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Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch

A new classic essential the GTR 2 from Amazfit utilizes an integrated design concept with its large 1.39-inch high-definition AMOLED screen covered in 3D glass which naturally transitions to the stainless steel watch body, this results in a better visual aesthetic and a wider field of vision.

  • 3D CURVED DESIGN & HD AMOLED SCREEN: The Amazfit GTR 2’s curved, bezel-less design features a large 1.39″ high-definition AMOLED screen with 326ppi pixel density, covered in 3D glass, which naturally transitions to the stainless steel watch body, resulting in a better visual aesthetic and a wider content display area.
  • ALL ROUND HEALTH TRACKING: Equipped with the Huami-developed BioTracker 2, the second-generation PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, the Amazfit GTR 2 can provide 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation measurement, sleep quality monitoring and stress level monitoring. Also included is the PAI health assessment system, which uses algorithms to convert all of complex health and activity data into one single score, to help you understand your physical state at a glance.
  • 3GB MUSIC STORAGE: Control mobile music playback through the watch via Bluetooth, and transfer your favorite songs to the watch through your mobile phone, with a massive 3GB of local music storage. Put your wireless headphones in, your phone down, workout, and follow the rhythm of the music anytime, anywhere.
  • ULTRA-LONG 14-DAY BATTERY LIFE: The GTR 2 is equipped with a powerful 471mAh battery that can last 14 days with typical use, and is always ready to escort you wherever your exercise takes you.
  • 90 SPORTS MODES & 5 ATM: The Amazfit GTR 2 includes 90 built-in sports modes and is waterproof to a depth of up to 50 meters. Intelligent recognition of 6 sports modes also eliminates the need to manually select the sports modes, so the watch is always ready for action.


Amazfit GTR 2 Sport Edition Smartwatch GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep, SpO2, FREE SHIP!!
Amazfit GTR 2 Sport Edition (Obsidian Black) Smartwatch with 3GB Music Storage, GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep, Stress, SpO2 Monitor, 14-Day Battery Life, Bluetooth Phone Calls, 90 Sports Modes, Water-Resistant This watch is in GREAT/MINT shape - basically like brand new...worn very little! Comes with...
Amazfit GTR 2 Aluminum Alloy Sport Edition - Obsidian Black
12 month Seller Warranty 14 days Money back guarantee Fast delivery Free delivery to US Amazfit GTR 2 Aluminum Alloy Sport Edition - Obsidian Black Product Photos Description 3D Curved Bezel-less Design Integrated Structure; Exquisite Craftsmanship. The Amazfit GTR 2’s integrated design...
AmazFit GTR 2 Sport Edition Smartwatch, Obsidian Black #W1952OV2Q
AmazFit GTR 2 Sport Edition Smartwatch, Obsidian BlackSKU: AFW1952OV2QMfr. Part: W1952OV2Q Item IncludesGTR 2 Sport Edition Smartwatch (Obsidian Black) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionA New Classic Essential 3D Curved Bezel-less Design All-round...
Amazfit GTR 2 Stainless Steel Classic Edition - Obsidian Black
12 month Seller Warranty 14 days Money back guarantee Fast delivery Free delivery to US Amazfit GTR 2 Stainless Steel Classic Edition - Obsidian Black Product Photos Description 3D Curved Bezel-less Design Integrated Structure; Exquisite Craftsmanship. The Amazfit GTR 2’s integrated design...
AmazFit GTR 2 Classic Edition Smartwatch, Obsidian Black #W1952OV1Q
AmazFit GTR 2 Classic Edition Smartwatch, Obsidian BlackSKU: AFW1952OV1QMfr. Part: W1952OV1Q Item IncludesGTR 2 Classic Edition Smartwatch (Obsidian Black) - Magnetic Charging Base - User Manual - Amazfit 1 Year Limited Warranty DescriptionA New Classic Essential 3D Curved Bezel-less Design...


