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FINIS Swimsense Live Swim Tracking Watch

The Swimsense Live is a waterproof watch that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. Designed to help all swimmers, from beginner to elite, optimize time spent in the water. The Swimsense Live is engineered to capture stroke count, total distance, time/pace and more. Using the FINIS Live application, users can view and share workout data from multiple devices. FINIS Swimsense Live is the ideal training tool for any swimmer looking to build motivation, promote healthy habits and make the most of every swim.

  • Waterproof watch that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of workout data including total laps, pace, calories burned, distance-per-stroke and SWOLF (efficiency score).
  • Using the FINIS Live application, users can view and share workout data from multiple devices.
  • Able to identify all four swim strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • Ability to customize pool distance, preferred measurement settings, gender and weight.

Known as: The Swimmers Watch

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FINIS - FINIS SwimSense Live Bluetooth Swim Watch Tracker with Manual/Charger
FINIS - FINIS SwimSense Live Bluetooth Swim Watch Tracker with...
FINIS Swimsense Live Watch
FINIS Swimsense Live Watch


The FINIS Swimsense Live Watch is a must-have accessory for any dedicated swimmer. With advanced tracking technology, this sleek and durable watch calculates key metrics such as laps, strokes, distance, and pace. However, what sets the Swimsense apart from other swim watches is its ability to connect to FINIS Live app, providing real-time feedback on performance, longer-term analysis, and workout suggestions. This feature is particularly useful for swimmers looking to make the most of their time in the pool, whether for training purposes, or simply to get in some rewarding exercise. Additionally, the watch's waterproof casing, comfortable silicone band, and easy-to-read screen make it a practical and user-friendly accessory. Overall, the FINIS Swimsense Live Watch is a smart investment for any swimmer looking to improve their performance and streamline their training routine.



The FINIS Swimsense Live Watch is an innovative swim tracker that is designed to provide swimmers with real-time feedback on their performance. This smartwatch is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect specific swim metrics such as lap count, stroke type, stroke rate, distance, pace, and calories burned. The watch wirelessly syncs with the FINIS Live app, which allows swimmers to access their data, monitor their progress, and set personalized goals. The app also provides detailed feedback on each swim, which can help identify areas for improvement in technique and performance. The FINIS Swimsense Live Watch has a durable, water-resistant design that allows it to function seamlessly in any aquatic environment, and it boasts a long-lasting battery life that makes it perfect for extended training sessions. This swim tracker is ideal for competitive swimmers, triathletes, and fitness enthusiasts who want to take their training to the next level and achieve their goals faster. Overall, the FINIS Swimsense Live Watch is a versatile and reliable tool that can help swimmers optimize their performance and achieve their full potential in the pool.


Assembled Product Weight0.38 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number616323202573
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)4.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 Inches
FINIS Swimsense Live Watch
released on October 11, 2016
Minimum pool length, i have a garmin swim watch and the custom pool length does not adjust below 15 meters (I need 12). Is this adjustable to that?

Yes, I just checked and I can set this watch to any length between 10 and 50 (meters or yards, chosen in separate field). Unfortunately you can't choose a fractional length like 12.5 yards.

How long does the battery last? Is the battery rechargeable?

I recharge after each use, it's definitely rechargeable.

Can track open water swimming?

As this unit has NO GPS I strongly doubt it could accurately track open water. My experience with it in an indoor pool was very poor. I ended up returning the watch and buying a Apple Watch and using the app. I do not swim in open water so I can not advise you if the Apple Watch will be good for that. I can say that the Apple Watch does have a GPS.

Does this count the distant if they don’t move there hands. For example, holding a kick board?

Not sure, but it should. It senses when you change directions at the end of the pool and counts laps, so it shouldn't make a difference if your hands aren't moving. Just won't be showing strokes. The issue I have with this devise is it does not show you all you lap times, only total time and laps and average lap time and average strokes per lap. Their old watch showed detailed swim data. For some reason this one does not.

Does this watch tell time? As in, it is 2:34 PM?

Yes it tells the time


FINIS, Inc. | Finis-live

The Swimsense™ Live is a waterproof fitness-tracking device that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. Designed to help all …


• Swimsense™ Live analyzes stroke-specifics based on movement. o Butterfly and Freestyle have a very similar arm movement; therefore, depending on users’ stroke …

FINIS SwimSense Live Bluetooth Swim Tracker at SwimOutlet ...

Both the Moov Now and the FINIS SwimSense give very comprehensive break downs on your workouts such as total laps, time intervals, pace, and distance-per-stroke.The …


// FINIS Company Profile

FINIS Inc., a company from Northern California, was founded in 1993 by John Mix and Pablo Morales, an Olympic Gold Medalist. FINIS’ aim is to help swimmers improve their technique by providing some of the most innovative products on the market. – View Profile



11 Reviews for FINIS Swimsense Live Watch

  1. Eve Maidenberg

    There is a lot to love about this swim tracking watch! First and foremost it captures distance, time, stroke, pace and calories very accurately. The screen is bright and clear, making it very easy to read. It’s also simple to get started and use during a work out. The buttons function well so your data is a quick push of a button away even if you are swimming on a tight interval.The downside for me, is the size—it is a bulky device. While not too wide, the height of the watch is equal to the diameter of my wrist so it is a nuisance to swim with. Even after several workouts I still find I can not ignore that I am wearing it, it creates extra drag in the water.Ideally, I would love all the functionality, plus everyday steps/sleep so I can get rid of my fitbit, on a sleeker watch!UPDATE:While I still think this watch is too big, I have gotten used to it’s size and it does not bother me anymore. It’s tracking capability is really outstanding so I am willing to give it a pass on size. I did a very long swim today and the watch was 100% accurate, I had kicked 500 yards which were not tracked but every stroke I swam was properly represented in the read out.

