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7 in 1 Magnetic Bracelet Improves Well-being and Offers EMF Protection

The electrical household appliances surrounding us every day have a negative impact on our bodies. Electromagnetic waves emitted by many instruments disturb the equilibrium in the human biological field.Magnetic bracelets designed to protect the human body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.Magnets jewelry improve our overall health, improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity and prevent the development of a variety of diseases.

  • FREE BONUS : Black Tourmaline lava pendant – IMPROVES YOUR WELL-BEING just by wearing or carrying this Tourmaline pendant with you as a powerful grounding stone. Useful against harmful EMF radiation coming from all EMF devices.
  • 7 in 1 ADJUSTABLE WELL-BEING BOOSTER: Reduces the damaging effects of stress and increases mental performance. Emf protection from bad radiation and other negative energies – anti radiation protection bracelet.
  • MAGNETIC ENERGY WRISTBAND: Reduce blood fat, Adjust the abnormal bioelectricity and biomagnets, Relieve fatigue and improve sleep, Energy, Inflammation, Concentration, Stress, Hormone balance. Suitable for have an irregular life style and are often sleepless, frequent access to computers, mobile~ phones and other radiation people.


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Anti EMF Radiation Protection PENDANT Tourmaline Negative Ions, Far & Lava
Anti EMF Radiation Protection PENDANT Tourmaline Negative Ions, Far & Lava Open Box Great Cosmetic Condition. The item may show signs light use which may be very small marks, or light scratches. Important these is not heavy use from previous use. Packaging may show signs of wear, such as...


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EMF Protection Bracelet
released on August 1, 2020

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8 Reviews for EMF Protection Bracelet

  1. sol

    this has absolutely no effect on anything. true waste of money

  2. Irving Drew

    As a diagnosed electromagnetically sensitive person, I can’t really advise that others get the QuanThor anti-radiation bracelet. It has a magnet in it, which, if the south side of the magnet is facing the skin, lets MORE radiation into your cells. I kind of wish QuanThor would make one without a magnet, & possibly without the Far Infrared ray, which can sometimes make a person very nauseous, especially if they’re unable to metabolize common toxins. I love the design of the bracelet. It’s very durable & stylish, comfortable & waterproof. The pendant arrived w/ a small chip on the edge of it, which isn’t good for ‘quantum energy’ products, but QuanThor kindly and promptly replaced it when the string broke, & assured me that they had already addressed the weak string / poor knotting issue. The lava stone is beautiful and felt nice against my skin, & as quantum pendants go, it was sleek & flat. I would NOT recommend wearing it at night, as it kept me awake, but the negative ions from the pendant do seem to help a little bit w/ chronic pain. All in all, I’d say these products would help a person w/ moderate pain &/or less complex illness. I will NOT be recommending it to anyone chronically or terminally ill, especially not to those w/ multi-system illnesses like Lyme disease, MCS, etc. QuanThor is a great company, & I eagerly anticipate their manufacture of a product more appropriate for actual electromagnetic hypersensitives. -Account holder’s progeny

  3. Marie

    These fell apart already looked down n lost the pendant didn’t even no an d the brackets buckle came off

  4. Lalaloo

    I did research and found out that these are not the real ones, I returned it for fear of health overall.

  5. Jason

    I’ve had headaches nearly every other day for the last couple of years. Since wearing this bracelet, I have not had any headaches in nearly 1 month. Same goes for both of my sisters who have been wearing this bracelet and sometimes the necklace for nearly a year.I was not expecting it to relieve my headaches so that was a nice surprise. I’m definitely a believer in this tech.If you are not aware of the health risks associated with your phone, go to Settings>About Phone>Legal>Samsung Legal>Health & Safety (at least in a Samsung). It says the product contains chemicals that can cause cancer and many other health defects. Is this why brain cancer has just surpassed leukemia as the #1 cancer killer in children and young adults? I’d say better be safe than sorry.

