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TicWatch E2 Waterproof GPS Smartwatch

TicWatch E2 is powered by TicMotion, Mobvoi’s suite of proprietary AI algorithms to proactively detect your motion, track your swim activities, and provide your fitness records, all click-free.

  • Wear OS Smartwatch – You can download apps from Google Play Store easily, compatible with iPhone and Android phones.
  • Receive notifications on the watch – Stay in the moment with smart ways to receive notifications and see who’s calling, without pulling out your phone. Google Assistant built-in.
  • 5ATM Waterproof – Your swimming companion with up to 5.0 meter underwater waterproof.
  • GPS Built-in – Workout without your phone. Google Fit and TicMotion make it easy to get motivated, stay balanced and track your health right from your wrist.


Mobvoi TicWatch E2 - Shadow

Mobvoi TicWatch E2 - Shadow. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.

Mobvoi TicWatch E2 - Shadow

tic watch e2 ship with dhl, to russia with ems for any more questions feel free to contact.

New Mobvoi TicWatch E2 - Shadow

New Mobvoi TicWatch E2 - Shadow. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.

TicWatch E2, Waterproof Smartwatch with 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor NEW

TicWatch E2, Waterproof Smartwatch with 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor, Wear OS by Google, Compatible with Android and iOS Full Function Wear OS Smartwatch - Google Play Store allows you to choose from a wide range of your favorite apps and to access them from your...


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8 Reviews for TicWatch E2 Smartwatch

  1. Jordan S.

    I’ve had this watch since 1/24/19 – just a couple days after it was released. I’ve been using it every day. It’s already died within the first 5 hours off the charger than my old LG G watch had ever done – 3 times.I’m not hard on my watches, I take care of them. I haven’t even gotten this watch wet yet and I never expect it to make it more than a day. I put it on the charger all night every night. It has yet to charge to 100%.77% or 54% is all I ever get so far.Today was the 3rd time it’s happened. I put it on the charger all night last night, woke to 54% this morning and it died before noon.TL/DR: If a brand new watch that can’t make it to noon after having 10 battery charge cycles doesn’t warrant a 1-star I don’t know what does.UPDATE: To be honest, I have no choice but to change my rating to 5 stars. The support team handled my support ticket nicely by sending me a new watch & charger, and providing a pre-paid return shipping label for the defective watch. The new watch I got charges to 100% and lasts more than a day, which is all I’m looking for! All features aside are more than enough for my usages. I’m a big fan of the watch now since it stays on!

  2. Douglas

    I don’t usually write reviews (I am a virgin, be gentle) even though my superpower is consumption and I am hella opinionated and invested in gathering more stuff I don’t need. This watch is solid and does deserve 4 solids stars but I am giving it 5 to offset for the folks out there who are not intelligent and patient enough to use the device intelligently and with realistic expectations. And not to bash on them – you need to be fairly intelligent and patient to get proper use out of this watch. Just like you should have these same qualities before you have a kid. Imagine those reviews – I got this infant from Amazon – he just seems to cry, poop, and want to eat all the time! 2 stars because he is cute at times!! Anyway, I write this review to actually reiterate what a very intelligent reviewer has basically said – this is NOT a smartphone you wear on your wrist – Apple is getting close to that, but with a more expensive machine – NOR is it a replacement for the best the Fitbit or Polar has to offer in terms of a heart and fitness tracker. What is it? Its a smartphone notification machine you wear on your wrist, a mechanism to control your tunes on your wrist, and a platform by which to give Google Wear OS more time and experience to evolve. Yes, it is evolving – milking you of valuable information -mwuuhahahahaha! I suspect that besides the battery life, the main limitation here is with Google Wear OS which leaves a lot to be desired but I think may become a dominant force if they invest in it. Currently I am guessing that Google likely has its minions taking over other parts of the world, quite successfully I might add, and not that I am complaining – I mean they sold me on the maps and calendar years ago and if they want to drive me to work, F-yeah, cool! I dont even care if we crash 5% of the time. Oh yeah, their search engine is pretty OK too – because I am too lazy to use anything else and Yahoo? Well, Yahoo is just Yahoo. Anyhow, back to the watch. Basically if you kill all the functions besides app notifications I think you will be pretty happy, because that’s really its best function and it does that well, because who wants keep taking your phone out of your pocket every 2 minutes when you are in transit? And in using it basically for notifications only the battery is probably going to last 2 days so if you are too drunk to plug into the charger before bed or you are at your mister or mistress’ house and don’t have the charger with your for a night you are probably OK. And beyond that – well, don’t drink so much and get back to your family for Pete’s sake! If you start using it as your main interface with your smart phone then forgetaboutit, might not get through the day. So in order how to figure out how to kill the other functions it will take a little intelligence and patience because I swear, like zombies, those functions seem to come back to life. So kill GPS, screen always on, Wifi, hear rate sensor, and any extra apps. And maybe even kill the motion/step sensor, whats it called gyromometer, tico, what? – IDK, anyhow I am not intelligent enough to kill that and I am doing fine on battery and glad to know I did 600 steps today. Whew!! Unless I am playing the Cure and its shoots up to 7500! DO NOT load a bunch of extra apps you dont need that suck power. And Google! Ignore the haters, forget the Apple interface cause their phones and watches are way better and just do what you do – make simple, killer apps that don’t die, are easy to use, and work on the Android, Chromebook, Windows, and now Wear OS platforms. Actually someday I hope to use the Google maps and GPS function and perhaps even Spotify to listen to tunes on the watch – both would be useful while exercising and leave the phone at home – but WTF! I cant leave my phone at home, that’s madness. So it seems like a cool function, but is it really? Anyhow, drop the $150 already.