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OSAmazfit OS
Wireless communication technologiesBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
Connectivity technologiesWireless, Bluetooth
Additional FeaturesWireless
Display technologyAMOLED
Amazfit GTR 2
released on November 21, 2020

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5 Reviews for Amazfit GTR 2

  1. Jbpeckler

    After 3 days of use, I am noticing several disconnects from my iPhone. I feel that is more the Zepp app rather than the watch itself. Hopefully after a update that issue will be fixed. Also Alexa is not available yet and I believe it will be coming in a future update.GPS seems to take about 10 seconds to lock on which is acceptable by my standards and seems to be quite accurate. Have played with SPO2 and have had all reading above 98%.Hopefully after a update or 2 I can change my review as the hardware for the GTR 2 is pretty awesome.

  2. Navin

    Overall, an okay watch with a lot of usability issues. For the same price, you will be able to get an Apple Watch 3 which, though old, works flawlessly every single time. The similarly priced Garmins do a better job at activity tracking as well. I had upgraded from my Bip-S (which is an excellent overall value compared to the GTR2).Returned after 2 weeks. Here are some of the issues I noticed- Clunky navigation in the UI. For example, hard to get back to your activity display if interrupted in between by a message.- UI gets activated when water falls on it! Had the watch go crazy a couple of times in the shower.- My primary reason for return – the GPS tracking is almost always off-track. Even in an open space on a clear day, it takes quite a bit of time to connect. The lesser Bip-S does a better job.- Heart rate monitoring – occasionally has issues with the heart rate monitor showing really low values. This happens on the Bip-S as well.- No VO2 measurement.

  3. Mohsen

    It was a long time I was researching on smart watches and I was going to buy Amazfit GTR on black Friday and I saw release of GTR 2 and I decided to buy it. It has all the features I was looking for and I was excited to get it.In the first week though I was thinking I will return it but now I decided to keep it (unless the battery dies out or something like it). I have a fitbit charge 2 and I tested my GTR 2 alongside it. I have an iPhone 11 and it worked reasonably well with my iPhone.I like round watches and I can’t stand square watches, also I think that one day battery life is ridiculous.If you are looking for a watch for health tracking, fitbit is very close to perfect, good device, good battery life and very good app. Zepp (amazfit’s app) is not as good as fitbit but it is close. Moreover I found out I could use it for skateboarding, archery and equestrian activity which was a nice surprise.The first bad thing I saw on GTR2 was when I scanned the QR on the watch and I saw a dead web page and I got really disappointed. The second bad thing was the notifications. Sometimes I don’t receive some notifications and I should restart the watch.I tested the watch for running, pool swimming, cycling and skateboarding. It is reasonably well and I tested it alongside my fitbit for cycling and running and they are not that different.The GPS is working fine and it is not far off. I don’t know if you can disable the GPS though.Sleep tracking is not good, it is not bad either. Fitbit is much better on sleep tracking.It has several decent watch faces and I hope they add more. I contacted to their support about the notification and they actually helped me.

  4. Khanh Phan

    1. No music playlist creation2. No seeking or scrubbing of songs3. Songs are listed in random, non-alphabetical order4. The always on display doesn’t show entire watch face nor does it give you option to allow that5. No long press buttons to pause/start workouts6. Deal breaker: no workout metrics on the always on displayVery disappointing as the GPS and heart rate are accurate enough, the screen is nice, and the battery life is acceptable. Will return unless issues are addressed.

