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ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket W/Hood

Stay warm and cozy on outdoor adventures.

ORORO Men's Heated Jacket: Heat across body, quick warmth, perfect for outdoor activities.

- Heated
- Soft shell
- Hooded


- Expensive
- Limited color options
- Requires charging

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ORORO Soft Shell Heated Jacket

This soft shell jacket is heated by a rechargeable battery, it has a neat and tailored design and is made from durable outer fabric with a soft fleece lining on the inside to ensure you stay cozy and don’t lose excess heat. If features a detachable which give you that added protection on chilly mornings and windy days. The water and wind resistance provides you unrestricted movement when outdoors.

  • HEAT ACROSS BODY: 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back); Adjust 3 heating settings (High, medium, low) with just a simple press of the button.
  • QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Heat quickly in seconds with 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery; Up to 10 working hours; USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • FOR ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND ADVENTURES: Ideal and warm choice for you, family members, friends, employees, to enjoy outdoor activities.


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The ORORO Mens Soft Shell Heated Jacket is the perfect solution for those who want to stay warm and comfortable during the colder months. This jacket is designed with a soft shell exterior that is both wind and water-resistant, ensuring that you stay dry and protected from the elements. The jacket also features a heating system that is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing up to 10 hours of warmth on a single charge. With three different heating levels, you can easily adjust the temperature to your liking, making it perfect for any outdoor activity. The ORORO Mens Soft Shell Heated Jacket is also lightweight and breathable, ensuring that you stay comfortable and mobile while wearing it. Whether you're hiking, skiing, or just running errands, this jacket is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

  • Heat across body
  • Quick and long-lasting warmth
  • For all walks of life and adventures
  • Benefits:

  • 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas
  • Adjust 3 heating settings with just a simple press of the button
  • Heat quickly in seconds with 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery
  • Up to 10 working hours
  • USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Ideal and warm choice for outdoor activities
  • High-quality materials for comfort and protection
  • Versatile design suitable for various outdoor activities
  • Advanced heating technology for ultimate warmth and comfort


    ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket W/Hood
    released on February 2, 2018
    This jacket says blue but the picture is black. can anyone tell me is the jacket black with a blue zipper, or blue? thank you in advance!

    Mine is black with blue zipper but color didn't matter to me as I love jacket keeps me warm at work

    Can you charge the battery with a power bank.

    Yes you can. Don’t pay attention to these guys saying you can’t. Especially the one talking about charging a battery with another battery. That’s literally what you’re doing every single time you use a power bank lol.

    How cold can it be outside and still keep you warm?

    Keeps me nice and warm in 10 degree weather.

    Where can you buy a replacement battery pack?

    You can buy it right on Amazon. The option is usually shown when you scroll down the page where the coat information is.

    Is this the same material (fleece) and thickness as the woman's version, inside and outside?

    No. Not fleece. More like a light weight winter coat but very warm and works great.



    The ORORO Mens Soft Shell Heated Jacket is a revolutionary outdoor gear perfect for cold weather. It uses carbon fiber heating technology to provide warmth to the wearer's body, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, hikers, and skiers. The jacket is made of high-quality materials such as polyester, spandex, and fleece to keep the wearer comfortable and protected from the elements. The jacket features three heated zones on the chest and back that can be controlled using a simple button. The battery can last up to 10 hours while heating and can also be used as a power bank for mobile devices. With its versatile design and advanced heating technology, the ORORO Mens Soft Shell Heated Jacket offers ultimate warmth and comfort for outdoor adventurers.


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    21 Reviews for ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket W/Hood

    1. Eskimo Pete

      Love it! I went to Alaska to go see the glaciers. While on the boat the temperatures dropped and the wind kicked in. I honestly felt nothing!! This jacket kept me warm and toasty. This jacket is worth the buy!!!!

