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Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Soft Shell Heated Jacket Kit

The PSJ120 12-Volt Max heated jacket is a high quality rain and wind resistant work jacket powered by the Bosch 12-Volt Max power tool battery system. Featuring three simple push-button heat settings—high, medium and low—the PSJ120 starts warming quickly and is a perfect jobsite solution for the cold weather.

  • High Quality: The PSJ120XXL-102 12V Max Heated Jacket Is Made of 100% Polyester. It Is Both Wind and Rain Resistant, Making It the Ideal Heated Jacket for Tough Outdoor Jobsites
  • QUICK WARMING: Featuring three quick-warming heat zones including two chest zones and one back zone, start warming in a matter of seconds. The three-level heat controller offers high heat (Red), medium (Green) and Low (Blue) for maximum control and comfort
  • EXTENDED RUNTIME: With up to 6 hours of heated maximum runtime with Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries on low setting, users can stay warmer for longer without needing to recharge
  • USB COMPATIBLE: The PSJ120XXL-102 heated jacket includes a USB charging option for most personal electronics such as cell phones while in the jacket pocket (5V/1A Max Output)
  • CONVENIENT: For the warmer months, The included BHB120 battery holster/controller offers a convenient belt clip for use without your jacket as a power boost or backup with a Bosch 12V Max battery

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Soft Shell Heated Jacket
released on August 11, 2014


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14 Reviews for Soft Shell Heated Jacket

  1. Jim Smith

    I have owned this jacket for just over a year so this is my second season living with this jacket. I would not buy this jacket again and hope this review offers some insight into prospective buyers or offers some design influence to the design team of the next generation jacket.The jacket fits well and works as advertised. The fabric and fit and finish is very good.Here are my main issues with this particular jacket…Battery needs to be unplugged even when jacket is off to prevent battery depletion. I use my jacket for my daily 20 min commute to work. I plug the jacket in and turn it on prior to leaving the house. When I get to work if I turn the jacket off using the breast touch pad and leave the battery plugged in, the jacket no longer heats but the battery is dead in a short as 6 hours later. I must unplug the battery to prevent this…Breast power button in poor location. The momentary power on / power level toggle is located on the left breast area. The button displays the on status as well as the power level with three different colors. It is very difficult to see this button being so close to your face. You must bend your chin to your neck and strain your eyes to get the button into your field of view making it very difficult to see. Also the color of the button is almost impossible to see in bright sun light. Having the button on the sleeve would be a better choice.Velcro on sleeve cuff is poor. After 1 season of use the Velcro does not stay closed on the sleeve. Also the Velcro on the sleeve cuff does not go all the way to the end of the adjustment tab. Therefore even when the jacket was new the sleeve cuff tab would stick up getting caught on everything and making it difficult getting gloves on.Heating element not big enough and not in pockets. I wish the jacket had heat in the pockets.12 V charging port. I wish I could plug the jacket into my car to charge and or to heat.The other thing I would like to convey relates to heated jackets in general, not this one specifically. When it’s really cold outside you want to dress in layers… Since this jacket is the outer layer, all those other layers insulate you from the heat making the heated jacket useless. Therefore a heated jacket has a limited appeal. I most often don’t use my heated jacket when the temperature is very cold or if I am outside for a very long time. I use my jacket most for my daily commute as a replacement for heated seats in my car or if I am out in the garage… Again, if the weather is such that you need to wear a sweatshirt under this jacket, don’t bother because you are insulating yourself from the heat… A heated vest under a good coat would be better…

  2. wrightwinger

    It’s not a perfect jacket, but I am really glad I bought it.Sizing; i’m 5’8″ 170lbs and Medium fits me well.I’m a vehicle operator in the open environment. I have only used this jacket down to -10F so far.As a vehicle operator I really appreciate this being the only brand that places the battery upfront, and not against your kidneys.Having a heating element in the outer layers of your winter clothing is a bit flawed for temps 0F and colder. The heat just escapes and you may be wearing too may layers to really notice it. However it allows you to wear a lot less bulk. I will continue to use it, and just wear layers over the jacket from 5F and below.Seems to work best with 2-3 light layers underneath. Like wearing a heating pad.Batteries will usually last me about 6 hours, unless its below 10F, I tend to get about 3-4 hours.The jacket is not perfect. Looses one star for;Lack of color choices, Lack of 18v option, using a left handed zipper while having ample room in the chest and labeling it a “mens” jacket,Not having a 2nd zipper (a zipper from the bottom up), and using Velcro instead of snaps or buttons in the cuffs.Finally a bit of a big and stiff collar. This collar would be nice when sitting hurdled up at a game, but cumbersome when you need to keep your neck on a swivel.For the price it really should have a 2nd zipper. Would make battery and bladder changes so much easier.People have commented on the 12v batteries being hard to remove. I’ve found 3 batteries are no harder than any other bosch 12V tool. Sometimes a new battery is prone to stick.After 3-5 years of use, the wire at the socket to the holster has become damaged and impossible to repair without replacement parts.

  3. Rock

    The jacket is great. I purchased two.The problem is in the battery. One jacket arrived with a great battery that holds the charge and lasts. The other jackets battery is horrible! We’re lucky if it will heat the jacket on high for 30 minutes. On the lowest setting I get an hour and 10 minutes. I’ve sent an email to Bosch Customer Service 2 months ago, still no response.

  4. Melton

    Awesome warm jacket. Use while in the pits at circle track races in the cold season. Keeps me warm and lasts a while on a full battery.

