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The Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch features Intelligent Sleep Data, Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring, 5ATM Waterproof Swim Stroke Recognition, and Bluetooth 4.2.

  • AMOLED Color Screen Display: 0.95inch AMOLED True color screen, clear and more colorful; 240*120, 282ppi, excellent visibility even outdoors in direct sunlight; better UI display, bring the ultimate visual experience to the user.
  • Stylish Watch Faces: Up to 8 prefabricated watch faces. Long press watch face or use change function in more Settings to freely switch watch face.
  • Intelligent Assistant: Incoming call notifications, reject a call on band, SMS, email, SNS notifications, vibration alerts, smart alarm, timer.
  • Heart Rate Detection: 24-hour real-time continuous heart rate monitoring; night infrared heart rate monitoring; heart rate warnings; HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0 heart rate technology, a new generation of dynamic heart rate algorithm from Huawei 2012 Lab, dozens of exercise scene optimization algorithms, more accurately measurements.
  • Huawei TruSleep Tracking: Automatically record your periods of REM, Stable Sleep (deep sleep), Unstable Sleep (light sleep), and Awake. Use HUAWEI TruSleep monitoring technology to analyze your sleep quality, falling asleep monitoring is over 95% accurate. Combining Huawei AI technology, six categories of typical sleep problems, providing 200+ suggestions for improvement (Works with Huawei Health App).


Original Huawei Honor Band 5 4 3 Pro Smart Watch Sports Bracelet Wristband 5ATM
shoppingsatisfied Add to my favorite sellers Mon. to Sat. Customer Service Warranty Service Product Description Description: Huawei Honor Band 5 0.95 inch AMOLED Touch Screen Smart Wristband Swim Detect 5ATM Waterproof Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Bracelet Features: 0.95" AMOLED Gorgeous Large Screen...
Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Bluetooth 4.2 TruSleep Tracking Locate Watch
New Original Huawei Honor Band 5 Blood Oxygen 0.95' Amoled Touch Screen Detect Swim Posture Heart Rate Sleep Snap Smart Bracelet Warmly Notice: If you order Huawei honor band 5,you will get extra gift(replacement band). FeaturesApps and OS: Worldwide Languages APP 'Huawei Health' For Android...


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Docooler Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Watch Faces Smart Fitness Timer Intelligent Sleep Data Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring 5ATM Waterproof Swim Stroke Recognition BT 4.2 Wristwatch (Navy Blue)
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as of March 7, 2021 6:11 pm
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Honor Band 5 Smart Watch, Smart Watch with SpO2 Monitor Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter Pedometer Step Bracelet for Men Women Kids, Black
in stock
as of March 7, 2021 6:11 pm
Free shipping
Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with SpO2 Monitor Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter Pedometer Step Tracker Bracelet for Men Women Kids Pink
in stock
3 new from $40.99
as of March 7, 2021 6:11 pm
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Part NumberLSO5113325566269DI
Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet
released on September 30, 2020

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10 Reviews for Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet

  1. Jimmy

    Very satisfied with this product. After a month wait, the oxygen meter function arrived through update. Now I am wearing it 24/7. The battery easily last a week!

  2. firebourne

    This band is fantastic with one minor hitch, the HR monitoring at high rates is useless. It reports 83-96 when the actual rate is 198.

  3. bj

    Item arrived in 10 days from China, about a week before the earliest expected delivery date, which is great. Easy to set up. Compared to my old Fitbit Charge 2, heart rate on the Honor band is less accurate. Sleep monitoring is better. Message integration is much better than Fitbit. Love the full color display. The standard Faces are limited. Can’t find one that shows everything (date, time, stats) like the Fitbit does. App is so but syncs fast.

  4. bentonmonuments

    Watch features are good, my only complaint is that you only have about 7 faces to choose from in US. 90% of youtube videos are indian. The custom watch faces are region locked so other regions have over 60 faces but the US only has 7. Only 1 of the faces actively has the weather. Watch faces all look a bit fruity and hard to match.

  5. uzevla

    Honor 3 & 4 had nice notification icon. So, although they didn’t print much text, were horribly slow to go through and e.g. Gmail had subject only, at least I knew if there is a new message – icon would be there.But now icon is gone !Bluetooth icon showing the connectivity is gone too !Tried Mi Band 4. These guys simple refuse to introduce the list of messages like Huawei did and every high end watch has. But regardless, when a message comes in it contains lots of text. And the watch is MUCH faster to browse, so at the end, I really can depend on the watch to get message details. With Huawei, you got to take your phone out as watch is useless. So, staying with Mi Band 4.