    2. Alan lamers

      I researched for the best electric jacket I could afford. This Ororo came up over and over again as a great choice. I think for the most part it is a good coat but the best? I’m not sure. This is my second electric jacket. My first was a Milwaukee. So I have some comparable experience here. Anyway, I got the coat in faster than expected shipping times. That’s good. It came well packaged and in a great box. Also great. The battery took a really long time to charge. Way longer than my Milwaukee which took maybe a couple of hours at the most. This coat took over 8 hours on its first charge. Hmmph. Once charged though it worked as expected. I don’t think it gets as hot as my Milwaukee but it is still pretty good. This is my gripe about this coat. I know that when I order products from China, via web stores like Amazon, I am taking the chance I don’t have to send it back because it can take a long time to get a replacement or a refund. The reason I am saying this is because the inside of my right pockets seams are already coming loose and I have a hole in my pocket after being only worn three times. Do I want to send this back ? Sure. Am I going too? Probably not because it takes so long to get things straightened out and Its cold already and I don’t want to be without. So I am going to have to find some skilled seamstress and have it repaired. Okay that is one problem and its kind of a biggy, really. Another problem; does Ororo understand that along with rain and snow there is usually wind? When I got my coat I was concerned there was no way to tether the hood to my puny head so it doesn’t blow off. The jacket has no string or some kind of latch or button to do so! How cheap-assed can a company be? So when its raining and windy, the hood blows off of my head. Why couldn’t Ororo include a string to tie your hood up when its windy? 25 cents worth of string missing renders the hood pretty much useless in wind. There is a $44.00 CAD difference between the price of a Ororo hooded jacket and a Ororo jacket without a hood. Let that sink in a bit. Buy the non hooded jacket if your still interested. Other than these complaints I like the jacket. I will get the pocket fixed and spend that 2 dollars putting in that bloody string in the hood and it will work very well for this winter. Three stars. I would have given it four if the thing didn’t star falling apart so fast and it had a string. One little string cost you a star…five if the pocket didn’t have a hole in it already.

    3. Noxy

      Excellent quality material no lose strings hanging from the coat waterproof as mentioned ran it under the tap and didn’t even show a wet spot zipper has wind guards on inside and outside heat in the chest and back between shoulder blades not full winter yet but being outside for 6hours high was still to warm light on the button is really bright could even use it on low as a flashlight in the dark (over exaggerating a lil bit but seriously lights up the dark enough to see) it is good in chest size and arm length but being 6 ft if it was 6 inches longer would be perfect but still comes down to my waste

    4. Ed

      So far the fit of the jacket is good as I purchased a med. with my intention of wearing it under my motorcycle leathers. I tried it out in 40 degree temps on the low setting with an hour ride. Worked like a charm! I have not given it a high score as of yet, just do to the fact I’ve not had it long enough to see if there is any flaws.I am a bit curious though why the zipper is on the left side like a woman’s jacket though it’s packaged and sold and sized as a mans? My other nit pick would be the lighted signals on my chest when its powered up. But for the price value I would highly recommend this jacket for others. HD sells there’s at 3x the price and they pretty much all come from China just with a different label. So save your money on the name brand and pick up an Ororo heated jacket.

    5. Johnny

      Awesome jacket overall. A friend of mine had purchased one, and of course I rolled my eyes. But coming from the serial work “freeze bunny” this jacket is perfect for all day wear, and easily heats to whatever temp is needed!Great style, and great quality. Very pleased!Now, for the one major Con about this jacket – BUYER BEWAREIf you wear this jacket sitting in a office chair, through some type of advanced physics wayyy beyond my seasoned years, your farts will become trapped in the jacket, warmed back up to what I assume is internal temperatures, then released directly into your own face when you move to adjust your posture.Seriously, I just tasted what I ate three days ago. Without warning. And I thought to myself “heh i pray to god that SBD (silent but deadly) doesn’ smell….” laughing about the 15 second fart I just let silently escape. To my suprise, no smell or anything. Score!Right up until I shifted my posture. At this point, the fart gasses escaped the warmth of the jacket and BAM smacked me in the nostrils so quickly and without warning that it caused me to pretty much choke on it, leading to a laughing/coughing fit while the smell of a thousand rat corpses stewed in taco seasoning and hot sauce bombarded all of my senses.Smells were colors and I could hear the taste of that fart. For real.So yeah, awesome jacket, but adds a layer of deadliness to flatulance that one mustConsider before purchasing.