  6. Blessed Friendly

    There are people out there who are very sensitive to EMF radiation. Luckily, I am not too sensitive to it, but I do know that even though we can’t see or feel the magnetic frequencies, it’s doing harm to our bodies. There is actual accurate research done on this. Why haven’t you heard of it? Because the mainstream hasn’t told you. We need to stop relying on mainstream and be more independent. For this reason, I bought the Quanthor bracelet/pendant combo. What really sold me on the bracelet and the pendant was the fact that they actually had good descriptions about how strong and powerful the EMF protection really is in terms of ions/cm^3 or something like that. This is important because only one protection device may not be enough. There is so much radiation out there around us that we may need a lot more protection against it than what only one device can provide. One device might be able to protect you from your cell phone and laptop. However, what about your family’s devices? Just because it’s theirs doesn’t mean it’s not going to you too. Or what about your neighbor’s cell phones, satellite signals, cable signals, and wifi signals…the list goes on. Or if you’re out in public, especially in a city, there are thousands around you with those EMF devices. Measuring something like this is important because often companies that also sell EMF protection devices don’t advertise this. People already know that there is a lot of harmful energy emitted from positive ions coming out of our devices after using an EMF meter.***What people get confused ALL THE TIME is that those same typical meters, however, don’t know how to measure the other kind of radiation which is good for us***. Not just that, but these devices ARE NOT MEANT to block the bad EMF radiation. They are intended for NEUTRALIZATION. They only help cancel out the positive ion radiation by emitting negative ions. It’s almost like adding and subtracting. You add a certain amount of positive ions (bad radiation) but these devices subtract the positive ions with negative ions (good radiation). We don’t know how much good healing energy is being emitted from the negative ions out of our EMF protectors. The EMF readers don’t catch that. They are meant to read EMF, the bad radiation.The world we live in terms of the modern civilization has too much EMF around us. No matter where we go, we cannot escape electronic devices. Even if you go to your local park and you think you’re safe since you’re not around buildings, you’re actually not. Do you get cell phone reception there? Even if it may be a little weak, cell towers are powerful enough to emit radiation even in remote places. Not just that, but power lines are everywhere. I’ve seen them cross over wooded areas too. These lines also look harmless but they emit cancerous levels of dangerous EMF. No “professional” or “expert” will tell you this because they either don’t know or they work for companies that capitalize off of EMF radiation. At this point, you might think that we just have to “live with it”, but why not live with your needed/entertaining tech while wearing EMF neutralizers that help reverse the adverse effects of the stuff you’re using. I am not telling you to believe me but do the research yourself and if you look closely you will find that this is true.The bracelet itself is very comfortable and well-fitting and easily adjustable. I think you can also wear it in the shower, I don’t see why not. But I take it off before I go in. I also thought they were very pretty too. The bracelet has a nice and sleek modern design. I also liked how specific it was in telling the customer how each dot in the bracelet functioned for a certain purpose. The bracelet isn’t just good for one function. It has four different functions within.I initially bought the Quanthor EMF patch with the rare metals and minerals which give off a protection radius of 6 feet or so. I thought that was so unique how something like that could be invented. I go to college and we ride in tight buses because there’s so many kids and all I see is cell towers everywhere as well as bus radiation AND everyone has their cell phones. I thought to myself, my phone is not the only one giving dangerous radiation to me. Everyone else’s phone is doing the same thing! Except, it’s so much worse because there’s like 30-50 devices in one big tight bus. That made me so scared which is why I’m investing in Quanthor products. I then thought, even though this patch is doing very good for me by neutralizing positive ion pollution, there’s so much toxicity in our environment, I NEED TO GET MORE. So, I bought the bracelet with the pendant to get even more negative ions and healing charged into my body. Up to this point, I have not EVER taken them off haha. They are my radiation protection partners now and I know they work because I believe in what this company stands for. I could understand clearly why other people don’t believe because so many people are not awakened to the facts about the world.And there are also too many people who make conclusions based on their senses only instead of being open minded and considering that what they can’t see also is important for their health.I also believe in Quanthor for other reasons too. I had a spiritually and energy sensitive customer who does healing through negative ion radiation who entered into my family business, hold my pendant in her hand, focusing on its energy, and she gave me great