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Survival Sport Paracord Watch

The BlueStraw Digital Survival Sport Paracord Watch is a Waterproof Emergency Military Dual Dial Watch with Adjustable 5 Time Patterns, Multi-functional, and comes with 3 Interchangeable Paracord Straps/Survival Gear.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & DUAL DIAL TWO TIMEZONE: It’s an outstanding survival watch with Analog and Digital dual timezone, Calendar(date, week and month), Hourly Chime, LED Display and Back Light together. Water Resistant, Shock resistant, making it perfect for all kind of sport and daily use
  • 3 INTERCHANGABLE STRAPS: The digital watch contains two paracord bracelet wristband and one adjustable black silicone band for free replacement. NOTICE: The other two PARACORD BANDS are made of military paracord which is nonadjustable, perfect fit Wrist Sizes 7-9 inches
  • SURVIVAL BRACELET BAND: Two bracelet wrist bands are made of 550 paracord. One combines Whistle, Fire Starter, Scraper, Compass and Thermometer; The other paracord Grenade band contains Aluminum foil, Alcohol pad, Fishing weights, Scraper, Fishing hook, Floats, Fishing lines, Tinder, Fishing swivels, Brooch and other survival gears
  • 98FT WATERPROOF: 98 ft waterproof (30 M) – 3ATM water resistant, Hand-wash, raining, shower, Swimming are all No Problem! NOTE: please DO NOT press any buttons in the water
  • PERFECT WELL-EQUIPPED OUTDOOR NECESSARY TOOL: Great gift to your friends or relatives. Perfect for Lashings, Camping, First Aid, Climbing, Boating, Mountaineering, Hiking, Backpacking, Adventures & Military with interchangeable watchbands


Digital Survival Sport Watch - Waterproof Emergency Military Dual Dial black
Digital Survival Sport Watch - Waterproof Emergency Military Dual Dial Watch Adjustable 5 Time Patterns Multifunctional 3 Interchangable Wristband Bracelet Watch with Survival Gear Digital Survival Sport Watch - Waterproof Emergency Military Dual Dial Watch Adjustable 5 Time Patterns...
BlueStraw Men Women Survival Analog Digital Watch Waterproof Tactical Dual Ti...
BlueStraw Men Women Survival Analog Digital Watch, Waterproof Tactical Dual Time Display Emergency Sports Adjustable Watch 5 Time Patterns 3 Interchangeable Wristbands Alarm Watch with Survival Gear MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & DUAL DIAL TWO TIMEZONE: It’s an outstanding survival watch with Analog and...


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Paracord Watch
released on August 27, 2018

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10 Reviews for Paracord Watch

  1. Jonathan Luttrell

    Second hand broke so analog portion stops working. The light is quite bright but doesn’t shine on the digital clock. Thermostat is in Celsius which isn’t a big deal more of an fyi. Paracord isn’t all one piece on the watch. The fit is good. Fire starter is good. Haven’t opened the grenade to check all that stuff. So basically all you are buying is the stuff to make your paracord watch.

  2. Adam Rogers

    This watch is such a good deal! It’s so versatile and offers so many features. My husband loves it!! Would definitely recommend it!

  3. Scott V Booth

    The overall watch/survival gear design was interesting. I liked the movable bezel, the compass and thermometer (although it was only in Celsius), etc. and initially both the digital and analog watches worked. But over a month, the light and the digital display went out. The analog still works, but without the digital display, there is no alarm setting, no day and date, etc. so it really limits the usefulness of the watch itself compared to any cheap digital watch out there.

  4. SaraBear

    Wow this watch has so many hidden features and goodies it is truly unbelievable! Definitely the watch to have for the outdoorsman. Also though, it is a sturdy and good quality watch. It has just a plain band without any bells and whistles for everyday wear and it is a really attractive watch! Very happy with it.

  5. Flo

    I purchased this mainly to hang on my ski patrol backpack. I like the fact that it is water resistant. I have found the band and clip to be very durable. I can easily see everything. I really like having both analog and digital times available. I left the band in the larger size so I can wear it over my ski jacket. I would definitely purchase it again if it gets lost.

  6. Chris B.

    Stated it was for men and women. Temp is in Celsius only. I bought it for my daughter in the Coast Guard. Way too big, can’t adjust size, wrist band pins are poor quality and unreliable. If it did fit she would probably lose it during patrol duty. I was very disappointed; it was supposed to be a birthday present.

  7. Katelyn

    I purchased this to use as my daily watch and specifically chose it because it is water resistant and that it came with an adjustable band. I want it to use since I’m a first responder and I need a good watch. I’m a rather small girl with small wrists, so I knew pretty much off the bat that I wasn’t going to be able to use the paracord band, but I found a solution for it. Here’s the review:1. I got the red and black version. I was annoyed to see that the paracord band I got did not match what is pictured for the red and black product. My paracord band is a fish tail type braid, whereas the one in the pictures up top are of different appearance. But whatever.2. Anyone saying that the thermometer is only in Celsius is either: not looking close enough, or received a different product than I got. Mine is in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, on both thermometers included in this package. See photos I included.3. Watch and face part are very visually appealing, and also quit heavy, but I have small wrists so I feel the weight more. But I’m still happy with it. Also, when I uncovered the box while first opening it, the second hand was not moving. But after pulling the watch out, it started to move, as though contact with light may have started it up. Just a fyi to those who might think it’s broken at first.4. Instructions were easy to understand to set up time and date. What is NOT included, are instructions on how to replace the watch bands. I’ve never fiddled with watches before so I was new to this; but after about 10 minutes I figured it out and changed the band. What I am concerned about is what others say about durability of the pins, that they can easily come loose. Mine havent yet, but I’m careful about it and will update the review if things change. Also, the end of the adjustable band can be tough at first to put through the loop to secure it, but it can fit just fine as you see in the pics that I am wearing it.5. In order to still use the paracord band, I threaded a keyring through the ends where the pins would go. This makes it a good size for me to wear it as a separate bracelet (included pics). So that’s an idea for other people with small wrists or girls like me.6. The survival grenade and clip are cool too. Will use those when I want to clip the watch to my bag instead.Overall I’m happy with the purchase and will recommend it. If anything changes I’ll update the review.

  8. David Ellis

    The product is actually great, the options of different bands and that have a casual band to use the watch on a every day basis. The only issue I have is that, I have really small wrist and the survival bands dont have any way to adjust them to fit better my little wrist.Also the watch does not include this type of chronometer that you set up an amount of time and goes down and alarm sounds when time is up. Like a countdown alarm. WHICH I TRULY NEED

  9. Costa trader

    Cool military watch, my son loves all the extras. Including parachute cord.

  10. Edith Solomon

    My grandson loved it ?

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