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The Torch Anseris 2.0, a Drop-in Jacket Heater by Torch Electrek

Make any jacket a heated jacket with the Torch 2.0 Universal Coat Heater. The Torch Coat Heater is a battery powered heating pad that attaches to any jacket. The heating pads can be easily removed and transferred to other jackets as needed. Make every jacket you own a heated jacket with the Torch Coat Heater from Torch Electrek.

  • STAY WARM IN THE SNOW, HUNTING, WORK, ON THE SLOPES, WHEREVER YOU GO!: The Torch Coat Warmer is a portable, battery-operated heater designed to fit in ANY jacket of your choosing. Transform any jacket into a battery operated heated jacket to fight the winter elements. With the use of Velcro, Torch can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to other jackets to heat every jacket you own.
  • THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE: 3 Heat zones and 3 Powerful settings allow you to perfectly control your core temperature in cold and unpredictable conditions. Our exclusive re-engineered heating pads are 30% more efficient and directs all the heat toward your core so no heat is wasted.
  • LASTS UP TO 4 HOURS PER CHARGE: Includes one custom, super-slim 5V, 6,000 mah Rechargeable Lithium Polymer power bank battery heats up to 4 hours. CHARGE YOUR
  • CELL PHONE OR TABLET WITH OUR BATTERY – With a USB port, it is also capable of charging cell phones and tablets. Torch 2.0 can also be powered by other compatible 5V power banks for extended use.
  • GET THE RIGHT SIZE TO WARM YOUR JACKET: Now with 3 Sizes Available: Large fits Men’s 3XL and 2XL. Medium fits Men’s XL, Large and Medium & Women’s 2XL, XL and Large. Small fits Men’s Small & Women’s Medium, Small and XS. Please see SIZING CHART (in the images) for more details.
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS: With the use of Velcro Installation Kits, the Torch Coat Heater can easily be installed universally in any style jacket, removed from the jacket, and transferred to multiple jackets (Patent Pending). Torch 2.0 comes with 2 installation kits, so you can transform two of your favorite jackets into heated jackets. Additional installation kits sold separately.

At you can purchase a Torch 2.0 Universal Coat Heater T2.0 Large 44/112 NEW Sealed for only $69.99., which is 12% less than the cost in ($79.95). The cheapest price was found on September 19, 2021 11:09 am. – View Buying Options



Torch 2.0 Universal Coat Heater T2.0 Large 44/112 NEW Sealed
For sale is a - Torch 2.0 Universal Coat Heater T2.0 Large 44/112 / heat on-demand includes torch coat heater, battery, charger, user manual and 2 installation kits so you can move the torch from one coat to another / NEW, still sealed /...



Torch 2.0 Universal Jacket Heater
released on October 28, 2017


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8 Reviews for Torch 2.0 Universal Jacket Heater

  1. Genevieve Johnson

    My family and I live in Pueblo, CO and love to hit mountains on the weekends. Having multiple jackets I like to wear while riding I love the versatility of being able to switch between my jackets! Keeps me warm while riding up the lift and can be easily turned off as needed. A bonus feature of the Torch 2.0 is that the power bank also charges my phone while on the mountain. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. It’s a must have for me on the mountain.

  2. Jon Steier

    Absolutely love my Torch! So nice to stay warm up on the slopes. The new battery is a real improvement and it’s great to have the USB port to charge my phone as well. This is a must have product for cold weather and winter sports. It’s so convenient to be able to move the Torch from jacket to jacket. Definitely a necessity!

  3. Kasey

    My son rides his motorcycle year round. Gets very cold in the winter. This coat warmer works great!

  4. william sellers

    Pure garbage! Bought one for Christmas as a gift and the battery doesn’t charge. Got a replacement and guess what, same problem.

  5. Laura Freeman

    Good luck getting this thing to stick to your coat or anything at all.

  6. Maiah Graham

    It’s okay. It gets warm but not really. I work outside in Seattle so I thought this would help me stay warm but it doesn’t. Also it doesn’t last that long. It takes alot of power and dies within an hour. I’m not really happy with it. Cool design but it could be better

  7. Andre Buckland

    The velcro on the back of the heating pads it too weak. They absolutely will not stay stuck inside of any jacket. Any light brush against them just peels them off and drops them to the ground.Also, the heating elements are extremely weak. I waited with it turned on to the highest setting (red) and it burned through a quarter of a full battery charge without reaching any appreciable level of heat.Actually, “burned” is probably the wrong word to even use here.It just gulped it down and gave off little to no heat.Weak is the only word I can use to describe anything about this thing. I only gave it 2 stars because, in theory, it *would* have been really simple to use out of the box. If only anything else about it worked the way it was supposed to.

  8. Paul

    The Velcro it comes with sucks but not sure why some reviewers state it’s not hot enough lol it takes a little time (2 mins or less) to heat up all the way so it does what it says. The Velcro I spent 7 bucks at Walmart (there are cheaper ones) for the 6ft strip and my recommendation is to cut out three 8 inch strips and place in the three sections you what the pads at, I’m able to adjust how high or low I want it in my jacket. PS: I’m using a cloth POS jack from Walmart, imagine if I had a insulated heavy jacket it might get way to hot, I do have it on highest setting for heat

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