    6. Anthony Cocca

      I ordered this jacket about two years ago in a size medium. The jacket fit very well in fact it seemed almost fitted to my size. I’m about 5’11” 170 pounds and in decent shape. I wore it regularly for about two years using it primarily as a motorcycle jacket. After about two years the jacket is getting a little old but it is still functional as a heated jacket.Fast forward to a week ago I ordered a new one because I was so impressed with my original. Once it arrived I was quick to try it on. Some of the decals had changed but it was essentially the same jacket. The biggest problem I have is the sizing. The arms have been let out about an inch in the bicep area and the stomach area has been let out by about 4 inches. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. I don’t ride with a windshield so as soon as I accelerated from 0 to about 80 mph the thing almost parachuted me off my bike. The jacket is totally functional but the medium is designed for people who are a bit larger around the waist. The sleeves reach my wrists comfortably and the shoulder/back area is fitted properly. But for some reason the stomach and bicep areas of the jacket are bigger than expected. It is a great jacket but it is not suitable for riding. If I were to layer the jacket then it fits a little better but that defeats the purpose of throwing the jacket over a T-Shirt and taking off.

    7. Shenji

      Let me explain why there’s only four stars-You must use the original 8.4 volt charger to recharge the battery, it’s not very convenience. I can understand there’s, maybe, some kind of market concern at the first place, but IMO if we end users can charge the battery by common USB power sources, people will more happy with it. You got happier customers, you got more sale. Of course the battery has not too small capacity, with a marked 4,400 mAh, while iPhone X only got less than 3,000, BUT my SONY power bank, with 20,000 mAh capacity, can be fully charged over night, by using a common 5 volt 2,000 mAh USB charger(and the power bank didn’t even come with a charger within the package, SONY knows how to market), so the voltage is not the problem.Also if we can use any power bank to power up the coat, that will be merrier. Well you are selling coats, not batteries, am I right?Other than that, I’m quite satisfied with this coat. The size is perfect fit for me(1.87 m/6’1, 82 kg/180 lbs, not too bad shaped).Since it’s still late summer/early fall, I can’t test the coat for now, but I found some fun through my FLIR ONE. You can check the photos.The temperature reading has about ±2’c error. So the coat has a pretty good layer, which keeps the heat lost at a acceptable level.

    8. kevin mckenzie

      Love everything about it would pay extra for another battery pack though

    9. Harlan

      It’s a very well made and nicely styled jacket. The fit was fantastic and it felt great to wear. I hated to send it back but there are two serious problems. First, the technical flaw. The wire connector that plugs into the battery does not snap in tightly. It is a loose fit and any brisk walking causes the cable to slip out of the battery. Very frustrating! I would put the jacket on and it would feel great. Then I would walk 10 minutes from work to the train station and by the time I got there, the jacket would be cold because the cable came loose from the battery. This happened over and over and I was very careful to make sure I was connecting the cable to the battery as securely as was possible.Second, there is no support for the product in terms of reaching a person to discuss the issue. There is no phone number on their web site. There is no live chat. I even went to their Facebook page and posted a request for support and no response after several hours so I returned it.

