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Livall BH51M Smart Bike Helmet

Auto Sensor LED,Turn Signal Tail Lights,Connects via Bluetooth, Certified Comfortable Cycling Helmet

  • SAFE, DURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND SMART FLASH LIGHTING: Our livall helmet LED bike helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards for safety ,Automatic sensor Lighting,noticeable from quite a distance,Better visibility to autos and other bicyclists, Wireless turn signals for left or right LED signals,Now you can ride in increased safety without the need for a bevy of accessories.
  • BLUETOOTH BIKE HELMET’SPEAKER: Quality stereo sound,high quality tone or sound effect, perfect for enjoying your hands-free communication and riding music. Well designed for Walkie-talkie. Helmet fits most heads size 21.65-23.22inch(55-59cm) comfortably. (Due to the official reason of Apple’s mobile phone, the voice function will be limited in the system which is above 10.3, and the intercom function may not work properly!)
  • CYCLING HELMET WITH SOS ALERT: Livall smart helmet,Timely Rescue in Case of Accidents, connect helmet with LIVALL Riding APP, helmet emergency signals turned on, sos signals sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately.
  • SMART BLING JET CONTROLLER: Bike helmet with bluetooth,Pair with the helmet successfully, show functions with control the turn signals,enjoy music, answer calls,take photos, Walkie – talkie.
  • DESIGN FOR EXPERIENCE: We are the Real Brand Licensor. LIVALL smart helmet with utility model patent certificate and design patent certificate,livall helmet with bluetooth,Super comfortable and with great ventilation and lightweight. Overall, the LIVALL smart bike helmet would be a good choice for you.


Livall MTL Smart Bike, 58-62cm Helmet
Brand new, ex-shop display, have been tried on, expect minor mark on it see pictures for more details. Livall MTL Smart Bike, 58-62cm Helmet. Dispatched with Hermes Tracked.
LIVALL BH60SE+BR80 Bike Helmet E-Bike Helmet LED Indicator Rear Light Smart App
Livall BH60SE + BR80 Bicycle Helmet E-Bike Helmet LED Indicator Taillight Smart AppStart Smart - The all-round helmet for beginners No matter whether as a racing bike, touring or leisure helmetThe Livall BH60SE offers the perfect mix of safety, technology and style, especially for beginners. The...
LIVALL BH51M Smart Bike Helmet (From official Canadian distributor)
The multiple award winning LIVALL BH51M smart urban cycle helmet is a multi-functional lightweight helmet that combines both safety and connectivity. With automatic inductive LED safety lighting with 270° visibility including turn signal indicators, handlebar remote control, stereo speakers and...


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LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet with Auto Sensor LED, Turn Signal Tail Lights
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LIVALL Smart Helmet, Bluetooth Bike Helmet with Auto Sensor LED, Turn Signal Tail Lights
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as of February 28, 2021 6:20 pm
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Sena Smart Cycling Helmet, X1, l Size, Black
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as of February 28, 2021 6:20 pm
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LIVALL BH60SE Smart Helmet with Auto Sensor LED - White
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as of February 28, 2021 6:20 pm
Smart4u SH50L Smart Bike Helmet - White
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as of February 28, 2021 6:20 pm
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Smart Bike Helmet
released on April 8, 2020

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11 Reviews for Smart Bike Helmet

  1. ANM

    Excellent comfort and top not technology! This helmet is awesome. Any sport that you need to protect your head in style but also alert others of your direction, this helmet is a great choice. The built in mic and speaker work well. I wasn’t sure how the comfort and size would be, but it fits extremely well and has various sizing adjustments. I also love the fact it can alert my emergency contact if I fall and become unresponsive.


    Update: Bling remote was defective- it exhausts a 2032 battery every week. I am returning the remote for replacement. When the battery is new, the helmet, directional signals and bluetooth control of the helmet audio is excellent. Once I changed the 2032 cell in the remote (it was dead to the point of current reversing) and charged the helmet till charging blinking light went out, and installed the LIVALL app on my Samsung Note 8, all works and is so far, excellent! I will add to this as I use it, but wanted to say- be prepared with a fresh 2032 coin cell and charge fully before getting too frustrated. Its worth the light show and bluetooth music, and the helmet is comfortable and well ventilated yet doesn’t have tree-branch admitting vent holes. You can hear the flashing directional in each ear as they light, confirming the action.IF the Bling remote hadn’t arrived DOA I’d have given 5 stars.

