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Mio ALPHA 2 HR Sport Watch

Mio Alpha 2 heart rate sport watch provides EKG-accurate heart rate data at performance speeds without a chest strap- along with distance, calories, and pace. Mio Alpha 2 connects to smart devices via Bluetooth 4.0 to provide athletes with all the training and tracking features of their favorite fitness apps. The best in heart rate technology and cool new features are packed into this comfortable, easy to use sport watch.

  • Get accurate wrist-based heart rate during exercise.
  • Track workouts plus all day activity, including steps, calories and distance.
  • Store up to 25 hours of workout data.
  • Sync wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) to popular fitness apps.
  • Water resistant up to 30m (3 ATM / 100 ft.).
  • Compatible with Mio PAI App (Personal Activity Intelligence).
  • Have questions about your Mio? Contact Mio Global at 1-877-770-1116 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm PST) and kindly refer to the user manual for instructions and troubleshooting.
  • To add all day activity tracking, easily update your firmware via Mio GO app.

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Mio Alpha 2 Activity Tracker Watch Smart Heart Rate Black Grey Watch Med/Large
Mio Alpha 2 Activity Tracker Watch Smart Heart Rate Black Grey...


The Mio ALPHA 2 is an innovatively designed fitness tracker that provides a blend of advanced features and benefits for a holistic health tracking solution. The device features an optical heart rate sensor that delivers accurate heart rate data to help users monitor their progress during workouts. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity to enable tracking of user data on leading mobile fitness apps with real-time updates. The device is also water-resistant and durable, making it suitable for use in different weather conditions and environments. With its sleek design and large display, the Mio ALPHA 2 is comfortable to wear and convenient to use, thus enhancing user experience. Overall, the Mio ALPHA 2 offers an array of health tracking benefits, including accurate heart rate data, seamless app integration, durability, and practicality. It is an excellent choice for individuals who value fitness and take their training seriously.



The Mio ALPHA 2 is a cutting-edge heart rate monitor that offers unparalleled accuracy, comfort and convenience. Featuring the most advanced monitoring technology, this device offers continuous and accurate heart rate monitoring on the wrist, eliminating the need for a chest strap. The Mio ALPHA 2 offers a host of features that make it an exceptional choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It provides real-time, personalized training feedback and tracks progress towards goals. It is also water-resistant up to 30 meters, making it perfect for swimmers and water-based sports. The Mio ALPHA 2 pairs wirelessly with a wide range of fitness apps, including MapMyRun, Strava, Apple Health, and many more. This heart rate monitor also enables users to set custom heart rate zones and receive alerts when they fall out of range. The large, easy-to-read display shows the time and heart rate info, and the device is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 20 hours of run time. Whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness, monitor your heart rate during workouts, or track your progress towards specific goals, the Mio ALPHA 2 is a must-have device that offers top-of-the-line features and performance.


Form Factor: Square
released on August 20, 2009


Mio Alpha 2 – For The Exerciser Who Predominantly Runs!

The Mio Alpha 2 has been reviewed by Tristan Haskins In Feb 2017 Mio released the Mio Slice. The Slice is the world’s first activity tracker to include PAI, that’s Personal Activity Intelligence. Rather than “just” count steps, the Mio Slice wants to see elevated heart rate at regular periods throughout the day.

Mio Alpha 2 review - Wareable

Mio Alpha 2: Compatibility One of the Alpha 2's strengths is the ability to buddy up the watch with apps like MapMyRun, Strava, Wahoo and Endomondo. If you're frustrated with the lack of features,...


Right Button Heart Rate (HR) Indicator Light Battery Indicator Time Workout Mode Timer Heart Rate GETTING STARTED ACTIVATING YOUR MIO ALPHA To activate your Mio ALPHA, press and hold You will be prompted to set up your user profile, which can be done on the watch itself or through the Mio GO app. Mio ALPHA 2 User Guide...


// MIO Company Profile

Mio is a fitness company that was started in 1999 by Liz Dickinson. The aim of Mio is to provide people with the best health and fitness technology available, and they do this primarily through their fitness monitors and trackers. – View Profile

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12 Reviews for Mio ALPHA 2

  1. Tony Montana

    I purchased this product as an alternative to replacing the Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate Monitor (Blue) and so far it has worked nicely. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the Garmin heart rate monitor since it gives pretty accurate readings. However, the idea of using a strapless heart rate monitor was, in fact, what attracted me to this product in the first place. I’ve been using it daily since I purchased it, and the battery life has been pretty decent. In fact, I’ve only charged it twice and only for a few hours in the last week. The readings are for the most part comparable to what I usually get with the Garmin. Although sometimes it could be off by 5+/- calories, give or take. —-I’ve worn both at the same time while doing different activities in order to compare them.— I’ve also been using the watch with the MIO GO app and so far I have no complaints. The only thing that is sometimes a little uncomfortable, which is not much of an issue once you get used to it, is that you must wear the watch above your wrist bone on the lower forearm. So for the first couple of workouts it feels a little weird, but after a while, you don’t even notice it. Overall, I recommend this product, as it is practical, sleek, and quite modern.

