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$375.00 $344.99
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Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smart Watch

This stylish smartwatch from Michael Kors is sure to make a fashion statement while providing the full range of functionality you’d expect from a Wear OS powered watch. Available in in 9 colors and 44mm in width.

  • Gen 5 smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone and Android Phones
  • Heart Rate & Activity Tracking using Google Fit to track your at-home workouts; Built-in GPS for distance tracking; Swimproof design 5ATM; Responses from Google Assistant – it’s your own personal Google, always ready to help; Take advantage of contactless pay with your watch using Google Pay
  • Estimated 24 hour battery life, based on usage plus 2 additional days in low-power mode; magnetic USB rapid charger included; charge up to 80% in under an hour. Compatible with Heart Rate Smartwatch Charger
  • Case size: 44mm; Band size: 22mm; interchangeable with all Michael Kors 22mm bands. Water resistant up to 50m: Wearable while swimming in shallow water
  • This is one smart watch – Make the most of your down time with a smartwatch that helps with every activity. Stay connected to friends and family with phone calls and messages right on your wrist, Keep tabs on your health with guided breathing exercises, custom goal & alarm settings



BRAND NEW! MICHAEL KORS ACCESS GEN 5 BRADSHAW 2 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Case, Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet Band with Pink Acrylic Center Links, 44mm Touchscreen Smartwatch. Heart Rate Monitor, Payment Technology, GPS, Social Media Updates, Fitness Tracker,...

NEW Sealed Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Hot Pink Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5099 NIB

Brand New, Sealed Michael Kors Gen 5 Access Bradshaw Hot Pink Smart Watch *** $375 Retail! A Beautiful Watch! *** Keep time and push your limits while working out with this blush aluminum Michael Kors Bradshaw 2 smartwatch. Wear OS by Google allows seamless pairing...


BRAND NEW! MICHAEL KORS ACCESS BRADSHAW 2 GEN 5 Gold Stainless Steel Case, Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet Link Band, 44mm Touchscreen Smartwatch. Heart Rate Monitor, Payment Technology, GPS, Social Media Updates, Fitness Tracker, Upgraded Speaker, Swimproof...

New Sealed Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smart Watch Rose Gold MKT5090

Product DetailsSku: MKT5090Platform: BRADSHAW 2Case: 44MM, Stainless SteelStrap: 22MM, InterchangeableLifestyle: Always on Display with thousands of watch faces to personalize your look and always see the time. Hundreds of apps from assistant to fitness, payments,...

New NIB SEALED Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Rose Gold Smartwatch MKT5090

New NIB SEALED Women's Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Rose Gold Smartwatch MKT5090.....100% Authentic Our Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw smartwatch is designed for the fast-paced lifestyle. Crafted from rose gold-tone stainless steel with acetate accents and...


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14 Reviews for Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smartwatch

  1. Natasha

    Love them!

  2. Maria Clarke

    I loved it!

  3. James Evans

    Bought this watch for my wife 3 months ago and it’s already fading and looks terrible…. Really disappointed.

  4. Kat

    Beautiful watch it’s a bit on the heavy side the color gold and pink looks very elegant and it’s the size I was looking for I have to get the bands adjusted and found out you can take it to any Michael Kors or fossil store and they will adjust the band to your size for free. I gave it a four star due to the fact it’s heavy but overall it’s very beautiful can’t wait to rock it. I put a quarter on top of the watch so you can see how big the face is

  5. Mirna Ramirez

    This is a must have!! At first i was shock of how big it looks but then i realized how beautiful it looks on! Worth every dollar… elegant and stunning whatch, MK my favorite!!

  6. M. Serna

    This watch is beautiful. It’s very elegant, the chrono paired with Roman numerals make it stand out. It keeps time well- i haven’t lost or gained any in a week. Found this at an airport MK store- prettiest watch but the price was $250. I was pleased to find this gorgeous watch on Amazon for much less. I have a small wrist and the biggest i can wear is 36-37mm. This 36mm face is perfect. It was a pain to remove links with household tools but I was so excited to wear it right away. I should have ordered a kit the same time I ordered the watch to save myself the headache.

  7. Crystal

    If you have an older iphone don’t bother buying it. Won’t stay connected to my phone, only had it for a day and I had to reset and restart my watch 5 times to pair it with my phone again. You have to download an app for it and keep it open, if you close the app it disconnects from your phone.

