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TicWatch GTX Fitness Smartwatch

The TicWatch GTX is a simple, affordable, and durable round-faced, fitness tracking smartwatch with up to 10 days of battery life.

  • Fitness Smartwatch with 10 Days Battery Life – Up to 7 days of battery life with regular use, up to 10 days with Power saving mode on. Powered by the Realtime OS system instead of Wear OS.
  • Activity Tracking with IP68 Waterproof + Pool Swimming Ready and 14 Exercise Modes – TicExercise App tracks and records your workout activity in 14 work out modes including Outdoor Run, Cycling and Yoga. Get exercise advise and active hour tracking from TicHealth App.
  • Smart Sleep Tracking and Heart Rate Monitoring – TicSleep tracking feature measures your sleep quality. TicPulse 24HR Heart Rate Monitoring provides records such as Line Chart, Resting Heart Rate by Algorithm and 7 days Resting Heart Rate History.
  • Call & Message Notifications – Receive Notifications of Incoming Calls and Messages from SMS, Email, Calendar, and Social Media Applications. Enjoy Innovative Functions like Music Control, Alarm Stopwatch, Timer, Weather, Torchlight and Find My Phone.
  • Comfortable and Stylish – Lightweight wearing experience with durable 22mm TPU watch bands, 1.28 inch Round Screen allows you to display your style with Customizable Watch Faces.

At amazon.com you can purchase a TicWatch GTX Fitness Smartwatch for Men and Women for only $59.99., which is 33% less than the cost in eBay ($89.98). The cheapest price was found on September 20, 2021 7:10 am. – View Buying Options





TicWatch GTX
released on July 28, 2020


TicWatch GTX - Essentials. Simplicity. Value.

TicWatch GTX smartwatch features are 7-10 Days Battery Life, Personalized Watch Faces, TicSleep - Sleep Tracking, TicHealth - Fitness & Health Tracking, TicExercise - 14 Workout Modes, TicPulse - 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking, IP68 Water and sweat proof, Notifications and other functions, Metal Frame and TPU Watch Band.

TicWatch GTX Review: specifications, price, features ...

TicWatch GTX is a self-developed AI-enabled smartwatch developed by a Chinese AI unicorn company with investment from Google and Volkswagen. The new wearable has a cool metal body, which is resistant to wear and tear, and an elegant, rounded dial, which gives it a cool, elegant look.

TicWatch GTX Smart Watch – Specs Review - SmartWatch ...

The TicWatch GTX Smartwatch runs the RLC8762C processor with 16 MB of ROM and 160 KB of RAM. It has Heart rate monitor sensor (VCare VC31), Accelerometer (Bosch BMA421). The wearable has Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with Android and iOS platform.


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4 Reviews for TicWatch GTX

  1. Steven Campanella

    What an awesome device! Mobvoi has done it again with their design, aesthetic, functionality, and low price tag.The Ticwatch GTX is Serious value for its price vs. function. Priced at about 60$ it delivers an excellent, fully, adaptable smart watch that is geared toward fitness.The GTX’s design is sporty, sleek, lightweight but you don’t feel like you’re going to ruin it if you bump into something, attractive to the eye, and actually shaped like a watch.Its operating system appears to be Mobvoi’s own which is a departure from the higher priced watches which employ Google Wear OS. Set up was a snap using the Mobvoi app and you can even keep another watch connected to your account and run them concurrently.The band is silicon and has plenty of holes to adjust to any sized wrist in order to keep the watch held securely to your wrist while taking your pulse continuously. Battery life is a generous 10 days, a fine improvement over many of the higher priced smart watches of today.Tichealth is the fitness center of the watch and it has all that you need in a simple set up. Walking, biking, running, etc are all funneled into the Mobvoi app so you can see your progress.I am quite happy with this little watch and am looking forward to monitoring my workout in the pool as well. It’s an excellent value for what you get and I highly recommend giving it a look if you are in the market for sports monitor/smart watch.

  2. Eric Westrope

    The TicWatch GTX is a really nice basic activity tracker. If you do not want all the frills of a full feature smart watch. This one might work for you. Steps and heartrate work good, plus there are a various activities you can launch on the watch, such as Run, Yoga, Swimming and more.I only had two problems, first, the watch has Ticsleep on it, but it is not working.The second, no altimeter/barometer sensor, so if you go hiking up steep hills, or climbing the watch will not know that you are doing those activities.The watch screen is nice and responsive to to the touch, plus the watch receives notifications, and while you cannot respond to them. You will not miss anything if your phone is in your pocket on silent.Overall, it is a very nice watch, and if the Ticsleep is fixed in a future update, I will come back and revise my review and upgrade my rating.

  3. raymond e jenkins

    It’s a good solid watch well built but the software is another story. First it doesn’t want to stay paired to my phone a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. It goes through fits where it will cycle paired not paired. And won’t stayed paired for the an hour just sitting on my desk.If you go into the app and change screen on time and change the temp to read in Fahrenheit it lasts about 2 looks at the watch the it’s back to default. I tried to change the watch face in the and that does not work either. I have uninstalled the app and restored the watch several times with the same results. I have went to Mobvoi website and posted in there community along with several others with the same problems, but haven’t seem any response from the company. If these issues could be fixed with some type of software update I see this as being a really good watch. By they way this is my first ever Amazon review.

  4. BenTheLesser

    I bought this watch on release having heard good things about the brand and being tempted by the promise of a “light” smartwatch with excellent battery life. Boy, was that a mistake! I wasn’t particularly interested in the heart rate monitoring or various other fitness tracking features – mostly wanting a watch that would keep me alerted to new text/call notifications from my phone and keep semi-accurate track of my steps each day. Unfortunately those were the two things this watch failed to do consistently. I wore the watch for a full two days and it never alerted me to anything from my phone except new emails. Texts, calls, and other messages never made it through to the watch. Additionally the pedometer consistently read about 1.5x what my phone was picking up, and the heart rate monitor recorded my LOWEST heart rate over those two days as 102bpm…laughably high!All in all the build quality seems pretty decent for this price point, but the failure to alert me to my phone’s notifications and its buggy software make this a hard pass if you’re looking for a fitness tracker/smartwatch. I’ll be returning mine and don’t recommend you make the same mistake I did. Spend your money elsewhere.

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