ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket w/Hood

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ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket
ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket
ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket


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3 reviews for ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket w/Hood

  1. ABeck

    The packaging is incredible lol. They have a very fancy bag inside the very fancy box that comes in the regular amazon box.The jacket was folded very nicely with directions directly on top. The battery is actually way smaller than I was expecting.It warms up very fast which is great. And it has a one button interface which keeps things simple.You cannot tell there are heating units inside even when you run your hands down the inside of the back to feel for them.Not only are the heating elements warming, the jacket itself is well insulated but not bulky. The fabric has a matte feel and will be easy to keep clean.

  2. Sarah

    PROS: I love this jacket! It fits very well and amazes me how quickly it heats up. I tend to be cold when others aren’t, so not only do I use it outside, but it’s become my secret weapon in cold conference rooms, at the movie theater, the grocery store, and other places where it’s too cold for me. Putting it on low in those situations has kept me toasty! Love the hood too and that the coat is water & wind resistant. It is light and works well in cool temps without always needing to turn on the heater. It is fitted, looks good, and is thin enough to layer a longer coat over when needed. High winds tend to wick heat off the jacket, so when it’s super windy, I put a down coat over it to trap in the heat and that really helps. Since it’s a jacket and not a full coat, I also wear a long down coat over it for more coverage when it’s particularly bitter cold out. This coat is really helping me get through winter!CONS: The one big thing I don’t like about the coat is the battery is in the inside bottom of the jacket, and once I turn the jacket off, I cannot use the button on the outside of the jacket to turn it on again. Instead I have to unzip all the way and reach in to disconnect and reconnect the battery (sometimes several times) before the jacket will turn on again. Out in wind and snow I’ve had to unzip my jacket to do this.UPDATED REVIEW: The company reached out to me about the battery issue. They’ve redesigned the batteries so the on/off button on the outside of the jacket will turn it on again, and they sent me a replacement battery. The new battery works perfectly! So my one criticism has been addressed, and not only that, the customer service was amazing. If I could rate it six stars, I would! Both for the product, and the customer service.This coat works so well, fits great, and looks good! I love this coat and highly recommend it!!!!!

  3. Kyoko Ozaki

    This jacket is really good for the freezing winter, and provides a generous amount of heat that you can take advantage of through layering. The biggest issue I have with this jacket is the proprietary battery pack. With one proprietary port for charging and discharging (USB-A port for charging other devices only, does not power jacket nor accept an incoming charge), it severely limits the versatility of the jacket itself. Going on a trip? Don’t forget the jacket specific charger! Want to use a standard USB charging wall plug? No can’t do! Want to use a standard USB-A battery pack with more capacity to power your jacket? No sir! You need the official one! I would have loved for ororo to be more open on their battery standards, perhaps enabling the jacket to draw as much power as a specific 3rd party power source is able to provide, at the same time enabling the use of any standard charger for the jacket… and for that reason, this will be my first and final ororo purchase.***2019 Edit: Two years after I purchased this jacket, ororo has released a USB-C compatible battery pack that takes power input from any compatible USB-C power source. This has increased the versatility of the jacket significantly as now the battery can be charged from any universal USB-C source, even from another battery pack using a USB-C cable. While the output cable into the jacket remains the same old proprietary port, a major concern of my original review has since then been corrected. I will do further testing with the USB-C charging capabilities and update my findings here.

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