  8. L. Thompson

    Nice watch. U can wear it anywhere. Battery life is better after updates. They take a while to download and install. The watch faces are premium also. It charges fast I’m getting a full day. I’m coming from a zenwatch 2. Speaker is loud for a watch. But I don’t use it. It’s fast. No sleep app. Download your own quit whining

  9. Desireb

    Update: so I’ve had the watch about 6 weeks and now it’s a goner! It’s just a black screen! I charged it as normal but this morning when I went to put it on, I noticed that the watch appeared to be dead even though the charger was still attached. I pressed the buttons but nothing. I’m so disappointed and upset because I really enjoyed the watch while it was up and running. Sadly I would have to rescind my recommendation for this product! Just sad!I wanted to actually exprenice the watch before I gave my opinion. I’ve had the watch for about a week now, and I’m still smitten! This watch is beautiful! The battery life is very good as well. I wear it about 10 hours a day and there is still about 45% of the battery left after I take it off. Charging time is really fast as well!I love the notifications and the fact that the watch can make and receive calls, is awesome!It receives multimedia messages. I was surprised to like at my wrist and see a clear photo on my watch!I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested it buying. You will not be disappointed!

  10. Silo Mayne

    I purchased this watch for my wife. She’s a HUGE Michael Kors fan, but she’s new to the gym. This watch combines her high maintenance bling with her new love for fitness. The watch is gorgeous, and the display is really beautiful. My wife said this is the nicest thing anyone has ever given to her.


    I thought it would be a watch to wear for a long time but after wearing it for month the gold color is fading away and the warranty of course doesn’t cover it.It’s an expensive piece that has no quality.A waste of money once you can’t return it.

  12. Ann Neris

    8 weeks and is not turning on, i put it to chsrge and when try to turn it on it gave me some trouble it will not turn on without connecting to the cable charger, I ignore the problem and left to work, that night put it to charge with only 5% left, in the morning i try to turn it on and nothing, did some googling and followed some instructions but still it wont turn on……. i got this beautiful watch at 325 bucks, i see is much cheaper now, dont but it, is a beautiful watch but money you spend on it is money gone down the drain. My guarantee is long gone, and i learn my lesson. I own 3 other MK smart watches but i got them directly from the MK website store. My suggestion is that you spend the money directly with them, is a lot but is worth it thst way, MK smart watches are distinctively elegant and fancy looking.

  13. Raysa Silvestre

    My husband got this watch for me as a mother’s day gift. It arrived yesterday I put it to charge and set it up. Tried to wear to wear it today and….. I only had it on my wrist for ONE HOUR before the watch gave out. When I got home I put it to chary and it didn’t turn on. I searched multiple ways of restarting the watch including turning it on while is plugged in and trying different outlets including my laptop and NOTHING WORKED!! I’M VERY MAD BC THE WATCH GAVE OUT IN LESS THAN 24HRS!!MOTHER’S DAY…. RUINED!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH 😒😒

  14. Carrie Williams

    This is a beautiful watch I’d like to say first and foremost. I did own the access runway series and with this series generation now being able to make and recieve calls I was excited. However, the battery life could definitely be better. It does last the for most of the day, but if you’re trying to track your sleep as well you do not want to purchase it. I have also had some connectivity issues in regards to the calls. Sometimes you have to disconnect it and reconnect, which is a pain in the rear because you don’t realize until a call is actually coming in and you realize you need to grab your phone. Also, the speaker from time to time gets muffled or gargled, but they have an app for clearing that out. On 2 different occasions the watch has gotten extremely hot and I had to remove it because I was concerned I might be burned. Now, with all that being said… I love this watch. Having had a different version that didn’t make or recieve calls, I love that this one does. Also, I have purchased several different bands so that I can change up the look and didn’t realize how easy they were to switch out. The only band I’ve had any issues getting on or off is this gold one that it originally came with. It wasn’t hard to get off, just to get back on. All the other bands I’ve purchased were easy peasy. This is a nice watch if you are just looking to get one for looks and monitoring basic things like steps and heart rate. If you’re looking for one for in depth things like workouts, meals, and sleep tracking (this does have apps for that I want known) then this might not be the one, only because the battery capacity probably wouldn’t last the day. But it’s perfect for what I need it for. Which is answering calls and texts, monitoring my heart rate, step count, check the weather, setting a reminder or taking a note, or changing a song. I love the brand and since I only use it for its basic functions, it’s perfect. But if you’re looking for more then that, you might want to look around or wait til the next generation comes out, which hopefully will have improved battery life.

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Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smartwatch

$375.00 $344.99