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Thermogear Heated Fleece Ear Warmer

Now, you can enjoy your cold winters with the first ever developed rechargeable heated headband. The Rechargeable Heated is designed for long-lasting warmth in extreme cold weather. Made from high quality yet lightweight material, this features a built in Li-ion battery pack that quickly warms up the headband up to 108F to keep head and ears warm and toasty for hours. Hoop and loop enclosures ensures a comfortable fit. Black color. Fleece/polyester 26.25? inches.

  • WARMTH IN ANY WEATHER: Whether you are skiing your favorite slopes, hiking your favorite trails in a rainstorm, or simply sitting on the sidelines cheering on your kids during their game, our ear warmers are a necessity for all cool weather outdoor fun! Made from lightweight polyester fleece, our earbands keep the weather outside and your body temperatures in.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: No more putting on a million layers as you prepare for your cold day! Our earband is both lightweight and compact so it can easily go with you on all your adventures. Don’t let the weight fool you! Our thermal headband begins heating in approximately 1 minute for long-lasting warmth.
  • HEAT UP WHILE LIVING IT UP: Who says winter is for snuggling indoors? With our warm ear warmers for cold weather, you can continue your outdoor adventures year-round! Featuring a built-in lithium-ion battery pack to heat the headband to temperatures ranging between 100 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, this band will maximize heat transfer and keep ears warm for approximately 5 hours.
  • MENS’ & WOMENS’ RUNNING HEADBANDS: With our gender-neutral design, our electric headband is perfect for boys and girls who are involved in winter sports or those outdoor enthusiasts who can’t sit still simply because the weather turned cold. Whether you are hunting, cycling, ice fishing, playing golf, riding your motorcycle or winter camping, don’t settle for less than the best winter gear!
  • CUSTOMERS SAY IT WORKS: Customers literally feel a difference when they use our winter headbands for their outdoor adventures! At Thermo Gear, our goal is simple: surprise and delight each customer by offering real solutions to their needs. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a hardcore outdoorsman, we have you covered.


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9 Reviews for Heated Fleece Ear Warmer Headband

  1. Lilac

    This is so close to fully useful. If just the heating would be around the ears and not at the forehead. If just a second battery could be purchased independently.The heating lasts 5 h and is mild and pleasant. I heated one ear by turning the headband. The other ear was screaming bloody murder.^^

  2. Allen Nakagawa

    8/01/2016 Used it right out of the box after a 2H charge (seems to be partially charged already). Purchased my 1st @other store, so am familiar. Warms the entire head rapidly/efficiently. Very thin. Covers the forehead/ears but still allows you to hear your surroundings. Ordering more in a few months for friends.

  3. chris barnette

    No heating over the ears, just forehead.

  4. kamal

    useless , poor design

  5. southernbelle

    Ears stay warm on cold days but you do have a battery pack that sticks out on one side even though it is inside a pocket. You do have a bulge on your head but I use a hood on my coat to cover that. All together I would recommend these.

  6. Heather

    The product is really nice. The headband itself gets 5 stars. However, I have a tiny little lady head and I have poker straight, not terribly thick hair. I put this headband on and slipped the battery in the side (where the little zipper pouch is for it) and the headband didn’t touch the side of my head anymore. The battery pack sat on the top of my ear and crushed it against my head. The battery pack is just too big and it looked like I had a protrusion on one side of my head. I am not saying not to buy this item, just make sure you have thick hair to hide the battery pack or be aware that you will probably have to also purchase a smaller battery pack for it. I love the concept and I wish this worked for me because I work outside in the winter, but alas, it does not.

  7. Big Blue

    This is one of the worst items I have ever seen Amazon offer. The head-warmer is very likely to be returned. The head band is okay and has a velcro patch to hold it. There is a zippered pocket for the battery. They provide a bulky square battery that just plain sticks out. Ugly as sin. The placement is in a bad spot and seems to have been designed by someone who was trying to make it look as ugly as possible. This is one of those one-star-because-there-is-no-zero items. On the plus side: I may be able to use the battery for something else if I can find a battery that fits better. But the company should have done that before offering it for sale.

  8. Jason Krisher

    I bought this for my wife for Christmas. The battery is rectangular and placed in a poor spot. She cannot wear it without the battery pack digging into her head.

  9. David Albright

    The product is useless. The battery is to heavy and square hurting your head. There is no on of off switch or temperature control. I called customer service at the company and they were rude and said my head must be too big for me to use their product. The product only heats your forehead not your ears.

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Heated Fleece Ear Warmer Headband