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Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

The Ticwatch Pro is a premium smartwatch from Mobvoi that features a layered display for longer battery life. It has smart watch features such as, NFC Payment, GPS, Sleep tracking, and much more. The watch is powered by the Wear OS by Google and is compatible with iOS and Android.

  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: 2-30 days on a single charge is achieved by dual layered technology and two modes. Smart Mode will get you 2-days of battery life and Essential Mode will achieve 30-days of battery life. If Auto Switch to Essential Mode is turned on, then 5-days of battery life will be achieved.
  • SMART MODE: Wear OS by Google, AMOLED display, Google Assistant, thousands of apps and watch faces through Google Play store, health & fitness tracking
  • ESSENTIAL MODE: Power saving FSTN LCD display, high sunlight visibility, shows essential information including time / date / step counter / heart rate
  • HEALTH & FITNESS TRACKING: GPS tracker, heart-rate monitor, step counter, calories burned counter, speed & cadence monitor.
  • NFC PAYMENTS: Use Google Pay to purchase directly from your wrist at millions of places without fumbling around for your wallet.
  • SMART SLEEP TRACKING: Download TicSleep app on the watch and check your sleep progress via mobvoi app on the phone. There is 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, 12-month warranty for quality-related issues. MobvoiUS is the sole authorized seller of authentic Mobvoi products (other than Amazon) on the Amazon platform.


Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS - WearOS Smart Watch in great condition!
Mint condition Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, rated as the best Android Google WearOS Smartwatch by many publications. Features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, 1 GB RAM, and incredible battery life. Condition is used but near perfect, almost brand new. Original packaging and...
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Smart Watch (Verizon) - Black
For Sale: Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Smart Watch (Verizon) - Black that can be used with or without cellular service. While stated condition is 'Used', this watch is in very good to excellent shape. Comes with box, charger, user manual, extra band and 5 'bumpers' (see photo). Shipped within 24...
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Smartwatch - Liquid Metal Silver
The Ticwatch Pro is one of the most interesting smartwatches on the market. It dual-screen technology is a genuinely innovative idea that switches to LED to view in bright sunlight and back to its AMOLED with the twist of the wrist or touch of a button, providing the benefits of its top-end Wear...
Ticwatch Pro 3 with 4 Bands (Black, White, Brown Leather, & Black)
Ticwatch Pro 3 that comes with 4 watch bands that quickly snap into place. The white and leather bands are sharp looking and far superior quality than the factory original. The condition is "Used" and it is in very good condition. No box or manual. Will be packed well for shipping. Shipped with...
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS 47mm Stainless Steel Case with Silicone Strap Smart W…
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS 47mm Stainless Steel Case with Silicone Strap Smart W. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. Never opened and still wrapped. Brand new.


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Ticwatch Pro
released on April 16, 2018

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10 Reviews for Ticwatch Pro

  1. David J. Offutt

    I have had the watch for several weeks now, and apart from poor battery life, it’s a decent watch. I’ve had the ASUS Zenwatch 2, Samsung Gear 2 and Frontier 3, as well as a Garmin Fenix 5x and an Amazfit Bip. The Fenix 5x will go a week or 10 days on a charge, the Amazfit Bip will last a month; the Samsung’s wer elucky to make it 24 hours. All in all, I bought the Ticwatch Pro assuing I’d get 3-4 days out of it. Not so!!! I’ve tried adjusting all sort sof settings, and no matter what I do, I’m getting 24 hours and no more. I really bough tthis just for the extended battery life, and witohut it, it’s of no use. I’m returning the watch and getitng a refund. Very disappointed!!A quick update….I was happily surprise to have received an email from Mobvoi asking about my watch and making suggestions as to how I can make sure the battery life is maximzed. They have offered to send me a replacement watch, and I’ll give it another try. I at least very much appreciate Mobvoi’s effort to try to remedy the situation. I’d be happy if I can get two days of battery life from this watch, which would be a 100% improvement over all the other Wear and Samsung watches I’ve tried…

  2. Anthony

    Terrible experience, forces you to hand all of your personal data over to the Chinese company Mobvoi in order to get basic functionality. It disables WearOS features until you give the Mobvoi app every permission it requests. Wish I could get a refund.

  3. John O.

    I really did like this watch. The look, feel, features, and battery life were all fantastic. But after 2 weeks it would not charge anymore. It comes with a circular magnetic charger that sits in the back of the watch to charge. The watch has four metal connectors and the charger has four metal pins that make the connection to the watch. I had charged it 3 times while i had it and it worked fine. On the fourth time when I connected the watch to the charger nothing happend. I looked online and there were several other complaints of the same issue. Some resolved my rebooting the watch, others cleaned the back of the watch and the 4 pins on the charger. I tried both and It didn’t work for me. I contacted Mobvoi customer care. They asked for info on the issues i was having, then they asked for the purchase info. A couple days later they emailed me a return label, said send the watch back for a refund. I packaged the watch up, sent it back and within 1 day of them receiving the watch back I had my refund. The weird thing is they never offered another watch, never offered to send out a new charger (I thought maybe the charger was bad). Just a refund and that’s it. Kind of makes me wonder if this a serious problem they have .Update: I was contacted again from Mobvoi customer care. They stated that they were sorry that they didn’t offer a new watch/charger. There was an internal mix up on their end and they said there typical policy is we return the defective watch and once received they send out another one. In any regard customer care was responsive when I contacted them. They have said that I could purchase another watch at 10% discount (-$25) or buy another watch a regular price and they would throw in an extra charging dock free of charge. If one of your solutions is to send me a free charger they obviously know that there is an issue with their docking stations. Why would I want to purchase another watch when there is a good chance that the charger/chargers are not going to work again and at that time it would probably be out of warranty. Like i said originally I wanted to like this watch. It’s just unfortunate that there are some design or quality issues with the chargers.

