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Digital Voice Recorder Cross Necklace

This simple to use Cross Necklace stealth voice recorder features, one button record switch for hassle-free operation as a spy voice recorder, no need to be plugged into computer. Also includes built-in MP3 player and headphone jack.

  • Necklace style digital voice recorder, allow wear it on your neck, particularly for recording classes,lectures and meetings etc.
  • 3 in 1 combination, Audio Recorder + 8GB USB Flash Driver + MP3 Player, audio file named by date and time,easy to find out the recording time
  • Easy to use, One Switch to start recording. Plug earphones and listen recording straight away, Easy connect computer, no driver needed, for Win 10 and MAC users will need to install the player that can play “.WAV” files such as VLC or FLV player
  • Supports USB 1.1/USB 2.0, Equipped to pick up the faintest noise/voice from a substantial distance, can able to provide a nice, crisp recorded carbon copy of the lecture
  • Battery, Built in 130MAh rechargeable lithium battery for up to 15 hours voice recording, Connect by a USB earphone(provided), can be used as MP3 player.


4 in 1 Cross Necklace w/ Audio Voice Recorder / 8GB USB Flash Drive & MP3 Player
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Voice Recorder Cross Necklace
released on January 7, 2017

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14 Reviews for Voice Recorder Cross Necklace

  1. Viktoriia

    Very clean and good sound, nice work, thank you .

  2. whmf00001

    Looks good, have tested it and it seems to work OK, the date confirmed which I have had problems with on past purchases. the necklace part is very thin, out of keeping with the Celtic cross design so had to put a different one on. So far so good.

  3. Lindsey

    Falls out of bracelet every now and then but records decently for the price.

  4. Erika Gustafson

    Terrible product, would not record, would not playback anything, when connected to computer it said something like ‘error with file because of the device’!! Waste of money completely!

  5. Mummykins

    Not a very clear recording

  6. Ryan

    I got this to be able to do an all day recording. And not have it be obvious. Its purpose for me was for my own protection and to record all day! Body cams are to big and expensive for all day recordings.. This will need to be charged every night so it does not die on the second day of recording. It is easy to plug in and download the .wav file . Standard android phone charges will charge it too. Seems to charge very quickly.. It does not seem to record time stamp when recording . It does list the time and date on the file name though and had duration. It lists the time in military time and you can not change it. It does what I wanted it to do.

  7. Rose

    I wouldn’t even give this a one star.Absolute rip off and waste of my money! I should get my money back just for trying this piece of Garbage! I bought this in hopes that I could find out who the kids at my son’s school are who are bullying him because he’s non verbal and I got word from the neighbors kids that last year some of the other kids was picking on him and calling him names but I was never informed about this so I thought I would go undercover and bust them myself but this thing doesn’t even work. Might as well of paid $20 for a stupid tacky Halloween piece. Do NOT buy this.

  8. Allixandra

    My computer said the drive was bad. I was unable to set the date and time from the watch. The blue light kept flashing when I got it. I’d given it a full charge. It showed up on my computer once and I was able to finally set the time but, that was the end of that on Windows 10. I have been trying to set up this watch for about 5 days. Nothing should take that long to try and set up. How would you ever use it as an unobvious recording device having to mess with it that much? I’m sending it back…I believe it’s defective or stomething.

  9. Claudio S

    I am reviewing only right after unboxing and testing the watch multiple times. I may add updates as time goes on.The band is probably the worst part about the watch, but it seems OK and like it’ll get the job done. It just feels a little cheap; I’ll be curious to see how it holds up over time. As far as the watch (recorder) itself goes–the microphone quality is good and it is easy to operate. I will probably be using the standard recording function that does not require voice activation and just records constantly. To use it, you press and hold the upper button on the right side for multiple seconds (to turn the watch on) and then press it once again to begin recording. Once finished recording, you press the same button again and it will save it. Then you can pop out the watch from the band and plug it into your computer using a basic micro USB to USB connector. You can charge it through your computer and play/save recordings stored on the device.

  10. Weidong Fan

    I absolutely love this voice recorder. bought a usb one earlier this yr but lost somewhere. cuz i have to put in pocket all the time, record volume is low due to cloth blockage and distance to conversations. with this one i can put my arm infront of table for the best clear sound quality without anyone’s notice! playback is loud and clear too. the only thing i wished was if it could get a little slimmer and charge from side with bracelet on. still would give 5star cuz long last battery charge.

  11. Scott

    I should have returned immediately, threw away in frustration. There is no way to discretely turn on-off without waiting for device to restart and hard to determine if returning. I read through instructions and practiced with it, but there was no hope of it being used to record important information I needed to review later after a meeting. I guess if you took the time and got it started and let it run continuously, it could work. If stopped, it was not readily restarted.

  12. 2FlyProductionMedia

    Bought this as a gift for my Mom and recorded the family and grandchildrens messages on it to her. She loved it!

  13. Rita Brown

    This product is amazing, works like a charm and easy to download file and save on laptop. I highly recommend it.

  14. haught

    Awesome little recorder at a great price! I have been pleasantly surprised by this little recorder. It is slim and easy to use. The sound quality is surprisingly clear (especially for the price!). I especially like the fact that it has very simple user instructions (unlike some of the other more expensive alternatives who come with a book). It keeps its charge for 12+ hours and it comes with the SD card! That alone is worth giving this recorder a try! I highly recommend it.

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