  2. CSA72

    I have been using this device for about 3 weeks paired with an iPhone 6 and multiple apps. I have used it for cycling, running and metabolic training. I bought this device because I wanted no chest strap and I wanted something mostly for HR and calorie counting during metabolic workouts. I did not want a Fitbit-style all day activity/lifestyle monitor. I did consider the Fitbit Surge as an alternativeThe Pros:1) NO CHEST STRAP!2) works reasonably well for running, walking and cycling activities3) charging and battery life are good4) Mio Go app enables setting parameters for the watch and goal HR zonesThe cons:1) DOES NOT WORK when my arm gets sweaty during metabolic workouts (HR readings as low as 34 when manual pulse is easily 150)2) The apps generally stink3) Bulky and awkward wearing location on forearmThere are 2 apps for use with the device: The MIO Go app and the Fit trip app. Both sync with the device but neither are particularly good apps. Fit trip may be OK for premium.I have previously used Map my run which doesn’t work with this device. It may have in the past before Underarmor bought the app suite. Wahoo app works with it although the functionality of this app is basic. Endomondo worked well with it but I am not sure it will continue to since Underarmor bought this app suite as well. Also a premium app fee is necessary for the HR monitor capability. All apps are geared to run and cycling. None are really geared for gym-based workouts.Overall, I would not buy this again. Running and cycling are not my main activities and this just doesn’t work when your arm sweats.

  3. Jackson M

    I love this product! I have an abnormal heart rhythm and have been advised to monitor my heart rate during exercise. I can’t wear a monitor that uses a chest strap, so after doing a great deal of research, I decided to try the Mio Alpha 2. I am currently using at while also being monitored on a wireless telemetry monitor in a cardiac rehab program and it is consistently within 1-2 beats of the monitor there. It’s very accurate and easy to use. The syncing with IPhone is also very good and a great way to keep track of heart rate zones for training purposes. If you are looking for accuracy and a strict heart rate monitor this is the product to consider! No other frills, but that’s what the “activity monitors” are for!

  4. g_dog

    Excellent piece of kit. I have always used polar hrm in the past but was sick of chest strap unreliability/failure. Have used this a few times now and must say its fantastic, just make sure it’s tight on forearm and high enough above the knobbly bone on the wrist to give fully accurate readings.no more chest strap…yeah 😊

  5. Shoko

    This watch is absolutely brilliant. It doesn’t have all of the features of some other watches but the HR readings are really accurate and work continuously no matter what type of exercise you’re doing including swimming. From my search it was one of the only watches that can be used under water (just don’t press the buttons underwater) and this is a real plus for me. The build quality is also great and it feels great when you first put it on. If you’re after a watch which will give you spot on HR readings without a chest strap this is a great watch.

  6. b00kmark1t

    Works well standalone or with a smartphone app (Strava, Wahoo, etc). You can set up zones on the watch itself or through the Mio app. Can beep and LED changes colour when you cross zones, or can beep constantly when out of zone. Battery lasts for ages.Downsides are – the display is not that easy to read in dimly lit conditions (its fine in full sunshine) and the backlight is not that bright (and requires a double tap which doesn’t always work reliably). Also its big so it doesn’t fit well under a shirt cuff, and you can’t read the date unless you go through the setup, so its not great as an everyday watch.The range could be better when using with a smartphone, the phone must be in line of sight of the watch or the signal will drop out, e.g. if cycling you can’t put the phone in your back pocket and have your hands on the handlebars, phone must be in front pocket, arm band or handlebar mounted. Same for most Bluetooth HRMs though.The HRM tech is exactly the same as the Mio Fuse and Mio Link, so if you always use with your smartphone (eg for GPS), you’d pay less for these products. The Alpha 2 is better and more configurable if you go out without your phone, and has longer battery life.Edit: I have now also tried the Mio Fuse for HR training but it vibrates instead of beeps when outside the zone. The Alpha 2 is better when cycling as I can hear the beeps but cannot feel the vibrations of the Fuse against the vibrations coming from the handlebars.

  7. Mr. Russell Taylor

    I also have a Mio Link. Ideally, I would have just got the Alpha, but it lacks ANT+ (the Mio Link has both ANT+ and Bluetooth, but no display, only an LED). SO I have this for when I’m outside and want to know what my HR actually is (nice display) and the Mio Link for when I’m inside using equipment (which doesn’t have Bluetooth – only ANT+) and that tells me what my HR actually is.Battery lasts longer than I expected and the Alpha is reasonably comfortable to wear. I’ve found that it does not need to that tight to work reliably.

