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MusiCozy Bluetooth Ear Warmers

Great plush earmuffs keep your ears warm. MusiCoszy make the perfect music companion for any one in cold weather such as skiers, snowboarders and those who love to jog, cycle, travel, hike and walk the dog outdoors.

  • BLUETOOTH V5.0 WITH LOUDER HD STEREO SOUND: Our this model of headphone is the latest and unique one in the market! ? Features latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and states of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. The Bluetooth earmuffs headphones pair with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet devices quicker & easier within 33 feet.
  • UPGRADED BETTERY CHIP PALY FOR 10 HOURS: Built-in powerful rechargeable lithium battery, MUSICOZY Bluetooth ear muffs with Bluetooth headphones only needs to be charged for 1-2 hours, the talk time/music playback time can reach 10 hours. Let us start enjoying long hours of warm music and pleasant hands-free phones during this winter.
  • KEEP EARS PRETTY WARM: These winter earmuffs will keep your ears as warm as body, the Bluetooth ear warmer was made of high quality imitation-rabbit-hair material, which is very powerful to make ears warm, no more worry about being cold in ears, never suffer numb frozen winter ears.
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Thin speakers with silicone flat cover and super soft material make Bluetooth ear warmers very comfortable to wear, no pressing on the ears or back of the head. Feel ears like touching a sheep, super soft and comfortable in ears by wearing it when being indoor or outdoor.

At you can purchase a MUSICOZY Bluetooth Ear Warmers Earmuffs for Winter Women Men Kids Girls, for only $10.00., which is 37% less than the cost in ($15.95). The cheapest price was found on July 3, 2022 9:09 am. – View Buying Options



MUSICOZY Bluetooth Ear Warmers Earmuffs for Winter Women Men Kids Girls,
MUSICOZY Bluetooth Ear Warmers Earmuffs for Winter Women Men Kids...
MUSICOZY Bluetooth Ear Warmers Earmuffs for Winter Women Men Kids Girls. New. Open box. Please see photos. I did test and is in working condition. IN. #1109



Item Weight3.6 Ounces
MusiCozy Bluetooth Ear Warmers
released on September 9, 2019


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musiCozy Bluetooth Headband User Manual - Manuals+

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, find the Bluetooth named “musiCozy”, then connect. After pairing the bluetooth sleep headphones with your phone, you can directly listen to music or answer calls via the sleep headphones. Notes: The bluetooth sleep mask should be disconnected from the charger before connecting Bluetooth.

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Sleeping Eye ...

1~2 HOURS QUICK CHARGE FOR 10 HOURS PLAYING: Built-in upgraded powerful bettery chip, MUSICOZY Bluetooth sleep mask only needs to be charged for 1~2 hours, the talk time/music playback time can reach 10 hours, enough to support the whole night.


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7 Reviews for MusiCozy Bluetooth Ear Warmers

  1. The Griels

    Excellent item for the price. Keeps your ears warm and the sound quality is great. Nice bass sound with no high pitched twangy noise. These earmuffs are washable and can be recharged.Clearly written instructions included. I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of item. A+

  2. John S.

    I cant say enough great things about these headphones ! For the price I expected small earmuffs to barely cover the earlobes. Not true ! These things cover the whole side of the head! The sound quality of the headphones is excellent. Just a fantastic find with these folks! They’re so great I bought an extra pair for a friend. I’m going to buy a few more pair tomorrow just to keep in stock for Xmas!

  3. Maddie

    They are super soft and work as intended. I mostly use them while laying in bed and my head is on the pillow so i don’t really adjust them at all, they are comfortable to sleep in if you choose to do so, the sound quality is surprisingly good i thought it wouldn’t be so good but it’s not bad at all in fact it’s a nice feature to help me relax with some music before going to bed. Charging them is a bit tricky but once you figure out where the charging module is inside it you’ll get the hang of it quickly. I hope these last me a while before buying another set i was skeptical about buying them specially with the early reviews all being oddly specific and all of them have nearly similar pictures as if they were “instructed” on how to review the product. The much later reviews seemed somewhat more real. All in all they work as advertised.

  4. TechMama

    I have a nephew who works for the city on their snow plow team. He has to go out in our nastiest Midwest storms for hours. With these earmuffs he can enjoy his music, podcasts or talk radio and even phone calls with his girlfriend while keeping his ears nice and toasty. These are adjustable as well, since he does have a larger head. I know he will love them.

  5. Cathleen

    More comfortable around the ears for me and than a better known brand almost twice the price with the same sound quality. Very soft material. They are a little big, but they are still as low profile as they can be. They do fit under my ski helmet, and they don’t get in the way of my goggles. Sound quality is surprisingly good for the price. I wish they adjusted to make the back more flush to my head. My only problem is the button that picks up phone calls is hard to push while wearing ski gloves. I wish it was bigger. I will have to remove my glove to hit it, but I think I can still do it with my glove liner on. That’s slightly inconvenient but not as bad as having to get my phone out of my pocket:) I’m a little worried about them falling down when I’m skiing aggressively, but I think my helmet helps keep them in place.

  6. John Van Walsum

    I was pleasantly surprised by these ear muff headphones. They kept my ears nice and warm, maybe a bit to warm as I sweat a bit in 30 degree weather while wearing them. The ear covers turned out a bit larger than expected, another nice surprise as they covered my Dumbo ears. The headphone side of these ear muffs really surprised me. The quality didn’t match the low price paid. They aren’t as good as my $300.00 noise canceling Senn’s, but way better than I expected for $23.00. The only downside, and they really need take this in consideration, the fabric cover needs to easily come off for to throw in wash.

  7. supercerealsteph

    I’m currently super satisfied with quality of these ear muffs/headphones especially at the price point.Pros:Sound quality on par with headphones around this cost (despite the layer of fluff over the speakers)Comfortable, doesn’t pinch my head or press my ears hardWarm and very softPaired easily to my iPhone XR after turning my phone’s Bluetooth off/onCons:Probably dependent on a scarf or coat collar to keep the neck band from sinking down and pulling muffs too low to hear wellInstructions for the best way to put the muffs on to get speakers positioned over the ears did help sound quality but might not be practical when wearing with a helmet or hatI’m taking these with me for a ski trip this weekend. Hopefully they stand up to the activity.I’d like to follow up on this review with battery life and how well they stay in place during brisk physical activity.

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