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TicWatch C2 Smart Watch by Mobvoi with Wear OS

TicWatch C2’s design breaks the limitations in smartwatch technology while preserving the heritage of watchmaking with a perfectly round display and large screen to bezel ratio. Ticwatch C2 is Wear OS Smartwatch for Women with Built-in GPS, Waterproof, NFC Payment, for iOS and Android.

  • Classic Design – Genuine leather straps paired with a stainless steel watch case accentuate a slim and classic watch design. Personalize your watch by choosing between hundred of watch faces and straps.
  • Get Connected at a Glance – Download your favorite apps via Google Store and stay in the moment with smart ways to receive notifications and see who’s calling, without pulling out your phone. Google Assistant built-in.
  • NFC Payment – Use Google Pay to purchase directly from your wrist at millions of places without fumbling around for your wallet.
  • 24hr HRM and Build-in GPS – Workout without your phone. Google Fit and TicMotion make it easy to get motivated, stay balanced and track your health right from your wrist.


Mobvoi Ticwatch C2 - Rose Gold
Mobvoi Ticwatch C2 - Rose Gold. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class. In VERY good condition
TicWatch C2 Plus Upgraded 1GB Ram Wear OS Sports Smartwatch GPS Fitness Tracking
TicWatch C2 Plus Upgraded 1GB Ram Wear OS Sports Smartwatch GPS Fitness Tracking. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Ticwatch C2 WG12056 Wear OS Smartwatch for Women with Build-in GPS
Ticwatch C2 WG12056 Wear OS Smartwatch for Women with Build-in GPS Excellent Condition! Ships within 24 hours. Classic Design - Genuine leather straps paired with a stainless steel watch case accentuate a slim and classic watch design. Personalize your watch by choosing between hundred of watch...
TicWatch C2 Smart Watch Classic Fashion Fitness smartwatch for (Platinum )
TicWatch C2 Smart Watch Classic Fashion Fitness smartwatch for (Platinum ) Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class. + Extra watch BAND
Ticwatch C2, Wear OS Smartwatch for Women with Build-in GPS, Waterproof, NFC Pay
Three Color Options Three colors are available - Black, Platinum and Rose Gold. Choose one to show your style.Winner of the iF Design Award 2019 and Red Dot Design Award 2020. Shop Our Store Contact Us Add to Favorite Sellers Ticwatch C2, Wear OS Smartwatch for Women with Build-in GPS,...


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TicWatch C2
released on September 19, 2018

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4 Reviews for TicWatch C2

  1. r2d2

    Ok so the watch has nice build quality and the band is comfortable, I purchased the Onyx versionThere is one glaring issue that is not evident in the stock photo’s and has not been mentioned in any of the reviews I’ve seen, (As a Side note this issue is less evident or black or dark watch faces)-the OLED screen while crisp and clear does not go all the way to the edge of the glass or stainless steel bezel, granted most smart watches have a very minor tire effect but this watch has an almost 3mm tire which is very distracting when used with a White watch face, My friend purchased a Ticwatch Pro at the same time his watch has almost No tire effect at all, I will be returning this watch to get the Pro, please see the comparison pictures which show the Original Huawei watch and the TicWatch C2 side by side, the Huawei watch’s OLED screen practically touches the stainless steel frame and has no noticeable or distracting “Tire Effect” the Ticwatch C2 has a large and distracting Tire effect.

  2. Sherry r.

    I only have 2 complaints about my Tic watch. 1) we pay +199.00 plus tax/shipping and there is no speaker. It’s crazy. But I use a bluetooth headset all the time so I was able ignore that one but I get frustrated when I miss incoming calls because my watch dont have a speaker. 2) you cant find a replacement charger other than online. So if you break your charger or loose it your screwed until you are able to order one and wait for it to arrive. Which is where I’m at. I lost my charger and cant afford to get one right now so I cant use my watch.But other than those two complaints I love my Tic watch.