  3. Aaron Dayalan

     Yeah- it’s pretty bad. You remember when mobile phone makers used to preinstall a whole bunch of software that you didn’t ask for, don’t use, and can’t get rid of? It’s that kinda bad.Here’s the good news; The watch works perfectly well… after you remove the bloatware. I’m going to tell you how.The problem… It’s horribly unresponsive.If you’re playing with it already, you’re probably noticing that it takes a few seconds to recognize taps/swipes. Apps start, then disappear, then reappear after they finish loading or something. Scrolling through things is painful, and sometimes you end up activating things you didn’t want in the first place.This review is about making the watch work like you expected it to (or come close). Specifically reducing the interface lag.Real quick-Restarting the watch: from the home screen (watch face), pull down (swipe from the top) the quick settings drawer. Tap the gear at the top, to go into device settings. Scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘System’. Select option to “Restart”. You’ll do this to ensure that everything still works (wifi and BT), and clear the memory so the watch has as much of it’s resources to run on.Remove the bloat and make it work-Step 1. start fresh ==== like you just took it out the box. If you already started installing and logging into stuff- stop. All you want right now, is to have the watch connected to wifi, and your phone via bluetooth.Step 2. update base device software ==== connect the device to wifi. It will detect a system update to Wear OS. Do that. Also open up the Play store and update anything that is installed and finds an update.Restart the watch.Step 3a. Axe the bloatware ==== from the play store, “pull down” the store menu, the left most icon is “my apps”. go uninstall anything you don’t need.Step 3b. Axe the bloatware ==== from the device settings, select “Apps and Notifications”. Select “App Info”. Select “System Apps”. This is a list of system apps (!). Some of which are needed for the watch to just work. We want to uninstall/disable only things named mobvoi or Ticwatch. Most of that stuff is for syncing settings to mobvoi or the health tracking apps. I won’t use any of it. I only want to sync my google account data (to google), and workout data to Strava.Restart the watch.Step 4. connect your accounts, install the apps you need, configure what needs configuring. You will probably already notice an increase in responsiveness.Restart the watch.Step 5. Let it sit for 15 minutes. What is this- a cake? In some ways, yeah… You’ve just done a lot of installing and uninstalling and setting up/configuring and logging into things… The device needs time to update data, sync app and account stuff, put all the data in it’s place, and then clean itself up so it can run normally. You will notice the interface get sluggish while it does this in the background. 15 minutes should be good, unless you’re syncing gigs of data to your watch…. : |Restart the watch.Step 6. Enjoy.I can see interface transition animations now. Menus scroll smoothly. Apps open responsively. The google assistant is so responsive, I feel like Dick Tracy. The battery life has improved noticeably as well. Your milage will vary depending on app usage. With my app usage, out of the box, this thing lasted around 10 hours. With my same app usage, after removing the bloat, it’s using power at a rate that would suggest it’ll last for 30hrs. I’m sure that will fluctuate tho.I attached a video of me using the device after removing the bloat.I’m sure someone might say that if you created the mobvoi account and connected all the ticwatch stuff, that the apps would work fine, and the watch would work just as well. But how many separate companies do i need to sync personal/biometric data to, really..?

  4. Doug

    My first smart watch I’ve bought and I love it. Works with Apple iphone. Use it heaps for calendar reminders and whatsapp notifications.Battery lasts more than one day easily

