to download my data from my ocean swim, ride and run. I’m giving this watch a 4 star rating is because I know the watch firmware and the PC connection software can be fixed and improved. I’m sure the TomTom team is trying their best to fix these. Pls continue to do so and this watch can be 5 stars!!!7/24/2013 update:I’ve used this watch for a full triathlon workout (ocean swim, bike ride and run) on 7/20, lap swims on 7/22 and BRIC workout on 7/23. I’m dropping this review from 4 to 3 stars due to the shortcomings below. The watch requires you to set the length per lap in meters but in US, most pools are 25yards. You have to convert to 22.86m and need to round up or down since it stores no decimal places. TomTom should allow users to input either in yard or meters! (This issue was subsequently fixed)8/28/2013 update:Tested Firmware 1.3.1. Cycling at low cadence improved and no longer intermittently drop to zero (Kudos!). Swim seems to improve slightly but still problematic. Good thing is we can now input in yard and not just meters. But beware, the setting is global. So, if you set to meters and enter pool length in meters, your run will appear in meters/km as well. Not ideal but can’t be too picky.9/26/2013 update:- SWIM: After many more swims – short and long course, the swim function has improved but remains problematic for long course (50m). It sometimes gives zero after one length, and sometimes gives me 3 lengths when I only completed one. I don’t have this problem with my Garmin Swim. I’ve almost given up on this watch to track swim! Until the next firmware comes along.- CYCLE: With the Cadence/Speed sensor: TomTom listened to the problems and IMPROVED IT! Cadence intermittently showing zero at cadence below 60rpm. Even though the sensor may not detect a revolution at certain 1 second interval, there should be some logic to smooth it out a little. This problem has been resolved and the reading is now smooth.11/01/2013 update (Tested Firmware 1.4.1)- SWIM: Watch vibrates when each lap is completed. THIS IS GREAT because it tells you your lap is detected! I need not look at the watch while swimming to check that. (Too bad this feature was removed when firmware 1.5.1 was introduced.)- CYCLE: previous to this, when you have bluetooth cadence/speed sensor on, the speed will be calculated based on the tire circumference, and when you lose connection (sometimes) with your monitor, you lose speed info. This firmware appears to address that by taking advantage of BOTH GPS signal and speed sensor. (Original Problem: When my Cadence/Speed sensor lost connection to the watch, lost SPEED and DISTANCE altogether. With the new firmware, you’ll lose Cadence input, but it appears you continue to get speed and distance info like it should provided by GPS sensor.)11/12 update (Tested Firmware 1.5.1)- STOPWATCH: This is a NEW feature. My original review said it’s weird to have a sports watch without stopwatch, and I’m glad TomTom introduced it. I’m happy it finally has STOP WATCH standalone function, and I don’t need to enter cycling, running or swim as a workaround. This is useful for exercise such as plank, in between sets.- Accidental stop/pause: The watch was prone to accidental pause/stop but now, you have to keep it depressed 2 seconds to pause and same for stop. I suggested TomTom to provide a warning message before you stop the tracking. Or to pause the activity you’re tracking, you click Left button. To Stop, you click Left button again. Too often I accidentally click twice (some times there’s a short lag and think it didn’t detect your first click), and it end that activity and stops the tracking.====[…]

  2. Tubber

    Its one of the most comfortable multi sports watch ever worn. Its interface is great, easy to use and very close to the Nike+ GOS watch if you have one.The Pros:1) great accuracy for runs be it outside or on the treadmill. somewhat this is the watch I go for my runs.2) easy to export the FIT. files to be imported into the applications that I use.3) Great comfort4) Simple interface5) GPS locks on super fast6) Long battery life (10 hours) “IF” u are not paired with a HRM. If HRM is ON, you could get about 4hours of battery life only.The Cons:1) lousy, extremely bad beta software2) useless on the swim3) Open water swim needless to say the GPS just don’t work4) Not suitable if you are expecting open water capability5) Can actually transit between sports if you are in a Tri race.Subject-able to individual:1) Depending on which app are you using, apparently, with the same output of gpx & fit files from the same run, you do get different results. And TT response was some of the applications does re-calculate the gps coordinates, so they can’t some what be the same though it was from the same run.2) Altimeter wasn’t specifically indicated that it is only available in the performance bundle. For those people like us who bought without the performance bundle, the hardware received does not have that function at all. I actually felt cheated by TT.3) I really hated the swim function as it does not allow calibration at all even though these guys at tomtom already know they need a patch to take care of the issues.4) Stopwatch should be at least a standard function but its not available as yet.Hope this review works for you guys.