  3. Chad Ohman

    The helmet came with great praise after reading and watching reviews online. I liked the idea of having turn signals built in. The helmet arrived and has attractive packaging however this is where it ends.Adjustment of the chin strap is difficult though it’s nice to have additional padding once you’ve finished fiddling with the buckle for half an hour. The buckle has fallen off three times (yes, I had it looped through correctly) while I was riding and I have lost all confidence in the helmet protecting me in the event of an accident.In addition, the turn signal remote exhibits poor connectivity with the helmet and is poorly compatible with iOS 13.I’ve returned the helmet as a result of these issues.

  4. Marlin Mercado

    It didn’t have what it said it had. No blue tooth speaker and mike. The rest was ok. Lights and comfortable.

  5. william pappas

    Very good helmet

  6. Luis B.

    The helmet is beyond amazing and all features work very well. The sos part takes a bit to get right but once you pair it and connect its just awesome.My helmet unfortunately came with a defect as seen in the pictures, where the glue holding visor is came off a bit. I tried pushing it back in, but eventually comes back off and the outer shell on the left also.What would have made this better for the helmet, would have been an always on feature for the light and faster flashing features.For the SOS alert, a faster send out time around 30 to 20 sec would be better or allow us to set a timer.Not having a visor or allowing a removable one also would have been great. I don’t know who chose the visor color but going plain black would have been best.

  7. Lucy

    I just needed a regular helmet to ride my mountain bike but I came across this one that came recommended by a blogger. I was kind of hesitant about the “smart” features and gadgetry because they seemed over the top for what I needed but the price was equal to a helmet with no features so I decided to move forward.Firstly it is important to notice that the lite version comes without a remote which means that if you choose not to use your phone you are out of luck or you will have to buy the remote control separately. Given the fact that I have an iPhone 11 pro I am not ready to attach it to my bike and have it shatter in the trail.The lights on the helmet hold charge for about three hours. I generally ride during the day and in the trail so it makes sense to keep them on to assist other riders in doing an early spotting and reduce the chance of collisionsThe helmet fits quite nicely and the padding compares to that of my Smith helmet. I read other reviewers talking about issues with the battery. I will update my review in three months if I face the same difficulties. According to the blogger that recommended this the issue with the batteries was already resolved by the time she purchased her helmet.

  8. M.Winkler

    This helmet is only looking nice…The fall detection and therefore the notification of the emergency contact that you add in your Livall App as a key feature failed for now, the second time, suffered a fall with my E-scooter, broke my arm, hit my head and several facial laceration – the helmets fall detection function is absolutely useless…You can get similar protection for way less then this overprized product…Another disappointing thing is that the battery for the remote to trigger the indicator lights on the helmet was basically dead on arrival. Seems like a comon issue here after reading some of the reviews…Also disappointing is the backlight feature, u can choose between different light sequences but why not a static on light instead of short sequences that blink every 2 or 3 seconds…Thats 2 or 3 seconds where your helmet is dark and your visibility is dramatically reduced…I am absolutely disappointed with this product, its nothing but shiny marketing and lacks the function of a smart helmet…Would not recommend this product at all…

  9. Eric VanZandt

    I didn’t recieve my remote gor my helmet,and I’m not able to sink it to bluetooth

  10. Simple_Sailor

    The remote control just won’t connect/pair with the helmet. Helmet lights work; however, the turn indicators cannot be used because the remote control is not connecting to the helmet.

  11. Scott Marabillas

    After I figured out how to pair the helmet with the app, and then how to keep my Android phone from screen-locking when I’m bluetooth attached to my headset, the helmet worked great. Now the problem is THE HELMET LINERS SUCK!! Look at these pictures! Seriously, they lasted about 2-3 weeks of daily use before they disintegrated. Maybe my sweat is really acidic. I don’t know. 😒 I would buy some more liners if the Livall website wasn’t so shi##y. But there seems to be no way to purchase them separately. I’m bummed.

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