  3. Alex Cook

    I got this watch as my first real smartwatch to replace a Fitbit Alta. I wanted something that would actually show me all of my notifications, allow me to respond to them, and that had better fitness tracking. My husband follows the smartwatch industry and gave me a few to choose from and this was the least expensive so I chose this one.First things first, the watch is absolutely gorgeous. I got the Rose Gold/Pink one and it looks just like the promotional videos and photos. The screen is crystal clear, the watch itself is lightweight but so pretty and the band is comfortable (though I am between holes in the watch band so I may need to get a new one if I decide it bothers me to have it a touch loose). I wouldn’t say I have an extremely small wrist, but honestly there’s no way this watch could be any bigger on me and still be usable. So if you’re buying one of the bigger sizes (the black or grey) and have a mid to small sized wrist keep that in mind. It felt clunky in comparison to my Alta for the first day, and then I was used to it.User interface: My husband has a Samsung watch, so I’ve never used Wear OS before, and I’m the type of person that hates dealing with new technology. The watch setup is so easy to figure out! I didn’t have to have my husband help me at all. It’s very intuitive to navigate and I haven’t had any issues. Also, I was slightly concerned about this having the older snapdragon processor. I experienced serious lag on the first day of use. However, I’m chalking that up to setup because that’s the only day that it has happened. I talked with another friend who has a Ticwatch and he experienced the same thing. So don’t worry, it get’s better after day 1. My phone is a galaxy s7 and I haven’t had a single connectivity issue. All my notifications come through perfectly and quickly and it doesn’t get disconnected from my phone throughout the day like my Alta did.Fitness tracking: I switched the fitness tracking from Mobvoi’s over to Google Fit, which was very easy after a quick google search. (you have to download the Mobvoi app on your phone, then go back to the watch and long press on the fitness screen and it will ask you which system you want to load into automatically in the future) So far I’ve tracked a number of different activities and found it performed great! I don’t mind having to swipe over to the fitness section on the app to start and stop the workout. At this point it’s second nature and part of my workout routine. The constant heart rate monitoring during the workouts is also really nice.Battery life: I’ve experimented with this a lot so that I could properly review it, because I know that was one of my main concerns with a smartwatch, and almost convinced me to spend more to get the Galaxy Watch. So far the most use I’ve gotten out of it was, with a Mr. Time custom watch face (I tried Facer but it drained the battery REALLY fast) and the always on display turned on. I put the watch on at 8am fully charged, used it throughout the day for notifications and some media control, tracked 2 workouts totaling 1 hr (so that’s constant heart rate monitoring for 1 hr). While brushing my teeth at night I popped it back on the charger for a couple minutes (literally only 2 or 3 minutes) then put it back on to track my sleep through Sleep as Android. At 8 am the next day the battery was at 12%. So honestly the battery life has been great!In summation. This is a great watch! I would absolutely recommend it to a friend! The only odd thing I have experienced is that one day the heart rate sensor stopped working. The lights weren’t flashing underneath and it would come up with an error when I tried to take my heart rate. I restarted the watch and it’s worked perfectly since, so I don’t think it will be an ongoing issue. The two negatives I have with the watch are that I wish it were swimproof, but I knew going in that it wouldn’t be so I can’t really complain. I also wish that they had better built in watch faces. I was really down about it after the first few days and realizing that Facer was draining my watch battery far too fast to be usable and thought I would be stuck with one of the built in faces, which I wasn’t at all a fan of. But since I discovered Mr. Time doesn’t drain the battery, I’ve decided it’s a non issue.Update: I still have to restart the watch every couple days to get the heart rate monitor to work during a workout. After two days or so it just quits lighting up but works fine once the watch is restarted. Still happy with the battery life and functionality. The leather band has held up well to workouts. It has also held up really well, very few scratches despite some hard hits against the wall, washing machine, etc.

  4. E. Bill

    The Ticwatch C2 is my first experience with a Wear OS smartwatch. The previous wearables I owned were both Fitbits. I ordered a Ticwatch Pro initially during an Amazon deal and ended up gifting it to my husband, as it was too large and heavy for my small 6″ wrist. (See my photo comparing the C2, silver, and the Pro, black.) The C2 seems to be a nice upgrade from the Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E, but is smaller than the Pro. Overall, I think it was the best choice for me and hope this review is helpful!The main qualities I was looking for in a smartwatch were:- ability to track fitness data- ability to control music from the watch- ability to check notifications and messages from the watch and reply if needed- a nice appearance for a professional setting (and for my small wrist)- battery life longer than 1 dayAlthough there was a bit of a learning curve, as I was new to Wear OS smartwatches, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It meets all of my needs and exceeded expectations!FITNESS: The Ticwatch C2 is great for tracking fitness activities. I prefer the Google Fit app, but the Ticwatch native app is pretty impressive as well. You can swipe left from the home screen to see quick fitness stats and can select Google Fit as the default view (swipe left, then press and hold the screen to choose between TicHealth or Google Fit). Google fit allows you to track a variety of excercises, including strenth-training sets, which is a huge benefit to me!NOTE: If you opt to use Google fit, be sure to turn off tracking activity data on the Google Fit app on your phone. Otherwise, if you don’t carry your phone with you at all times, the data recorded on your phone will override the watch (resulting in lost steps or ‘heart points’).MUSIC: The Spotify app, once initiated on your phone, can be controlled to some extent on the watch. You can choose from recently played playlists and skip through songs within a playlist.NOTE: If you’re not on standard WiFi (e.g. you sign into WiFi on your phone through a website), you do need to be close enough to your phone to maintain Bluetooth connectivity, as the Ticwatch C2 cannot connect directly to this type of WiFi.GENERAL: Overall navigation is reasonably intuitive and notifications come through reliably. Sending texts with the tiny keyboard can be a little difficult, but the predictive text and voice-to-text via the microphone both work well.BATTERY: Battery life has been better than expected. I get about 1.5 days with moderate use (wear all day, check a few notifications, respond to a few text messages, track a workout) and about 2 days with light use (wear all day/check a few notifications). In both cases, I turn the watch off overnight.Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this watch to anyone wanting a Wear OS watch that has a nice size and appearance, great functionality, and decent battery life!

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