  5. Omar G.

    The jacket works excellent, I purchase this for my dad since he left his house at 3:30 AM for work, and I wanted something to keep him warm in the winter mornings. Very happy, maybe buy one for myself.

  6. CJ

    I live in Green Bay, WI. We are in the middle of a cold snap. The high today is -2. My heated jacket works great outside on keeping my core warm. I have back issues and this is my comfort coat, even when inside too. I start on high and as it heats up I work my way down to low. The battery last about 3 hours unless you shut it off sooner it may not turn back on until battery is charged again. I recommend purchasing an extra battery for extended use. I mainly use it for short walks to my car or mailbox because my arms get cold. The battery is a bit large and takes up the whole left pocket and my iPhone 7 with my case will not fit in the front pocket. The USB instantly charged my cold iPhone. Be careful with the zipper, it’s touchy and has opened from the bottom a few times. The material is high quality and it fits nice. I purchased the Medium and I’m 5’3″ @ 135lbs.

  7. Nicole

    I bought this coat for my son who lives in Connecticut, where this winter has been exceptionally cold. I received the BEST compliment from my son when he texted me to tell me that he LOVES this jacket and it is possibly the best gift I have ever given him. That’s a WOW, I have given him lots of gifts over the years but none have really made an impression like this one. He love that he can charge his cell phone off the battery and he says that the battery life is good. Not sure how long that is but he hasn’t complained that it wasn’t holding the charge or that is didn’t last. HE is supper happy with this product and I am super Happy he is.

  8. chspyder

    Okay this product has a lot of pluses as you can tell by my review.Let’s start with the cons because I feel that’s important to get out of the way first the cons are the battery life isn’t exactly what it says but it feels the same on low as it does on high. The other thing is is that the zipper is on the wrong side that’s some European thing you can get used to it but it’s a pain in the butt. The only thing that I have otherwise is that it’s a little bit light for everyday use.Now let me talk about the glowing things after buying multiple different brands of these products heated jackets. I found that most products are extremely great but not this awesome this product heats up fast has a much higher temperature which I will post pictures here shortly but it averages 1:46 to 1:49 and the other one average is only a hundred and twenty speaking of other brands like DeWalt and such. This product fits well and actually feels like a very well-built jacket I’ve only had it for a few months but I am definitely going to use this jacket and definitely recommend it to you now the batteries you do want to buy an extra one just in case you’re out and need to switch I’ve had that need before I always throw the battery on the charger when I get home and it will work 3 to 4 days if I only use it when needed but if I use it non-stop I’ll get about 4 hours out of it. Happy Heating and enjoy this

  9. Valenns

    Works really good and has practically been a lifesaver working at night in Iowan winters. I would strongly recommend getting a second battery. Works good even without batteries as a windbreaker and warms jacket. I highly recommend!

  10. Marcelo Carámbula

    I bought 2. The first one on March 17 of the year 2014 had problems with the holster and the battery. I bought another one with an extra charger. It worked correctly for a while and then the switch gave problems. It was necessary to disconnect the holster and reconnect it in order to activate the indicator light. Not convinced that a brand like Bosch had such a problematic product I redoubled the bet and bought a second heated jacket attributing to a subject of bad luck that the first failed.The second one worked correctly (correctly?) with the same theme of the holster that had to be disconnected and reconnected in order that the switch could be used. In this second opportunity I took special care not to require the garment carrying bags or oppressing the thermal panels too much. Although I understand that it is clothes for WORK (and as such is sold) I looked after it as a “princess”. I really like your design and the fit and waist are ideal. I feel disappointed by a brand that I have always trusted. I live in Uruguay – South America and the cost of bringing it is not exactly low. Sunset in Montevideo exceeds $ 300.2 Heated Jackets + 2 holsters + 3 batteries + 2 battery chargers … I do not think that’s right. Either the second one was acquired in 2016 it was saved until a month ago. How can it stop working if the batteries are in condition? I hope that someone from the brand has the kindness to give me at least an explanation

  11. Summer Sault

    I bought this jacket in November of 2016 and it’s still going strong. When I bought it, I also bought an additional battery so that may be part of the reason. Both batteries are good to go also. I just pulled it out of the closet as today was going to be the first 46 degree day. Even though I haven’t really wiped it, just the larger food spills, it looks just about brand new. Although I don’t live where it snows a lot, I lived in Hawaii for more than 20 years so when it hits 50 degrees I start to freak out. Without this jacket I would need to move to a place I can no longer afford. Don’t hesitate to buy it, it will help to keep you toasty when other people are bundled and looking miserable, you will be wearing this, unzipped looking super comfortable!It does make a shushhh-shushhh noise because of the water resistant material. The reflectors are surprisingly bright and I really like them. The collar can be worn comfortably up or down, I like it down. I really like all of the pockets. The white threading and the red velcro on the ends of the sleeves, coupled with the white reflectors make this jacket look like $1000 buck! Although I bought a women’s jacket, when I have it on it could be a men’s or women’s as it doesn’t really seem to have more feminine lines when worn. That could just be the result of my love for pizza and Amazon movies though!

  12. Pam M.

    My son LOVVVES HIS JACKET!!! Thank you so much!!!



  14. thekid

    I love this jacket I have advanced heart failure and poor circulation so I get cold easily I ordered extra batteries but it always keeps me warm only thing I’d change is the phone charger part having to push the button to charge the phone is a pain but it’s a great jacket had it for a few month now and have had no issues

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