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  1. Liquid

    Bought this for my lady because she hates being in the cold. Compared to outside temperatures. This will definitely keep your hands warm, but it does give the feeling that it could be a little warmer. It’s nowhere near the temperature that will make your hands feel hot. If it’s really cold outside. This definitely does the job. She also loves her jacket too

  2. Shana Naes

    I bought this in the middle of winter in below zero temperatures to use while my husband and I walk our dog. My hands are always extremely cold and I have a nerve injury in one that makes it very sensitive to cold so I decided to try this. It is one of my favorite purchases ever. I was hesitant because many reviews said that it was not warm enough. Given my freezing cold hand issues, that concerned me. However, it is amazing especially when I keep it on high. I wear a pair of thin cotton gloves so that my hands stay warm when I need to briefly take them out of the muff. This product was exactly what I needed and worth every penny! It also has pockets big enough for my phone and other clips that I use for my dog walking products such as poop bag holder and poop bag opener. Just absolutely love this product!!

  3. Marc d Sclawy

    On medium power I get a full 8 hour day out of it. Also extra pockets and great material.

  4. David Miller

    If it was great and worked really well keep my hands warm at 30°

  5. CSR

    I originally bought the Ororo Jacket for my husband for Christmas, 2020. I then baught one for me, because I was wearing his! We love these. We now have the handwarmer pack, gloves and vests. This brand far exceeds other brands we have owned in the past and will not dissapoint! I highly recommend!

  6. Kelly

    I hate being cold and yet I work outdoors everyday as a Letter Carrier. I have the jacket, the vest, the socks and the hand muff. I love them all. The batteries are interchangeable so I always have a backup. Great products!

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ORORO Heated Hand Muff

ORORO Heated Hand Muff keeps hands warm during outdoor activities.

ORORO Heated Hand Muff: warm, durable, and perfect for outdoor activities.

- Warmth on demand
- Portable convenience
- Long battery life


- Limited hand movement
- Only one size
- Expensive investment



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Introducing the ORORO Heated Hand Muff, the ultimate solution to keeping your hands warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days. This incredible hand warmer is equipped with three carbon fiber heating elements that cover both the front and back of your hands, providing maximum warmth and comfort. The UL-certified rechargeable battery lasts for up to 14 hours and has three heating settings, ensuring warmth all day long.

Designed with a flexible ribbed cuff and ultra-soft fleece-lined insulation, the ORORO Heated Hand Muff offers comfort and warmth, perfect for any outdoor activity. It also features extra storage pockets and a waist strap for a customized fit, making it easy to carry your essentials while keeping your hands warm. The wind and water-resistant shells protect you from the elements, making it ideal for any outdoor adventure. Plus, it’s machine washable, making maintenance a breeze.



  • High-quality device for keeping hands warm and toasty
  • Suitable for outdoor activities in harsh weather conditions
  • Operates on rechargeable batteries for efficient, long-lasting heat
  • Soft inner lining and durable exterior for maximum comfort and durability
  • Spacious heated pockets and adjustable strap for perfect fit
  • Intuitive touch control button for easy temperature adjustment
  • USB charging port for portability and convenience
  • Water resistant and windproof for staying warm and dry in any weather condition
  • Highly effective and efficient device for outdoor enthusiasts
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    ORORO Heated Hand Muff
    released on January 22, 2021

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    The ORORO Heated Hand Muff is a high-quality device designed to keep your hands warm and toasty during chilly weather. It is specially designed to suit outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, and any other activity that may require prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. This heated hand muff operates on rechargeable batteries and delivers efficient, long-lasting heat to your hands, helping to ward off frostbite and other related cold weather ailments. It features a soft inner lining and durable exterior to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The heated pockets are spacious enough to accommodate your hands comfortably, and the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit on any size hand. The device comes with an intuitive touch control button that makes it easy to adjust the temperature to the desired level. The muff also features a USB charging port, making it highly portable and easy to charge. Additionally, the ORORO Heated Hand Muff is designed to be water resistant and windproof, ensuring you stay warm and dry, no matter the weather condition. Overall, this is a highly effective and efficient device for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the cold weather.

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