  5. Jared K

    I’ve had this since shortly after it was released so I’ve been using it daily for a while now. I’m happy with this, but there are still some kinks that will hopefully be cleared up with software updates.I purchased this mainly as a hub for notifications. Secondarily to answer calls when I’m not right by my phone, or when I can’t really hold the phone and third for its fitness features, including the GPS. I’ve been disappointed with the notifications, however found a work around that allowed me to deal with the problems I was having there. The phone quality is better than I expected and the fitness features are much more useful than I expected.Before I list the features, note that I use the GPS feature probably, on average 45-60 minutes a week and use the phone feature for maybe 10 or 15 minutes a week. I use the fitness and sleep tracking daily and have it set to record heart rate once per minute. All other settable measurements (ie stress measurement) are set to only be on demand. I do get a bunch of notifications.Ok, let’s start with the pros:Battery Life: It was mediocre at first. I’m not a light user but also not a heavy user. I was getting 4-5 days. An update recently came out that is probably doubling the battery life.Screen: Excellent quality. AMOLED so really dark blacks. It’s also bright and great resolution. It auto adjusts to how light it is in the environment you are in so it doesnt appear too bright when it’s dark.Phone Calls: Very good. It doesn’t seem to burn the battery as fast as I was concerned it would. One annoyance here though is if you pick up a call on the watch, then use your phone to transfer it to the phone, the watch screen still shows the call status. The watch screen wont let you go to another screen while the call is active. This is only if you pick up the call from the watch. If you pick it up from the phone, the watch screen never shows call status so it’s not a problem. It would also be nice if you could call out from the watch, even if it is just selecting from a list of recent calls or contacts (instead of trying to dial on the small screen). Right now you can only take incoming calls.Fitness: I really really like this. Most watches will give you some info, like heart rate history, step counts, calories burned. If the watch has a GPS on board you’ll get a map of where you were during your activity (if outside) and maybe a few other metrics. This has all of that, but it also has PAI. Do some googling on PAI. It’s a really cool cumulative fitness tracker that takes into account recent activity and your current fitness level when coming up with a score. It’s a huge motivator to do just a little exercise here and there, but most importantly it motivates you to do the right exercise. You’re not going to get a lot of points if you are walking around a bunch, but if you are running, or really exerting yourself some other way and your heartrate is up, even if it’s not for a long time, you get more points. I cannot stress enough how much this has helped me improve my fitness abilities.Watch Build Quality: It seems really solid. I was a little worried about the buttons when I first caught it. They can catch on things sometimes if you’re not careful, but that doesn’t happen much and they seem pretty solidly in place.Offline voice commands: You can control and open certain features of the watch with your voice. It works great.Cons:Notifications: I have Google Pixel 2XL. Many notifications are duplicated. SMS and even GMail notifications come in funny sometimes. As mentioned, notifications were a huge reason I got the watch so this was a huge disappointment. I emailed support and we went back and forth. I sent log files to them from the Zepp app. They seemed to genuinely care but at the end it was left with basically “thanks for letting us know – we let the engineers know”. The one saving part of this is there is a third party app you can buy for $3 on the Play Store, Notify for Amazfit. It runs alongside Zepp and you can set it up to control notifications on the watch. It some tweaking but not I get notifications perfectly on the phone. Hopefully Amazfit fixes Zepp in the future so I don’t need to have a second app running, but it’s not that big of a deal now that all works ok. It’s worth noting this may only be an issue on Google phones.Alexa: The watch is sold as having support for Alexa but the fine print says it will be available with an update soon. It’s been a while and it’s still not available. Kind of getting annoying because I was hoping to be able to use this feature.Shortcut screen: When you are scrolling around the features, there is a shortcut screen that shows “cards” with info from different features of the watch. You can turn which cards show up on and off, but you cant get rid of the screen itself. The watch has some features but it’s not so loaded with them that this is really necessary. I’d like to remove the shortcut screen entirely but the closest I can get to that is a blank screen with no cards on it.App order: I’m not talking about the vertical list of apps you get when you hit the top right button twice. I’m talking about when you turn the screen on and scroll left and right. I don’t see a way to order these apps. It would be nice to be able to do that.Mediocre:GPS: This was useless when I first got the watch as it was nearly impossible to get a signal if anything was blocking the watch’s line of sight to the sky. Thankfully an update came through soon after I started using it which improved the GPS reception a ton. While it locks on to a GPS reasonably fast now, its not the most accurate. If you are running or hiking, you’ll see the line shift around 10 feet or so here and there. Not really a big deal though. It’s also winter and I have it covered up with a jacket or glove usually now, so maybe it will do better when it is not covered up.Zepp (the companion app): As I said before for notification sync’ing to the watch. This is useless. A third party app is better. But, for everything else, keeping track of fitness and sleep, especially it’s pretty good. It has some nice fitness graphs and stats in it. In fact a lot of those nice sharp looking graphs are also available directly on the watch.

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