  3. vucats54

    UPDATE 10/05/14 – FROZE DURING A RUN – EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!My watch had been freezing every so often, non-responsive to any button press. I would have to dock it in the charger in order to unfreeze it. Luckily, that is up until today, it had not frozen during an exercise routine, and I thought it was a quirky thing that would go away. Well today was the day it happened on a run and I am so frustrated and annoyed! As a beginning runner one of the major reasons I bought this watch was to monitor the pace of my run. Today was my long run day and I decided to go a bit further than I ever had. Beautiful morning, everything going well, watching my pace carefully, and then half way through a 6 mile run, I look at my watch to check my pace and it is frozen on the time of day. No button would get a response and the time was not moving either. I can’t begin to tell you how angry and upset I was. I make it a habit of running competitively in a 5K race about once a month and this coming Saturday I’m racing. I sure hope the watch doesn’t freeze on me again or I will be at a severe disadvantage for any type of PB time. I charge my watch frequently so it is always up to date with any software fixes, so TOMTOM, please, fix this problem or let me know what the fix is. If it happens during a race I’m yanking the last star away from this review that I can.UPDATE 07/12/2014:I had to take one star away from my original review. I probably bike as much as I run, and was really looking forward to the bike mount that came with the watch. If you have any type of padded handle bar tape the rubber strap is extremely hard to wrap around the bar. My tape is about as thick as most road bikes and it is extremely difficult to stretch the strap around the bar. On only my third use the rubber strap broke. Now I have to spend $20 to get a new one. If I can get it on this time without breaking I think I’ll leave it on. TomTom needs to make a longer strap or a strap that will fit different handle bar circumferences.I’ve only had this for a week but so far so good. Have used it for cycling and running. I like the ability to see any one of many stats on the large display and change the displayed stat on the fly. Like the night light feature that keeps the light on only after you start a workout, and a feature that you can turn on and off. As long as Quick GPS has a check mark the GPS signal picks up pretty quickly. I’m an averaged size guy at 5’11” and 180 lbs. and the watch is very comfortable on my wrist – don’t even know it’s there when running. Easily syncs with the TomTom mobile app on my iPhone and the MapMyFitness apps. Will come back and add to this review after I’ve put it through its paces on a treadmill and more runs and bike rides.The one knock I have on it so far is the inability to see split times for running (or cycling) which is pretty important to me. This is a topic that I know has been discussed on many forums since the watch was launched but still no resolution. I don’t think I’d return it because of the lack of that feature but it would be nice if TomTom would add that functionality and let us know when that upgrade might be.

  4. Maverick

    Owned this device for a few weeks as I’m training for a triathlon. I was attracted to this watch as I liked the idea of tracking all three modes with one device.I found it easy to set up and updated to the latest firmware without fuss.My main gripe with this watch is that it does not accurately count swimming laps which was supposed to be the main advantage that the TomTom had over other watches (eg. Garmin). I’ve read other reviews and it seems that many are having the same problem. And yes I’ve tried pushing off strongly after each lap and the pool distance is set correctly, despite this the watch consistently adds an additional lap or two over 20 laps.So as a running watch it’s ok, but I can’t recommend it for swimming, I wish I had saved my money and just used my casio watch for swimming and iPhone app for running.The heart rate monitor seems to work ok and is comfortable to wear.

  5. Steven W. Coles

    Worn swimming and running and it works perfectly, took a while but we eventually worked out how to sync it with runkeeper. Tip: it saves the locations of satellites for 2 days after connecting it your pc so if you want it to find your location fast plug it in before you go.