    10. Jeryenergy

      I really wanted to like this coat, it seemed like a decent design. But it feels like a straight jacket from a psych ward, moving around is awkward. The middle area budges out and is too losse, seems made for ppl with a belly, it is designed in the USA after all, but still. Even the arms have too much excess material that bunches up. The model in the image must be wearing a Small or the mass production of the coat is off. Impossible to sit properly with this coat on, drive car, etc. Has a plastic-y feel to it. Also the Medium is too big for the 32-34 waist stated in the chart. Not available in Small either. Also, the heating element in the back is too high up as opposed to what the diagrams show, it feels like it heats in one very concentrated spot. Shame, great potential but ultimately a let down..

    11. TyFawks

      I am pleased with my jacket. Seems to work well and keeps me warm. Heaters work almost instantly and produce a fair bit of heat, and charge lasts quite a while.My only complaint is that you have to hit the button on the internal battery pack first before the button on the outside of the jacket will work. Otherwise a good product.

    12. Chantel

      Love this jacket!! Its pricey but worth it. Its waterproof, a great windbreaker and super warm even without the heaters on. My husband wears it for working construction outside in the winter time. I would recommend to anyone and will be purchasing another one in the future.

    13. J.Fuzz

      after 3 months using it…..More heat thats it. i live in toronto canada sometimes the heat is not enough. especially ig its really cold

    14. Flynn Mitchell

      Purchased the Ororo heated soft shell jacket for visiting the snow fields in Australia and for travelling overseas. All components were well packed and the carry bag it came in was a plus for storage. I also bought 2 batteries as reviews stated that the battery time when operating on full heat was less than advertised. I have used it at Mt Buller in the very blizzard conditions over the last few days and while it was warm I found the hood would not pull in tight and it was cold around the head so use a neck warmer with it. The battery lasted about half the day and the spare was well worth having. It made riding the chairlifts much more pleasant. The button on the front of the jacket is the one to turn the jacket on not the battery. I found the written instruction confusing but the online help was much better.

    15. John G

      I am not sure about all the good reviews for the jacket. I usually wear XL for everything. I ordered the jacket size L according to the measurement instruction. It is still big for me. When the jacket is preheated, I can feel the warmth. After 5 minutes, it goes to the medium level automatically. I feel no heat coming out at all. I had to turn on the high level in order to feel just a tiny bit of warmth. The jacket should snuggle to the body for the best result but it is not. The bottom around the hip is too big. Cold air can get in from there.The jacket odor is terrible. It’s like plastic smell. The temperature is double digits today. The jacket does not do its job well. I am afraid of the minus double digits. I am at the verge of returning it.

    16. Donna D.

      Needed a super warm HEATED jacket for this winter. The heating area is good, back, front and neck. The heat is not as intense as a heating pad but will certainly help with winter activities

    17. Doryy

      I bought it for my husband and he is delighted. He has to work outside and the coat is so cosy and warm. I wish I had known about heated jackets before now. Also and importantly it is a very stylish jacket not a bit bulky.

    18. Sebastien Caron

      I’m very satisfied, it’s comfortable, it’s fits perfectly, though the sleeves are a little long. It heats fast, the battery is easy to charge. You can’t go wrong.

    19. Shane Oranchuk

      I was so excited to get this jacket in time for the coldest week of the year in Edmonton. I open it up try it on and it looks and fits alright. I go to use the heat function and see the company somehow forgot to give me a battery and charger. So they say send it back for full refund and try again. Really! You guys had one job and you failed at it miserably. Your methods for returns are pathetic. So hear I am now mad and freezing during the coldest week of the year with no heated jacket. Thanks for nothing!

    20. Mark

      Great coat, keeps me warm, the only change I would make is to add another pocket on the right hand side for a spare battery. Yes this would add more weight to it but to me it would be well worth it.

    21. Missy

      The only dislike is the button that lights up on the jacket ppl always ask if there being recorded, they dont realize it’s a heated jacket .. but other than that highly recommend if u live anywhere cold .. I go fishing with it in freezing weather n I stay warm has 3 setting which nice and its waterproof.. it’s not big and bulk .. everyone should have one ..

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