  5. Joymalya Banerjee

    Being a Ticwatch 4G owner was already familiar and quite impressed with the Ticwatch Brand. So when I decided to buy a second smartwatch stumbled upon Ticwatch E2 on Amazon. Being a wear OS user and heavily invested in the Google eco system wanted to get another smartwatch running on Wear OS. Having Google Assistant ,Google maps, Calendar along with the number of apps available on Wear OS tilted the decision in its favor. Did some analysis on Wear OS smartwatches at this pricepoint and Ticwatch E2 came up very high on the recommendation list of all the reviewers due to its affordability, feature set and smoothness. this watch appears to be the most affordable Wear OS smartwatch on this day from a reputed manufacturer, has almost every other feature of any wear OS smartwatch except NFC payments and runs pretty smoothly without any lag.Ordered the watch on amazon and it arrived next day nicely packaged. Watch looks premium with a very comfortable and soft silicon band. Setting up was easy by following step by step instructions on Wear OS app. Surprisingly this watch came with quite a few watch faces more than whats available on Ticwatch 4G. Also can use third part apps like watchmaker to use thousands of watch faces available for Wear OS. Watch is extremely light for its size and quite comfortable. Didn’t notice any lag whatsoever while opening apps or swiping through different screens. Swiping to the left brings up the Google Assistant and Google feed. Swiping right brings up customizable tiles like Tic Health Google Calendar, Newsfeeds, weather etc which is quite convenient to launch some of these apps quickly and easily. Pressing the button brings up the apps for opening. Swiping down from top brings up the settings menu and swiping up from the bottom brings up the notifications. All notifications appearing on the phone are instantly displayed on the watch with haptic feedback. 24 hours Heart rate monitor and GPS seemed quite accurate as it uses Glonass as well as Beidou apart from GPS for location tracking. Heart rate monitoring shows various analytical views through charts and graphs and flags any abnormal heart activity for the day. Time spent in each category, like resting, warmup, fatburning, Cardio and Anaerobic is also displayed with charts.Ticmotion works accurately to identify detect motion and identify current fitness activity like running, walking, swimming, tradmill etc. Its 5 ATM waterproof and detect swimming styles along with Lap count, stroke count, duration, pace etc. Overall stats like steps, distance, calories burned displayed easily, some of them directly on the watch faces. Battery life seems to be good 2-3 days with normal usage. One of the areas of improvement to Mobvoi would be to standardize their chargers as each of their watches come with their own changer which are not rechangeable so inspite of having two ticwatches the 4G and E2 always need to carry both chargers whenever I need to travel. It would be best if Mobvoi could incorporate wireless charging capabilities for its watches especially the high end ones.Mobvoi customer service is excellent and respond promptly to email and after hours voicemail. Overall very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good wear OS smartwatch without breaking the bank.

  6. Paul Friedman

    So, don’t go into this expecting an Apple Watch-like experience. Google has totally under-invested in the Android Wear platform. BUT, if you want the best Android Wear watch, Mobvoi’s Ticwatch product line is i.The E2 is the sport/fitness model from the lineup and it is great.The good:1 – really, really durable2 – runs all the Android Wear apps (check out the Tesla app!)3 – easy to use4 – tons of appsThe bad:1 – Android Wear is the only non-iPhone choice2 – Chunky size (which is really Qualcomm’s fault)

  7. Bcnc87

    I’ve supported two ticwatch Kickstarter campaigns, and this will be the third generation watch that I have purchased from Mobvoi. I have had my TicWatch E since the campaign in 2017 and have worn it everyday at my construction equipment job, without a single issue. I also wear it at night for sleep tracking as well. The new E2 has the modern touches that we all look for, from the exterior design to the software that encompasses the watch. Given that the operating system is Wear Os, it will be compatible with Android and Apple. The versatility of Wear Os allows you to sync with Google play and match apps that you currently have on your phone to this watch. The strap that comes with the watch is a soft touch silicone, but it feels a bit more rugged, vs previously released versions. In the future I may ever consider purchasing the ticwatch pro.

  8. Kutrati

    I wanted to wait a few days after purchase to get a more accurate review, and to make sure that all the updates were done so I could actually reflect the battery life.Overall moving from my TicWatch 2, I was excited to be able to try a Wear OS watch. Keep in mind it is much bigger than the TicWatch2 or most standard wrist watches as seen in the photos. However that’s to be expected with the new features.WearOS in general seems to have a lot of problems, I really hope Google continues to update and support the operating system in general, but any complaints I have aren’t exclusive to this watch but apply to the class of watches in general.The battery life on this and other WearOS watches is quite limited in comparison to competitors. with light use you can get two to three days on a single charge, with heavy texting I was able to go a little over one full work day.The screen is fantastic and responsive, I do like having the option of responding to texts and emails via predetermined phrases, Google Assistant, or swipe keyboard which works surprisingly well on such a small screen. However the voice recognition in Google Assistant is quite slow and inaccurate compared to other Google Assistant products such as my phone or Google homes. There’s also significant difficulty in activating the “ok google” or “hey google” hot phrases which seems consistent with other WearOS watches.I did not get it for any sports features, however the step counter seems accurate enough.It does work with Spotify seamlessly and I can navigate through my playlist easily on the phone.It’s a little disappointing that this watch although bigger uses 22 mm bands while the previous TicWatch I owned used 20 mm bands so I cannot reuse them for the new watch.all in all given the limitation of WearOS watches at the moment, TicWatch’s product line including the e2 have the best price performance versus their competitors.

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