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Fidgeto Sensory Fidget Bracelet

Use this Fidget bracelet to help you focus. Fidget bracelets help children and adults get quiet relief from ADD, ADHD, anxiety, stress and autism. With something on the wrist to fiddle with, focus on what a teacher is saying or what is going on in a meeting or presentation increases.

  • The bracelet is made in skin tones; fair, tan and brown and does not make noise so that it is discrete at school and in the work place.
  • The bracelet is also made in rainbow colors if you are not worried about discretion!
  • This loose fit bracelet is made by Fidgeto in three sizes; small (elementary age kids and women with average wrist size) and large (for men or those with above average wrist size). We have now added an extra-small size which is meant for 1st and 2nd graders. Extra-small size is 49 mm diameter. Small size is 54 mm diameter and large size is 62 mm.
  • It is meant for fidgeting with fingers, not with mouths. Fidgeto is a trademarked product.

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Fidgeto Sensory Fidget Bracelet (Extra Small, Tan)
Fidgeto Sensory Fidget Bracelet (Extra Small, Tan)
Features: fidget bracelet



ColorPink Camouflage
Item Weight0.2 Ounces
Fidget Bracelet
released on November 21, 2016


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8 Reviews for Fidget Bracelet

  1. stephmowery

    Got for my 9 year old who is a bit on the small side and has a habit of nail biting when reading or doing school work. It is sort of big on her, but not so much that it falls off. She likes it, and so far it has stood up to her constant fidgeting with it. We had a different kind before this, and she just ripped pieces off it until it was trash, so I like that this one is more sturdy and strong.

  2. Nurz Batch

    First I would love to thank a previous reviewer Kathryn Parsons; her review and especially pictures were the deciding factor for me purchasing this product.My 8yo also picks at her skin causing alot of scars. I just received the item yesterday and already it has made a BIG difference in the ‘picking’ incidents. So much so I just purchased another for my daughter’s ankle(she picks at her arms, hands, feet, and legs) so she has the band to pick at instead of her legs/feet. I asked my daughter after her first full day of using it if she picked today, her reply was “yes”; so I asked her where and she pointed to her band(yea, cute sense if humour she has). I was so happy. She stated she likes the raised tall nubs sticking up the most.I have included(because I like reviews with pictures) pictures of the band. Extra small fits perfectly on her arm, she has a 5 inch wrist size. I am glad the maker made this size because the small would have been too big. It is not too big, it reaches her hand without falling off so no worries of her losing it. It is a silicon material and very stretchy but sturdy. There is room for it to move around her arm and still be comfotable. Pink is her favorite color so we chose the pink camouflage.As you will note I have included pics of my daughter’s hands and arms to also show the numerous scars from her picking. An even more reason of why I needed a product like this. I hope this review can help other parents out there in choosing a product that will work for them or their child/ren as I have.

  3. FY

    I’m an adult male with small wrists (6.75″), and the small fits well. I am prone to fidgeting and skin picking, and this bracelet helps me divert that nervous energy into something harmless and discreet, especially when commuting or in meetings, when I’m most likely to fidget. I just ordered a second bracelet for my wife, also a fidgeter.I chose the camo option not because it’s my favorite but because it’s the least unattractive to me. Thankfully, it’s an understated camo and looks quite nice. Like some other reviewers (or their kids), I have no desire to buy a bracelet that matches my skin color – I don’t want a bracelet that looks like a prosthesis or some sort of growth on my skin. Fidgeto should consider adding solid color options that are not in skin tones, like black, navy, red, pink, etc. Visibility should not be a major concern, especially with the popularity of awareness bracelets these days.

  4. Blu

    I have trichotillomania and was recommended this bracelet as a fidget. It is AWESOME. I could not thank this person enough for creating this. It gives my fingers something to do, and the rubber “spikes” that stick out at different heights are great to play with. I can’t find anything else like this anywhere. THANK YOU for making this!! I’m an adult female with small wrists and I ordered the size small and it’s perfect – I just wish it came in more colors. I would order 10 of these if they came in other colors!! Thank you so much!!!

  5. Amazon Customer

    The braclet came and is being used well, however instead of camouflage, it was brown white and green striped. My son would have preferred more of a true camouflage colour

  6. Samantha Menza

    Bought this for home use to deal with my skin picking urges. I’m very pleased with the variety of textures. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I wish it came in more colors like black. It seems fairly durable for the few minutes I’ve spent stretching and picking at it. Time will sell for durability.I think the size guide on this is inadequate. Would have preferred they provide a circumference rather than diameter as this is standard for bracelets and easier to measure. My wrist is tiny, like young child sized (5in/13cm circumference). I ordered the small and while I have to stretch it around my hand a little it’s still pretty loose around my wrist. Knowing that this stretches a lot, I probably would have ordered the XS personally because I don’t like things too dangly.

  7. R. Andrews

    We bought a few of these as my son finds them helpful to wear, especially at school. I like the camo design. I only knocked off one star because one of them snapped after a couple of weeks and they aren’t cheap to replace.

  8. Mel

    After doing some research on ways to help me stop picking among other things, I read about these types of bracelets.I wanted a cheaper option because I wasn’t sure it would even work.I’m so surprised with how much I love this bracelet. It works. It seriously works. Maybe it’s all in my head? But I don’t even care.I didn’t even get this for my anxiety…. However, one night, I had an anxiety attack as I was sleeping. I woke up and instinctually started to rub the bracelet, and it calmed me down. It was nuts!I’m on a constant journey battling a variety of mental illness qualms. I try everything to make the journey easier. Who would have thought a bracelet could help me? I’m so happy I read about these bracelets.I’m also an educator. I highly encourage folks with kids at home suffering from mental health concerns to try it out. What’s the harm? It isn’t expensive, and it has helped me (random person on the internet) a lot. Just know as someone who genuinely cares about kids and personally experiences mental health challenges, I think this is worth the purchase.Consider the fact that I chose a Saturday morning to sit down and write this review. I thank this little rubber bracelet for sleeping well last night.If you’re on the fence, I hope you consider the purchase. I wish I had known about these sooner.For the company: I would love other color options!! Also, it would be awesome to have an informative sheet outlining the specific ways these bracelets support mental health. I think it would help y’all out, and also support those who buy. It should be fairly inexpensive to include this, and as someone who loves research, it would be extra appreciated. Thanks for what you do.

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