  6. Oliver

    I love this watch. I charge it once or twice a week and use it between 4-6 hours for GPS recording or runs. It does everything I want but it does sometimes wobble when I’m trying to connect and sync activates through the mobile app. Compared to the Garmins of the same price it seems to include all the same functionality but presents it in a simpler, less techy format. DC Rainmaker has an excellent and comprehensive review if you need to know more before purchase.

  7. Blake Musielak

    I bought the Tomtom runner and used it for a few weeks and loved it. So i decided to by the multi sport. Big mistake, I should of used the runner a while longer before making my decision. I do like the watch itself and what it can do. but the software and app is beyond horrible! and the customer support is even worse! I had issues with the watch connecting to my computer via the dock and my cell (android) via Bluetooth. I called the customer support and after a week of endless calls and emails I got it going again with the cost of all my activities in that time. I upgraded cell phones in that time and and was informed that they didn’t yet have the app compatible with my new operating system. I figured it would be a matter of days since they knew about the new operating system long before it was even released, yet it took months to get the update. I end up having to do a factory reset every few months just to get it working and loose a few activities each time. they will not replace the watch, they do not help much with the troubleshooting, and overall I highly recommend going with a different product. I would but I let myself make two bad purchases and now I’m going to ride it out…

  8. Adrian A. Fernandez-Venegas

    I bought this watch last April and I really liked it (fast heart rate sensing, accurate GPS, multisport feature). Nevertheless, it only worked for seven months. I use it for running, at the gym and for swimming, which is one of the sports it’s designed for, but a couple of weeks ago it started behaving erratically in the pool. Then moisture appeared on the screen. Now the display is blank and I’ve been trying to take moisture out by leaving it hours in rice and letting sunlight to evaporate the water. I still don’t dare to connect it to my computer to find out whether or not it’s still working. I’ve read several posts in TomTom’s web site complaining about the same issue. Otherwise it would be a great multisport watch.UPDATE, 20160825:I’m adding a star (three now) because TomTom customer service has replaced my defective watch with a new one. They even sent it along with the complete set of accessories (wristband, heart rate monitor, etc.) even though they had asked me to return the watch module only. Now I have some useful spare parts. I guess I’ll have to wait more than seven months to confirm whether or not this new unit is free of the water leak issue. In regards to customer service and response times, I have no complaints at all, very good experience. And by reading many of the ¨not so good¨ reviews, you can confirm TomTom keeps watching them and they offer their assistance whenever needed.

  9. Miss D

    So far so good!Think it misses a lap or 2 in the pool but not much, my pal and I always get slightly different readings during our pool swims.Works a treat with open water swims too, I use a towfloat so attach it to the top of it and use the freestyle mode. Tried and tested routes and distance seems fairly accurate.One gripe is that it’s not the quickest with pairing with the phone app so I just start it and go do something else and let it do its thing.Lastly, it does seem to work better if connected to computer fairly regular and software updated.Time will tell about battery life and how long it lasts but a few weeks in and all is good.Additional update…Tried the GPS on an outdoor swim tonight but for a change I had it on my wrist rather than on my towfloat and it lost signal way too often.

  10. Ralfs Berzinskis

    I bought it a while ago to track kitesurfing workouts. First I was worried what will be its performance in water but it turned out to be very good. Tracking is very precise, a big step up from my Android phone I was using before. Finds signal very fast – from few seconds to a minute, does not lose position even if my hand is mostly under water — even for several minutes. Big digits – I can easily see my speed while surfing. The watch is not very thick, easy to use with wetsuit. I have used it also for cycling – also the best impressions.

  11. Deaf Not Daft

    I have tried various GPS running watches over the years and after my Nike/Tom Tom watch finally stopped working I thought I would give this a try and I am glad I did.It is a fantastic piece of kit that does what it says it will. At times it has been a little bit out when ive been swimming but to be fair it hasnt been anything extreme and it can be normal for it to be a little out especially if you are swimming in different lenghth pools or open water. Having said that, to be fair it usually gives a fair estimate of distance swam.The display is really easy to read and you have the ability to have 3 fields of data showing on the screen when you are exercising. You can also move through various different fields of data by clicking on the bottom or top of the button below the main screen.The quick GPS is good and usually works well. It can at times take a few minutes to find the satellite but overall it’s a really great watch and I’d recommend it.

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