reassuring news. I previously had no exact proof whether the products worked, but this lady confirmed the utility. She collects many natural stones and minerals for positive spiritual healing and when she felt my pendant stone, she immediately told me that it’s a very good piece. She also told me repeatedly that it’s a great stone for EMF radiation protection! That made me feel so so good!Another interesting thing I’ve noticed even though I’m not energy sensitive is that whenever I hold the pendant directly on to any part of my body it feels really good. Putting it directly on my heart, touching the skin of my chest, makes me feel loved and happy and at peace. On the temple of my head, I feel relaxed and clear and mentally healed even if I feel anxious about something. You can try it too but that was my personal experience.For that reason and also because I like the mission from Quanthor, I believed in this product. They even have certification to prove it. This company may be small but they are still in business selling products like this. If it didn’t work, they would never stay in business. There’s obviously a good reason why they’re doing well. I’ve read many reviews, not just from Quanthor but other companies’ products which sell EMF protection devices. There are so many people who suffered greatly from EMF poisoning. After using products like Quanthor’s they have experienced great healing. I trusted the good reviews online on Amazon and ignored the bad reviews because they were toxic and they didn’t even give the product a fair try. They weren’t even trying to review the product, it just felt like hate speech and disbelief. Most of them were barely describing the product and leaving useless comments. Either that or they didn’t understand how the products work. I also found most of them to be just hateful and ignorant people as well. We need patience in life.After at least a year of using Quanthor products, I do believe that I notice a subtle physical difference in my general clarity and well-being. My mind is more clear and my body feels renewed. I don’t get headaches as often and I sleep so deeply. My body also does not get sick as much because I used to get lots of colds, sniffles, or just body aches all over. I have a lot more energy now than even just a year ago. I am so confident in Quanthor’s natural solution to EMF neutralization. I’ve invested in this company and other products which accomplish the same thing like real Himalayan salt lamps and EMF blocking patch stickers for my other electronic devices.I do wish to invest a lot more in these products for the future. A lot of time we as people feel generally “bad” for no reason. Some days we wake up with headaches, other times we’re just depressed and tired or highly anxious/worried. Unfortunately, EMF also contributes to this. In other cases, people actually develop serious diseases like brain cancer as well. In India, where employees are surrounded by EMF power plants, there has been an ever increasing rate in brain cancer and the presence of tumors as well as severe headaches/fevers and extreme fatigue. This also happens to anyone who works close to unbelievably dangerous amounts of radiation like EMF or even microwave radiation.A lot of people have experienced healing through these devices. There are so many things wrong with this world. Investing in this company is one way to improve yourself and your family/friends/loved ones. Consider it a blessing that a company like this even exists and that they are even able to make products as complex as this but yet so simple for the consumer. Takes a lot of work to perfect something like that. And they’re doing it to help people. There’s nothing wrong with that and that’s why I love their mission. They are also very helpful kind people, after emailing them about some questions.P.S. Stop microwaving your food and sleeping with your phone. If you have to use your phone before you go to bed, TURN ON blue light filter to prevent wrecking your circadian rhythm and put it far away from you (at least 6 feet away). Most modern phones have this capability, look it up. I turn on airplane mode before sleep as this significantly reduces EMF radiation from cell phones to much safer levels.-

  7. Walter

    I love this braclet all around, it gives me a sense of peace, but the magnet is on the wrong side. The south side of the magnet faces the skin making the braclet unwearable. The pendant is a very beautiful peice though and I wear it everyday never taking it off. I’ve had this set for over a month and they have held up pretty well, I also bought one for my girlfriend, but when wearing the braclet she experienced bad sleep patterns, but with the braclet off, her sleep was better.After testing some other magnets I had and figuring out the north and south side, I compared it to the EMF braclet and found that the south side of the magnet faces the skin and if you know anything about magnets, having the south side face the skin is not good, and in fact draws radiation towards the wearer. This makes the product not safe for users, please fix this problem and for reference don’t just insert magnets in your future products. Thank you!

  8. Jim Yeager

    Got a horrible red mark (what looks to be a chemical burn) from The rubber part of the bracelet on my wrist. The magnet isn’t very strong at all, and the part that is for negative ions looks brown, not white like pictured.

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