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BestRec Recording Bracelet

Voice Recorder Bracelet! Protect The Interests Of Your Person, Family & Business In The Most Reliable Way – Starting Today!

  • Small Voice Recorder Bracelet: As it is small and fashion designed (9.5*0.71*0.42In)?NO Display and Waterproof Function?,Recording Device your appointment, meetings, interviews, speeches, lectures easily etc.
  • High Capacity: With internal 16GB memory, Record without the need for additional memory cards. a full charge of one hours can make 20 hours’ continuous working. It is a multi functional rechargeable USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder with MP3 function.
  • Simple Use and Helpful Recording: Just slide to ON button, the Digital Voice Recorder starts to record; slide to OFF button, the Digital Voice Recorder saves.All recordings in this Recorder Watch with time stamp, easy to find out when you recorded.
  • Voice Activated Recorder: Set the AVR voice activated function, Wrist Recorder er only when teacher is speaking, reduce blank and whispering snippet, save space and time. the Wristband Recorder was built in smart battery detection which makes it save the recording automatically before power exhausted.
  • Easy File Management: Simply connect the tape Recorder Watch to your computer using the supplied USB cable, and drag the file directly to your computer. contact seller for any issues to ensure your satisfactory purchase!

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BestRec 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Watch Bracelet Recording Device with 20 H...
BestRec 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Watch Bracelet Recording Device...
Open Box/New/Complete.. BestRec 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Watch Bracelet Recording Device with 20 H....
16GB Voice Recorder Watch, BestRec Audio Voice Wristband Bracelet Recording...
16GB Voice Recorder Watch, BestRec Audio Voice Wristband Bracelet...
16GB Voice Recorder Watch, BestRec Audio Voice Wristband Bracelet Recording Device for Lectures, 20 Hours Working, No Screen Display(Silver Surface) 2~7 DAYS EXPEDITED INT' SHIPPING Description Features: Fashionable Design: Bracelet...




Voice Recorder Bracelet
released on June 11, 2019


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13 Reviews for Voice Recorder Bracelet

  1. signature

    You can even enter music in addition to your own recordings! I found this recorder to be very useful. I use it to record lectures, the sound is very clear!

  2. Cherryl C.

    Records, but is described as a watch, which it is not! It is a watch-style recorder. It doesn’t have a watch/ display function. Would be much more valuable if it displayed the recording functions and a watch.

  3. Sherri @thelegacybucket

    Pro’s – Good quality sound when worn on non-dominate arm so as not to pick up movement from writing.Battery life is good and blends in as a pedometer such as the fitbit, non raising suspicions that you are recording.Good for recording thoughts on the go when stopped and commit to completing a task when you have not got something to write with.Con’s – Looks nice but not much substance in terms of feel. Super light weight and not sure how long this product will hold up. Willing to come back and review after using for a period of 6 months to a year.

  4. Dana

    I love this! My son started seeing a behavioral specialist and he came out of his first 3 sessions crying. He wore it on his 4th session and now I know why. Side note, it’s 100% legal to do in this state but I don’t know about other states. My son was not only ignored and yelled at for no reason, but the specialist was on the phone talking to friends, paying bills, completely ignoring my child. Best money I’ve ever spent

  5. Brady O.

    I purchased this watch to use as a digital recorder, it worked great for 1 day and overheated when I charged it, it wouldn’t turn on anymore. The company was willing to send me another one at no cost, when I opened the box I plugged it in to charge and it overheated, swelled up and split the case of the watch, it never worked. The company was willing to send me a third one at no cost, so far I have used it for about 60 hours of recording time and it has been working and charging fine. The quality of the recordings have been pretty good for my needs. I’m giving 4 stars because they have been willing to send me 2 replacements at no cost and have had good customer service.

  6. Maximus Surrealius

    Records well and is discrete, no noise or lights. Problem is I can not open the record files on my iMac running OS High Sierra 10.13.6. I can play the stored music that came with the product, it is played by iTunes, but when I double click the recording it just has a spinning disc icon and nothing plays. I applied the head phones and can hear that it records quite well….but I need to be able to transfer to my computer. I have searched for 30 minutes and can not find a way to simply post this question…all i can do is “search questions” and that has not been properly answered yet. Will change to 5 stars if someone can show me how to do this.

  7. Michael J.

    It won’t download files to my computer. I plug it in and the computer doesn’t see anything. Total Waste of what little money I have.VERY IMPORTANT DOCTOR VISIT STUCK ON DEVICE .VERY SAD.My lawyer needed recordings for a medical malpractice suit.I am handicapped and can barely walk and am being abused by the system and now this, I can’t get that doctor visit back, what am I supposed to do now.Save yourself the trouble and buy something else.

  8. PS

    The quality could be better, but it is pretty good really. It broke off a couple of times though so I ordered a new buckle for it. Ever since then it hasn’t broken off once. If the manufacturer would put a better buckle on it, that didn’t come off so easily it would be perfect. One other small thing, the little black rubber piece that covers the opening for the download/charging cord broke off so now that is exposed to the elements (ie water from washing hands, etc.) So maybe if they could make that a little stronger. Other than that, it’s very non-descript, if anyone asks I say it’s a step watch.

  9. Midwest Honesty

    This works well to record. I turn it on in the morning, then put it on my daughter and off she goes to school. When she has bad experiences we listen to the recordings together and talk about them. Her teacher is horrible, prejudiced, and mean to the children behind closed doors. She also talks bad about her coworkers. This is helping us to build a strong case for her removal. The bad thing is that while it does download to my computer, it’s difficult to retrieve the files. Wish they were time stamped so we didn’t have to sift through the whole day…. still, I can hear her teacher clearly and my daughter sits in the middle of the room so it serves its purpose.Looks like a watch so nobody suspects we are recording 8 hours of school and two hours of after school program.

  10. maria santos

    its not working don’t like need to return again

  11. Michael L

    Much better than I expected.

  12. Lynne

    Love this gadget, looks and wears like a accessory but does SO much more. Easy to use as well 🙂

  13. Luis G.

    not sure if it’s my computer configuration, but I was not able to play the recorded files in my iMac computer. I tried few times, aI copied some files there, nothing, I could not hear them. I have not used the device long enough.Not sure about quality of the sound, nor battery life, but it’s easy to use.

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