  6. Renee A.

    I love this tracker. I took my time choosing. I wanted it specifically for sleep tracking. It does an awesome job. It registers when I take naps during the day, and at night, automatically. The app shows me my sleep levels. I can’t tell you yet how accurate it is, but it does know when I wake up. I’m having a PSG soon, and I’ll update this when I do.The only problem is that the heart rate and the blood oxygen sometimes have different numbers for heart rate. Which is a little off. But, overall i like it a lot. It also co tells the music in my phone, and shows me what notifications I choose to receive from my phone. I have to go to the app to turn that off tho, which is a little annoying.Still, for $35, it’s a steal. I’m so glad I bought this instead of a $100 Fitbit.

  7. Carlos Alfaro Valenzuela

    I have been using my band for 3 weeks and I am really loving it. Got it for the heart rate monitor when I am working out at the gym and running in the treadmill and it does the work perfectly.The accuracy is good, you may notice little difference from the treadmill count to the band but nothing too extreme.The sleep measure is kinda weird, not quite sure it measures 100% accurate but tries its best lol.When it comes to the battery life, I have the option of monitoring my heart rate 24/7 and the batt lasts like 7 days aprox.I will highly recommend this if you want a band in a budget that works great.

  8. Fred Steffen

    I mostly bought this for a visible heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. I don’t really care about alerts, etc. And this thing has worked great! I’m on day 5 and I’m finally down to 17%. I have heart rate monitoring on optimized, have sleep tracking on, and still get text alerts. The screen is really bright too. Wish they had some less colorful watch face options tho. Apparently this does have NFC, but can’t be used like typical android watches, but I don’t need that option.I’m actually amazed at the accuracy of the thing. You can tell from my heart rate when I’m at work the minute I get up and go for walks. Took a long walk to lunch one day and it showed my steps and heart rate through the duration! Gives great insight into sleep as well.

  9. mctegla

    Fine if you want a standalone tracker, but useless if you want the app to integrate. The app claims to link Google fit and MyFitnessPal but doesn’t actually work. See response from MFP below.There’s not a total calorie counter, only what it tracks through steps/heartbeats so it’s much more difficult to figure out how many calories I should eat in a day. The step counter also uses the phone as a input so the app shows steps from both band and phone, so the number is always different on the app. All of these issues seem to have been going on for the last few years and never addressed by Huawei.Mfp response “As of January 3rd, 2019, our business relationship with Huawei has come to an end. Currently, you may still have the ability to link or see data sync, but this integration is no longer supported and will stop functioning sometime in the near future.”

  10. Stars

    Based on reviews and features, my husband bought these to replace our $20 versions ordered through Walmart. Overall, I’m a little disappointed.Pros:1. Constant heart monitoring plus infrared version can be activated for nighttime so the lights won’t bother you.2. An interesting sleep monitoring feature that analyzes your blood oxygen and heart rate to determine deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep continuity, and breathing quality, then gives it all a score. You can see it charted daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.3. It seems durable – I wear it all day and every day to work in a dirty and physical job (though under the cuff of my gloves most of the time) and it’s still in good shape. No major scratches.Cons:1. The Global version does not allow you to access the watch face store, so you only get 8 choices.2. No matter how low you set the brightness, and no matter which watch face you choose, if you activate your watch at night, you will blind yourself.3. If you’re an iPhone user, the app has a different appearance and does not offer a night mode option (i.e. blindingly white screens and menus).4. My husband has had trouble getting notifications to come through from his Samsung S10+. The only time his watch notifies him is the sedentary alert, the step goal met, or the battery being low.5. The watch does not display notifications for very long and it can be hard to open full messages. There is also no distinction between an email, calendar reminder, text, etc. Everything comes through as one single vibration.6. The raise to wake feature rarely seems to work when I want to check the time during the day, but it will trigger when I’m rolling over in bed…I appreciate the sleep analysis, infrared option, and blood oxygen measurement, and I feel it’s more accurate than our cheaper watches, but I’d probably choose something else moving forward.

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Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet

$31.45 $3.80