  8. Michael Earl

    Over the past few weeks Ive tried benchtesting it to see for any faults and issues I may get (based on other reviews). As of yet I have found none. The HR monitor works perfectly well and syncs with my mobile and apps without issue. Yes the MIO app itself is a bit basic but it does report everything back. Were it really comes into its own is with pairing to other apps. I pair mine with MapMyRide and my stats and graphs are linked up to how my heart is performing on my cycles.The info is very interesting and provides great feedback on how you are doing and where you can improve.Battery Life has seen no issues for me and to be honest I think it is excellent. Ive had it a couple of weeks and only charged once. I havent used the HR all the time but for around 8HRs in total.Its not an all singing all dancing model; it basically tells the time and when you want to it monitors your heart rate. This is exactly what I wanted and is 100% fit for purpose to me.I upgraded the firmware with no issue and synced to my phone in seconds. Some people have claimed major syncing issues but nothing for me. Older phones may not have the required Bluetooth revision so bear this in mind and read the specs of both if unsure

  9. CJ Smitty

    so we bought this watch for our son as he has a medical condition that calls for mild cardio excersise. So we thought that since MIO was boasting about how good and accurate its heart rate monitor is, this would be a great way to monitor his heart rate during the day and set a max heart rate above which it will worn. Well our first watch worked fine for about 2 months when it just crashed and decided that it will never operate again. So we contacted AMAZON and they were absolutely amazing offering an immediate replacement for the watch. So here we are again about a year later and this watch decided that it is time for it to start crashing again. So this time the heart rate monitor just doesn’t work at all and all we are left with is a simple digital watch! now that to me is completely unacceptable!! Pure and simple bad quality!

  10. Corey Nahman

    My first device was the Alpha. I upgraded to the Alpha2. They are similar but the Alpha 2 has a softer more comfortable wristband and a backlight..I only use the device to track heart rate. You turn on the heart rate function when you begin your workout. When you are done, you turn off the heart rate monitoring function and it becomes a fitness watch. If you leave the heart rate monitor on 24/7 the battery will only last a day. If you turn off the hesrt rate function, the battery will last for several weeks. I use it with the MioGo app. This watch will also interact with several other heart rate apps such as Endomondo and Polar beat. I tried several of them but I like the Mio Go app bear. The software is not as robust as what you get with Fitbit but it suits my needs.It works great with the elliptical and a Concept 2 rowing machine. I sweat like crazy and my arms move vigorously but I have no problems.The only problem I have is that sometimes tapping the device to turn on the backlight doesn’t work. I still give it 5 stars. I emailed Mio for assistance and I’m confident they will help me. (If not I’ll switch to 4 stars).It’s revolutionized my stamina and endurance training. It takes the guesswork out of high intensity interval training. You know exactly when you reach your anaerobic threshold.After using it a few times you get a feel for how much effort you need to reach a certain heart rate. It’s like cruise control for your heart. It’s cool.Pros:Easy to useAccuracy comparable to a strap monitorWater and sweat resistantHolds a charge for a long time unless you leave the heart rate function all dayNumbers are big, don’t need your glasses to seeCons:Battery not replaceableIt’s big, may not fit small wrists

  11. Fiddler

    I was worried about wrist size – my wrist being 15.5 cm in circumference and on the Mio website it states from 17.7 cm upwards for the M/L strap. The seller said it should go right down to 14.5 cm. In actual fact 15.5 cm with a good tight fit is the minimum where the end buttons can plug in to secure the end of the strap and stop it flapping. Saying that, I could use it most of the time easily one notch less tight. You can however tighten the strap much more and then pull out the end pins on the strap and move them up the strap – cutting off the end. Basically the strap can be adapted for smaller wrists.All the rest is great and what I’d expect from Mio technology. Their app is crap and their own website is crap and their support is crap but their hardware is excellent.

  12. Tuzladw

    I ordered this mio alpha 2 heart rate monitor in pink. I’m using the monitor for pacing purposes for my ME/CFS. I have very narrow wrists and this fits fine. I have checked the heart rate on the monitor and have taken my own pulse at the wrist. They both were very similar so I’m happy it’s mostly accurate.Set up was easy enough. Although it took me a long time to realise that it will not alarm above your upper or below your lower limits until you have pressed the right hand button to start a workout. I wear the watch 24/7 and split the monitoring into three 8 hour “workouts”. I have to charge it daily.It does have a habit of showing a really low pulse in the 40s every so often. This i have disproved by taking my own pulse at my wrist. Ditto it occasionally shows a very high pulse which again is incorrect. But in the main, it is good enough.The main problem I have is that every time I sync the watch with the android app, it resets the watch back to the default settings. So every time I sync I have to go through the settings all over again and set it back to my personal settings. I emailed mio customer service about the issue. They were perfectly pleasant but also totally useless. After many emails back and forth, they never solved the problem. So I’m left continuously having to reset my watch. I don’t know if my watch is faulty or if this is something that everyone has to do. But I find it frustrating.I don’t know if I would buy another mio alpha 2. It has too many niggles. But due to the cost involved, it will do me for the moment.

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