  2. Mickey Pohl

    The FINIS Swimsense Live Watch does what it is supposed to do. It tracks laps more accurately than the FitBit Flex2 but is rather large and bulky. I wasn’t able to feel the water with my left arm like I can with my right. If there was a way to make this device smaller, it would be a 5 star tool. I think this watch would be good for those looking to track their swims but as a former swimmer and current high school coach, I can count my own laps as I’m usually doing sets, not just swimming back and forth.

  3. bdavolley

    Great product. Accurately gives stats from your workout. Is comfortable. Would buy again.

  4. T. Deyoung

    Really a very dated product. Very bulky and the bluetooth connectivity is unreliable. But that said: it works remarkably well for tracking swim laps and pace. Gives good stats once it does finally sync with your phone. For the price is actually decent. If you don’t want to spend on a Fitbit or Apple Watch but need a swim tracker, this works

  5. spellbinder007il

    It diesd its work as a swimming training aid. But the battery is not strong, and I have to chaege it 3-4 times a day. If, for example, I go to work in the morning and my swimming training is in the evening, so the battery wont stand that long, and I have to take the charger every where I go , if I want the watch work in the training.

  6. niradin

    Came close in a small box.manufacture in good quality. In water prefoming very good ,you can see all relavant data like laps ,time ,dis.and etc. To wear it on hand a little bit difficult and not comfortable. Overall good product

  7. Robert Uniewski

    I was looking for an affordable swim watch to count my laps as I swim. I needed something durable, waterproof and most of all, dependable. I was using a finger counter from another company and it worked but at times I would forget to click the button to count my laps and started the hunt for a watch that I could wear swimming for over an hour and not have me worry about losing track of how many laps I have swum.You have the high-end watches like the Garmin, Apple, Samsung etc.. but they are very expensive and if you have the money to blow on a watch that is going to be subjected to water for long periods of time. You better hope that the warranty is up to date. This watch though is affordable and it works very well.Setup was a simple task and using it is even simpler. Jump in the pool, a few button presses and you are swimming. There are only 2 minor annoyances one being that it is a bit bulky for a swim watch and two that the watch doesn’t sync right away to the app. it can take a few tries but it always syncs.If you are having trouble setting this up do not worry about syncing this to your device, it will ask for a password and the person who responded to my emails said I should just hit sync on the app and it will do it’s thing once connected. When you turn on the app and click on the tab it will ask to turn on Bluetooth, select yes and then on the next page hit sync.

  8. KY I.

    Works exactly the way I wanted. Easy to see readout, long lasting battery. I love the magnetic charger and wish my iwatch charger connected the same way! I have a small wrist and it’s a bit bulky for me, would like it even better if it wasn’t so thick and heavy. It’s a bit hard to fasten and sometimes it doesn’t fasten completely. Its system is to push a hole over a small peg and the peg is a bit shorter than the hole. I also have trouble getting it to sync with my phone and usually have to try several times before it works. Overall, it does want I want and seems fairly indestructible. I’d buy it again.

  9. Frank P.

    I use this watch mainly as a lap counter when I swim, unfortunately this watch is not very accurate when counting laps, I find that I am always half a lap off, whether this is because I swim faster than this device counts or it really isn’t that accurate, thus the low accuracy rating, also the laps are counted per length, easily corrected just take the count and halve it to get the proper lap count, no big deal, just annoying

  10. marsha mauldin

    I was so excited about the watch and reading it, it was going to meet my needs. When I plugged it into the Charger, it came on, but I noticed where you change the date, it said 2015. I left it on the charger for a couple of hours and read the directions. It even said how to care for it so the battery wouldn’t go dead. Immediately, after it was removed from the charger, it was dead, nothing. Well, then I called the number on the directions for technical support in case I was doing something wrong. Got a telemarking person that tried to sell me something. Called twice to make sure I was calling the right number. That verified that the watch was 5 years old and the battery was dead. I am not blaming Amazon because they probably didn’t know the year the watch was made and the company sold them something that didn’t work. Anyway, beware.

  11. Shawn H.

    When delivered, the battery was defective. It would only display when connected to the dock. Once removed from the dock, it would not power up. Each time I reconnected it to the dock, it reset the time to 1/1/2015 at 12:00 am. I contacted Finis, who confirmed it was defective. They told me to smash it with a hammer, which I did. They said they would ship a replacement. After one month and many, many emails to Finis, they finally told me that they no longer sell the Swimsense, so they would not send me a replacement. Amazon issued me a credit.

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