  4. Rikk

    I shopped around a lot for a sport watch before I decided on waiting for the Ticwatch Pro to come out. I’m really glad I did. I like that it’s on the bigger size and the silver bezel really looks good in person. It’s pretty comfortable and nicely weighed. The software runs really smooth and all the features have been working as expected. Google Pay set up and worked fine. Heart rate sensor is as accurate as my fitbit and pulse ox. GPS and compass work well. I really like the second screen option. You can run only on the second screen and deactivate the android os. Or you can just lock the touch screen and only the second screen will display until you unlock. The primary screen looks really crisp and bright. I had to turn down the brightness to one in order to take a picture of it. Setting up everything took a bit, and the continuous heart rate function was actually disabled by default. Battery life has been surprising good. Considering I’ve been messing with it most of the day. From 7am to 11:45pm and I just hit 25%.If your looking for a good all around android smartwatch, you can’t do any better for the price.

  5. Josh Leubecher-Robinson

    Don’t listen to the poor reviews at all. They are either first time Smartwatch users or they are just abusing the new toy. Like any Smartwatch the TicWatch Pro isn’t meant to be used 24/7. It will die in a few hours of you do so. But, just like my other TicWatch E, you will see really good battery life after a few days of playing around and letting the wow factor wear off. This is a Watch, that you get notifications on, control music from, and more. This isn’t supposed to replace your phone and that’s what people feel in the first few days. But after that you will see much better battery life once you’re not on it 100% of the time. I got this watch at about 1:00 in the afternoon with a 80% charge, after NORMAL USE (Normal meaning it’s a watch to check and quickly respond to things on, not write your biography) in a 6 hour time period I was down to 65%,and this is with always on display turned on, and at full brightness. I would definitely recommend this. If you’re looking for a good first time Smartwatch, I would recommend the TicWatch E, as it’s much cheaper and is almost the same.

  6. Abhinandan

    Definitely not worthwhile investment. Any Android Wear OS watches are basically used for running, heart monitor, steps walked n calories burnt. So paying 22k is really NOT worth for changing Watch Faces.Buy any Android/Wear OS for less than 5k u get all the features without one ie., Changing Watch Face. Apple Watch have much better practical features for day to day use.Cons:1. Unresponsive at times.2. No user manual.3. No charger provided hence u need try out multiple chargers.4. only 512mb of storage for ur apps n music.5. Expensive.Pros1. Quick Charge 1-1.5 hours for full Battery.2. If ur a developer u could build an app/watch face easily.3. U get a lot free and paid Watch Faces.So only 1 star for the Quick Charge for being quicker than iWatch.(Since i own both)CAREFUL THERE NO RETURNS ONLY EXCHANGE ON THIS PRODUCT.

  7. Pranav Sarda

    To all those who don’t understand tech.This watch is deployed with Tic-apps. Worst nightmare for Android wear os. Just Disabled that using ADB now watch performance and battery backup is amazing. Its super smooth now. Wear OS is powerful. I choose it over samsung gear watch. Overall 4/5. Better than fossil. Good look and build quality. Charger should have been wireless.

  8. Subir

    Really disappointed with this kind of product.1. Step counter is not at all working, where this kind of minimum criteria is well expected from a smartwatch of 22k.2. Battery life is not at good as it is mention 2 days without essential and it is for less than 48 hours.3. There is no refund policy and if you the defects after 10-15 days then there will be no exchange and the seller won’t be responsible for that…4. Mobvoi won’t help in case of any failure as they don’t have official store at Amazon.in

  9. imahgin

    Su doble pantalla es un elemento distintivo a la par que práctico ya que permite alargar la duración de la batería -aunque no en exceso-El principal problema es el sistema operativo. A pesar de las mejoras, sigue sufriendo lags y no es exclusivo de este modelo. Otros con procesador más moderno tienen el mismo problema por lo que aún queda mucho que mejorar.

  10. Equipo A

    El paquete llegó desprecintado y la caja con muchos desperfectos. El reloj aparentemente estaba sin usar, pero no es de agrado comprar algo por nuevo y que venga desprecintado. Compensa que justo lo compré algo mas barato. El reloj como tal ha mejorado los lags que presentaba gracias a una actualización del fabricante de julio 2019. Aun así se nota que tiene 512 megas de ram y no 1 gb como el 4G. Calidad precio bien pero no es el mas rápido.

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